Simple Peanut Butter Spelt Cookies {Low Sugar & Egg Free!}


Happy Friday, Honey!

So, apparently there is a whisper of “Snow” that is going around Vancouver this morning and I’m SO excited.  Tonight, we might…..just might get our first snowfall {snow is rare off the mountains here in Vancouver, but I’ll take it!} and I love the idea that flakes might fall once the sun sets.

There are many things I love about this time of year, but most of all, I love sitting by the lit Christmas Tree, with some tea and a warm treat.  I don’t want an Oreo, I don’t want a packaged, super sugary pre-packaged cakes….I want a home made, healthier treat, so I can have 2 instead of 1.

I love receiving emails and messages from you and over the last week or so, I’ve been asked a few questions about how one can still “treat” over the holidays, but not wake up feeling like *poop* the next day from eating the wrong foods, or how one can survive the holidays without adding on the “holiday 5″ and I love this topic!  So yesterday, I set up my camera in front of the christmas tree and shot you a video with a simple tip I use every single day.

This video will be up for you on Monday!

Today, let’s treat!  Make these Simple Peanut Butter Spelt Cookies and snuggle up!

First off, let me explain these cookies…..

….They are chewy.

….They are low sugar.

….They are Egg and Dairy Free

….They are tasty.

….They are wayyyyyy healthier than a pre packed pirate cookie.  Trust me.

….They are great to snack on while watching movies, to take on the go, or to have after lunch.

Simple Peanut Butter Spelt Cookies:

1/2 cup Peanut Butter

2 tbsp Spelt Flour {or flour of choice}

3/4 tsp Baking Soda

1/4 tsp Sea Salt

3-4 tbsp Applesauce or Pears – Baby Food {depending on how dry your mixture is}

4 tbsp Coconut Sugar / Palm Sugar

1/2 tsp Vanilla

To Make Your Simple Peanut Butter Spelt Cookies:

Mix all wet and all dry together.  Let the batter sit in the fridge for 1 hour.

Preheat oven to 350.  Remove the cookie dough from the fridge and roll into 1″ ball.

Place on a parchment lined cookie sheet and press each cookie with a wet fork.

Bake for 8-10 minutes, or until golden brown.

photo 1-10

I hope you love these simple and healthy cookies as much as I do!

Remember, it’s Friday and life is short……treat yourself!

On a personal note, I’m ready to hit the gym and I’m staying on track with my muscle building!  It’s 7:39am and I’m outta here to get my body moving.  Protein Oats are in the system and I’m caffeinated and ready to rock this!

Then, it’s off to coffee and home to do some work with coaching!

I hope you have a great day and when you make the cookies, share them with me on Instagram or Facebook!



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Stop Seeking External Approval & Start Living FREE!

I’m sitting on the living room floor, christmas tree on, fireplace blazing and I need this comfort right now.


There has been a lot of emotion happening in my world lately and it’s happening at once.  I tend to not openly talk about my “dirty laundry” here, but today I feel that possibly my emotional roller coaster can help you.  

It’s been many years of dealing with fear, uncertainty and trying to hide it all at from anyone to see at the same time.  Until I was in my 20’s did I even understand what a “negative thought” was and I would literally be hung up on my negative thoughts every day, scared as poop to step out and do my thang because I was fearful of what others would think of me….

This is no different in my relationships.  Fear of disapproval can take you out if you let it.  Since creating a lot of change externally in my world, I could feel a lot of old emotions and belief start to resurface.

I’m not sure if you can relate, but external approval has been a source of my actions.

If I want to start something new, I turn to Ryan or the people close to me to help me figure out if it’s the “right thing to do”.  I question them.  Battle them.  “How do you know I should do this?!”  “What should I do?”, I’ve gotten really good and taking what others suggest and rocking it.  But, I have a hard time listening to myself.  I lived in this space for years, thinking that if I make my OWN decision and it fails then my world would crumble.

Up until my 20’s, I never even knew what it was like to make my own decisions….

Lately I’ve been pulling back to a lot of old childhood beliefs and turning to Ryan for support and guidance, however when he gives it to me, I fight him.  

My vision is and has always been to help women own their voice, their intimacy, their vulnerability and to see that they have a spark of the divine within them that guides them….but I was seeking external approval, questioning if this was “my thing”.  My inner “HYPE GIRL” the one who guides me daily, was clouded by fear.  The ego is pesky, my friend….it will try to take you down.

So as I sit here on the living room floor, exhausted, yet clear, I feel it.  I pushed coaching you aside for years {this used to be my full-time business!} because I decided to grow an empire in the health and wellness niche, teaching people how to break through fears, talk to people and create a reoccurring income that helps them for years to come…..but I gave up coaching you for this.

I’ve always been like this, thinking I have to focus on ONE thing and one thing only, when the truth is, I can coach and build a network marketing business.  I just put the limit on myself.

When people work with me as a coaching client or team member, they have radical transformations, they instantly increase their income, feel more self love and acceptance and in all honesty is the missing piece in all areas of your life that struggles.  Self Love.

I’ve accepted myself and my self-love, which helped me break through being SHY and hating myself to thriving and leading people to do the same.  So why do I still feel these feelings of needing external approval??  It’s all ego.

Today as words flew around in the front seat of the BMW between Ryan and I, I really realized I don’t need anyone’s approval.  I need to LOVE my own approval.  I know what I want, I know what I like, I know how I feel, so I must stop giving my power away to everyone else around me and I must own it.  As scary as this shit is, it’s real.  This is a life to be created.

Now, I have to make it clear that everyone, Ryan, my family, mentors, coaches, everyone has ALWAYS told me to stand up and go after what I wanted without their approval.  I was addicted to it.  My fear of making the wrong choice or of failing has been serving me more than my LIGHT.  But in the state of being vulnerable I can tell you that living like this doesn’t serve you or me.


As a strong women, we are here to live what God has placed in our hearts and help more people with it.  I believe we bump and bruise to grow and change, so my life of seeking approval has gotten me here, it’s allowed me to break through at the age of 28 {almost 34 now} to KNOW myself.  From this I learned how to clear my skin, I grow and help others build a business that most people find SCARY and we all make an income from home and this seeking had me go through the Coaching Program and allows me to coach you to fall madly in love with yourself so your life is joyful!

I guess this rant is a way for me to create a movement of women who actually want to dial into their brilliance and remove the muffles and follow what the hype girl within, who always whispers the right answers, guides you, cheers you on and supports you.  That voice within is right and moving from your head to your heart will set you free.   No boy, no boss, no one else will, only your own self acceptance and love will.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being YOU and taking the time to read this post that spoke to you.  
It’s time to accept yourself and go after what YOU want and desire.  It’s safe!

Comment Below and leave a Question or Comment!


PS. I saw Gone Girl last night!  Talk about suspense!!!  I brought my snacks and water bottle in and mid-sip I jumped and splashed it all over.  Gawwwwd, movies that have me think keep me so engaged!  I’ll do a review on it later for you ;)
Have you seen it?

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I got “picked up” at Whole Foods! VLOG!

My daily vlogs have turned into weekly vlogs as you can see and that is because to get a video up daily that is 15-20 min long is tough when you run businesses, so I record daily, but upload on Sunday evenings {sometimes Monday mornings}….

I have bumped up against so REAL resistance doing these vlogs for you.

I tell ya, I have questioned content multiple times….like I would love to add goddess card readings into the videos and I feel people might find it “woo-woo” or crazy, so I haven’t.  But as I woke up this morning I realized that I AM being crazy if I can’t even do what I love to do in a video.  Talk about fear or rejection?!

The biggest lesson I’ve learned being online, building a blog, a community and businesses online is that you can’t please everyone and you grow tremendously when people are watching you.  This is why I LOVE being here.  I love the push to do better.

Anyways, that’s my little “rant” for today.  I feel better now and supported, so thank you ;)

If you’d love to see how I got “Picked Up” at Whole Foods, watch the Weekly Vlog Now:

Can I ask a favour?

Comment Below and let me know WHAT you would love to see more of!!  Recipes?  Card Readings?  Q&A?
My mission is to give you what you need to help you.


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Your Purpose Plan! Rock your purpose today!

Hello, Gorgeous!

This weekend was a doozy.

I don’t know about you, but I had some experiences that really confirmed what my purpose is and how I can step into it stronger and more authentically.  Today I want to give you some life altering tips to find and rock your purpose!!  Exciting, right?!

Before I jump into the depth of your purpose, I want to share with you a bit of my weekend life!

Saturday was full of coffee shop sessions where I decided to leave little notes for other coffee lovers so when they sat down, they felt more love and hopefully it put a smile on their face ;)

photo 1-9


I don’t just fill my weekends with coffee, I also fill it with good food, Whole Foods, Holiday Cheer……and we take long drives.  Ryan, Hudson and I hit the slopes to check out the first snowfall that happened on our local mountain and it was gorgeous!  Hudson loves running around in the snow, which was still a bit “sloppy”, but hopefully another few weeks and the mountains will be fluffy and ready for me to enjoy!

photo 5-5


Speaking of “Holiday Cheer”, I am SO excited to announce that the tree is up in the Britton House!!  YES!!!!!

Saturday evening, we poured some wine, turned on the Charlie Brown Christmas Album and placed our ornaments with care….

This Minnie Mouse is my favourite lady.  She is elegant, gorgeous, and totally “my christmas”…I just love her.

photo 2-10


I have my freakishly love for my Christmas tree.  Seriously, I wake up so excited to turn the lights on early in the mornings and just sit in the glow.  I love the warmth the tree gives off, the love it spreads and the magic that Christmas brings for me.

So naturally, Sunday morning was spent by the lit tree….

photo 3-7

This gorgeous beast is not yet complete, the ribbon will be placed with care later today!   I’ll post a selfie with it on Instagram when she’s done ;)   Hehe!

Ok, so now that we’re caught up on the weekend, I want to share with you how to step into your PURPOSE, today!!  This is a very big topic, I feel there is a lot of questions and energy around finding your purpose and what to actually do to find it.  I’m sure you’ve been feeling this way too?

Sunday evening I had an amazing call with my coach, Ann.

Bottom line, I was feeling a bit STAGNANT.  Actually I was feeling as if I can’t breathe in certain areas of my life.
I know what you might be thinking, but Life Coaches CAN also have ebbs and flows in their life and business, we’re all human….

….True Story.

The GREATEST thing happened on my coaching call last night.  I found what certain old fears that were hibernating within, are actually telling me.  I know my purpose, I know myself, I own my love and life…but it hit me.

Not many people do.

As I took a look at my sh*t last night and really OWNED where I am and what I want to create, better yet, what my divine within is guiding me to create, I decided I have to tell you how to do this too.  This is your purpose, baby!

Ready to find your PURPOSE and rock it today?

Here’s your Purpose Plan:

1.  What is the REAL thing you believe changed your life?  {Sit quietly and ask yourself this Q.  You’ll get the answer!}

2.  How have you changed your life?  {What action steps did you take?  What mindset did you develop?  What food did you choose?}

3.  What do people come to you for?  {Is there a theme, certain questions and guidance people need from you?}

4.  Use your authentic voice to get your message out through social media.

The key to your purpose plan is to always listen to what your hype girl within is telling you.  Your inner voice is always right.

As Ann told me last night, if you can’t hear her….go outside into fresh air and just walk, alone.  She will come forward and let you know your next step.

I hope this helps you?

Comment Below and let me know WHAT came up for you!  What is your PURPOSE?





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Treat Friday: Skinny Monkey Bark!


Happy Friday, Gorgeous!

Before we jump into today’s sweet treat, I wanted to fill you in on the day I had yesterday.

I decided when I came back to blogging on a regular basis, I would share more of my day to day life because that is what I love to read about and what you told me you loved reading.

Yesterday was a super busy day and no, I did not go to the gym {it was closed} and I loved every second of it!  I mentioned yesterday my mind battle with the gym, so instead I worked on business {filling a fabulous coaching program!!!} and I spent extra time on myself.  This was my way of journaling more, meditating, learning, you know…..the girl eager to learn and grow kinda stuff!

I’ve had a pull to spend more time with my Goddess Cards, so yesterday after I did a reading for myself, I could feel a calling to do a reading for you!  I already posted this on the i Heart Wellness Facebook Page, so if you’ve seen it already, I hope you can feel where there are some great things happening for you this week!

Here we have Goddess Yemanya…..oh yes!  The Golden Opportunity!!

photo 1-8

Let’s jump in!  This week you have an opportunity that might feel a bit RISKY, but it’s so important that you walk through the fears and believe that was was placed as your new path is the right choice!  This card is a reminder that you are always full of new opportunities and you can rewrite your life, today!

Get Ready for a Boost!!

Ahhhh, I’m so happy to see this card :)

Ok, ok!  Let’s talk treats!!  Who loves treats?!!!  

If you love ice-cream and chocolate, you’ll love this Skinny Monkey Bark.

I’m such a fan of making “Bark” because it’s so simple and it’s easy to pick up and enjoy, on a whim ;)

Skinny Monkey Bark:

1/4 cup Dark Chocolate

2 tbsp Coconut Oil

1 small Banana chopped into small pieces

1 tbsp Peanut Butter

To make Skinny Monkey Bark:

Melt the chocolate and coconut oil together.

On a parchment paper lined sheet, place the chopped banana’s and drop dollops of peanut butter with the bananas.

Pour the melted chocolate and coconut mixture over the banana and peanut butter.

Place in the freezer for 1 hour.  Break apart and dive in!

photo 1-7 photo 2-7


This could be the strangest treat I’ve ever made, but really…’s so good and fun to eat!

Let me know if you make a batch of Skinny Monkey Bark and send me a pic on Instagram or Twitter!!

Here’s to a beautiful day and a remember, watch for the Golden Opportunities all around you!! Please share if you have them showing up for you, so we know if Yemanya is right!!!

Happy Friday!


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Struggling to Stay on Track With Your Fitness?

Hello Gorgeous!

I won’t lie…..I woke up this morning with the reminder that my gym was closed today and I kinda jumped for joy.  I know I’m not the only one, so I figured it was time to address the fact that it can be hard to stay on track with your fitness goals!

Yesterday as I was on the rowing machine, rowing my heart out out….I was reflecting back in the day when I would be at the gym every single day to get my pump on.  Seriously, I lived and breathed Jamie Eason’s LiveFit and a clean diet for a long time, but then something shifted for me.

photo 1-6

{Above is a change room selfie from yesterday after shoulders and cardio….we’re slowly getting back on track}

I dropped my workouts like a hot potato when we moved to Del Mar.  I’ll tell you so many excuses, like “the gyms are hard to do a month to month in Cali”, “Drop in is ridiculously expensive”, etc, etc.  But the lack of fitness training was deeper.

I was going through an internal shift and here’s what I’ve come to realize…..

The reason I was working out like a mad woman was not for ME, it was because every 3 months I was on a plane, traveling across the US to be face to face with our peers in our business and all the women and I would chat back and forth, sharing the workout program we’re on, how many grams of protein we were eating and the veins that we could FINALLY see in our shoulders.  I was obsessed with keeping up with these gals and that’s all that motivated me…..was the be better.  Look better.  Have a better diet.  Have better gains.

To walk into a room and someone say, “Wow, your challenge is going well, you look great!”

When I headed to California, I felt as if I wanted nothing to do with fitness.
Almost like I was turned off by it.

I tell my clients to be willing to be OK with where they are and accepting that they feel unhappy or frustrated so they can get into the motion of healing these feelings and replace the negative self talk.  As any person ready to change, I started this process as well, just a few days ago!

If there are areas in your life that you’re just pissed off with, let’s get into motion to heal them and move on!

1.  Accept where you’re at right now.

Just the other day I decided I was sick of my story.  I was sick of not feeling active and on track, I was tired of not feeling comfortable in my Lululemons and declared the change right there.

2.  Be willing to be ok with f*$%ing up and falling off course.  

Many times teachers and books will tell you to just “stop focusing on what you don’t want and it will go away”…..

This will last a short time, but what we want to do is create a lasting change, so hear me out!!

There is a reason you are feeling these feelings, jumping off your plan, leaving your goals aside, so we need to identify WHY this is happening and be OK with it happening.  Once we’re recognizing why you wanted to fall off your fitness wagon, we can heal it.

The truth is, this is deeper than just deciding one day you hate the gym and don’t want biceps anymore.

Like I said above, I was unconsciously addicted to the unhealthy / healthy competition.

3.  Choose to see your goals in a different, more serving light.

This step is so beautiful because you’re giving yourself permission to dance in your light!

Now that you know the underlying thoughts, you have the choice to fall victim to old beliefs or follow fresh new ones.

So when you feel the “Ahhhh I don’t want to go to the gym today”, ask yourself; “Am I willing to feel tired later if I don’t get moving?!  Am I willing to go another day without sticking to my goals?”  If the answer is YES, sure take the day off, but if the answer is a CLEAR NO!  Take this opportunity to create a new belief and habit within, create the belief that you will do what it takes in a way that feels right to succeed and achieve your goals!

I’ve declared my new habits and goals and one of them is to put the chocolate down ;)

photo 2-6

HAHAHA!  Can you believe this holiday treat?!  WOWZA!

I hope this helped you?

Comment Below and let me know YOUR Fitness Goal!  I’d love to support you!


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4 Ways to Accept Yourself!

Hey Gorgeous!

I thought it would be fun to add in a bit of “spice” mid-week with a fun new weekly trending topic called, Words of Affirmation Wednesday.

Do you dig it?!


Instantly I received this calling to put more posts up like the one I’m about to share with you today because I believe that your world will radically shift when you start to live with empowering words, beliefs and thoughts.  Just like we spoke about in the most recent post, Your Outer World is a Reflection of Your Inner World, the thoughts we think and the vibes we live in must be pumping out through a rad frequency and thriving love!

Imagine being super consistent with your health goals that your body is feeling and looking great!  Heck, what if you are finally so connected to your purpose, you wake up jumping for joy each and every morning knowing you get to do what you love?!

To be honest, this morning I was feeling a wee bit of failure and upset creep in, so the topic today is all about Accepting Yourself!

You got to accept yo’ self fully and completely!  This might be easier said than done, but hear me out.  
When you accept yourself, you’ve freed up the worry of other accepting you!  

So, there is this one fantastic woman that has recently joined in for my coaching program and she’s a freaking powerful rockstar.  I look at her in awe of the following she’s created, the passion she has to coach people and her dreams of having a 6-figure home business…..but she was feeling like a failure for a long time.

Her biggest struggle was she had everything lined up as planned, she knows what she wants to every day, HELLO….her business is open – but no one was coming?!

*Spiritual Slap*  The universe always reflects how you feel about yourself.  Doh!  She wasn’t accepting herself.

You can line up your plan, you can write out your vision, you can do everything to get ready to get ready……

But if you’re not owning and loving your whole self, if you still hold onto disgust, fears, past failures and doubts more strongly than you do what you really want, your lack of self love / self acceptance can keep you down deep within that rabbit hole.

Great News!   Bouncing out of that hole is easier than expected and when you’re out, you’re witnessing more miracles than ever before.

Here’s Your Sexy Self Acceptance Plan of Action:

1.  Stop being so hard on yourself!

For the next 7 days wake up and spend time in gratitude.  What do you actually love about YOURSELF and your life?

Let’s put down the self defeating habits for a bit and start to let the creativity back into your life.  This will soften your days and create more attraction.

2.  What do you KNOW?

Sometimes the mind can get cloudy when it’s full of negative and non-serving thoughts, so it’s time to get back to your roots!  You might be so cloudy you can’t even see what you’re good at anymore.  It’s time to tune in and accept what you know!

When you know what you know, you can stand in your power and help more people with what you know.


3.  Get butt naked please!

Yup.  Strip down and stand in the mirror, alone.  Choose a mantra for yourself over the next 7 days and speak it from the heart into your eyes.  Finish of the 5 minute practice with a core shattering “I Love You” to yourself.

What better way to accept yourself than this?!

4.  Choose your throughs wisely!

When you feel doubt creep in know that you’re never going to fully get rid of your doubts and fears, but you sure as heck and love and accept them.  When you have doubting thoughts, get curious on what you can learn from them!  When you’re open to being with your doubt, you can easily choose NOT let it rule you.

It works like a charm!

I hope this helps you love what you’re here to be and do.
Ok, love!  I’d love to hear – are you READY to Accept Yourself?

Comment Below and let me know!



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Your Outer World is a Reflection of Your Inner World :)

It’s Monday, Gorgeous!

This is a beautiful day for a fresh start.

Imagine if this week you radically changed your life and you broke free from what your life has been?!  If you’re unhappy with where your career is, your happiness, your health, fitness, income….whatever you wish you could just *snap* your fingers and turned it right around?!  Pretty cool, right?

Well, it’s possible.

I’m not a coach or friend that will tell you that working on yourself is easy, because I know that there is a level of difficulty to actually make the decision to choose love over fear, but let’s be real, when you make the decision to create a shift in your life, you’re dedicated to it and you do your daily work, you will create some pretty awesome things in your life!


Today I want to give you something that helped me so much as I started my own personal shifts and has allowed me to see great success in all areas of my world.  This one tip will set you free!


Your Outer World is a Reflection of Your Inner World!

Ahhhhh, this sounds so simple, I know!  But if you really step back and check-in with this, you’ll see the importance to making a change right now.

Many people come to me because they know they have a career calling bigger than what they’re doing now, so I’m going to use this as an example today.  The people I mentor and coach want to be making a full time or greater income from home, doing what they love {who doesn’t?!} but when they come to me, they have the plan, they have the vehicle, but they aren’t shifting their income and life!


Because they don’t believe that they can inside.

As your biggest cheerleader, I have to remind you that your inner beauty and acceptance is just as important as getting that perfect holiday red lip ;)

So, let’s look at your current situation.  A fulfilling career and business is screaming your name, you know so badly that you can make this work and that you hate waking up to go to a 9-5 JOB…”but it’s not working for me!!”  The first step is to check-in with your inner self!

Do you believe you can have a business that you love?  Do you deserve it?  Are you affirming to yourself each day that you do deserve this?

You must go deep within and work on your BELIEFS and HABITS from the inside out.  Your outer world is always a clear reflection on your inner world.  So if you’re not where you want to be, check yourself!

TRUTH:  You are your own “Hype Girl” you always have the next steps and plan of action within, you just need to trust your gut and start creating a loving space within that will allow you to see the changes in your outer world.

So, let me ask you….

What is ONE inward shift you can make today that will allow your outer world to reflect what you want?

{My intuitive hit for me was, speak more empowering words to myself.  I have a Masterclass Launch happening today with Ryan and I can feel some doubts and anxiety….so that will reflect in my outer world.}  I’m cleaning up my side of the street today!  Are you??

Comment Below!


PS.  This weeks VLOG is LIVE!!  See what happened last week and over the weekend ;)

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I know I am enough.

Hi Gorgeous!

Today’s message is coming straight from the heart, after an amazing life coaching session with my coach.

I was talking with her over our hour session and it hit me when I said to her, “I know I am enough.”

photo 2-5

You see, I’ve been facing a lot of old beliefs over the last month or so.  It’s true, a coach can have times where old beliefs creep back up and surface.  For me, it’s a clear sign that I am human and that I have more to heal.  Does it make me a poor coach, leader, business owner?!  Heck no.  However, I won’t lie, I thought about just “pushing” my feeling back in and pretending like things were fine.

Have you ever felt as if you’re just tired of masking what you’re feeling and enough is enough, you need to reach out and have someone safely hear you?  I coach myself daily, however it’s nice to have someone to talk to without judgement.

There is no doubt, we all judge ourselves and sometimes its hard to see our brilliance when we’re just stuck in all the fear, guilt, doubt, confusion…you name it, we all need a fresh start.

Let me rephrase that, we all deserve a fresh start and this “Freshness” is what we need to be more, do more, have more and help more.

Today as I spoke with Ann, fully living in my victimhood, having a pity party and trust me, all my old beliefs were invited, I made the decision….

….I picked myself back up and I decided to make big change.

It’s hard to recognize that if you’re feeling out of balance, that it’s time for you to recommit to yourself, take responsibility for where you are and let the universe guide you to your next step.

When you partner with the universe you get great.

I sat with pages and pages of notes from my conversation with Ann and sometimes I feel that a good bounce back from “Ground Up” is good for the soul!  When you can admit that you’re not where you want to be for you’re not feeling FULL in life, that it’s SAFE for a change.

Do you ever question if you’re enough?

“Am I strong enough to build a business that I love?”
“Can I quit my job a pursue my greatness?”
“Do I deserve health and happiness?”

I totally know how this feels. This was me 4 years ago. I questioned MYSELF. My power.

If you can relate, my love, listen up!

You are enough. You deserve more. You are enough.

The universe has your greatest life delivered to you through every “hiccup”.
I might sound CRAZY saying this, but trust me….your sh*t is a blessing.  If you question “am I enough” is the first step for you to see with clear eyes and an open heart that you are! Look at what is being placed in front of you and ask, “what can I learn from this and help others overcome?”

The purpose of yours on this earth is to heal, learn, grow and share it with other people who need you.

If you want to know your next step, start pouring ALL your energy into WHAT YOU KNOW!

If you feel unsure on where to take your life, what to do, what your career should be, what you should blog about, coach on, teach your team, whatever….just focus on what you know.  What have you had to overcome?  What have you stepped into?  What do you KNOW?

I hope this helps you today and gives you a “next step” to make your life great!

I’d love to hear from you on this topic, so comment below now!

Sending you LOVE and Light!

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ToneItUp Peanut Butter Cookies!

Happy Friday, Gorgeous!

I had the crappiest sleep last night. My mind was racing and I was up thinking the weirdest thoughts….how I can help more people, quickly was the most normal question rolling through my mind!

I guess when you have big dreams, nights like this happen!


I had a huge HIT yesterday while sipping my red cup. I really feel there is more to be done here, together in this fabulous community and I want to step it up a notch! WoooHooo!

What does this even mean?! Great Q! It’s all coming to you soon ;)

After I decided to set some new goals, I felt a strong CRAVING for something peanut buttery and sweet! I even asked you on Facebook if you had a jar of PB what would you make?!

You shared the best ideas with me!!

In the end I made these….


The recipe is from and these little peanut butter cookies are healthy, Flourless, and ever so tasty!!


Find the Tone It Up Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe, here!

I replaced almond extract with vanilla and left the chocolate chips out….I know I’m a bit crazy…


If you want a soft and chewy pb cookie, these are them!! Yum!

Grab a cup of coconut milk and get dippin!!

What would you make with a jar of peanut butter??


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