Let Your Intuition Do the Work!

let your intuition do the work

Living a wildly free life comes straight shooting from letting your intuition leading you and it’s beyond beautiful.

Freedom is a value a lot of people express to me that they deeply desire and I get it!  Living a life of bliss, joy and heart-centered is not something that was taught to us as we grew up.  But it’s absolutely available to you and it’s here for you to live!

Freedom to me is knowing I have the choice to live in love instead of fear, every moment of every day.

It’s truly empowering for me to say I live “wildly free“.

….of course some days are not as easy to be in the freedom space like others, especially the days where I find myself caught in a train-wreck thought cycle (hello self-attack), like last week.

All I craved was progression.
All I was getting was procrastination.

Have you ever found yourself with a note you’re supposed to follow, laying out all the steps you need to take and you still have a horrible time doing your “to do’s”?

It’s flat out frustrating.

So, what can you do?

Turn to your intuition and let it do the work!

Sometimes I just surrender all I need done or all I need answer to over to my intuition and feel the action literally surge through me, or see it as a vision in my mind…..
Ahhhhh “inspired action” it can come straight to you when you need it the most, but you must ask.

A very silly and so simple example of how I use my intuition on a day to day basis is…
Just last night I questioned – “should I use toner or rose water on my face?”

I paused.  Closed my eyes.  Put my hands to my heart and heard a gentle voice whisper “rose water”.

I know this seems like a simple example, but the truth is when you are getting great at hearing your inner voice and trusting it, start small like this.

Intuition is a must and most people ask me why they can’t find theirs because they can’t feel it and they instantly get frustrated thinking they don’t have an intuition.

I assure you if you’re questioning if you have one or not, you do.

We all have an intuition, an inner voice that is our direct connect to source!  I believe my intuition is like a little life line that connects to God and sends me the answers I always need and I am getting better each day at actually listening to the guidance and taking the scary action.

This intuition that is so perfectly built into your heart is a freaking top of the line edition!  It’s amazing, just like you!

We all have a guidance system built within, just like new cars do.  Heck some of the cars drive themselves now a days and some show you how to park, when you’re over the line, how far you are from the car in front of you, I swear that our new car has built in cameras all over the dang thing and it’s ALWAYS showing us where to go, how to park, where the nearest Starbucks is and we trust it.  This is how our intuition works too.

The difference of course between our intuition and a car is that our intuition can be dimmed by our ego.

Our ego, as protection, will tell us not to believe our deepest calling our intuition and start to tell you things that will keep you playing small.  You might hear “you aren’t good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, yada yada yada) and your mind will start to swirl with confusion.  You’ll question why your heart is telling you one thing, but your mind another.  Have you ever been here??

Trust that your intuition is always a calm, soft and gentle voice….it’s love.

We were all born in life love, divinely connected to our intuition, here in purpose and in pure freedom.  However, we picked up the habit if negative self-talk along the way.  This is the fear that most people live their lives in and some believe this fear to be true.

I say this with openness and honesty… as I go off topic for a moment ; )

My fear story is a deep need to never be alone.  I can remember when I picked this story up when I was young and 30 years later, it’s still present and I can’t even guarantee it will ever go completely away, but I have gotten better at choosing again and not letting this fear of being alone, stop me.  Yesterday I had a coaching call with my coach and we talked about my fear to BE alone.  It’s actually foreign for me to be alone, do things alone and feel comfortable in my own skin at times…. which made me really sad.

Out of this coaching call and my inner calling and the pull to continue my Wild Freedom journey I have committed and dedicated my time to BE with ME.   Explore deeper who I am without my people pleasing ways so I can live my next level of bliss.

For the last few year I thought freedom was MONEY.  I thought all I desired was money in the bank and time off.  Well, yes, that’s all great and I love money so much….but my connection is the piece I am craving and for my whole life, my intuition has been trying to lead me and I’ve tried to push it aside.  They say that when God is trying to get through to you, the same challenge will come up over and over again so you can hear the message, heal and move on.  This connection to MYSELF, my intuition and my bliss is where I need to be now.

Since I haven’t been fully trusting my intuition and where it has been leading me (which is to know me better and love me more) I have had consequences.

They suck.

I will tell you this….

Every time you ignore your intuition there is always a consequence.

The more you ignore it, the higher the price.  Don’t trick it and push it aside, follow it!

Your intuition is your place of FLOW.

So, yes, if you are questioning why you have fear, money worries, lack confidence, etc, it’s not your fault and you can change it at any time, especially if you feel deeply called to change, then NOW IS THE TIME!

I would love to know what you feel when you think of your intuition?

I feel Light.  Sure.  Truth.  Knowing.  LOVE.

Babes, to allow your life to feel on point and in flow, and to live wildly free I believe you must let your intuition do the work!  It will lead you to the foods you must eat, the books you need to read, the mentors or posts like this to answer your questions….you need to open your connection to your intuition to hear your soul’s calling….you need it to know if you’re dating the right person, if you’re to travel.

Intuition is your direct connection to Spirit and you deserve to be bursting with love and connection.

There is a power greater than you and when you tap into it and the energy of your heart, girlllllllll you will SOAR in freedom!

Ok!  Ok!  How do you access your intuition?


Get into stillness every day and ask for it to come forward.

Let your head and heart work together so you can hear the calling from within and see the action to take.

Check in – do you hear your intuition?  see it?  feel it?  When you know how it delivers message and guidance to you, game on baby!

I love to access mine through writing to it every morning, which is my most favourite time of day!

The more you build this muscle the more you will know which is right and wrong for you in each moment.

strengthen your intuition

I encourage you to go on a 40 day ignite your intuition practice and enjoy all the lessons and beauty that comes up for you!

When you feel stuck over these next 40 days, ask your inner guide to take the stuck and show you the love instead!  This habit will cure your life.

Another gorgeous tip is to make your quiet space divinely connected, so when you sit in aloneness and connect with your journal, you can sink in and be at peace.  This allows you to hear greater messages and feel in your body if certain decisions are great or not.

Put some Frankincense Essential Oil in your diffusers and let the spiritual frequency of this oil support your growth and connection.

It’s seriously a badass oil that you need!


I would love to support you through this amazing growth, so comment below and let me know what your intuition is guiding you to do!


Your Wildly Free Affirmations

The Best Corn Free and Potato Free Chips (in My Opinion)

best corn free and potato free chips

I am an adorer of snacks..like crunchy chips.  But honestly, I can’t do potato chips.  I rarely do corn chips…..if you’re the same, I have some corn free, potato free chippies you’ll LOVE!

Let’s talk about my addiction to crunch.
If there isn’t a crunchy something for me to eat while watching our nightly shows (which is usually Million Dollar Listings or some Woo-Woo Spiritual YouTube Video), I can’t function.

Anyone else?!

My nightly snack is usually freshly popped organic (non of that gmo ickies) popcorn drizzled with coconut oil and sea salt…or if I’m feeling extra fancy, Pineapple Popcorn is put in a fancy bowl and devoured.  If you saw me at 8pm in my robe, messy bun, rose hip oiled up face and greasy coconut popcorn fingers, you’d love me even more : )

But sometimes you need more than just a good popcorn….sometimes you need a GOOD CHIP!

Ok, so call me crazy but ever since I started getting really laser focused in on the health of my skin and what can trigger breakouts, etc… I stay clear of potatoes.  So when I want a chip, I want a good corn free and potato free chip!!  Yes, it’s possible.

Here are 3 of my favourite Corn Free & Potato Free CHIPS!!

corn free and potato free chips

Let’s start with my homies at Wonderfully Raw Gourmet – I love these folks SO much that I shot a first impressions video for you, covering the first reaction of Ryan and I trying all of their delicious snacks, like Brussel Bites, Coco-Roons, and Snip Chips!!  They are so healthy, so tasty and are GUILT free snack options!!

Wanna see the video?  It’s a hoot…..
Watch that First Impressions Video Here!

Ok, back to the list!

These Chipotle Lime Cilantro SNIP CHIPS = AMAZING.

wonderfully raw snip chip review


Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips!

These delicious bites are the closest you will come to a “Corn” chip, without the corn!

So if you’re looking for a dipper that goes perfectly with your mock a guac  and salsa, these are your chips for that!

I can’t say enough about these Bean & Rice Chips because they truly have been my saving grace when I was switching my diet to one that is anti-inflammatory and when I needed to steer clear of all corn, I turned to these for my crunch cravings!  These are perfect for taco night ; )

Beanfields bean and rice chips review


Banana Joe Crispy Thin Layers Banana Chips!

I mean, does life get any better?!

Banana Joe is totally new to me.  Honestly these little sea salt sprinkled banana chips caught my eye as I walked the isle (clearly the snack isle) of my local natural grocery store and I love the packaging and loved that these CHIPS are made from BANANAS!

Naturally, I came home and ripped this bag open to find the most amazing buttery, melt in your mouth, crispy chips….ever.

I eat these with guac too!  SO GOOD!

Banana Joe Chips Review


I absolutely adore that we have all these options for healthy and fun snacks, like these chips without all the nasty ingredients of the mainstream junk food on the shelves!

If you’re looking for a good snack, but are on the eating clean train, don’t think you have to give your chips up!!  Just read the ingredients, dive deeper into your grocery isles and find ones that suite your exact needs….because life is too short to not snack and enjoy a “crispy crunchy on the couch snack”.  Am I right?!

Happy Snacking!

brussel bites review


Ok!  I want to hear from you – what are your favourite healthy snack foods that I MUST try?   Do you eat corn free potato free chips??

Comment Below!



P.S.  Get Free Access to The Wildly Free Affirmation Workbook!  Reveal the Exact Affirmations You Need to Simply and Radically Shift Your Life!  Click the Pic!

Your Wildly Free Affirmations

Are You Facing Resistance and Fear of Moving Forward?

dissolve resistance and fear

Do you know what you want, but you are currently at a complete standstill and you can’t seem to move forward?

OMG – this feeling of resistance and a fear when it comes to taking action was my “weak spot”.  I was great at thinking of fabulous and fun ideas, but my execution = horrible.

So, if you do feel this way and you’re constantly choosing netflix and bubble baths instead of taking action on your vision, you are not the only one and you’re totally normal.

I know my purpose and passion is to connect and create!  My passion is also to help people find their souls true calling and live it, while creating a lifestyle they love!  I do this through my tools, support and training’s (my method will be available soon!).  My knowing has always been that my “mess” is my message and I am firm in believing that we all face challenges to learn and grow from them so we can in return help others with what we did to have a huge radical breakthrough.

My passion of changing habits, patterns, and busting through fear allows me truly to live out my highest value of freedom!

Now, this being said, babes…..

I was the first to talk myself out of taking action when it came to building my passion and having it be seen by others!  Gawd, I was terrified of putting myself out there in case I failed and fell flat on my face and then my dreams would come crashing down and I’d be doomed….I thought that if I “failed”,  I would never be able to live out a dream again.  So I kept my vision as that, just a dream.

You’ll feel it right now that you’re heart and soul is calling you in a direction.

My soul constantly is calling me back to connection.

Connection to higher self.

Connection to Spirit.

Connection in my journal.

Connection to YOU in my KB Academy: Get Your Wild Freedom On!  Facebook Community!  (JOIN US!)

However, I’ve been missing my souls memo and off in a world that has been feeling a bit overwhelming and anxious.
When my soul is off course and not having what it needs, like expression and flow – I can feel my breathing get short, I am angry, frustrated, totally out of flow and 110% in RESISTANCE and fear comes over me like a thundercloud.

I find I’m caught up in an old story that tries to keep me believing that I have no idea why I can’t bust through my fears and that I’m stuck and doomed.

Do you ever wake up feeling so lit on fire by your goals and vision, but then half way through the day you notice that you’re still not taking action and you’re so frustrated with yourself, you swear off your passion and just start on a “I don’t deserve greatness” spiral downwards?!

It’s nasty.

It’s irritating.

It’s constricting.




I’m in the midst of creating some really big goals for myself and this requires me to be more seen than I ever have been!  I have a team that is growing and expanding, I have a leadership role to fulfill.  My brand and message here at iHeart Wellness is growing and expanding and I have a calling on my heart to have coaches work here, with me.  I know this sounds so BIG and it is, but I feel it in my soul – so I know it will happen.

Do I feel fear?!  Every.Single.Day.

But as I’ve gone through all my emotions and feelings in life, hitting my rockbottom and opening up to a trust and connection to myself and to Spirit, I know now how to get into flow, out my ego and choose my truth instead.

When fear creeps into your life and mind –

Know you’re safe and in your truth in your heart.

Your fear shows up in your mind.

So drop out of your head and into your heart to feel safe.  

Also remember, DUH you’re going to feel fear if you’ve never done the thing you’re fearing before!  It’s natural, we are all born with fear and it serves us.  Resistance on the other hand, I believe this comes from beliefs we were raised with hearing or witnessing and resistance will show up because it’s trying to keep you safe….I’ll explain why and what this means in my method below : )

Here’s my “Get Over Resistance and Take Action Doing What You Love – Even When FEAR is Suffocating You” Method:

    1. Out your fear.   Outing your ego is your freedom card.   My clients all get the homework to list out all their fears and then the opposite of all of these fears.  This allows you to witness what stops you and then see your truth!
    2. Ask yourself and deep sea dive around WHY this fear is in your life in the first place!  When I speak to women who want a business of their own so badly, they know their money goals, they know why they want to start a business and create a life they love…but one common thing stops them from actually doing it – this is FEAR OF SUCCESS.When we go deeper into why they have a fear of success, most of the time it’s because they have a subconscious belief that they have to work so so so so hard to make good money and that this will take away from the things they love, or love all together.  Many people grew up in a home where one or both parents had to work super duper hard and this caused their parents to not be home with them as kids.So of COURSE taking action to build a business that could potentially leave them overworked, with less time having fun and feeling unloved would be the hardest thing for them to step into with excitement ever day!Here’s the deal – you can CONSCIOUSLY know you want to build a business, or speak your voice, move to another country, or pursue your dreams of being an author (whatever your heart is pulling you towards), but if your subconscious beliefs link success or stepping out of the norm to create a reality that is fun and passionate to be PAINFUL or leave you feeling unloved or abandoned in any way – you won’t do it!
    3. Make yourself and your subconscious a promise.  You can start slow here – but I highly suggest after you’ve gotten clear on what fears are present and keeping you chained from moving forward and you know why they are present, create a promise to yourself so you can see and feel that by you following your own souls calling and moving through your fears, your safe and NOT going to live out the same beliefs you grew up with seeing or hearing, you will find it easier to move forward and have radical breakthroughs!This will allow you to link up what you want with pleasure and FREEDOM!
    4. Use I AM Statements to support you in your promises!   Having a great support structure in place, like your I AM Statements and our like-minded “Get Your Wild Freedom On!” Community, you will feel strong in moving forward, even on days you bump into Ms. Fear again…because that will happen too!
    5. Trust yourself and trust the universe.  You can fight and stall your souls calling and that glowing inner voice of yours all you want, but it will just keep you in a cycle of pain.  You are here to thrive!  If you’re not growing you’re dying.  By repeating the steps above and getting open with what fears you have and why the resistance is showing up and keeping you on the couch, instead of making your dreams a reality – you will be able to notice when your ego is talking and when your truth is talking!Your ego always wants to keep you small.Get to know the voice of your ego and it’s mad ideas so you can confidently choose your truth and love and get back into living a life of wild freedom!


i Heart Wellness Resistance and Fear Busting Tools!

labradorite purpose

  • Journal:  Release your fears onto paper and ask for help!
  • Crystals:  Rose Quartz (soothing self love) and Labradorite (I use this for resistance because it calls me back to my destiny, protects me from negative energy and aligns me back to truth)
  • Essential Oils:  Juniper Berry (helps you to feel courage, protection and aligned with your dreams), Bergamot (helps you to tune into your self-acceptance, confidence and optimism) – Diffuse these essential oils, rub them onto your feet or inhale them.
  • Flowing, Fierce & Free Guided Support!


Know your heart is right, but don’t shame yourself or feel guilty for feeling fear and resistance because it is all a part of your growth and your expansion.  If you’re reading this blog post now it’s because you’re ready to shed your old fear story and step fully into your power, your light and your wild freedom, I know it!

Try the Fear and Resistance Busting Method above and let me know by commenting below how this served you!


What do you deserve to earn? + Your Money Mantra!

Money Mantra Deserve and Earn More

I was walking through a metaphysical store in Whistler, BC yesterday and I can’t help to feel connected to the divine and money when I’m in there.  The incense, the music, the crystals, I’m in love when I walk through shops like this….

There is magic, freedom and connection, which I adore!

whistler bc lake

As I strolled the store I passed this blue buddha and felt a calling to pick it up and instantly I could see it placed on my self in my home office.  My office is bright, colourful and drizzled with crystals, and my spiritual goodies….so I put the buddha back down on the table and looked around the shop some more.

If you recall my blog post talking about celebrating your accomplishments, I share my inner voice with you (she’s a bit cray-cray at times…most of the time…) and she speaks words that keep me from feeling worthy of new things, or deserving of them.  Babes, I’ve been working YEARS on this B.S. and I know when a false belief creeps in, but I do have to honour it and align back to my deserving level.  Honestly, I don’t have the best track record at buying MYSELF things.

After a good 10 minutes of going back and forth in my dang mind about this buddha, I finally had to stop thinking and just do.  I walked over, picked the buddha up and walked it right to the cashier. PHEW.

It came home with me.

I used to have this same old belief roll through my mind about my deserving level to EARN money doing what I love.

I’m not going to get weird around the fact that we’re talking about money today.  It actually makes me upset when people think money is an icky topic, because in my world it’s beautiful.  Money allows you to give and share more with people who need it, it allows you to shine by doing the things you WANT to do.  So in my knowing, money allows you experiences which help you grow and teach.

Ok, let’s talk EARNING.

Dang.  I struggled to make money on my own for years.  I could feel a pull from my soul to play bigger and share my gifts so I would journal, meditate, pray, anything to break my limiting beliefs around earning great money –

I did a lot of different things to change my money story and the biggest was working my inner DESERVING and self-worth.   Changing your life is work.  I won’t sugar coat if to you, but it has to be done.  In my spiritual beliefs around business and money, I know that this is our purpose….to remember our true brilliance and to do this, it requires you to crack yourself open to levels of trust and belief so you learn more about yourself and your abilities and apply more action that gets you great results.  Like money.

I remember my first month I ever made over $10,000 on my own.  I cried.  I CRIED like a baby because I thought my “CURSE” was broken!!!  “I DID IT!  I broke my money curse!” I said to Ryan as I flew into his arms when my month hit $13,500.  He just kissed me on the forehead and said “This is just the beginning babe”.

I literally thought that I had the funkiest money curse on me because for years, I struggled with earning and knowing my worth.  The same was I hummed and hawed over blue buddha, I would do in with making money.  I questioned every single thing…“is this worth it?  will this work?  why will this work?  will people poo-poo my ideas?…..” and so on.

It’s important to remember the money and earning more is simply energy.  Whatever is in your bank account or how your business is in flow is based on the what you believe to be true in your inner world.

Whenever there is a block financially, that is just a gentle reminder to connect back to your soul and be open to hearing what you’re to do next.  Our soul’s will show us “pain” so we can get back into alignment with where we are supposed to be and what we’re supposed to do in the world.  Making money is not wrong, it’s actually very spiritual because when money gets into the hands of people who know they are meant to change the world (all of us reading this post!) we literally create a ripple effect that forever will impact our planet.

We are here to play bigger and earn more and then we will show others how to do it!

This is why I love building a business with a team of likeminded people : )  We’re powerful together!


Earning what you deserve is an inner game.


It just is.


You need to work on your mindset, who you want to be and what you want to achieve.  Then take the necessary action.

Steps to Earning More:

  1.  Know what you want.
  2.  Know why you want it.  (What will you do with X amount of money per month or year?)
  3.  Who do you want to be while creating this?  (loving, powerful, aligned, etc)
  4.  Be that energy and vibration now.
  5.  What thoughts do you have to think to get you to X?  (Be mindful of where you want to stop and why you stop.  Working with someone to help you through this)
  6.  Take action!!  (Just take the steps and you will be supported)


In simple lingo –

Your deserve and earning comes down to this….

The simple formula of:


I would not have raised my deserving level if I didn’t face the limitations and thoughts that kept me in a cycle of insecurity and doubt.  I had to face these beliefs head on and look at what I had to learn from them, but focusing still on my big WHY for wanting to achieve more in my life.  Each step you take the universe will support you, so if action scares you, don’t let it.  You are always rewarded and carried….you just need your faith aligned with your vision.



So do you want a mantra to help you??  Use this for the next 7 days to increase your deserving and earning vibes!

Money Mantra




Here’s to your brilliance and living your worth, today and always!


I want to hear from you!  What do you to do get into your earning and deserving??  



Are you overwhelmed that you don’t know what to do next? Here’s what to do!

don't know what I should do next in life

Just the other day I sat down with my journal after a long day of feeling quite overwhelmed.  I knew I needed to do something to get back aligned with my goals, but I had no idea what to do next.

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed or scatter brained that you can’t even see what your next step to living your freedom rich life should be?!

I mean, I had smoke coming out of my ears, my energy was funk a dunk and I just craved my ease and flow.  I know that when I’m muddled like this, I can not be in flow.  I also know that when I’m scatterbrained like I was feeling I am far from my joy and the calling of my soul.  Dang it, I was not have FUN.   Fun is my main focus right now in my life, how I make money, how I show up on social media….I just need that connection to expression and freedom for my soul to feel good.


Do you feel you don’t know what to do next in your life?

Like what freaking step do you actually TAKE?

After this *crazy* emotional day that I started this post with, I hopped in the car with Ryan.  Poor Ryan.

We started driving off the mountain top we live on so we could go to Whole Foods for dinner.  Whole Foods seems to be our place we will go when we need to talk.
The drive from our house to the store is the perfect amount of time to vent what needs airing and have a happy solution by the time we roll into the parking lot….

But anyways….

Back to the car ride to Whole Foods.

I was sharing with Ryan in one breath how frustrated I was feeling.  My biggest thing was, I am so busy in what I’m doing right now, I am not really tapping into my creative juices that I adore so much!  I told him how I just don’t know how to fit it all in, what to give up so I can spend more time blogging, shooting videos, snapchatting and I have so much I want to do, but I don’t know what to do next.

Ryan always listens… to a point…

Then he asks me if I want a solution.

“OF COURSE!” I said really bitchily.  DUH, why else are we going to Whole Foods?!

He said “I don’t think you do…”

Grrrrr.  Was he right?!  Was I so addicted to this overworked, poor me, keep me on victim street story?!

Maybe.  So the rest of the way to Whole Foods I didn’t speak.  I needed to dive deep into my heart and explore this….

What is really keeping tied to overwhelm and disconnected from flow?  What was keeping me blind from my next steps?

Oh yea.  My lack of intimacy with myself.

When you are open with your feelings and what is going right and where your feelings are waving the red flag (slow down, breathe, reconnect, hear your answers) I could see one step I had to take.  I just needed to slow the horses down and let everything unfold as they must.  But this scares the CRAP out of me.

This fear of slowing down has me in a very hairy place.  I know where it stems from, I watch people around me ever since I was little work super hard and rarely stop out of the fear of the money not coming in, or the bills being paid, etc.  So the harder you work, the better.  Well, for me I can tell you it gets me in a great place financially, but leaves me feeling very depleted.

I decided for my up-level in life, which means I must heal this wound around intimacy and stillness in my life, I will schedule my creative time and hold myself accountable to doing things during the day that I need, like writing to you, journaling, my self-care, and turing the computer off at a certain time so I can give my full attention to my feelings and my love.

Even writing this post, I had to schedule it in early this morning and start writing it at 6:00am.  However, I needed a break to go to the gym, pick up coffee and do some emails and now I’m back to writing you again and it’s 10:45am.   By scheduling my next steps, I will take them!

So you’re overwhelmed……

You are in a back in forth dialog of not knowing what to do next, which leaves you in a negative vibe and probably poor self talk….

Here’s what I’ve experienced over the last few days to actually KNOW what to do next.

Do nothing.

Yup, you heard me.  When you’re overwhelmed, scattered and have crazy FOMO like I do, just STOP.  You need to do some connecting exercises and you need to let go.
Not for days, just for a short period so you can connect back to your heart and soul and hear what step you should take next so you are aligned and back in flow.

I kept hearing “share”.

It was a repetitive voice over and over, so I take this as all I am here to do now is share my lessons in my life with you and hopefully it helps!  I got this answer in stillness when I finally got out of my messy head and listened to my still heart.

Mini Recap:

  • explore your current feelings.
  • who’s beliefs are you living out?
  • get still to hear your next steps.
  • share with others what you’re going through now.
  • breathe.
  • let overwhelm or the need to know “the next steps” go so you can get the answers coming into you.

I’m now moving into my other work for the day so I can show up and change lives!  My schedule is set for my stillness at 12:30, so I’m excited to calm a bit and just listen to my body….not thinking I need to hustle all day or my life will fall.  It won’t.

I hope this helps you, loves?

I want to hear from you!  How do you break through overwhelm?