My 6 non-negotiables for bursting productivity

My 6 non-negotiables for bursting productivity

I get asked quite a bit lately what my weekly “work” schedule is like and how the heck I have the time to make it to the gym every day and for a morning coffee date with my guy.

Freedom is important to me and we always follow our highest values in least, I believe we should be ; )

Since Freedom {I love all the juicy parts of freedom from the time, financial and emotional} is my top value, I will honor my non-negotiables and work in BURSTS with my productivity!  For me, this allows me to have a thriving business, fit all my activities in, and set my own hours that feel good for me… Today on a coaching call we spoke about the importance of selecting the days you work even in the beginning stages of a coaching / wellness business because you never want your work to take over and lead you to burnout.

Your soul’s calling can absolutely be your income and passion, but there is still a joyful life that lurks behind “hustling” and it’s bliss when you tune into it and live it!


I get it…we still need to get our business up and running, we still need to get to the gym to achieve our fitness goals and meal prep for our health…so we still need the structure in our lives and we need to be productive, even when we don’t feel like it!  Right?

I mean, who would ever achieve their goals and dreams if they didn’t put their time into it?

If you’re like me, there are days that I don’t feel like being productive and to be honest, some day’s I don’t worry about being productive and I enjoy a day off.  Your soul knows when it needs rest and it also knows when you’re trying to keep yourself small by not doing the work to achieve your dream life.  So, be aware of your energy and mental chatter of not being good enough, and all the sabotaging ways you can pin yourself down.

Your energy will always guide you.

Here are my 6 non-negotiables for bursting productivity:

//1  Community & Mentors.

Being apart of a like minded community or having a mentor to support you.  You can find a very fun and supportive community with me and some women in the Get Your Wild Freedom On! community.

Let’s be real, it can be hard to stay on track with your goals, especially if you’re starting a coaching / wellness business and you are being blocked by fears, uncertainty, etc.  Having people in your sphere that know how to hear you and guide you is HUGE for moving forward.

//2  Music & Gratitude!

A little thing I love to do when I’m feeling unmotivated is turn on some really awesome music and list everything I am grateful for out on paper or just in my mind.

The music ignites me and I find myself being creative and in flow…which gets me into inspired action!

//3  Diffuse a Cheery Blend!

I’m all about my essential oils lately.  Why?  Because they are pure magic.   I use them for my wrinkles, my sleep, to calm my emotional roller coaster {yes they work for helping with your blocks and mood…even money blocks!}, in my food, and for the time that I am “working” in my office, I have my diffuser steaming away with the most delicious and focused blend of lavender, lemon and peppermint!

My morning ritual is when I enter my office doors, I drop my oils in the diffuser and it’s SHOW TIME, baby!  The oils elevate me and I perform well with them.

//4  Movement.

I must move each day.  Especially on weekdays when I’m working the most, I get my booty to the gym for 7am and I fall in love with a great heavy weight workout and  it sets my day up right.  My blood flows, my creativity sparks back up and I feel alive!

Now, if I get a 2pm slump, I will listen to my intuition and if it leads me to step away, I will leash Hudson up and take him for a walk around the block.  Sometimes we just need a break and fresh air to allow our productivity to bounce back, right?!

//5  Love Breaks!

Ryan and I both work from home.  Yea.  Some days are better than others and when it’s approaching a full-moon, watch out.

What I love to do through out the day is little breaks with him.  Maybe a hug, a tea, a little reading on the bed…whatever to step away from work and be in that space of love.

Another way that I fuel up my LOVE is by having a bubble bath or doing a Mirror Exercises where I recite my affirmations in the mirror.  This is deep self-love and it’s thriving energy!

// 6  Top 3 Goals!

Always always always write your top 3 goals out for the day and keep them on a hot pink sticky note by your computer!

When you know what must get done today, you will do it.  I find that if I put more than 3 goals on my list, I get overwhelmed and will want to do anything by stay focused.  I need to be in the energy of flow and ease, so 3 items I feel is ease to me.

Also, make sure you check off your goals as you complete them so you feel accomplished ; )

I had a video shoot for a our Soulful Money Masterclass group coaching program that Ryan and I facilite together and this video was #1 on my list yesterday and it felt so good to show up, shoot, check it off and move forward with goal #2!


{video shoot in our living room!}

I hope these 6 ideas help you BURST with productivity and allow you to flow in your dreams!

I would love to hear your tips!  How do you get yourself into productivity?



Are you good enough for your desires? Let’s chat!

Happy Tuesday, Loves!  I’m just going to jump right into today’s post because I feel it’s good enough to get right into ; )

Today I want to talk about YOU being good enough for your desires.  Just so you know,  you are….

Let me tell you why!

I’m sitting here in my home office, as I just received a message from my mentor that I’m getting my largest commissions check I’ve ever received on my own.  Frick, I worked in full connection with my soul and spirit on this sales campaign and as soon as I got that message, I questioned, “am I good enough for this?”….are you freaking kidding me?!  Where do these old beliefs come from?!  I feel they creep in at the very worst time…

So, here’s what I did.  I faced my ego.  She is intense and kinda bitchy at times, but she is the one that I really work with daily to up-level my life.  I get pushed me, I get messages that try to stop me and I get sent on roller-coaster rides – but I choose it.  There, I am taking ownership for my crazy beliefs and also for my GREATNESS.

Loves, if you’re anything like me, there is a fierce mental chatter that goes on in your mind and it is either questioning your abilities to be great or telling you that you’re not good enough to create a life you wildly love…am I right?  It’s totally ok if you feel this way as we will get through this together : )

I want you to know {I’m also telling myself this}…

You are GOOD ENOUGH for all you desire.

you are good enough quote

Ok, ok, it can be easier to read than to believe, but what if we explored this “am I good enough” pressure we put on ourselves a bit deeper and ask ourselves truthfully –

Amazing Question to Ask Yourself NOW:  “Why are you good enough?”

Sometimes a simple shift in perception is the exact miracle we need.

On my faux fur rug, I fell to my knees and held my heart.  I could feel that my beliefs were being tested when it came to what I deeply held within me as my income set point.  Of course I have always had goals and achieved them, but as soon as stretch myself, I would set a huge income goal, place it on my vision board and told everyone I was going to create it, but would find myself staying in my comfort bubble.  I played smaller than my greatness.  I feared a lot.

The most mind boggling thing when it comes to beliefs is this –
You have your belief that you want to achieve what you desire, so you set your goals and create your vision boards, etc.
But what you don’t see is that there is a belief UNDER your belief and this belief is the real driver.

You can plaster handbags, hot travel spots and diamonds all over your walls to reprogram your mind, but if you don’t deeply believe you are good enough for these desires, you are still stopping yourself from creating your dreams.

I’ve done a few things to get to the beliefs beneath the beliefs to rewrite them and live in my greatness and FEEL GOOD ENOUGH….

1 //  In the moment of fear, doubt, uncertainty, write to the beliefs and hold it.  What is it telling you to learn and let go of?

2 // Use essential oils to reprogram your beliefs and unlock your truth.  Call me crazy, but I’m addicted to learning how we hold patterns and emotions in our cells {they are sticking around in there for years!!} and yes, we can unlock them and break through them….it works.

3 // Work with a coach to help me through my old beliefs and patterns so I can take action to get through them and into what I deeply desire.

4 // Show up every day to you and your emotions.  When you do this, you pass the test and up-level.


Here’s my take on this wild and gorgeous life….

Don’t settle in a life or a belief system that you think you have to settle in forever.  We are every growing and expanding beings and you deserve to achieve your desires just like you deserve LOVE.

The great news is, you’re not alone!  I am here to support you, you have friends and family to support you and there are many coaches and people you can link arms with to be guided and heard.

So, throw your hands up now and declare to the universe that it’s time to GO and surrender.  Then as emotions, greatness and opportunity arise, receive and embrace them <3

For any questions or support – email me at


{Comment Below!}  How do you deal with the mental chatter that wants to keep you playing small?



Feeling Stressed?! Relieve stress with this bath time ritual.

As you read in my last blog post about my craziness lately and sabotaging your success, you could tell I was in need of some self-care and de-stressing.

I will be the first to admit, I can if I let myself have a hard time slowing down when I have my mind on business, opportunity and my vision – I’m like a little machine that can keep chugging along, even when I know I must stop to relax.  I’m so much better now at honoring my body and time when it comes to business because I know I must show up nourished for my clients and all I do and bring to the world.  I actually think it’s crap when people tell you that you have to “hustle” super hard to be successful.

It’s crap.

You have to be smart with your time and where you invest your time.  You have to tune into where Spirit is guiding you, because that is what you’re meant to do..with ease.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to be one of those life coaches that works all day, all night and never takes time off to “put the time” into your dreams.

You can run a super healthy, wealthy and freedom rich life, without killing yourself or your lifestyle!  If you don’t believe, me, come work with me : )

With this all said, when I feel like a frantic lunatic {I get this when I spend a lot of time at the computer working} I know it’s time to time to decompress and integrate!

My Sunday was spent bouncing from grocery store to grocery store for meal prep supplies and at one of my natural markets, I could feel a pull within that lead me to the “beauty” section and there, with glowing lights and confetti falling all around it was, the ever so stress releasing epsom salts….I needed this badly on Sunday…

In the cart this magic salt went and it’s been pure bliss : )

FullSizeRender 2

I love having baths.  I swear when Ryan and I lived in a condo I would have 3 baths a day!  There is always an endless supply of hot water in a condo building, so I filled that sucker up and the hot water brought me back to center.  Actually, I recently read that water is calming and healing to our soul, so when you need to think about something, sort something, calm down, etc….have a warm bath!  It’s a very feminine and divine splash to make each day!

I craved this re-connection, so I made a little bath time ritual that if you’re feeling bat sh*t crazy, you can do too and feel like a WHOLE NEW WOMAN after!

This is about you –

Lock the door, dim the lights and have some tubby time.

FullSizeRender 4

Bath Time De-Stress Ritual:

In the tub…

1/2 cup Epsom Salts

4 drops of lavender essential oil

3 drops of frankincense essential oil


Around the tub…

Amethyst Crystal {or any calming crystal you have}

iPhone playing spa music – or in my ritual, a guided meditation

Coconut wax candle {my fav candles are here}

Fresh clean towel to put under your head

Your favorite skin care


So, what’s the deal with Epsom salts?!  They are seriously magic.

Epsom sales are freakishly amazing for pulling out aches and pains in your body.  The salt instantly dissolves in water and it gets absorbed through the skin, allowing the magnesium to help us relieve stress and slowly releases our serotonin for a delicious sleep…now, when you add the lux essential oils in that warm mixture, game over loves.  You’re relaxed and zen.

I ran a delicious bath for Ryan and he totally enjoyed his relaxing time too….he may not admit it online, but he did.

Ok, dolls, I am sending you nothing but calm, peaceful, loving energy….

Enjoy your day!


{Comment Below!} How do you relieve stress?




Stop unconsciously sabotaging your own success {My craziness lately}

I’m totally not presentable for a selfie or any sort of photo in today’s blog.

So I’ll share a pic of the rainbow outside my back yard to make you smile.  I swear this beauty was meant for me…


Okay, I want to be honest, I am feeling overwhelmed.  Quite, fiercely overwhelmed….and a tad tired.

Business / Sales / Contracting is all going a little fast right now and I need to reconnect to my flow and intuition…big time.

Also, I have not been sleeping super well lately because my mind is racing with really awesome ideas and new exciting things I am starting, so before my alarm even goes off, I am wide awake laying out a good ol mind plan.  Have you ever had those early more scheming sessions?  They are totally notes from the divine.  But around 3pm I can feel my eyelids are heavy from waking up so stinking early.

So, yes, I feel full to the eyeballs some days, but I can’t not talk about all the lesson’s I am also learning as I up-level and start new things in my life.  I’ll be real, I’m only battling my own mindset right now.  And girl, it has taught me something HUGE – I have clearly seen where I unconsciously try to sabotage my own success.  You see, I let you peek into my world daily either here on blog or on social media and lately I have been rocking sales and creating a healthy residual check that comes to me each month…I had a goal of a certain amount of people I would love to help get started in a program that will better their business, income and life and I hit that first goal, so my mentor had me stretch this goal a wee bit…”Ok, 10 more people I will attract!”.  I am a manifesting maven, so  it will get done.

Well, since setting that goal, knowing that it will radically boost my income to the most I would have ever earned on my own –

I started to let the negative voices creep in.

My ego has been a nasty person in my ear and I was letting it get the best of me…

For days, call after call, I would find myself in a low vibe and I was upset by it.

Now, I know I am here to take responsibility for my life and all I create so yesterday I sat down and I had a chat with God.


It was time to face what underlying belief I had or comfort level I had with money and receiving money that was trying to sabotage this success of mine.  So I know one GOOD way to hear from Spirit directly and that is writing a letter to Spirit {I share how to find what is missing from your life here with how I journal}. It’s effing brilliant and I always get the answers I need to get back in my flow and co-create with the universe!  I heard that I had an old belief that all this work I am pouring in won’t last and if I do succeed at this, I won’t need anyone to “save” me.

Let me be completely transparent with you –

I have lived with this whole damsel in distress archetype for much of my life.  You know that story where you blame everyone else for where you are in life, you blame your partner or spouse for  not doing better and you want people to feel sorry for you in some way?!  Gawd, that was so me.  Clearly, this little belief is still lingering a bit ; )  I’m not happy to admit this, but I’m not ashamed either because I know it’s allowed me to step into the person I am today and learn a shit ton about myself and be the best coach I can be.

So, I had my little chat with Spirit and it really showed me the real sabotaging behavior I was letting stop me.

As a light worker, I know you must bring light to your “dark” so it’s no longer hidden and holding you back by the ankles.  As soon as you are aware of salty beliefs, fears, etc, you just can work on it and let it go when it’s not serving you.  This is what I did, I started bubbling my essential oils and went through a cleansing process of my old sabotaging ways!  I started FRESH and reset my goals and beliefs!  I freaking reset my HUGE achievement income wise and I have to say, it feels so good!

Yes, you want to know what has happened since?

The calls I have been on for sales are completely opposite to when I was in my “funk”, I am having people ask me about the program – these people are perfect and the “selling” is flowing and easy.  You see, they were always and will always match my energy!

I don’t even know if this post makes and sense to anyone reading, but it just feels so good to release all I am thinking and feeling and SHOW UP!   We all have sabotaging beliefs within us that will hold us back from that next goal or living in the stretch and I want you to be aware on where you stop yourself.  For me, I had to STOP and journal and get so clear on what I was thinking and feeling in that moment to unhook from it.

Once you admit and take responsibility for your belief there is an opposite belief you can replace it with.

Ahhhhhh THANK YOU for reading and I feel so good to release this and move forward.

Now, it’s time to put some makeup on and go out for dinner!  This release calls for a celebration – we ALWAYS celebrate around here.

What are you celebrating?  What are you ready to release??

I wanna hear!









Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday!!!

I love Thursday’s.

I also love peeking into what my favorite bloggers, like Katie, Anna Saccone, the Skinny Confidential, {and soooo many more that I follow} LOVE, eat and use on a weekly basis.

I don’t know what it is about it, call me nosy, call me passionate, but I love when I read a”what I ate Wednesday” post or a “what I love” post!  Do you?

Today, I am sharing all things I love over this past week…so I hope you enjoy.

One thing that I really love is this guy.  It’s our daily ritual to go for a coffee date every morning.  The reality is, it’s my favorite time of the day {besides snack time at night cuddled on the couch}…on our morning coffee dates we journal, we chat about our day, what we’re creating and we sip dark roast.  It’s a great way to start the day!


Today, we actually looked presentable on our coffee date because we took our “rest day” and didn’t roll into Starbucks sweaty, scraggly and shaking.  Win Win.

Onto the next Thursday Favorite….

:: ….COFFEE.   Dark Roast, Black Coffee.  I <3 You.

Photo on 2016-01-27 at 10.31 AM

I need some support here – Where are my fellow #coffeeaddicts at?

I have been trying to explain my deep love for coffee to others for years…actually I don’t quite understand my obsession for coffee myself…

Let me try to explain!  My passion for dark roast runs much deeper than just a jolt of caffeine, I actually don’t care about the “wake me up” part of coffee, I love the EXPERIENCE of coffee.  I love the smell, the taste, the feel of sipping it, the waking up knowing it’s there and the importance of making it, going out to get it, and how it makes me feel.  I love it, so it’s going on my Things I Love Thursday.  always.

:: JASON Lavender Hand & Body Lotion!


I’m a freak show hand-washer and I appreciate a good, hydrating, natural hand lotion.

This smells divine and works so well for your hands when they are dry and needing love….

:: My Diffuser!  & Good “Healthy” Scents.


I talked about how I love to burn my favorite candles in my home office in a post earlier this week, however the last couple of days I have been all about diffusing essential oils and the health benefits!  So in here I have bubblingLavender, Lemon and Peppermint to keep my mind sharp and focused on business and sales.  It works and makes your whole home smell like a SPA!

Speaking of staying “focused” a great love I have this week is Concentration Music when I work!

I love this YouTube Channel for great concentration music and I put it on and write, do follow up emails, create for programs and freaking knock it out of the park!


Now, I’m off to plan my day, visualize how I would like for it to flow and journal!

{Comment Below!} What is one thing you’re loving this week??