Welcome to i heart wellness!  I’m super happy you landed here.

My name is Kris and I started this site back in 2009 at the time in my life where I struggled with food allergies {painfully lived with adult acne}, I was unsure of the direction of my life, unfamiliar with where my happiness was and seemed for what lit me up inside…since sharing my love for healthy baking, life coaching, food allergies and opening up with my personal journey, I’ve been blessed to have found my passion. I took the last few years to dive deep within, worked with amazing mentors, coaches and studied myself a lot….since then, I’ve started a business where I coach others on freedom, self-love and success!

I can say I am FREE and lit up!

You can find more regular posts over at KrisBritton.net where I share tools, coaching, my personal life and anything that I feel like sharing on that day!

Make sure you find me on Instagram, Facebook {especially come join our Facebook Group: Self-Love Sisterhood – a community of likeminded women that share their passion!!} or send me an email!  I’d love to hear from you!!



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Holy Self-Love

Hey Beautiful!

Welcome to Thursday!  Yahoo!  Another day to celebrate :)

Yesterday at 3:30pm I got my notebook ready, my headphones in and my Skype set up to do a coaching call.


During this call, I held some resistance that I new I needed to go into.  As the call went on, I started to crack open even deeper and started to explore areas / thoughts / beliefs that I might have been holding onto for too long and probably had made up some story and told myself these were all true, but quite frankly, I was completely ready to dissolve some of these and move forward {can I get a whoop whoop}….

Just as I said in Video #1 yesterday of the 3 Video Series Ryan and I put together for you, I had to LOOK at some of these things that held a heavy feeling in my life.  As I did, I created movement.  I’m really excited to go openly into an abundant flow of freedom and choose to accept, love and honour my freedom over any restrictions that can creep in.

Oh “restriction”.  It can sure take you on a wild ride, or keep you stuck in the muck if you let it.
The great news is, you always have a choice!

For myself, I can spot when I’m restricting myself from things in life or from things I want to do and it’s always out of FEAR of what others will think of me.  Fear of rejection.

Actually Video #2 of the Jumpstart Your Happiness, Money and Freedom Series is all about “Rejection” and how you can lift that heavy feeling of it.  You can watch the video here if you want!


We are meant to flow in life.  We are here to live with passion and ease.  We are allowed to live an easy and abundant life.

Where do we start?

With our Holy Self Love.

Self-Love is your key that unlocks all the magical doors in your life and allows your wings to spread and for you to soar with grace.  This “Holy Self Love” {my coach called it}, is the love you have for yourself deep down to your core!  This means that you don’t need to rely on the love of others to keep you afloat, you have your deep love that vibrates within you and into the world, creating more love between yourself and others!

You might be wondering where you can start to love yourself and I think this question is so important!

I wrote a blog post here with some tools you can use to start living with Self-Love today.  I’ve written a lot of blogs on Self-Love, so go to the “search box” and search “self love” here, you’ll get a whole lot of tools!

Today, I’m starting a new routine that will bring me closer to Holy Self-Love because it sounds really groovy and I really deeply crave this connection to myself, so today I start my Mirror Pep-Talk!

As I type this message to you today, I am so beyond grateful to be open and on this journey with you and all of the people I get to work with!  Who knew that today I would a voice for self-love and freedom and actually use my own struggles as stepping stones to better my life and the lives of others….

I invite you to join me on the Mirror Pep-Talk this week and really look at yourself deeply in the mirror, whisper {or shout!} loving, encouraging, powerful words to yourself and talk yourself back to a space of love.  You radiate with love.  You are love.  It’s just time to embrace it and speak it….to yourself.

//  Comment Below!  

+ Do you lovingly speak to yourself each day?

+ What was your biggest takeaway?




“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”
~Henry David Thoreau~

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Jumpstart Your Happiness, Money & Freedom {Video 1 of 3 Part Video Series}

Hey Beautiful,

I hope you’re well!  I have something super exciting to share with you!

My partner and the brown eyed man I adore, Ryan and I were away in Whistler, BC for the past 3 days.  As we unplugged and got a little more still in our time there, we each got an internal message to give you some simple practices that completely opened up our lives to more happiness, money and freedom.

{breakfast at The Westin}


The truth is, most people come to us asking for help in these areas, so this 3 part video series we put together for you will help you quickly and radically shift your life!

This is the first video of the 3 part series called; Jumpstart Your Happiness, Money and Freedom!

Here’s video #1:

I would love to hear your takeaway, so comment below and let me know!  Your second video will be up for you tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled!


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What’s the “something” missing in your life anyways? {an exercise to change your life}

Hey Beautiful,

As I sit here with my first cup of piping hot, black coffee, I crack open A Course In Miracles and reflect on the past week and weekend….

It was my dad’s birthday on Saturday, so I baked him fresh brownies that were gooey and super unhealthy.

I was thinking over the weekend about my clients and what they had come to me originally for and where they are now and I feel grateful to not only be apart of their journey, your journey through this email, but that you are all apart of my journey!

You see, A Course In Miracles teaches that to teach is to learn.  So each 1:1 coaching call, group coaching call, email, blog post, interview that I am on sharing my mission for inner freedom, abundance and passion, I learn more and I grow.

Lately the hot topic for people coming to me has been that they feel that “something is missing” in their life.

What is this “something” anyways?

Great question!

I think we’ve all had a something missing at one time or another. It almost feels like each day that goes by is the same ol same ol.  Some people feel like they are bored, stagnant, unfulfilled, lack creativity, joy and fun!  You sit at your desk, look around and question, “what am I doing here?”…or maybe on this Monday morning after a weekend of busyness, family, running around, you wake up feeling like you didn’t accomplish anything for yourself and time flew by, but you didn’t feel nourished or fulfilled.

A lot of the amazing women I work with are interested in starting their own business or have started a business because they felt that their purpose was missing.  I believe that women can flourish with their purpose when they tap into their flow and follow their inner guidance.

Break throughs have been happening here in my tribe {join the Self-Love Sisterhood on Facebook!} that when start working together and we go safely go inward, we open a space where you start to unhook from your old beliefs, stories and thoughts and explore what you truly want and need to feel more fulfilled in your life.

For me, my ‘something’ missing was self-love, self-expression, faith, and trust.

Without me embracing these missing pieces of myself, I held onto blame, control, fear and my broke story.

Years went by and I thought that all I needed to be happy was more money.  Truthfully, I started seeing my first life coach almost a decade ago to not talk about my inner world, I wanted her to give me the 7 steps to financial success because each and every book I read about the law of attraction and money, wasn’t working.  I thought the universe hated me, but I never thought it was my inner connection and knowing of my true self that was missing and hooking me in my unhappiness…

If you’re ready to find your “something” that you feel is missing in your life, try this!

Sit quietly with your journal by your side. Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths in and out.

Allow yourself to tune in and settle in.  Ask yourself these questions and without over thinking or judging the answers, write them down.


+ What do I want more of in my life?

+ What do I need more of in my life?

+ What am I lacking in my life, business, relationships, health?

+ What can I do today to start living my dream life?


It’s vital that you get comfortable with your intuition and a support system so you can unhook, remove blocks and finally lift the veil that has been covering your vision for so long.  Life, Happiness, heck all you desire is available to you today and you are worthy of it all.

I want to leave you with this today…

Today on lesson 34 of A Course In Miracles, it says: “Peace of mind is clearly an internal matter.  It must begin with your own thoughts, and then extend outward.”  

You hold the key, beautiful! It’s already within you!

Here’s to finding your something today and rocking out your life!


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Life Loves You – 3 days to greater love and happiness

Hey Beautiful!

Before I get on my roll with the mantra I’ve been using; Life Loves You and how I use it to have shifts opening up in my life, let me recap you on what’s been going on!

You haven’t heard from me in a bit and it’s not because I’ve had nothing to share (I’ve had a lot!) but I’ve been busy and also took a much needed 3 days completely off with my man….

I mean, it was bliss.

Sunshine, brunches, beach walks, crystal shopping, sitting in corners of bookstores reading…endless coffee.  I was happy! 

During my break from blogging and a lighter amount of time spent on social media, I painted my first ever painting of an object!

Welcome Buddha to the family!!

This pieces makes my heart sing in so many ways.  I sat down with my idea, a screenshot of a painting, my paints and brushed and for hours tuned in and lost myself in the colours….I finally looked up after 3 hours to a rumbling tummy.  Painting Buddha makes a girl hungry!

I love it so much and I can’t wait to sit and paint my next piece.

To be honest, until we find a home, I should lay off the canvas or I’ll just have more stuff to move!

Yes, let’s talk about the house…we’re still looking and manifesting the perfect place for us, so that’s still going.  I’m actually not upset that the time is ticking and we’re clueless on where our address will be and for the first time I feel a greater presence helping me.

I’m excited to see where I need to go ;)

It’s a journey I chose and I’ll serve wherever I am.

Service, let’s roll into that next!

I’ve had an online private Facebook community for this blog for awhile now and lately nothing has been posted in it.  The IHW Glamistas used to be where you’d come and share your latest blog posts, ask questions and chat with friends, then I stopped posting and it just sat there.

The other day in my meditation, my inner spark reached out and told me to ignite this private community again and call it a sisterhood, we coach each other, raise each other, support and share with each other!

If you’re not already in the Self Live Sisterhood, join us!!  It’s great!

Self-Love Talk!

So, let me have you peek into my bathroom mirror.  It’s been my BFF lately.  This mantra that has me uncomfortable, yet melting in the mirror is “Life Loves Me”.

To be real, sometimes I say “God” or “the Holy Spirit Loves me” as a student of A Course in Miracles….I believe when Louise Hay says “life” she means God or a higher being.

This has changed my days!

Here’s why…

I’ve been standing in front of the mirror multiple times a day saying this affirmation while looking into my eyes and I’ve done mirror work MULTIPLE times in my life, if not hundreds of times during my self-study, my coaching training and with clients, but this one affirmation has me leaping to another level.

I feel it in my soul.

I have been waking up, standing in the mirror, saying my “Life Loves Me” 10x through and as I say it, I feel it, my cells vibrate higher and my morning starts off amazing.  Since doing this affirmation for 3 days now, I have new clients coming to me, my 6 week program content is flowing through me, my self confidence and believe in my passion and message is through the roof and I’ve solidified some big decisions in my future!

We hear so many people talk about how your vibration is important, but I can honestly tell you that when you find a mantra or affirmation that kicks your soul into high gear, you vibe high!  When you vibe high, girl, you are an attraction magnet, gratitude comes easily and you’re excited to wake up and have the day dance with you!

Of course I found myself in a grumpy mood yesterday, I was emotional, and yadda yadda, but instead of sitting in my sh*t for a whole day, I dropped to my meditation position and closed my eyes….”Life Loves Me!” started repeating in my mind and I imagined I was a strong as Louise Hay in that moment.  I ignited greater love within me and from that 5 min on at 3pm yesterday, I was golden!

This affirmation might not be “the one” for you, but I highly encourage you to try it on for size and let me know how you enjoy it!


//  Comment Below!

+ What is your favourite affirmation / mantra?

+ What affirmation are you using today?



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Your Inner Critic Knocking?

Do you ever let your inner critic set up shop for a little too long?

Yesterday I wrote a newsletter and I hope you received it?  Anyways, it was on how worry can take us out if we let it and how our inner critic can squawk away, causing our route to sway….is will strong enough to bust through the inner critic??

The short answer is yes.   

How do I know?  Well, because my inner critic has been fierce lately.  Really it has been creeping in a bit more due to this house exploration we’re on.

We need to move by the end of June and although I’ve found this to be a very exciting time because I love starting fresh, my worry, doubt and all that jazz has been knocking and fear of not finding the perfect place in our time frame is setting me off.

I dropped with the journal to the floor and faced what I was feeling.  Yup, the “pressure” is on to find a place and we’ve committed to moving so we’re moving, but why is the house not appearing??

My inner critic has been nasty and my ego is flaring up, trying to confirm that I’m homeless.  So, you can imagine my mindset cocktail can be a real roller coaster ride!

I have been tired of living with this worry.  So the best thing to do, is hand it over and pray!  Guidance and healing is what I NEEDED!

As I prayed I could feel the tightness in my chest melt away and although I can explain the peace I feel within now once I let go of the expectation of the home…I am peaceful.  I trust that Spirit has my back and the more I open and practice A Course in Miracles, my letting go practice is easy!

If the solution to your worry and negative self talk, of just handing it over, sounds insane in your mind or if you’re in a situation you can’t see the way out, if your worry is taking you out, it’s definitely time to CHOOSE to listen to your inner supporter instead or the inner bully.

I have a reader friend who is facing some health issues that we know is linked to her thinking and lack of self love.  We’ve gone deep into it and as hard as it sounds, it’s time she accepts this challenge she’s living with and hand it over.  It’s time to listen to the inner voice that is gentle and loving and listen for the healing….here is where your inner critic can start backing away, when the voice of inner knowing is more loving and stronger.

Trust your inner supporter.  This is spirit flowing through you and trying to guide you.  Listen.

If you’re ready to simply and lovingly listen to your inner supporter instead of that critic, ask yourself:

<< How can I support myself? >>

YOU must support yourself through ways that resonate and feel good to you.  Is it 10min of meditation?  Journaling?  Going for a walk?  Saying positive mantras to yourself?  Being gentle on yourself when you hear strong negativity?

You’ll know what your supportive voice {your intuition} starts saying because it’s gentle.

Instead of falling deeper into the inner critics ways, feel what you need to support yourself and start giving yourself some love {and credit!}.

How about listing 10 things you love about yourself or that your doing great?  Or 10 things you’ve accomplished today!

There is a voice within that loves you so much, it’s the truth.  So I challenge you to listen.

What is your loving self and inner supporter telling you to let go of or how you must support yourself?


I hope you can take something from this post and that it ignites your inner supporter to shine.

I have some other exciting news and changes coming up that I can’t wait to tell you about, so keep your eyes peeled for everything new!  Also, make sure you subscriber {get your free gift} to the tribe so the weekly newsletters get to you!


//  Comment Below:

+ How can you support yourself more today?



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The Dress that Cracked Opened Deeper Vulnerability

Hey Beautiful,

This post might not make any sense to you, because its strange.  I’m talking about how a tight white dress taught me life lessons.

I know, I’m out there at times, but trust me…I think this will help you too.

Yesterday at 10am, Ryan {my man} and I went to the mall as soon as they opened to pick out outfits for an upcoming photoshoot we’re doing for the marketing materials for an upcoming program that is being launched.


The most beautiful thing about working for yourself is that you can get to the mall with the old folks as soon as the doors open and have the stores all to yourself!  It was amazing!

Like I said, we’re dressing for marketing material, so I was looking for a certain feel and the outfits I chose would represent this brand for our program.  I pictured white!

White dress, white pants, crisp, clean, fresh….like spring and freedom.

As I walked throug the store a few things caught my eye…pulling me back to my safe zone:  black.  As a coach in change, I nudged myself to switch it up a bit and go right to the girliest dresses I could find.  Picked my sizes and went to the changing room.

Dress after dress, I noticed a theme that they were quite flowy, which is also a comfort thing for me.  When I wear tight, I feel restricted and very OUT there for everyone to see.  Yup, I realized that wearing tighter, more out there outfits forces me to be vulnerable.  Clearly, I’m still working on this within myself and in certain areas.

I have lived in the trap of judging myself and my body.
However, I have gotten a lot better from where I used to be with this belief system, I can see that I am not my body….but a tight white dress?  That, I am still getting used to.  Haha.

There was this one dress I chose that was not flowy or “forgiving”.  This dress, totally out of my comfort zone, I went with it.  I’d admire snug dresses on other women all over Instagram because I love the look of a formfitting outfit, showing the beauty of a radiant body….but why did I have this “thing” about showing my body?

I tried this white lace dress on and could barely breathe.

But I felt so good in it.

I felt like a woman.

I quickly snapped pics for Ryan to show him that I actually tried on a tight dress and for the first time, I wasn’t concerned if I sucked in or not…I felt free!

I struggled to get the dress off, half my makeup gone, but it was worth it for the power I felt within.  Literally, I was proud of myself.

So out of the change room I went to find Ryan waiting for me and as we lined up to pay, I showed him the pics of this eyeopening dress I had tried on and he loved it!

The one thing I love so much about Ry is his way of making me feel really great in my skin, always saying nice things and encourages me to be in love with myself!

I learned through this white lace dress that because I didn’t think these pictures were “going” anywhere but for Ryan to see, I placed NO pressure on myself to suck in, worry, or doubt myself or the way I held myself in a tight dress.  Ryan took this photo and posted it on Facebook {oh Ry….}…expressing how he thought I looked beautiful and the comments starting rolling in, I could feel all I’ve learned about my ego and self-love really allows me to live a life of freedom within.  I stopped caring what people were saying.

I unapologetically appreciated myself and could feel from negative self talk and also praise, which I crave, but never take well.  Hello ego ;)

I felt extremely vulnerable in this dress, all over Facebook with thousands to see.  My clients saw, my team saw.  I mean, this is just a dress, I know..but to me it represented growth and love.  I am a denim and T-shirt girl, rarely swaying from my lulu’s or Rag & Bone Jeans….but I did it and I wanted to do it.  I practiced non-jugement for the rest of the day and I felt FREE!

The biggest tip if you’re ready to stop the judgement and embrace your vulnerability is to know that all the fear you feel about what others will think of you, or being “out” there for everyone to see, is just an illusion and something that you have created.  As easily as you created this belief, you can create an empowering way of living, where you stand strongly in your life and body and trust that you life off of what feels good to you.  Heck, if a tight dress doesn’t make you feel good, don’t push yourself.  Go off of what feels right.

No, I did not buy the dress.  I couldn’t get it on or off and could barely breathe…even in the larger size, so I have no idea how women wear this dress, but dang was it cute and now I’m proud to say I’m on a mission for the perfect feeling hot dress!  I’m excited to open up my way of living to something new, I know I might sound crazy, but this was a big shopping trip for me :)

I did get a few cute outfits that you’ll see in new pictures and branding that is coming out!!


Here’s to rocking your vulnerability and being YOU without judgement!



//  Comment Below!

+ Do you feel comfortable in outfits out of your comfort zone?

+ Are you ready to try something new?


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Ignite Your Inner Passion!

Hey Beautiful,

Over the weekend I was thinking how I could help a client ignite her inner passion.

This is a topic that flutters in my heart because I was living a passionless life for a very long time, but always desired to find my passion and craved it every day.  Do you crave more passion?

Without sounding so “out there”, I will tell you that by connecting inwards and using crystals as a tool to gain clarity, I have shifted my world!  This past weekend I picked up new Mala Beads and they are Green Aventurine Beads!



Meaning:  “Green Aventurine is known as the “Stone of Opportunity,” thought to be the luckiest of all crystals, especially in manifesting prosperity and wealth, or for increasing favor in competitions or games of chance. Its winning energy makes it a great ally for boosting one’s chances in any situation ”

I choose to surround myself with crystals that are calming, but also support me in all my creation and flow.

So Tangerine Quartz is a great one, along with Agate, and Clear Quartz – they help you ignite your inner knowing.

Along with working with my stones, I also spend a lot of time inwards.

Your intuition is a muscle and it’s always there, leading you, showing you your passion and purpose, but if you’re not aware of it you won’t feel it.  So as any muscle, you build it!

Start journaling and letting your words flow, ask yourself questions and watch the responses flood in!  You will FEEL amazing and get the answers you are looking for.

To really ignite my inner passion, I set time aside to read and study things that I love!

Now, to find something your passionate about, you have to try new things or read new books, use your intuition to pick a book and try it!  You’ll know right away if a book resonates with you because of the feeling it allows you to feel.  A Course of Miracles is the foundation of my day to day life, my coaching and my abundance!



Reading, practicing and sharing the teachings of this way of life is very rich in PASSION for me.

Actually, merging my love and understanding in Shadow Work and Light Work has radically shifted my coaching business and my 1:1 clients are getting incredible results {like finally feeling peace within when they communicate with parents, partners and people in their life, businesses taking off, fear being dissolved, I could go on and on….} but I wouldn’t know what I am HERE to do if I didn’t step back and FEEL.

So, if you’re looking to ignite your inner passion, check this out:

–  What do you feel you NEED more of in your life?

–  What do you love to do, even if you don’t get paid to do it?

–  What do you wish you had more time in the day to do?

–  Where does your most “stress” stem from?

–  What keeps you up at night?


Here’s the thing…

The things you’re passionate about, but also the things that cause you “struggle” are what you’re here to do and dive into.

So yea, that negative self talk, that anger towards a family member, the struggle to pay your bills, it’s something to peel back and let the gift be revealed and the light from this learning SHINE.  You’re meant to learn things so you can teach others.

This is why self-love and freedom is so important to me.  I know what it was like to be broke as a joke and hating myself, trapped in a life and body I didn’t know.  Thankfully, I followed my heart and got the support I needed, dove into books and programs so I could feel peace and knowing and create a career that lights me up!

Your passion is within you.

When is the last time you went within to feel it?

Can you do me a favour?

>> Spend 10 minutes today with your journal or in meditation and go inwards….ask and listen.

Then find me on Facebook and send me a comment.  Let me know what you feel your passion is!
I’d love to help you through this.


//  Comment Below!

+ are you ready to find your passion?

+ what is one thing you know you’re passionate about?




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Be bold and break free from the self doubt

Happy Friday, Beautiful!

The sunny days and flip-flops represent expression, happy days and freedom.

My mom used to call bare feet, “freedom feet” and I believe this sums up all of the warmer months and beautiful weather that is coming….we’re a bit more free!  We have the windows open, we’re together with people on crammed patios, we’re open to a couple more mixed drinks and we dream of building our career, business and future under the rays of the sun!


Actually, yesterday I packed my journal and went to the deck and sat in the sunshine as I creatively expressed ALL the juicy details for the upcoming course I’m launching and I wish I could even put this program into a name for you, but until yesterday I was full of self-doubt and didn’t even feel that I deserved to have a successful launch.  So, I didn’t name my baby.

This is when I take the tools that I preach and dive into my inner knowing.

I sat and journaled.

As I peeled each fear and doubt back, layer by layer, I felt a few things creep in….

Should I stop this process of creating a program for you all together?!  

Should I ONLY focus on the coaching program Ryan and I facilitate together {for business owners to break through fear and make more money, etc} and keep my coaching at a level where I’m working with someone?

Should I go full time back into networking?! 

So many thoughts flooded me because that seed of self doubt, that I am all so familiar with, poked me on the shoulder and waved.
“OHHIA….I’m here….dwell in the confusion.”  Ego…trickster.

Here’s the deal, beautiful.  
Self-Doubt will never completely disappear.  Nope, as life is a roller coaster ride, so are our thoughts and feelings.  If your doubt is engrained deep within as I suspect mine is, we must become friends with knowing we have doubt.

Now, Listen.  I know I run a fantastic business, I have AMAZING clients and I have everything it takes to launch a program where many women are coming together to up level their life, so why is the question of “am I worthy of this?” coming into my head?

You might be in a situation right now where you KNOW you want to take the risk because you feel it within and all of a sudden like a door slamming in your face, you feel doubt and you step back.  However, if this thing you want so badly is truly aligned with your soul, you’ll continue to question, “maybe I can do it?!” and slowly you’ll see the light again and ignite your passion to rock out your dreams!

Yesterday as I sat on the deck, facing my emotions and doubt head on {with love and openness}, I saw the words “NOT REAL” scroll across the sky like a banner behind a plane….not real.  Ahhhhh right, fear is not real.  Love is real.  The truth is, you can’t have one foot in fear and one foot in love and think you’re living fully from a space of love….no, you need to be all in and truly trust and love the process that was placed in your heart….

I started to take SMALL steps to shift my perception and this is my tip for you!

It takes courage to admit you have doubt!  Be bold and break free from the self doubt!

You can start taking conscious and loving action to move through the fears and doubt by taking BELIEVABLE steps out of it!


>>  Remember, you can’t just pretend that this doubt is gone and mask it with duct tape.  It’s not out of sight, out of mind…..it’s just pushed further back if you think this is true.


::+*+:: Instead: let’s dance with this doubt! – ask yourself“what is this doubt telling me?” and LIST all of what the doubt is telling you onto a sheet of paper.

“I’m not good enough”, “Is anyone going to join my program”, “Is my work a waste of time”, etc.


::+*+::  Start to move yourself out of these beliefs by writing all things YOUR AMAZING at. 

“Well, I am great at authentic sales”, “I do have a process that changed my life, so it will change others lives”, “I am following my hearts message”, etc.


>>  When you can see the small shifts from the major doubt to “maybe it will be ok, because I know ________” or “heck, I am so good at __________, I got this!” and these small shifts in perception is what you run with.


Have a miracle mindset in your life and business and as soon as you see the LOVE within yourself and your work, you will trust that what you have within must be shared with the world!  You can’t waffle on your decisions when you FEEL your world light up within, thinking how you’re being of service to people.

I did this exercise yesterday and you know what?!

Once I was absorbed my love and brought me back to that space with feeling what I am good at and what is in my heart, my intuitions STRUCK me like a ton of bricks!  My whole 6 Week program was laid out and 95% completed!!!!!!!!

That’s HOW quickly a miracle can happen.

I thank spirit every day for giving me my strong internal knowing and it’s strong, fierce and fabulous!

I sit here this morning with my coffee in hand, this message to you and my flip-flops on…..I can say I feel freedom within and in return, I have freedom externally.  Today, we create our lives and we’re off to get bacon ;)


Have a great weekend, love!


: : | : : Comment Below!

+ Do you bump up against self-doubt?  How do you get through it?


PS.  Can you help me with a NAME for the 6-Week Program launching??  Do you prefer the worlds:  Freedom, BE, or SOUL?  Thank you!!

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Have “happier” days starting today!

Hey Beautiful,

Do you know that your happiness is a choice?

To be real with you, I used to get really revved up when people would tell me that.  I’d get all “grrrrrr” about it, huff and puff and think that they couldn’t possibly understand why I couldn’t choose my happiness.  I mean, hello, it’s hard.  Did they walk a day in my shoes?!  ;)

The truth is, they were right.

I could choose happiness over being massively unhappy, but why couldn’t I see it?

Why would I wallow for days, hours, or years on stuff that wasn’t serving me, but manifesting rapidly in my life?

As A Course in Miracles say; “there are no idle thoughts.  All thinking produces form at some level.”

So one day I had enough of trying to piece together why I wasn’t happy and I took one small step to seek more info on what happiness looked like….

Just yesterday I sat for most of the day offline and either *eyeball* deep in my journal getting open and clear on my energy and flow, checking in with my happiness or writing for upcoming programs and products.

Both with good old pen to paper!


As soon as I pulled my head up for air and looked at the clock it was already 3:45pm and I must have been deep in flow for over 2 hours (usually I’m up between calls and work to eat) and this flow was my HAPPY!

Before I knew “my happy” or knew that my thoughts truly created my life (and energy!), I’d battle myself, looking for ways I could beat myself up more or for old flaws I could nitpick.  This negativity was fully out of fear.

I wasn’t vibin or understanding my inner self at all and I had no idea how to hear her.

Here’s the biggest takeaway today…

Everything is a direct reflection of your inner state.  

So simple and so important!  Your inner state means your energy flow, your inner hustler, what is she up to?  How is she feeling?

Your happiness is always linked to what you think and feel.  So over the last few days I would check in with my thoughts and feelings and witnessed them!

If I was feeling low, why?  What was going on internally?   When I was feeling good, what thoughts was I thinking?  So this went on day after day until I could see my patterns and what truly made me happy!

Take your journal with you today and log your checkins!  Through out the day, no matter how you’re feeling, checkin!

Ask:  what am I thinking?  What am I feeling?  How is this playing out around me?

Then you’ll really know what makes you happy!

For me, being out of the house working makes me happy, movement makes my energy flow, music…don’t even get me started!!  But when I’m alone, working away in a fuller state, I start to get lower energy, so I know how to flip the switch now and tune back into my high vibes!

Try this and let me know how it works for you!
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+ how do you find your happy??




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