Healthy Skin Smoothie Recipe + Bone Broth Collagen Review

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My healthy lifestyle started because of my skin issues.  If it wasn’t for the tough adult acne, I probably wouldn’t be blogging, I wouldn’t be as conscious of that I put in and on my body and that would make me sad!

Just yesterday as I was talking to a gorgeous new team member on Team I Heart Wellness and we were sharing our natural skin clearing secrets and what we apply on our skin for great glowing results and epic pimple healing (thank god) I started to think how much healthier my skin is since I’ve made simple shifts in my life!

* Let me just say, if you have troubled skin, meet Frankincense Essential Oil.  He’s your new BFF!

So, thank you acne for the lessons, but I’m happy you’re gone now ; )

If you’re ready for glowing, healthy skin you absolutely are on the right track by reading this post!

Acne isn’t just diet related.  I know it in my soul that healthy skin is a cocktail of eating right, nourishing your self with self-care (aka dropping the stress, breathing deeply, stopping the negative habits, soothing, etc!), honouring yourself and loving yourself and using freaking amazing NATURAL products on your skin!

But diet does play a large role in your skin since what you put in your body, reflects back out.  This is why drinking boatloads of water is key for glowing skin and eating a lot of vegetables is SO nourishing for your skin (but not all vegetables…I’m doing a blog post on this asap!) and good healthy fats like you find in the fatty tea bevy!

Collagen is golden for your skin health and keeping your skin young and firm.

Recently I have been trying many different collagen packed foods, like Boned Broth (the most delicious bone broth!) and this new Bone Broth Collagen Powder from

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I’ve been using this Bone Broth Collagen from Dr.Axe in my Healthy Skin Smoothie as the protein and honestly, it still weirds me out thinking this is powdered bone broth.

My verdict on this bone broth collagen…

It’s funky.  It has a strange taste, which I can’t quite describe because it’s a tad on the caramel-y side, but also chicken.
I can’t drink it straight.  My mind plays funky tricks on me and I start to picture that it’s powdered bone broth and I can’t…I just can’t.

BUT, I can add it into smoothies without tasting a dang thing and it’s SO good for my skin and my hair!!
I do notice a different in the glow of my skin and it keeps my skin clear.

My hair…oh my hair.

I’m on hot new vitamins and supplements which are to.die.for, but those mixed with this, I have new hairs growing!!!

So – get collagen into your life if you need a health boost!  

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Healthy Skin Smoothie!

1 scoop collagen (I use the Dr. Josh Axe Bone Broth Collagen)

4 kale leaves

1 handful of fresh blueberries

1 cup almond mylk

1 spoonful of coconut oil

1 tsp flax meal

1 drop cinnamon essential oil

Blend together these skin nourishing foods and enjoy!

Oh this recipe is good for the gut too!!

I would love to hear if you try this recipe and how you feel after!

Listen!  If you’re facing skin challenges, you’re not alone.  If you would like to hear more in-depth what products I take and the natural skin care system I use and which essential oils will heal your skin, email me!

Ok!  Fill me in, what’s your best healthy skin tip?  or the best smoothie ingredient you must have in your smoothies??


In a Pinch Homemade Dishwasher Detergent!

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I’m the gal that goes to the grocery store and knows exactly which isles I need to go down for my food.  I mean, I swear I’m in my local natural food shop daily!

But dang it if Dishwasher Detergent isn’t the one thing I seem to always forget.  I get the foot stomping in when I scream “Can believe I forgot the dang dish tabs again?!” …”yup!” as Ryan rolls his eyes…I always forget the dishwasher soap!

Honestly, my toxic free dishwasher tabs are not on an isle I frequent….I would rather spend my time researching healthy snacks or in season fruit over cleaning products…

But when I get home to a full dishwasher of dirty dishes I curse everyone and everything!  Am I the only one?!

So, when I get down to my last tab as I load the dishwasher, I make the mental note, put it in my phone and say “I will get the dishwasher tabs today!” – because I’m stubborn and I seem to feel that I don’t need lists when I shop (doh!), I go to the store and 9 times out of 10, leave without the tabs!

Yes, this happened the other day again and this is why it’s fresh on my mind!

Naturally, I can’t stand a dishwasher full of dirty dishes and when I need dishes, I need dishes!

This is when I had the bright idea to get in the kitchen, google some things and make my OWN dishwasher detergent!!

This “In a Pinch Homemade Dishwasher Detergent” works, it’s simple, it’s clean and you will thank me when you have a pile of dirty dishes and no tabs left in your box….

My lifestyle of choice living free of chemicals and toxins.
My skincare is all natural, my bathtub cleaner is chemical free (I will do a post on this soon, glamorous, I know) and my food is the same!  I believe that if you’re heating up chemicals in a box that washes your dishes, this then ends up in your system!   Beware of what you’re using on your body, in your kitchen and what you wash things with each day : /

Ok!  You’re in a pinch and need to run the dishwasher!  Here ya go!!

DIY Dishwasher soap, DIY dishwasher detergent, make own dishwasher detergent

In a Pinch Homemade Dishwasher Detergent:

3 drops of all natural dish soap (yes the liquid dish soap you hand wash dishes with!!)

baking soda

sea salt

lemon essential oil

To use your homemade dishwasher detergent:

Open the flap in your dishwasher normally where you put your detergent or tab.

Add the liquid dish soap.  Fill the detergent area half way full with baking soda and top it off with sea salt.  (I would guess it would be about 5 tbsp baking soda, 3 tbsp sea salt)

Then drop in 5 drops of lemon essential oil.


Your dishes will come out sparkling!

Next time you need to run the dishwasher but you’re out of detergent, make your own!  It’s super cheap, extra safe, and simple!!


Happy Dish Washing!

I would love to hear from you – do you DIY any of your cleaning products?  Or have you made dishwasher detergent?





4 Negative Habits to Stop So You Can Live Happily!

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They say it’s our habits that run the show, along with the the thoughts we think and the words we speak as they form the life we live today.  When we operate through habits that don’t serve our highest good, we can see our happiness disintegrate and our anxiousness and worry shoot up!

I was sitting on the phone with a group of female entrepreneurs this morning and I listened as each of them shared their wins and everyone was cheering them on for breaking out of their comfort zone as they grew their business and helped more people get started with them and then there were the gals who were frustrated.  They didn’t hit their goals.

..I mean, it’s safe to say we are all human and frustration or upset will always happen.  Of course there are times that goals might take a bit longer to achieve because the Universe might have a different plan or maybe your habits were off and this is why your goal wasn’t achieved within the time frame, that’s all ok!  You hit the refresh button and your recommit!  At least I do.

What I found interesting was that the women who were frustrated with their results, were only frustrated because they were comparing themselves and their “lack of success” to the others in the group who hit their target and “succeeded”.  Habits such as comparison or NOT trusting in the Universe will F you up.

Now, I’m going to take a wild guess and assume you’d rather be in flow with your life and live in happiness, over being stuck in ruts that leave you feeling stuck.

If you’re feeling stuck right now, you can get into that flow all by letting go of certain negative habits so you can flourish and create!

7 - Day Self-Care Challenge

Do you feel you need support when it comes to creating what you want?  Understanding what your true happiness is?  Yea.  Let’s get you apart of this tribe!

You will get the tools, support, guidance and essential oils to help you care for yourself first and live connected, happy and creating all you desire!

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Honestly, babes…

You are capable of creating what you want and to live a life that is pure with love and happiness!  But why does it seem hard?  Why do others have great success quicker than others?

Today as I explored these questions within myself, I got thinking about the 4 negative habits that everyone must stop to live true happiness!

    1.  Comparison.  Hot diggity.  Comparison is an easy slope to slide down isn’t it?  You see all these amazing people doing what you want to do and you start to feel like a real loser when you realize you’re “not where they are” or you see that they are moving super fast towards their goals and you think your slacking because you’re not exactly where you want to be yet…  I’m one who can fall easily into the habit of comparing myself to others and for me, when I’m deep in it, I can think really harsh thoughts and question my ability to even crete my dreams.Now this is just me being honest, but I think you can relate on some level too.What works for me when I see this old habit of comparison coming at me like a raging bull – I catch myself in these thoughts and habits and STOP.  Yup, I hold these feelings because they are telling me something!  When I shift my perception around and see that what I admire in others is a gift.  What I see in others I see in myself!  WOOHOO!

      Then I ask myself – “What do I need?  What feels good for me to move forward with?”

      I get to help women globally find their heart and voice in a business that can be overly competitive and also very healthy!  There can be times where my team asks what they need to do to hit X rank or goal, but the truth is, there is always strategy and plan, always…but if you’re not aligned with it in your soul, or maybe your soul needs you to do it a slightly different way, that is what needs to come FIRST for your happiness and success.  Follow the plan and also do it in a way that feels good for you.


    1. Blaming.  You are not a victim and this habit of being a victim to be saved will hinder your success and your happiness.Do you ever feel that you get so tangled in a situation where you feel everyone is out to get you or that you were done wrong in some way?  Yea, it can be stinky to feel like you were the victim and of course you instantly want to blame others.  I used to blame Ryan for the longest time for my lack of income, passion and happiness…. but blame will stop any future success or true happiness in a second!  So knock it off!!We all create the lives we live today by the thoughts we think, the words we speak and the actions we take.  No one else is to blame if you’re not where you want to be yet, it’s all up to you.


    1. Being Jealous.  Is anyone else thinking “holy sh*t I have all of these negative habits running full force right now!” – It’s OK!  I was there and this is how I know what needs to go for your happiness and dreams to come to you.  I still face jealousy…who doesn’t?!  But it doesn’t needs to be what drives you or what holds you back.  Let what others have or do be neutral.Meaning, you can admire what others have with heart and love for them, but holding onto the knowing in your heart (hello law of attraction tip!!) that you are creating your own dreams!Jealousy is poison when you let it take over your dreams and you go into doubt, blame, comparison, or when you want to take your heart of your focus and give up.  BLAH!  Even writing “give up” is icky…because I know you and everyone else who reads this HAS what it takes NOW to turn your health, wealth, happiness, relationships, businesses, etc, right around!!  Or you wouldn’t desire to.When you feel jealous turn back to your truth – what is great about you?  Like so f*cking amazing about YOU??  You have amazing qualities no one else has ; )


  1. Living in Fear.  When you feel overwhelmed in fear, it’s a sign you’re doing this thing called life on your own.  You are not alone.If you feel as if you are alone and things are scary for you, it’s time to reconnect and get back into your heart where your connection to something greater than you lives and fuels you!   We’re all close here and I’m not afraid to talk about the Universal powers that we live in and have within us, so here goes….. Fear is false.  The only truth we have is love and when you’re living in love, meaning you trust that you are where you need to be for a very good and big reason, you can breathe that sigh of relief because all is good!However, when you’re in the habit of always being in a sate of fear, your energy is heavy and you block all the answers and guidance you need.  The Universe wants to direct you, but if your fear is dialled up like a wall, it’s hard to see or hear the next steps you need.This is why I’m so big on setting the tone for your day through being an open and aligned with the vibes of creation through self-care!  This is why I run my Self-Care Academy so together we live happy and we open up to break throughs and our divine truth.

    When you feel you’re in fear town, just stop and choose again!  You can choose to feel gratitude in the moment, list out all things your thankful for or ask for a solution instead of weaving yourself deeper into fears.


When you let go of habits that don’t serve you and live in the energy and vibration of what you desire, with Grace, trust and knowing – watch out world, you are a Creating Queen!!

The quality of your life is based on the quality of questions you ask.  My life has become happier when I started asking my heart / soul what it needs and wants!  When the answer dials in, I listen and take the action.  I’m completely out of habit and I’m completely aligned with the download I’ve been directly given by something greater than me, so then I know it’s always super good ; )


Do you feel it’s time for a habit overhaul?  Are you ready to release these 4 negative habits and create a really happy life?

Go for it!


P.S.  We have 4 Spots Left in the upcoming FREE 7-Day Self-Care Academy!
Is it a good fit for you?  Let’s see!  Fill out your application now!



How to Train Yourself to Create What You Want

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I was talking to a friend today about how we both got ourselves into a situation we believed would serve us for along time, but the more we opened up the more we realized our true feelings.   Honestly, the more I listened to her, the more I sank into this feeling of stress.

As we both shared heated stories of how we were feeling, (it’s always good to air your feelings!), I started to feel a lot of anger, which lead to me feeling overwhelmed, a tad crazy and my body started to ache…this was my queue to stop being a victim and recognize how powerful emotions really are.

Creating what you want comes into form the same way you create (or keep recreating) what you don’t want.  Wild, powerful, energetically rich emotion!

Holy Sh*t!  The reason situations I feel stressed about are still in my life is because I fully recreate being eyeball deep in it, each moment that I let this feeling of stress take over my energy and my vibes start to match the stress.

When you pour attention into anything it grows!

This is a trap most people live in.

If you question why you can’t ever catch a break…
Or why your life never changes, why you can’t create what you want….

It is because you are just recreating what you don’t want through your emotion and vibrations.

If you are now pissed at yourself because now you notice you do this – don’t be.  It is totally normal that we recreate more of what we’re comfortable in because that’s all we know and it’s comfortable!

No one wakes up thinking “Today I want to get super uncomfortable and see how it goes!” nah, no one wants to leap into pain.

This past weekend I went to the Scandinave Spa in Whistler.
(HEAVEN on a mountain top)

This spa is set up in the way that the Finnish do detoxing…
15 minute of heating up your body – you can choose between the sauna, the steam room or the super hot bath!  (glorious)

But then once you’re body is all nice and hot, you must jump into FREEZING cold water!
Which is not comfortable at all.  The fist dunk I did into the freezing cold water I actually felt as if my heart stopped and  I was going to die…. Ryan looked at me in horror that I was going to turn into icicles….

From that freezing cold plunge pool, you go and relax under the sun and chill – which I loved.

The reason I share this with you is this –

The next time I went to do the “rotation”, I wanted to say “F the freezing water!” and totally skip that part of the routine.  It was totally out of my comfort zone plunging into cold ass water and all my limiting stories came up “I don’t really need this detox”, “Does it really help anyways?”, and all my blocks came up and I tried to talk myself right out of the 2nd step of the detoxing process!

We do this in life too!

But I Have Great News!
You do have full control over what you create and how you feel.  Always!

We will talk ourselves out of anything that seems “hard” or “uncomfortable”, but when you reframe how you view being uncomfortable and see it as a way to heal, be more wealthy, live happier, etc, you will take the uncomfortable action and you will see it’s actually quite simple.

When your heart pulls you to create a life that you love and calls you to manifest some really great things, don’t let the fear or excuses stop you because it doesn’t feel comfortable for you to do!

Go into your creation with these simple steps and you will see your happiness and life fall into place the way you desire!

Step 1.  Be very clear on what you want.  Write out all that brings you joy!

Step 2.  Be energetically aligned to why you want this lifestyle, thing, desire, etc!   What will it allow for you in your life?  (most people want to manifest more money, or earn more money.  Money is amazing – I adore it!  However, you care more about what the money will do for you, than the actual money!)

Step 3.  What are affirmations you can speak and anchor into that will get you into the vibration of what you want?  Speak these affirmations throughout your day!

Step 4.  Live / Think / Speak as if you are living how you want now!  You must be in the same energy of what you want.  You must watch your vibrations, so you are progressing with new things that you want in your life, not recycling the old way of living…aka what you don’t want!  << — Super important!!

Need help to live happy and creating what you want?  

I am giving my daily Self-Care Rituals to my tribe in my upcoming FREE 7-Day Self-Care Academy!
 It’s time to live happy, healthy and connected to your true self!   Fill out the application here to see if it’s a good fit for you!

7 - Day Self-Care Challenge

While I was at coffee this morning, a grasshopper landed on my shoulder and the woo-woo chick that I am, I googled “grasshopper spirit animal meaning” and the good ol grasshopper is telling me to take a leap of faith in a certain area and that is exactly what I am doing : )  I am aligned with creating my best life and I know you are too!

So take that leap today!  Follow the above steps and create your dreams, be mindful of where you get tripped up in your own mind and gently let that go.
You are powerful, and here to make all your dreams happen in this lifetime!

If you would love to unlock the true powerhouse that you are and reconnect to yourself so you can life your happiest life, join me in my upcoming FREE 7-Day Self-Care Academy!   This is a group of women who are all unlocking the goddess that they are, naturally and following simple steps to honour themselves first, so they show up free and happy in their life and for others!   >> Get Access Now!  


My Self-Care Transformation + How You Can Start Caring For Yourself

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Caring for myself first has changed my life in many ways.

Today I want to share with you my personal self-care transformation and give you ways you can start to care for yourself and live HAPPIER!!

Let’s rewind and take a peek into my world in old days…

Before I started to take my self-care and myself seriously and to heart, I used to be very controlling, uptight, a worry wart and overstressed.  God, I would stress about everything and if I didn’t have something to stress about, I would find something to stress about because that’s what I thought gave me feeling in life.  OH!  There was also that small piece of the story that really held me back in life;  I had no idea who the girl was in the mirror looking back at me.

Have you ever questioned – “What the heck am I doing with my life and what the heck do I want?!”

This once super shy gal had no idea how to hear or answer answer that thumping feeling in my chest!  I know you have a similar feeling in you -it’s almost like it’s telling you on a moment to moment basis to just go for it – SPEAK your voice, LIVE in your POWER, put yourself FIRST, stop waiting and live your dang goals and dreams!  Right?!  It’s a powerful voice within you and she’s fiercely waiting to break free.

This past weekend MY inner voice told me to get out of town and go away for 4 days!  I know now that when my soul speaks, I GO!

So, off Ryan and I went for 4 days to Whistler, BC where we went with the flow, drank organic red wine, sat under the stars at night, rode bikes around the lakes and spend hours at the Scandinave Spa….heaven.

self care, scandinave spa review, whistler vacation, scandinave spa whistler

self-care challenge for busy women

That’s your soul.

Your soul wants and needs you to nourish yourself first before anything else.

Yes, this means putting yourself first in your relationship, your family, your business, your #hustle, your career and your boss!

But it can be hard to do this, can’t it?  Especially when you’re too busy, caught in fear, feel needed when you care for others, or have no belief in yourself when it comes to actually achieving your dreams.  Heck, I didn’t know if I could live vibrantly healthy for a long time of my life…I thought I would be locked to the doctors office, stuck with acne, unhappy with poor digestion….but when I started to care for myself first, I started to silence my voice of limitation and hear my TRUTH.  My health.  My vitality.  My next step!

But I get it!  When you’re so tangled in helping others, or in the thick of trying to manifest and get your dreams off the ground, so you fill every waking moment with things you need to get done, you can’t figure out how to take time for self-care!  It might just seem like that added thing on your to-do list.  I had that same feeling too!  “Do I really need to take this time out of my day when I could be supporting my team?!”  <– I’m happy I dropped this excuses asap.

Here’s the Self-Care deal-e-o – 

Your goals and dreams need to manifest through you when you’re in stillness and when you nourish yourself!  So any lame excuse like you’re too busy to take time for self-care every day for self-care because you should be working harder to live your dreams isn’t going to cut it.  You’re actually limiting yourself and your dreams by not taking time for yourself.

In my upcoming (FREE) 7-Day Self-Care Academy I go deeply into what you can do on a day to day basis to live the happiest and most vibrant version of you.  It’s a super limited group to ONLY 20 people, so if this sounds like something you need, fill out the application here!

My self-care transformation is simple, but so beautiful.

If I didn’t start my day off right with my “Fabulous 15”, knew how to manage my emotions and mindset throughout the day with my inner tools and essential oils, and if I didn’t have the capacity to be with myself for “Moonlight Manifesting” 30 Minutes in the evening – EVERY NIGHT!  I would not have had the courage to pack up and leave town this past weekend, because I wouldn’t have seen the value in it.  Yes, I am so freaking business, my team is gorgeously growing and I have goals to hit – but I needed to recharge.

Today I honour myself each day with feel-good-to-your-core self-care time, like facial massages, green smoothies, journaling, exercise, inner work, etc because I NEED to love myself to love others.  I need to love myself to receive love from others!

As I mentioned in this super raw post about my relationship – I need to support myself every day to receive support from Ryan and others.

When you don’t feel supported, loved or accepted from others, you need to look at where you are not loving, supporting or accepting yourself.  Self-Care allows you to do all of these!  It allows you to top yourself up and BE that goddess that you are, naturally!

 Today I am mindful when I want to go back into my controlling ways.  I am conscious of my energy, vibes and emotions.  I am making 10X more than I was when I didn’t take time for myself because I needed to “keep the hustle on!” <– crap.  My team is global and we’re growing.

All through a simple shift in how I show up for myself.  This is HAPPINESS.

If you’re ready to have a transformation get clear!  Explore this…

Where can you show up for yourself today?  

What do you want to do each day to sink deeper into yourself?  

How can you put yourself first?

Remember to see if the Free 7 Day Self-Care Academy is for YOU – fill out this application!!  We start soon.

Q:  Do you take mini getaways to recharge?  How do you recharge and reconnect each day?