Always Celebrate and Reward Yourself (Talking Goals + Achievements)

Hey Loves!

Celebrating your wins is super important (and fun) and it really helps you create a loving relationship with yourself and the work you do.

Now, I’ll be real…
Most people I work with find that Celebrating and Rewarding themselves is actually really HARD to do at first.

To be honest, it can be.  I also found it very hard (and still do at times) to set a goal / my vision, which has a personal reward I attached to the end result and when I achieve the goal, I still question if I should treat myself to the end reward.  All my old limiting beliefs can surface; “did I work hard enough for this?” – “maybe I need to do better and work harder.” – “do I deserve this reward?”.

Yea, a bunch of B.S. will try to step in and keep you from celebrating yourself –
It’s our duty to break free from this limitation and CELEBRATE!!

Just this past weekend I went to Nordstrom to buy a handbag because I was in celebration mode!  I had hit a big milestone financially and I set a goal of buying myself something nice as soon as I achieved it.  I mean, I worked super hard for it.  However, by the time it came down to saying “hell yea” to the sales person (I was the crazy woman trying on every.single.bag. to make sure I was right with my decision) and pay – I wanted to stop myself.

“Do I really need this?” I said to Ryan.

My man knows when my self-doubt and my own crap limiting beliefs come in, so as a supportive partner would, he just smiles and says “buy the bag Kris”.

rebecca minkoff handbag review

It was very interesting – as I was trying on many different handbags to get the “feel”, I walked into the Celine section (which is next on my goal board) and the woman handed me the gorgeously stitched bag, she showed me every detail and I told her this was next on my “celebrate my hustle” list – she looked at me and said “Stay focused on your goal” and I took this as a sign to let go of this crap that was holding me back and just freaking reward myself and my hard work, so I can reprogram my self-worth even more.

This gorgeous, hand stitched Rebecca Minkoff did come home with me (I shared all the details on snapchat:  krisbritton) and I love it!  I also have a reward in mind for my next goal and I love the challenge to achieve it.

rebecca minkoff satchel in brown

Ok, Ok!

Setting handbag goals might not be YOUR thing, but I encourage you to stretch yourself in your goals and attach a reward or celebration to all you do!  Heck, if you write a blog post 5 days this week, get your first paying client, whatever you set as your goal, make sure to reward yourself with a frozen yogurt or a relaxing yoga class!  All I encourage you to do is get into the habit of praising yourself, filling your own love tank up, so you work hard and share your message with the world (especially when fear comes up) with love!

Quick reminder – you will face the question of “do I deserve this”, trust me, I know….
So you might need an accountability partner there with you to remind you why you do deserve this and let them show you your blindspots.

Hey – we all work out of fear or love.

I will hustle for something I want.  My guy, Ryan works better out of fear of losing something, which sparks his hustle to stay committed to his personal growth so he doesn’t fall back.  We all achieve our goals out of pain or pleasure.

My message for you today…

Get in the habit of celebrating and rewarding yourself daily for the 5 things you rocked at.

Yup – this means every day you list out 5 things you ROCKED at.

How will you treat yourself today?  Maybe a bubble bath, dark chocolate, a dinner out?

You deserve a great celebration of self, your work, and all you bring to the world!

I want to hear from you – what do you do to celebrate yourself / your work / your action?  Or what would you like to do to celebrate yourself?

Why the mirror still lies to you (have a self-love breakthrough)

why the mirror still lies to you

I was watching an interview other day between a couple amazing women I love and know, Brittany Brown and Sheila Viers and they were talking about their love and growth through binge eating and yo-yo dieting.  I love and honour women who completely accept themselves.  It’s hot, right?!

This interview really took me back in my life and brought forward some wounds I am still working on healing.  This is life, folks and I think we always go through up’s and down’s.  It’s how we work through these down’s that matters…

Now, I’ve never had a huge obsession with dieting for my weight, accept a short period after high school where I started to love beer and still wanted to fit in jeans that were clearly 2 sizes too small…I would make those suckers fit because I did not want to admit I was bigger.  But my obsession around food, the mirror, and an addiction to negative self talk was SUPER loud in my 20’s when my skin was breaking out all over and screaming at me to love and care for myself.

The mirror started lying to me early on in my life and I can remember wishing I looked like all the blonde girls on 90210 or like Kelly from Saved By The Bell.  I didn’t.  I felt I had a body of a boy, I developed late and my eyebrows were big.  I faced really mean self-talk….

Naturally, I know why my skin had gone through a freak out period (like 6 years!) because it was reflecting all the negative thoughts and beliefs I was reaffirming in my body and life.  I accept this now and have worked through this, however, I won’t shy away from telling you that the mirror can still lie to me at times….

Some days you look in the mirror and you’re thinking “hot damn, I look good today!” and you want to snapchat like a wild woman.  Other days the camera on your phone is your worst nightmare and your mind is playing games with you, saying some crazy things.

Why does this happen when you thought you’ve worked on your self-love and acceptance?

The truth is my loves, our nuropathways are freaking powerful.

We can recycle the same old story each and ever day, leaving us to believe we are powerless, ugly, overweight, and not worth of living our dreams.
When the truth is, we are whatever we THINK and SAY we are.

At any moment, we can choose again and accept and love all parts of ourselves now.

When we’re on a negative thought rampage, engraining these beliefs deeply, they start to become our reality!  We could look gorgeously fit to someone else, but when we stand there in front of the mirror, old beliefs tell us otherwise.

Are you ready to break this cycle of recycled, untrue stories and create a loving and supportive way to look, love and honour yourself with?  

I sure hope so, because you are worthy.

How do you change the belief you have of yourself and your appearance?

You become open to doing the inner work that will help you.  What do you have to loose?!

My skin didn’t clear because of my face wash.  My skin cleared because I stopped the repeating story that I was ugly, unworthy and unimportant.

My skin cleared and I LOVE my body today because I did the inner process!  You can not just “forget about your problems” and hope they disappear. I’m sorry to say, they  just won’t.  It’s a process you go through of exploring why these negative mirror beliefs you tell yourself are present and what they are trying to tell you.

Follow these steps to self-love and self-acceptance!

  • How can you see your beauty and true essence?  Stand in the mirror and repeat things you love about yourself.
  • Journal to your pain (your body image, your skin, your mindset, etc) and ask it what it needs.  Listen because it will tell you.
  • Every.Single.Night.HONOUR yourself with self-care and writing out 5 things you did great at today.
  • Start to talk about the negative self talk you.  Hire a coach if you need help – you must invest in yourself.
  • Ask yourself “who do I admire and why?” – ppsssttttt….the people you admire the most are a reflection of you and you have these qualities hidden within you, so why not BE this person now?
  • MOVE!  You must move your body daily to let go of stagnant energy and bring in the new!
  • Change your beliefs by CHOOSING AGAIN. Say to your negative self talk, “No!  I choose again!” and replace your negative thought with a positive one.
  • Love and embrace yourself as you shift and reclaim your self-love.  It’s work.  It’s tough at times.  You’re safe.

I Am Statements for Self-Love & Acceptance:

I am beautiful!

I am in control of my emotions.

I am choosing loving thoughts.

I am powerful.

I am more than the limitations I put on myself.

I am living and giving love.

I am vibing high.

I am powerful.

I am accepting of my true self.

I believe their is a big level of fierce trust you have to have that allows you comfort knowing you are facing this situation for a reason and it’s all for your own growth and journey.  I also believe you are here to go through this to learn from it, grow from it and help others with it.  That is what I do and many other coaches I know – they help people with what they have gone through!  (I shared this in my post about my view on needing to be certified to life coach)

You are here for a big reason, babe and I want you to remember that!

So, the mirror you look into is helping you see your true self.  Instead of fighting it – go deeper even if it’s uncomfortable and flip your beliefs!

What are you grateful for when you look in the mirror?  

Listen, you are worthy of a vibrant, flowing, life on your own terms and accept your gorgeous self and body as it is!  Focus on your happiness!  

Sending you love.


I want to hear from you – what has help you change any negative beliefs you have had about yourself?


Get Your Self-Worth & Self-Esteem on Point!-3

How to have confident hope for your dreams!

How to Have Confident Hope for your Dreams

Heyyyyyy!  Self-Lovers!

We all have a dream and we all know we are here for more.  But are you scratching your head wondering why you are moving forward in your dreams?  Do you feel robbed of bliss in your life?

It’s possible that you lack confidence in yourself and your dreams, so when it comes time to taking the action on achieving your goals and vision you feel it’s uncomfortable and hard.  Ahhhh yes, I know how this feels and it’s totally OK, because I can tell you that it gets easier and you can and will stand confidently in your dreams and your self-worth!

But first, we must do a little inner tune-up!

When you sit in stillness today and think of your dreams and what you’re here to do in the world, excitement washes over you body.  Of course!  This is your soul giving you a little sign that it’s “go time”, but even with this intuitive nudge, you can still find yourself questioning your abilities…

If you feel you are lacking confidence in yourself and your abilities to achieve your goals and dreams, go inwards and explore these beliefs that are coming into your head that are trying to stop you.

What are they saying?

Write them out on paper and become friends with these beliefs.

Remember, what we resist persists.  So the better you can be at being with your emotions, and focusing on your success mindset allows the negative thoughts to simmer down a bit and stop running on repeat in your mind.  You can actually start to work on rewriting your emotions and beliefs when you see them, witness them and acknowledge them.

How to Have Confident Hope for Your Dreams!  Simplified.

  • let go of attachment of your dreams.  (don’t be so stiff, the universe loves play!)
  • be open to move towards your souls calling with flow. (always have a vision and goal, but trust there will be bumps along the way)
  • know…like deep in your soul that you are here for something big – do a vision map to hear your calling by following my freedom and abundance plan!
  • trust that your message was given to you as a gift, all your dreams are and if you don’t share them or go for them they are wasted.
  • ask for guidance and the step you should take next daily, and take them.
  • write a gratitude list, including 5 things you did great today at the end of each day to realign with your dreams and build your confidence
  • practice what you preach and preach what you practice – now.  please, share it.

If you lack confidence, are feeling like your on a road to crazy town and you want to realign with your souls calling and your dreams, make sure to set aside 30 minutes a day for you and your inner work!  Nothing is going to help you gain confidence more than exploring all the reasons you have to be confident!!  So enjoy it.

If you need deeper help, come join my private Facebook Community!  We’re a fun and supportive bunch of hot, amazing, on a mission women!!

OK!  I want to hear from you, loves!!  What are you soooooo ready share with the world?  What are 5 reasons why you are confident today to rock your dreams??







What’s Robbing You of Bliss?

What is Robbing

Oh baby, it’s time to live in your bliss and feel so dang good, aligned and on point!

Are you feeling a little unfulfilled?  Are you aching for your bliss and joy to be surging through you today?

Are you confused on where your bliss and joy for life has gone?!

Let’s be real…

Something is robbing you of your bliss and I’m sure you want it to stop!  Something is also robbing you of your joy, your energy, your creativity and love and we’re about to stop this craziness, and reclaim our fierce power so we can live happy!

I need this post as much as you do, I’m sure.

You know, I always tell you this with radical truth, you are POWERFUL.  You are wildly amazing and you are here to create a wicked vision and truly, anything you desire and remember, no matter what – you are ALWAYS creating!  So, why the heck the would you feel that lack of bliss in your life?

I mean, why do you feel unfulfilled?  Why do you look at others who are “winning” and you can see their brilliance and know you have it too, but still don’t leap?  This was me on Sunday.  Gawd, I had time, I had space, but I was frustrated and tired.  My soul was aching for me to sit down and write out my weekly vision and what I’m putting together for you guys and I just felt flat.  Have you ever felt flat?!

Well….I figured out my flatness about half way through Sunday that had me look at where I was leaking my power and energy – I was leaking this sh*t all over the place and it was leaving me depleted.

Keep in mind, loves, you can have a slow leak of your energy and you don’t notice it for a few days, leaving you tired at the end of the week.  This is where I am going to suggest that you be so AWARE of your energy all day and notice where you are giving your personal power away and where you lose focus of your big vision!  When you are in alignment of your vision (you feel it so connected to your heart!) you will keep things from robbing you from achieving it.

How can you reclaim your bliss?

Stop letting things “rob” you of your bliss!  What does this mean?!  It means allowing yourself to look at what is taking you out of your joy and flow!  There is something happening that is not allowing you to stay in bliss and you can not integrate your emotions through the day or BE in complete connection with your soul and the universe, because you fill every space with something.

I hate to be this person to you, but it’s time……Drop the mindless scrolling of Facebook.  Your emails will have to wait.  You can’t say “yes” to everything.  You have to pour time into yourself, your self-care, your vision and make yourself self-love a priority!  This mean being in stillness and in your journal.   Allowing yourself 30 minutes a day for “me time” will change your life and start to open up your inner soul’s calling…which is your bliss!

The bottom line to living in your bliss is this…

Know what you want.

Create “rules” in your life that allow you to work on what you love / what you want. (wake up 15 minutes earlier each day for meditation, writing, visualizing, etc)

Face the limitations that try to stop you from creating your dream life.

Follow your rules daily (you have to treat these rules as LAWS!!!)

Do things each day that are for you and make you feel SO GOOD!  (Workout, move, eat well, pray, write, paint)

Remove distractions when you are aligning with your bliss and block time in your day for your self-care.


I know…
It’s so easy to start meditating and then your email *dings* and naturally, you want to pick it up and see who it is.  But this is action is robbing you of your joy and connection.

I have been leaving my phone in my office when I am journaling, praying and having a stress relief bath, so I can deeply let go of distractions and BE with myself and my soul!  It’s been a strange shift for me, as someone who uses the internet for my career…but it’s nice.  I feel more open and alive and I appreciate the shorter time I’m online now, which is also cool!

Be mindful of YOUR life and what you’re creating.  Your happiness starts from within….so don’t clutter or mute your true desires or what you’re being guided to do next with crap!


Ok, loves!  I want to hear from you – what are you willing to start doing today to realign with your BLISS?

Leave a comment and let’s start a bliss train!


Create Your Vision and Get It! (our new car!)


Creating your vision and getting it, like really living it is what we’re talking about today.

I LOVE this topic, loves because for yearrrrrrrssssss I thought I was stuck, broken and massively confused, which I believed kept me in a spiral of struggle.  Goodness, I think about how I used to think and no wonder I was always stuck!

Yesterday Ryan and I picked up a brand new car that has been on our Vision Board since January, 2016.  It’s May.  5 months and a few days, we had no plans on selling our current car, but we made it happen and our perfect, down to the headlights, perfect car arrived in our lives just last night!  The power of VISION and being consistent with your actions to achieve what you want is SO IMPORTANT.

But why do most people not achieve the vision they created in January?

Good question.

I actually do know the answer to this!  Hahah, I used to be one of these people who never achieved what I set out on my vision board because I was lazy, never actually believed I could achieve and never took ACTION.  Action is the biggest piece to getting all you want in your life!

Here’s something I really had to absorb….

“Most people are unwilling to match their dreams with the commitment need to achieve them”

I was uncomfortable taking action when I thought it was just a dream….

What if I poured all this attention, time and energy into my vision, my dream business, my future home, if it was all just a big waste of time?!  When then?!  

I questioned this and this energy and mindset kept me stuck.  DUH.

So – how did Ryan and I go from having no need to sell our last car (our term with that car wasn’t even over yet) to picking up our brand new, fully loaded baby??

Let’s lay out your vision and a plan to stick to it!

  1. Write out / Stick up what you want!  Make sure you really know what you want and write out it out in detail!!  We knew the colour, the trim, the wheels, every inch of this car, we planned. Then stick up pictures to represent your desires.  Plaster this where you see it every day, all day!
  2. Why do you want it??  You see our last BMW was almost paid off, it was a 2008 335, it was a hot little car and was amazing, but we LOVE to travel and drive our car from Vancouver to California and for us we wanted a car that was super reliable and had low miles.  Our reason for getting this car was deeper than just loving how it drives and thinking I look hot while driving it.  This car will have us living our dreams of being in California for months at a time….this is what we deeply love and can connect to!  GET SO CLEAR ON WHY you want what you want.
  3. Set a date.  We all know how a date on your goals is super important!  So when do you want to achieve this vision???
  4. Take ACTION!!  So yes, we had no idea how we were going to get out of current car payment, but it didn’t stop us from moving our feet.  We set up a day date with our friend Kris (at BMW) to test drive all the 435s and to BE in the cars and feel them.  Every night we would watch BMW videos so we knew what the interior looked liked and what to expect.  After test driving the new cars, we decided to put our car on Craigslist and see if it would sell.  Of course in 5 days it was sold to a wonderful couple who live a few blocks away from us.  Divinely timed and planned : )
  5. Match your thoughts and words to achieve your vision!  Yes, use I am statements, speak your vision in the mirror, think your vision all day long.
  6. RECEIVE IT ALL.  As your vision aligns, receive it all.  Yes, sometimes it can seem too good to be true (we felt this) and we loved every minute of it.  It took over a month for this new car of ours to arrive as we ordered it exactly as we wanted, so until yesterday we have been rolling around in a rental car (I’m sure you’ve seen on snapchat: krisbritton) and when we picked up the new car yesterday it felt as if we’ve had it forever!  That’s how much we were in vision of already having it.

Yup!  Limiting beliefs will come up.  “Can I really create it?  Will it really work?  Who am I?”  B.S.  Yes.  Just be with these beliefs, then let them go.  Always be committed to your vision!  For me, this means I set non-negotiable rules for creating my vision and my perfect days, so I suggest set 3-5 “rules” that you must follow.  Maybe that means you visualize your goals for 10 minutes a day?  Wake up 15 minutes earlier and journal about what you’re creating!

You create your life, every little piece of it is yours to paint and love….

brand new 435 BMW create your vision

You can visualize your vision all day long, but please note babes, you must also move your feet!

Get out there and interview other business women you want to have a business like, go test drive a car you love, walk through the homes you desire, HAVE FUN!!!!

It’s 6:30am and we’re going for a drive….HAPPY FRIDAY!


I want to hear from you – how do you create your vision and get it?