How to step past mean self talk {New Recorded Message}

Happy Tuesday, Beautiful!

How are you on this lovely day?

Ok, let’s be real….
Have you ever woke up to that negative, hurtful record playing in your head?

You know, the one that says “you’re not good enough, not going anywhere, ugly”, etc.  It sounds so nasty, but so real at the same time?  For me, it was comfortable and when this record wasn’t playing, something was “wrong”.  Thankfully, my world and self talk has drastically changed as I choose my happiness, my self love and choose to work on myself daily as my full-time job!

The self-defeating habits that run through our minds can take us out and create a day or life we’re unhappy with.  Crazy, right?!

I have healed so much of my negative self talk and self-hating words and emotions, but what I’ve learned is when they are so deeply engrained within us, they can still creep in when you’re triggered to the pain of the old emotion.

I’ve recorded another message for you today {YAY!} and this one is real and open about what has unconsciously rolling through my mind after I had another session of Fractional Laser Treatment done and how it’s caused my skin to not looks so good.  I actually look like I have a lot of bad breakouts in patches on my face, but I understand that this is the healing process of this laser treatment.

My skin has always been my trigger and has made me feel so much pain.

I’ve written many posts on how I’ve cleared my adult acne, why I had adult acne and the products I use, etc.

But in today’s message, I share with you some of the emotional attachments that we can allow to run our life and create outcomes we’d rather not have.

If you face some triggers within or you’re also dealing with negative self talk or a negative belief about yourself, I also give you the solution to flipping your mindset into a loving and praising way to live!  

Here’s your message for today!

I also wanted to share some of my story with you more, so here are some pics :)

This below picture was taken right after my laser session on Friday.  All there is was a pink glow on my cheeks!

I actually went makeup less for 2 days like this!

Below is yesterday, mineral makeup on and what you can’t see is the patches of redness and bumps all over my lower cheeks and chin.  Boo, but hey, what a blessing that I can get these treatments.


My skincare girl, Rita from PureLight Laser is my hero!  She has not only drastically reduced my scarring, but she has confirmed that emotions play such a role in acne and how my coaching has helped me transform my skin and also self love!

I hope you have a great day!

I’m off to get some coffee and get my personal development in.


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+ Are you used to negative self talk?  How have you changed your inner talk?


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Simple Way to Drop Comparison {New Recorded Message For YOU!}

Happy Monday, Beautiful!

How are you this amazing Monday?

So, I have a new way of bringing the blog to you today….I received a hit to record a message for you!

YASSS!  I have a little like podcast / voice message of love for you!  Hahah!

I’m not sure if it’s something you dig or not, so let me know.  But when my voice within tells me to do something, I do it!  I was sitting on the living room floor, going through some internal struggles {I talk about this in the recording} and my guide came through loud and clear, “record a message for your friend” and here I am!

So in today’s recorded message I openly talk about the comparison I’ve been feeling and how I got through this deep comparison / yuck feeling in 30 minutes :)


Listen to your Monday Message here: 


My weekend in Pictures!



I spend the whole weekend catching up on ME time….this means I worked on myself, read, meditated, spent time at the beach and relaxing stuff to connect me back to my message.  I can get off course here and there and lately I’ve chosen to always bring myself back to that “feel good” place when I feel off.  Happiness is a choice, my friend!




Our new crazy quartz ;)




I’m finally able to workout again after some serious laser treatment I had on my face on Friday!  I’ll share that in tomorrow’s recorded message to you because I didn’t feel very self-loving over the weekend or Monday morning after looking at my healing skin.  I’ve learned a lot from this process and I can’t wait to share it with you!


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+ Do you like listening to short podcast / recorded messages?

+ How do you like to reconnect over the weekend?


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Freedom Friday: Bursting Through “Fear of Success”

Hey Beautiful,

I thought I was a crazy person when I first mentioned to my coach that I thought I feared success.  “Who fears success”, I thought?!  “Don’t I want success?!”

Failure, yes.  I feared that too.

What I realized as time went on and the more people I spoke to for business and coaching and who wants to make their passion their Paycheck was that this fear of success was a very common thing!  

Today, I help people break through this fear and actually work with the blocks that are constantly creating these fears….

I mean, let’s be real.  You have a passion, you are human, you have desires, so you naturally have the ability to live your dreams, but if you’re not, something is blocking you.  We find these blocks, accept them and remove them….

You might actually not fear success.

For me, I feared being abandoned, not loved it I was successful.  Somewhere in my childhood I picked up the belief pattern that if I succeeded and did not need the support or could not complain to my family about my finances and lack of direction or passion, they would not love me.  I felt being “small” in life = love and support because they could take care of me and also raise me up to tell me I can do it and I’d feel better.  

The interesting thing about beliefs and shadows and all things fear based is, do we know if they are true?  Did I really know that no one would like me if u was successful?!  No!  I just got caught in this made up story in my mind and I was separated from love for years.

I write these Freedom Friday posts to help you get freedom in all areas of you life, beautiful!  This includes your inner self, which is the most important space to create freedom first :)

So knowing this story I was repeating unconsciously was not serving me or the people near me, I started working on myself and rewriting me story!

It’s important to remember when you go through your own journey of dissolving fears, that the fear, these stories they are NOT REAL!

Love, my light, your light, your truth, this is all real!  

Here’s how you can break through your fears and make your passion your Paycheck!


Get your journal….

At the top of a fresh page, write:  what are my fears around building my business (or in life, my job, etc)

Draw a line down the centre of the page.

On the left side of the page write out all your fears!  Everything your fear voice is telling you. “If I succeed no one will understand me or love me”

Sit with these feelings and accept them.

Ask yourself, “do I have to live this way?” “Am I ready to let these go?”

On the right side of your phe, write the opposite to each fear! “What if I can support the people I love with my income when I grow my busines!”

And keep writing!   Write all that feels good and all your power!

The REAL break through!! 

How about you and I work together by holding each other accountable, love?!   You are not alone!

>> For SEVEN days, could you ONLY live from the right side of your list?  

Live from your LIGHT?  No fear….

Are you up for that challenge?  

This will change your mindset around your fears!  It did for me!

Once I did this, my world shifted, I was confident, my business grew to the most income I’ve ever made, I was flowing and in my true power….now it’s your turn!


Go write your list and trust you found this post today at the right moment!

Love you!

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+ are you up for this challenge?




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How to deal with anger and be happy!

Hey Beautiful!

Sometimes being a coach can be an interesting journey.  You see a lot of the same challenges, wins, and questions that your clients bring to you, also show up in your life.

Sometimes being a coach and business owner can be challenging when you bump up against your own stuff.  Instantly you stop and think “I am a coach, do I have problems still?!”…..yes, I am human.  I’m learning as I go to be gentle on myself.

I sat on the living room floor yesterday, deep in meditation and ANGER started bubbling up within me and I so badly wanted to wake myself up, pull myself to my feet and shake off this “icky” feeling.  Anger.

“Kris, you’re a transformational coach, pull it together.”

I couldn’t….I wanted to go into it, go into the trenches and it was welling up and moving quickly, fast waves of anger were flooding me.  I took the plunge and looked right at it.

It looked like a black smoke and it had an eery way of moving and it was thick and heavy….almost as if it was trapped in a corner of my being for years!

Why is this anger here now?!

Why can’t I let it go in this moment?!

Who am I angry with?

As I asked myself with my eyes lightly closed and my beautiful meditation music playing, I could see faces appear through the heavy smoke and one by one I expressed my anger to them….

The more I expressed the more my haze started to thin….

More movement and flutters in my heart started to happen and the best breakthrough flashed up!  My journey within was about to get deeper because I had to fully stand in the ANGER I had towards MYSELF.

I was always taught as a coach to express my anger when I felt it, no judgement on it, just take my pillows to the bathroom and punch them to release and I never did that.  I felt it was awkward and strange, but now looking back, I think it would have been a good idea ;)

You see the express will loosen up the pent-up energy and stop the buildup of compounding anger which can lead to further challenges in the future….almost like that FRIENDS episode when Pheobe was mad at Ross and she didn’t know why, but it was anger from a dream she had that felt so real.  Hahaha!

Once I faced my own anger, all my self doubt, fears and confusion flashed before my eyes and release and peace came over me and I felt FREE.

On a day to day basis we face the Ego and she’s fierce and wants you to go deep into your sh*t and not move forward from it.  This darkness is the egos playground, so instead of letting the ego / inner self bully control your life and happiness, once you bring your anger to the front to explore it and deal with it, light is shining on it and the dark is no longer there.

We all have days where we question “why is this coming up?” or “again?!” and the beauty of our life, our soul and our awareness is we can choose to switch it and choose our happiness!  The moment you allow yourself to dwell you’ve let fear get the best of you and your highest self.  Get back into flow and joy by seeing that you just need more LOVE right now and as soon as you give love to yourself and shine your light, you’re back in the space where the anger has lifted and your reconnected, feeling free and aligned.

It’s not bad to have anger.  

It’s not good if you hold onto it for a long time or try to push it aside to “forget” about it because will come back!  Your unfelt emotions are like a beach ball being pushed so far deep into a pool, at any second it can be so under pressure will will pop up and hit you in the face!

Look at your triggers and support yourself through the process of awareness and healing them.  You’ll grow stronger and happier, I promise ;)

Remember, life doesn’t happen to you, but for you!

I’d love to hear your take on dealing with anger or strong emotions….


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+ How do you deal with anger?

+ Do you openly deal with it?


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Mantra Monday: Positive Intentions Create Your Happiness!

Happy Monday, Gorgeous!

Did you have a nice weekend?  I wish we were sitting across the table from eachother over coffee so I could hear what you did over the weekend!

It was an amazingly sunny and warm few days here and we spent a lot of time outdoors and at the beach!  Oh yes!  It wasn’t quite bikini temps yet, so I still have more fitness to fit in before I strip down, but I did venture out in flip flops!

As I sat on the rocks, overlooking the ocean in West Vancouver, I felt so refreshed and ready to rock out this week!   

You see, Saturday I went to my little spiritual bookstore where I get all my books and crystals and became an owner of a new beautiful deck of oracle cards.

These are the Oracle of the Angel Cards by Mario Duguay and I instantly felt a spark as I picked the box up!

I use cards for answers for myself and to clearly give me direction on areas I need support in and I also read my clients cards, usually right before a call with them if I feel it’s needed.

So as I sat on the rocks, the sun on my face, I digested these {below} cards I pulled, in this special sequence to really laser in my purpose!

Yes!  We can find yours too!  

Let me know if you want a reading to get clarity on what your next step is, what your message is and what’s currently holding you back….we can reveal it all and give you steps to take action :)

It’s Monday, love, so this means it’s a FRESH start today!  What are you ready to create in your life today, this week and by the end of this month?

The first step in CREATING is setting your Positive Intentions.

Absolutely everything that happens to you and everything that comes to you is the result of an intention.  You plant your seeds and they grow….the universe doesn’t know what is good or bad to you, so it always gives you what you pour the most thought, emotion and feeling into!

It’s time to beware of what you’re planting, love!

Monday Mantra:  For Positive Intention!

I am aware of all that I create around me.  I abundantly fill my life with light and love.  From all the seeds of light I sow, I will harvest the greatest riches!  <3


I’m super excited that this week will bring all that you love….so plant your seeds with love and water them daily with loving thoughts and passion.  When you inner Self-Bully comes in to rip up your seeds, reach out for support or journal what you’re feeling, forgive and choose a new thought!  Keep the movement of positive intention flowing!


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+ What are you creating this week?

+ Are you intentional with your life and what you’re creating?


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Freedom Friday: Lift the Veils of Illusion and Your Fear


Happy Friday, Gorgeous!

Coming to you live from the living room floor, fully caffeinated and just finished gratitude journaling and scrolling Insta!

As you can tell by the title of this post, we’re talking about, fear.  This fear thing can be a tough nut to crack.

I sat for 2 hours yesterday trying to meditate and as I would get into a zone, another blogger or entrepreneur would appear in my mind and I started fearing they were more successful, had a larger reach for their message and business and I would feel anxious!

Self-Love Reminder:  No one is “special” and everyone is “special”.  If you peel back the layers of the self-growth journey we’re all on and if you study A Course In Miracles or heck, any spiritual growth type books, we must remind ourselves that we’re all one and if I think others are “more special” than I am and I put others on a pedestal,  I’m not fully EMBRACING MY LIGHT!    However, at the same time, we are all equally as special…just no one is more special than anyone else.  Does this make sense?!

Bottom line, our light lights us and the world up, so we all need to shine more!

So, Freedom Friday seems to be the popular post during the week and I truly love these topics we get to riff about and the more shares these posts get, the more passion goes out into the world for people like you and I to step up and take our mission and message to the masses!  {yes this means YOU!}

We are ALL here for a big purpose and sometimes it’s scary to face all we must do to get it out to the world.

I faced this yesterday.

Here’s the great news….
You can do what you love all the time; your work can be your play and it should be!

However, girlllllllll, I get it!  We have a screaming calling within to get out there and roll with what we know we need to do and BOOM, we’re faced with all kinds of fears and self-doubting fits.  Actually, what you’re facing is all an illusion and there is no need to call it quits on your dreams when things get “hard” and a little scary.

I had a coaching call with one of my clients who had a huge breakthrough last week after she was living in she frustration.  She was completely rolling around in her head and totally confused on how she was going to take her business and message to the next level.  Actually at one point she questioned what her message really is?!

Can you relate?

She was banging around in her story, all her fears and faux limitations and I had to stop her to remind her that all she was sweating over wasn’t even real.  Dazed, she sat there for a second and said “you’re right!  I just need to look within and see my true gifts in the fear I’m facing.”

YASSSSS my love it’s time to see what the fear is telling you.  This right here is a miracle!

It’s time to lift the veils of the illusion, stories and fears you hide behind and start seeing your dreams and your future through your higher-selfs eyes and vision for you!

I eat my fears for breakfast….also lunch, dinner and snacks because it never goes away, but you can find the health and gifts in every ounce of your fear or dizzy illusions that you let run through your mind.  Your fears never totally disappear, but you do have the CHOICE to stop reacting to them and creating more fear for yourself, which is keeping you 3 feet from your gold.

Break Through Your Fears and Illusions & Rock Out Your Calling:

//  Look at the messages and gifts your fear contains!

//  “Ok FEAR, I feel you….what do you got for me?!”  “What do I need to learn?!”

//  Your higher self never creates turmoil, it actually allows the opposite of  connection, clarity and love to flow through you, so this fear thang, it’s all EGO.

//  Choose to let your fears and illusions sit on the side line for a moment as you grab your journal and write out what the OPPOSITE to your fears are.  Sometimes the universe might be leading you in a way so you can open your eyes to the brilliant opportunity!

//  Start taking ACTION {even if it’s scary} to reprogram your beliefs and get your dreams into motion.

//  Use a support group, like the I Heart Wellness Facebook Page as a place for you to come and express when fear pops up….we’re here to give you loving support and tools to allow your veil to lift!


I hope this was a very helpful and eyeopening Freedom Friday post for you!  I believe we’re in this together and your higher-self, your confidence and your message is ready to SOAR!  Do you feel it?

//  Comment Below!

+  What is one fear that you feel stops you from living your dreams?

+ Are you choosing to find the message and gift in your fear today?


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I had to “UP” my Self Worth and Self Love {New Skincare I’m Loving!}

Happy Thursday, Gorgeous!

I hope you’re having a great day so far?

I don’t know about you, but I’m that person that can easily fall into the trap of putting myself and my needs on the “back burner” if I’m immersed in things like business and creatively flowing with our 6 week program launching soon!  It’s like time flies by and I think my needs aren’t as “important”….ahhhh the classic people pleaser.

I can literally be so mono focused that I’ll let time pass me by (I’m working on creating a new pattern by bringing more joy to my life) and the other day I looked in the mirror and thought “Dang!  I need a tune up!!”

Thankfully, I know my hearts guidance / message well, so I took this as a clear message to book an appointment with a hair stylist and with my skincare lady at my laser centre!

It’s time to put myself as number one!

I totally understand how caught up we can get in our lives that we don’t think our needs are that important and I understand I don’t need a hair cut to love myself fully, but at some level I do.

Self Worth and Self Love are key when it comes to freeing yourself from limiting thoughts, a job you hate, relationships that squash you and everything else that we deal with in this beautiful life!  So yes, getting a hair cut or treating yourself to an “out of the norm” breakfast date on a Wednesday will increase your feelings of self worth, love and set your frequency to attract into HIGH GEAR! 

Tuesday I had my haircut and met a fabulous new stylist that I love!

I’ll be honest……

Just a few years ago, when Ryan and I were rock bottom, I financially wasn’t surviving and I had to cut my own hair!  It was not good…so as I sat in the hair salon, as I now do everytime I go in, I’m BURSTING with GRATITUDE!   What a luxury to have :)

I’ve been increasing my self worth and self love by meditating twice as day (20 min each time) and ASKING for the answers I need and I’m literally being guided each day by my higher self to spread my message!

If you’re on my newsletter list, you would have received my coconut oil craziness email!  That was a message that was given to me and I trusted enough to take action!

So I meditate with this Tangerine Quartz and its a trip while I’m deep in my space!

Q:  Would you like to see a videos on the crystals I have and which I use for manifesting, etc?  Let me know!

Raising your self worth can also flow by breaking your normal patterns and routines!  Wednesday Ryan and I decided to hop in the car at 8am and roll to get bacon and eggs!  This is so out of the norm for us on a weekday because we usually go to the gym and come home to work business.

We radically increased our self worth by going for coffee, bacon, eggs and then tea at Starbucks to read a bit before we started our day!

Oh yes!  My new skincare!!  

I took this pic this morning in the bathroom for you….hair in a bun and all ;)

After talking with Rita my skin specialist at Pure Light Laser here in Vancouver, she has me coming in for a few more Laser Sessions to completely remove my acne scars.  I’m still very self conscious with them and as my business grows and I’m craving to do more videos and speaking, I want smooth skin!

Rita has me back on the DCL Glycolic Pads….which I adore because they leave my skin so smooth and clear!!  I only use these every second night and I wake up with great skin!

And my new love is this Pro-Derm Liftense LTL moisturizer!  It’s great for problem skin like mine that also needs anti aging properties like I do (hello 34 year old forehead wrinkles!) and this is magic in a bottle!  It’s also matte, so your makeup goes on nice and my wrinkles have been diminishing!  YASSSS!!!!!

The moral of today’s story is that if you feel as if you haven’t been taking the time for yourself, to do the things you want or to feel better about yourself, start doing things that make you feel amazing, today!

It might mean you block 30 minutes out of your day and you go for a walk along the ocean, you book a hair cut or you decided to study something you LOVE so you can share it with the world!  Look at where you can increase your self-worth and self-love by doing things that nurture you and make you feel good :)

Sending you so much love today!


//  Comment Below!

+ Is it easier to put others needs before your own?

+ How do you increase your self-worth on a daily basis?




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My Current Fitness Routine {heavy weights…minimal cardio}

Happy Tuesday, Gorgeous!

I have not been baking lately due to my strong addiction to my painting and my clients….so you haven’t seen a treat from me in a very long time and I apologize, but hey…I’m having fun!

A question I get asked often is about the Fitness Routine I follow.

You might already know, that I don’t enjoy cardio and really don’t do it, so it important that I stay on a heavy weight routine to see great results and definition.  I LOVE lifting weights, so I’m happy I found something that I can go into the gym excited to do!  Yes, I even love LEG DAY!!!  Haha!

I’ll let in on where I’m at…..
When I came back from Del Mar, CA I was not consistent in the gym and had lost a lot of muscle that I had consciously put on the year prior.  Before leaving for California, I was on point with my food, in the gym 6 days a week and had a goal in mind and I was achieving it!  As soon as we hit the open road, it all fell aside and I would rather spend my mornings and evenings at the beach!  Also, I really enjoyed the double baked croissants I could get from a little bakery near the Self Realization Centre in Encinitas.

I share more of my reason for “being fit”…almost an obsession in a blog post I wrote a few months back.  Read it here.

Now, I’m back in the gym 5x a week and following a plan to get me back into the muscular shape that I feel the best at!

I have yet to count calories or macros, because I am “not” that dedicated to having the perfectly chiselled body….yet, and who knows if I will be anytime soon, but I eat healthy and I roughly know what to fuel myself with and when, especially after a workout.


{Like Whole Foods Bacon and Eggs on the weekend}


So!  What is my current workout routine?

I’m following a combination of both the LiveFit Trainer and ShortCut to Size!




I’ve been at this COMBO for the last 4 weeks and I love the way it feels and I love the results I’ve been getting.

You might be wondering…“why not JUST one or the other!?”

Good Question!

I’ve followed both religiously before and liked the results equally and I love each other workouts, but I feel both of them are missing workouts that I love.  I primarily follow the LiveFit Trainer and I add extra workouts to it that I find in Shortcut to Size.

I will go online before I hit the gym, search my LiveFit Phase 2 {I’m on Phase 2 now} and look at the workout for the day and then look at Shortcut to Size and add on some workouts that match my day!  It’s simple, fun and allows me to add the muscle that I love for the summer time!

Summer is just around the corner, so I am watching my chocolate consumption a wee bit more and making sure I’m getting enough clean food in me to support my metabolism and muscle poppin!  Ahhhh, girly muscles!  And, I’m lifting as heavy as I can so by the last dreadful rep, I’m quivering!

Reminder, I am not expert in fitness or nutrition and I’m just an entrepreneur who knows there is a direct link between my morning works and my success / flow in business….not to mention, I love the feeling after a great workout and I love the consistency of following a structured program.

I hope this helps you if you’re looking to follow a fun and really good workout plan for adding lean muscle!


//  Comment Below!

+ What workout plan are you currently following?

+ Do you prefer weights or cardio?



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Mantra Monday: for Heart-Guided Purpose

Happy Monday, Gorgeous!

How are you?

Before we set our intentions for the week and get into flow with our mantra on PURPOSE, let’s catch up on the weekend!

Friday was a “no coaching” day for me and it was pure bliss to be able to sit down during the afternoon, paint brushes in hand and a blank canvas waiting to be brought to life!   I woke up Friday, headed to the gym, went for a coffee date with my man and hurried home to paint.

My life has been so much more in flow and FUN since I opened up my passion for the paint!  As I wrote in my newsletter today, since I started painting {doing more of the things that bring me joy each day} my business has grown and I’ve been “working” less.  It’s truly incredible what you can create in your life when you’re on PURPOSE and you’re listening to your guidance each and ever day!

Here’s my latest creation!

After creating this beauty, I had the answers I have been waiting for to finish “module 1″ of the upcoming group program that I will be launching for you very soon.

As you know, I’m fully surrendering to my higher-self with this program because it seems so out of my comfort zone, but what better way to grow than MOVE in your purpose, passion and message…right?!

Saturday was a really good day!  We went for a quick breakfast out, went to the beach to let Hudson run around and socialize with other doggie friends, and I headed to my local health food store to get some supplements and iron rich foods for my thick hair journey!

You know, I’m addicted to learning about health and my hair ;)

I took this little man with me for the journey and for some reason, he felt the car floor was the place he wanted to hang out.

Sunday, coffee, coffee and bacon and eggs…..I also wrote a newsletter that went out this morning and spent time in meditation and connection :)   Oh!  I also bought new socks!  YAASSS, now we’re talking!  Don’t you love it when your socks match again?  I swear my socks always go missing…..

Now, it’s MONDAY and I’m excited for the week ahead!

I thought it would be fun if we got clarity on our Heart-Guided Purpose!

You might be questioning, “what am I here to do?!”, “what is my message?!” and “where am I meant to go?!”

This is actually covered pretty openly in module one of the upcoming program, but this week, we’re going to crack open and reveal that heart-guided purpose.

What is “Heart-Guided Purpose”?  To me, this means that when you’re confused and drop from your head to your heart, your answers are always there.  So if you’re confused on your purpose right now, or how you can bring more light into your world and help more people….

…..LISTEN to what your heart is guiding you to do!

It is always right!

Your intuition is your biggest cheerleader and wants you to take the necessary action and steps to create your dream life!

So, have you ever ASKED what your heart wants?

Here’s the beautiful thing, beautiful!  You already know what you want, you are just getting in your own way!

Pesky old beliefs and patterns are what stops you from moving quickly ahead with fun action that you are being lead to take and it can be so scary, I know first hand, but it doesn’t need to be this way.  You can instantly shift your perception and your life!

Start with a Monday Mantra!

Use this mantra with LOVE this week……


“I AM confidently taking action on what my heart is guiding me to do.  I trust my journey”

This is the thing, you were guided to your mission and message, so it’s your duty to fulfill and take action!

So ask yourself…

//  Where do I need to step up today and take action?

//  Does taking this action feel good and exciting in my heart?  {If it’s exciting, take it!}

//  Am I ready to turn my life around?


TRUST your journey!  Also, if you need support, I’m here for you!


Have a great day!!


//  Comment Below!

+  What are you taking action on today?

+  What did you do this weekend?


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Freedom Friday: Stop Trying to be “Perfect”

Happy Friday, Gorgeous!

YASSSS!  It’s Friday!!

Do you battle with the frustration when you don’t do something “perfectly”?  Are you always striving for PERFECTION?  Honey, you aren’t alone, but it’s also not a healthy way to create your life.


So you know, I am in the process of working with my coach to get my group program finalized and yesterday was the real deal.  Fear and resistance kept rising up, {I shared a bit of why I’ve been feeling this here in this video} and quite honestly, I was ready to move past it, so I took my tangerine quartz {the big peach coloured one below} and sat in a very STRONG meditation for 20 minutes.



During my meditation I was full of anger towards myself for not flowing, for not getting the answers I’m needing, for not getting deeper into a meditative state…..for not being a “perfect” meditator and for not being perfect in business.  Instantly I felt a calling from within to just drop from my head to my heart and leg to.

I had a HUGE shift during this meditation and all the answers I needed flooded in.

If you’re tripped up in that feeling of “what’s the point of trying _______?  I won’t be perfect at it!” or “how can I ever please everyone if I follow my inner message to _________?!”

Let go.

I’ve been learning a lot of this work from a book I’m reading called: The Disease to Please and it’s golden!

Here’s what could be happening, you’re having an internal fight between your intuition and your calling to please everyone and maintain this “perfect” life, with a positive attitude at all times….because if you don’t, “no one will like you”.   This is actually just causing you to deny your own needs.

I used to do this in business all the time!  I thought I had to please everyone, be there for everyone at all hours of the day or night and be known as that “perfect coach” or “perfect leader” and it was exhausting!  Heck!  I even tried to do this with my finances.  I MUST be perfect with making money…..or else!

If you stay on this wheel, you’ll keep denying yourself of your needs and this is truly self-imposed emotional cruelty and totally out of flow.

Here’s the GREAT news, beautiful!
You don’t have to be PERFECT in everything.  Actually, you don’t have to do things perfectly!

Feels good to let that need to be “UP” all the time go, right?  Can you breathe more?  Ahhhhh I can!

What I’ve learned over my business and coaching journey and through all the books and coaching I do, is when you tell yourself so harshly that you HAVE TO STRIVE FOR PERFECTION, you’re setting yourself up for an unhealthy and demoralizing failure….

Now, I’m not telling you to put your goals to be great and a master at your business, finances and craft aside, NO WAY!  I teach how you can tune-in and listen to where your intuition / heart needs you to go and how you can flow and take heart guided action, so here’s what I am going to suggest you do!

Stop trying to strive for perfection and start striving for EXCELLENCE!  


Excellence is motivating because you can set healthy goals, master your skills, practice and reaching your excellence is attainable.

When I look at my own life and business and I’m so heavily focused, head down, masculine energy turned up, focused on being perfect here, there and everywhere, I am totally NOT ME.  I am not living in my highest power or serving my higher self.  However, when I open up to what my higher self wants, tune in and ask, “where can I learn more?”, “where can I master my craft better?” or “what do I need to embrace today and become excellent at my work?”….I embody a whole new light and fresh new loving energy!

Can you feel it even when you close your eyes, picture your business or a business you want to create {it’s knocking on your heart right now, right?!} and imagine working with your inner guide to embrace your excellence and trust in your own work?  Compared to the feeling that you have to be perfect.  The pressure really feels on and it feels a bit off, right?

It does for me at least.

I know you are completely and amazingly here for a huge reason and it’s important!  We need to hear your voice and have you share your message bright, so let me know how this goes for you!

I’m sending you so much love this Friday and keep inspiring!


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+ Do you get caught in trying to be “perfect”?

+ How do you get into flow with your internal desires?




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