Ready for more in your life <3

Happy Tuesday, Gorgeous!

How are you today?

I’m super excited for today because I have 1:1 coaching calls with my fabulous clients and also, our car should be back from the mechanic today {read yesterday’s post of my hair care routine to find out more about the car situation} which is awesome because yesterday Ryan and I hoofed it down the mountain we live up on for 45 minutes to go to our coffee shop.  Dedication for good coffee and the “chill” time we get when we sit at our coffee shop.

I have to share with you that last night on a group coaching call our clients were openly sharing some brilliant break throughs!!  Some were bringing up how they are really ready for more in their lives, which really has me screaming from the rooftops because this is my fav thing to hear!!  MORE!!  It’s truly time to have more, I feel this for everyone, I really do!  It’s a fresh new month, the flowers are blooming here, there is newness forming and this is a great time for you to step up and declare you want more in your life!

There has been many years where I would beat myself up over “hating” where I’m at, “I’m not doing good enough, I’m not making enough money, I’m completely out of flow”, hating myself or being in disgust with my limiting thoughts, but as I stand firm in my coaching and my own daily practices to embrace self-love, the truth is, we couldn’t see our light without the dark phases so at some level, these negative thoughts and self-doubts, the fears….they are all present at times to teach us a much greater and loving lesson, trust me ;)

Do you need to keep living feeling hopeless, helpless, broke, broken, confused, fearful?  NO!

Is now the time to step up and own your light?

Your light is all of the gifts you have within and as soon as your turn your light on and up, you’re flowing!

God or the Universe wants you to shine as bright as bright can be, but that pesky ego wants you to wallow in the dark and keep you focusing on all that is going “wrong”.  Well, as the old saying goes; “What you water, grows” so if you’re ready to welcome more into your life, stand in your light and keep choosing your light.

Your garden will be beautifully bright and abundant this way!

I’m grateful that I’m your coach during this process because sometimes it can be hard to do it on your own.  There could be days were you’re confused on your next step, but you know you want more, you just don’t know how to achieve more.

YAYYYYY!!!  I’m EXCITED to announce that I’ve opened up THREE more spots per week on my calendar to help more friends shift their life.


My mission is to help my friends and clients step up and own their life and roll with their FLOW!

Self-Doubt and Fear is not here to rule you.  Nope, there is an easier way of living as soon as you get the support and tools you need to let go, set your vision and create your vision in a way that resonates with your true calling and what your heart wants!  We’re feeling machines and you need to tune in throughout the day and ask; “Does this feel good?  Does this feel fun?” and if everything is a “NO!”, stop doing it.

So one of my clients came to me the other day saying she’s quite sick of working at her 9-5. She feels unappreciated, unsupported and she works her booty off for this person when it HIT her, she could be adding more energy into her own creations, which in this case is a coaching business as well.  The most beautiful thing about knowing where you want to be and where you want to go with your life is, when you get the right help and you listen to what you really want within, you will achieve it……quickly!  Why not spend time each day building your dreams?

Simple manifesting techniques and breaking through the blocks you could be facing now, might be all that you need!

When I help people with their confidence to take their dreams out into the world it so beautiful, we cover strategy to network and how to blog, etc, but it’s like watching this spring flower bloom and open it’s petals for the first time, soaking up so much greatness and feeling so much LOVE!

If you’re ready to step into the life you are being pulled towards, if you’re ready for more, try tuning in today!

:::::  Ask:  What do I want?  Where should I go next?  Who should I speak to?  

The answers are always there for you!

::::  Also!  If you are interested in 1:1 coaching and support / your plan, comment below or email me and we’ll see if it’s a right fit for you!


//  Comment Below!

+  How do you get into flow?

+  Is being in FLOW important to you?


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Hair Care Routine and Natural Hair Thickening Tips {Coconut Oil Hair Mask}

Happy Monday, Gorgeous!

I hope you had s great weekend?  Sunday I woke up beyond excited because Ryan and I had a day of fun planned!  We’ve both been in fabulous flow with business and coaching is rocking, but we both needed a much deserved break….

Sunday we did make it for a tasty coffee and breakfast before this happened.

Apparently the BMW was totally “over” it’s coolant and let us know by smoking and needing a tow truck from downtown Vancouver.  Surprisingly enough, we were both super calm about this situation, laughed actually and thanked the universe it wasn’t raining as we waited for my parents to come pick us up!

Hudson was unimpressed he had to leave his cozy car as it got towed away to our mechanic, but he had fun chasing big fat grey squirrels in the meantime….

I’ve been OBSESSED with healthy hair lately.  I mean, I’ve bought all new shampoos for “thickening”, I’ve gone weeks without heat on my hair, I’ve been oiling it up, I’ve been speaking LOVE to it.


Healthy Hair.

This has been my important mission over the past few weeks.  As crazy as this might sound, I know my hair is less healthy when I’m stressed.  It’s more brittle, lacks luster and is less managible.  So, as I was on weeks of back to back calls, helping people with their internal blocks, my hair was showing it.

Crazy.  But true.

So this started my mission for thicker and healthier hair!

I’ve always been one to be addicted to my blow dryer and hair straightener, I mean my hair is naturally frizzy and curly, but I’ve mastered NOT using heat in weeks!!

Plus, my baby hairs are actually growing out, my hair feels healthier and is shiny!  #Winning

My healthy hair care tips and routine!

Step 1:  healthy hair vitamins

I’ve been taking these Prairie Narurals Hair-Force Supplements (along with my multi’s!) 3x a day!  They have biotin and other hair healthy vits!

Step 2:  coconut oil hair mask!

Do a coconut oil hair mask once a week or when you feel your hair is extra dry!

This pic was taken the next morning after I put 1 tbsp of coconut oil (warmed in my hands) through my hair, wrapped my hair up in a bun and let sit for 60 min.

In the evening I washed my hair twice with the Lush Shampoo Bar and French braided my hair over night.

Super soft and shiny hair is your end result here ;)

Step 3:  no heat!!

As I mentioned above, I French Braid (very poorly I might add!) my wet hair at night, I only wash my hair every 4ish days now, and wake up to wavy hair!

No blow dryer and no product!

Step 4:  nutrition

Ok, we all know we reflect outward what we put inward (food and thoughts!!) but add in the colour of the rainbow, more iron, more whole foods and for me, more chia!

Normally I just add a tablespoon of Chia Seeds to my shakes / smoothies / breakfast, but I have found for on the go healthy eats, these Chia Pods by and they are GOOD!!

Step 5:  self-love

As your coach you’ll hear it from me first, you must love yourself to see your brilliance and shine within your soul, but also in your hair!  As I mentioned above, when I’m a basket case, putting others before myself, my hair is showing it.

This past week I’ve been massaging my scalp as I pour feeling and love into my own affirmations.  I’ve been spending time to read my soul nourishing books, journaling like a badass, helping others with coaching {which I love} and getting my own personal coaching which helps me stay on track, work on personal blocks, break through set backs, etc.

Also, a self-love tip that would feed your soul and hair is more quality time with yourself!  Maybe a daily bubble bath as you visualize your dream life, maybe it’s a nature walk as you repeat your affirmations with love, maybe it’s just you and a blank canvas and paint…’s time to embrace your self-love!

These are my top 5 healthy hair care tips and I hope you enjoyed them!!

//  Comment Below!

+ Tell me your healthy hair care routine / tips

+ Do you do any of the above tips?



P.S.  I have super EXCITING things launching here at for you in just a bit.  Friday I sat and outlined what we’re going to be doing to radically shift our lives, income and joy!  It all starts with ourselves….aka, self-love.



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Vegan “Raw” Cookie Dough Bites {Healthy and All Natural}


Happy Tuesday, Gorgeous!

I’m just reading the emails I’ve received from you on the last blog post, “It’s ok to be scared at times…” and I LOVE hearing what you want more of in your life.  Thank you!

Between you and I, it’s completely normal that I’m eating Vegan “Raw” Cookie Dough Bites for breakfast….right?

Actually, I have crumbled a couple bites up and sprinkled them over my smoothie and I mean, this “cookie dough” is the healthiest you can come by, so it’s a great breakfast option!  Well, in my opinion it is ;)

I hope you’re having a great day so far!  It’s been awhile since I posted a fun and healthy sweet treat, but to be honest, I’ve gotten then healthy sweet treat bug back from watching Niomi Smart on her videos and seeing her recipes.  I haven’t even been making myself treats, let alone making any for you and the blog.  My bad.

So yesterday at noon I felt I needed a break from the computer, I had a few moments between coaching calls and I took this opportunity to make some delicious little bites that we can have in the fridge for whenever we feel we need a wee little sweetness in our day.  Or for breakfast.


This recipe is SUPER SIMPLE, natural, egg free, dairy free, gluten free {if you use gluten free oats like I have} and free of processed sugars and all the bad for you stuff.

Vegan “Raw” Cookie Dough Bites:

*Makes 8 perfect sized bites.

1/2 cup Gluten Free Oats Ground Up

2 tbsp Coconut Flour {heaping}

2 tbsp Almond Butter

2 tbsp Maple Syrup

1/2 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract

3 tbsp Melted Coconut Oil

2 tbsp Dark Chocolate Chips

To Make Vegan Cookie Dough Bites:

In a warm oven, melt the coconut oil in a small bowl.

In a medium sized mixing bowl, whisk together the ground oats and the coconut flour.

Remove the coconut oil when melted and stir in the almond butter, maple syrup and vanilla.

Add the wet to the dry and fold together until the dough is formed.  Add in the chocolate chips and fold together.

Roll into 1″ bites / balls and place on a parchment lined plate and place in the fridge for 1 hour before eating.


These little cookie dough bites really taste like the “cookie dough” in the ice cream we all want daily, but know it’s not the best for our health goals and for our abs.  Try these bites instead when you want to reach for a not so healthy treat….you’ll thank yourself after you make them!

//  When you make these, please share your pictures with me on social media!  @iheartwellness {Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!}

//  Comment Below: 

+  What is your favourite “go to” healthy treat right now?

+  Do you love cookie dough as much as I do?


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Its ok to be scared at times….

Happy Monday, gorgeous!

First off, I appreciate that you’re loving the posts that have been going up on the blog.

It’s a bit more life changing and in my line of work as a coach, it’s important to cover the topics I’m sharing here and in a sense, I’m your coach too when you read and apply the tools and exercises!

This past weekend was a doozy for me and my fear!  I’m not perfect, fear still shows up in my life and now I’m just so comfortable with learning from it, it doesn’t phase me usually…

However, this weekend I felt it!  Not to mention, I dropped my MAC concealer in the toilet…..who does that?!


Ryan and I are looking for a new home.  It’s scary.

This has been a very long process for us and there was a point last week that I was really upset and scared that the perfect place wouldn’t show up!

I could literally feel myself digging up all my seeds!

Have you ever faced this?  Where you want something, you’ve planted the idea, you work daily on visualizing it and then one day you feel it just won’t work for you?

On Saturday, we looked at a wide open ocean view townhouse in West Vancouver that we fell in love with instantly.  As quickly as I fell in love, I could feel resistance show up! {By now you know that I really like peeking into my triggers / resistance and find the gold, instead of pushing them aside}

These 2 things came up for me when I was walking through…

1. I thought “do I deserve this?”
2. Is this too good to be true?!

During the walk around the town home I could feel myself wanting to run. I was scared.

I was scared that it felt good, but was I making a mistake taking it?

I felt scared that the price was higher than we paid for our last place……truthfully, a lot of emotion was surging through my veins.

I recently read:

Fear is what you feel when you stand on the verge of discovering your true power.

I was facing fear!

Heck, I coach people on how to get over the fear of being seen. I teach people how to authentically build a business they love, I give you the tools to own your own power and live a life full of abundance, and I was staring at this ocean view and at some level, fearing it.

I stopped and started to breath deeply and connect right there in this home.

This was my time to get clear on if it truly felt right, if the universe was truly guiding me here and if it felt like a calling from my higher-self.

Here is where our TRUTH lies…
Our feelings and intuition will always guide us through fear and allow a “flowing” feeling to take over if it’s “right”. There should be no resistance if you’re on the right path. You could feel scared, but it should feel good to give up the unknown if you’re on path!

Today I’m doing as I would tell my clients, friends and loved ones….tune in and FEEL if this move is right! The universe always gives you opportunities to grow and if it feels right, trust you’re on the right path!

Join me today in a meditation to receive the answers you need to break through or make a decision. I’m here to support your energy and help you get your clarity.

To throw a wrench in the works, we now have another place in the works too! I seem to have replanted my seeds this weekend!

Here’s to YOU feeling scared / fearful and making the decision to lean into it, feel what’s coming up and face your emotions. You’ll know if whatever you’re questioning is a right decision for you!

Sending you love!



P.S. Good News!  I’ve opened another day in my week to 1:1 coach you! Send me an email for more info or if you want to let me know what you’re facing and I’ll help you!

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How to feel amazing in 10 seconds!

Before we jump into this post on how you can feel amazing in just 10 seconds, I want you to know that if you’re stressed out, caught up in fear, feeling unhappy with yourself, confused on your direction or just tired of begin out of flow in life….I want you to know you are not alone.


With people in jobs they are not madly in love with, financial worries, our faces all over social media, there can be a lot of pressure in the world to “get” somewhere and to feel better.

I certainly can relate to being so stressed out and in fear…and also in self hate mode that everything I thought about doing, I squashed because “lil ol me can’t do it” and I would be out for days with a negative mind.

As I went through a time of being completely unhappy with my life I would always day dream and wish that my life would be different and my imagination would take me on a beautiful ride, swirling with possibilities, dancing with a powerful presence and non crooked smile, but as soon as my mind shifted to what my “reality” was, I would bounce right out of my day dreams and go back to beating myself up for not being good enough and not working hard enough.

Thankfully I went through this dark space or I wouldn’t have knowing coaching was for me!  I would never have seen my TRUE possibilities right in front of me.

Actually, I was thinking back on the way my mindset used to control me as I was on a call with one of my clients and she brought up that she didn’t think she could step into the space of being a highly paid coach because she hates being seen.  Her calling is to coach and she FEELS it within, but she hates the way she sounds, looks and hates the thought of people judging her for getting out there….

My thoughts used to be just like my client’s.




I would rattle around in these negative thoughts all day long and it was heavy.

No wonder why nothing would change for me!  Your life changes when you’re highly vibing and I was NOT vibing high, I was low.  I was in powerlessness which is the lowest vibration anyone can be in here on this earth.  POWERLESS.

Today, I want to give you a tool that you can use to shift your whole day in just 10 seconds and get you out of a negative spiral and into a state of power, confidence and abundance!

10 Seconds to Feeling Better:

>>  Stress, Fear, Worry, Doubt, Anxiety, etc all comes from your head.  When people tell you that you’re “caught in your head” you kinda are.  This addiction of thinking your way through things can leave you completely stagnant or lead you off path.

>>  When you feel negativity or overwhelm, stop and spend at LEAST 10 seconds deep breathing and imagining a golden white light shooting out of your heart!   Your power and strength, all your love and confidence comes from your heart!

>>  Practice streaming bright light from your heart out into the world.  Picture your light surrounding your partner, your career, your job, your fears, your stress and send this loving light out to clear your path!

You can do this for just 10 seconds when you’re in the thick of a situation or spend 5-10 minutes beaming your light out from your heart.


The cool thing is….
You’ll find you’ll start living from your heart and being lead and hearing steps you should take and feeling more love and gratitude.

I personally practice this daily and know that when I’m surrounded in light and shining my light, I am attracting more to me and giving more of purpose back to help people.


On a personal note……

I’m on a mission to set up a home office that is fresh and totally me!  I believe your space is important, so I’m starting to collect things that make my heart and creativity sing!


So, if you have tips on where I can find pretty office decor, please send me a note below or find me on Facebook and let me know!  haha!


//  Comment Below!

+  How do you deal with self-doubt or fear?

+  Do you have a daily practice for getting out of a negative spiral?


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What Fifty Shades of Grey {the movie} Taught Me


A month ago, I saw the buzz on Facebook about the movie, “Fifty Shades of Grey” and I casually said to Ryan, “I want to see it!  It comes out on Valentines Day!”.

Having no idea what this movie was about {to be completely honest, I thought it was going to be like Twilight…a romantic and lovey dovey movie} as I’ve NEVER read the books or got hooked with the “Christen Grey” movement….until, well, now!

Ryan being the super awesome boyfriend that he is went online a month ago and reserved us Valentines Day VIP Tickets to the movie.  As people started asking us; “what are you two doing for Valentines Day” we would tell them we have tickets to 50 Shades and people looked at us like we had 5 eyeballs on our faces.  “Beware!” everyone would tell us and then we got filled in on what this Mr. Grey is all about…..”ohhhh”

“This should be interesting…right?”

After I received my rose and a got put together, we were movie bound, with the handbag full of snacks and my heart kinda racing!


I thought I would feel awkward watching porno with a movie theatre full of people!

I also thought it might be a complete waste of my time because I checked the Rotten Tomatoes Reviews and they were NOT that great.  But I was just happy we had an evening planned….

So, what did I think?  I loved it!

What did I learn??  

Fifty Shades of Grey taught me even more about vulnerability and trust.

Facebook is always “on” in my world because I have a lot of friends I love there and I do a lot of business there, so I see that there are a lot of strong opinions about this movie rolling around and I think it’s so interesting to see how everyone has a different opinion of it.  Some people say it’s abusive, wrong, sick, etc.

I was scared walking in and left very happy with the movie and it did open my eyes!  I mean, watching that role the role of Anastasia Steele that Dakota Johnson played would have been hard, however she trusted herself.

My biggest take away was again, how important I believe it is to be vulnerable and watching Grey and Steele together represented how they were vulnerable.  It showed me where I need to step up in the vulnerability and trust, because I couldn’t imagine having THAT must trust in someone.

I believe being vulnerable is important in all areas of your life and as soon as I became better at loving myself and sharing my true voice, needs and desires, all areas of my life grew!  I teach new coaches and business owners HOW to be more vulnerable in their marketing and on their blogs, there is reason we have a story and it’s what we need to share with the world and that takes being open to being vulnerable…’s a huge piece a lot of peeps want to hide and never show!  They think it’s “weak”.  It’s the opposite, you’re strong when you’re showing your true self.  It’s powerful!

During the movie, the energy was cray-cray.  There were a whole lotta middle age and older men that took their wives for love day and as soon as a naked scene would come on, they would get all shifty and strange, or get up to go the washroom, it was so interesting to watch how everyone handled it differently!

Being a Life Coach, I was intrigued with my whole experience of this movie, from the actual movie, the actors outside of their roles, the audience, the energy, it was all around fabulous and I loved learning!  Haha!!

//  Comment Below!

+ Have you seen the movie Fifty Shades of Grey?

+ Have you read the books?




PS.  I’m off to the gym to work off my movie snacks and all my weekend treats!  It feels great to start the week off fresh, doesn’t it??


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When EGO runs your life.


Happy Friday, Gorgeous!

Do you ever feel so confused that you just don’t know what action step to take next?  Have you ever struggled with what your “thing” is, the “thing” that is your purpose, the “thing” that sets you apart?

Yea.  I’ve been there.

So, I have felt like a crazy hamster on a wheel lately and if it wasn’t for my clients, my grounding would be off.  They totally help me keep my head in the game and feel that I am here for more than myself and any reason I think I am here for.  But, to be honest, my ego has been running my life and I thought I had it all under control.

I sat on a Skype Video Call with the amazing Connie Chapman just the other day and as she walked me through a huge energy release, which FYI left me feeling really blissed out and totally numb.  Like I was on drugs.  I assure you, there were no drugs….I’m just high on life, dude.  And my feelings apparently ;)

There has been a lot of questions arising for me over the last couple months on which brand to focus my time on and to expand my coaching business and the future plans I have for my business.  Many of you know, I run along side, here and THIS blog, is where I started….it’s been my journey, my life, where I got my first ever coaching clients and where I found out who I was and how to LOVE myself.

My other brand was started as a way to get how I build a business out into the world and how I authentically network online and it’s more “business” focused.  I have clients I coach to give them strategy to build their business there.  My ego is raging right now, even as I type this!   I’m feeling like I’m spread thin with both brands.  I feel I am not able to give one a true chance, because I’m splitting energy.

Have you ever felt this way?

I feel that I’ve been speaking from my head too much and not my heart.

Although, my ego has been pretty cleaver and having me think, this stress is normal and that my head is always right.  I know better, it’s not right.  Your HEART always trumps your head!

This is why I asked if you could do me a favour and fill out that short 8 question survey {it’s still open if you don’t mind filling it out!} so I know what YOU need the most support with.  This will help me so much on where I need to focus and if my heart is right about allowing more posts on “how to get your message out to the world” or “how to make money doing what you love” or “removing money blocks” here on this site.  

//  When you fill the survey out, there is a surprise for you as well!  You’re entered for a free 30 minute coaching session with me.

I’m sorry if I’m kinda ranting on this post, but having you and a community of people who might be able to chime in is exactly what I need right now.

After speaking with Connie the other day, I’ve accepted the fact that my EGO wants me to do certain things and my intuition has been a wee bit muted….and I miss it.  Just today I sat with my coffee and surrendered.  I prayed.  I asked for guidance and this is what I was told to do….write to YOU!

Here’s the Ego’s Deal….
It wants you to be tripped up in your mind, feeding it’s madness and chaos.  It wants you to struggle and live lower than you know is possible for you.  Your ego can run the show and spit negative believes at you all day long and if you let it, day after day it will run your life until you’re so confused and out of FLOW.

Being in FLOW is a big topic the survey showed me that you wanted.

Being in flow with money, career, self love, relationships, online, fitness, everything!  We are meant to flow.

Just last week, Ryan and I shut the doors to our 12-Week Soulful Money Masterclass program and I will tell you that we are both fully coaching and giving back from our hearts in this program and everything flowed!  It was our biggest launch yet {so grateful!} and is bringing us in a reoccurring income {bliss!} so I know what it feels like to flow…, it’s being constant with the daily habits to be in flow and trust you’re in flow.

The ego wants no flow.  The ego will rob you of love and to be in flow, to be happy, to be joyful and to be abundant, all that is needed is LOVE.

So, I guess I answered my own question.  I must sit down and be clear on where I feel the most heart centred and where I feel the most love.  That will always flourish and help the masses.

Thank you for listening to my rant and if you made it this far, I just want you to know that I appreciate you!   You are the reason that I get to do what I love each day and that I get to let my creative juices flow so I can bring new thing to you….to help you live in flow, with self-love and out of self-doubt!

//  Comment Below!

+  Have you ever felt when your ego is running your life?

+  How is your flow?


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Receive more in your life!



Today, let’s talk about Receiving.  Everyone wants to get more freedom, love, money, acceptance, passion, flow, and guidance, but what stops you from getting more?

Here’s something I know….
You will only receive to the level that you believe you are worthy of.

Long ago, when I didn’t see my own brilliance or light, I used to think that if there was a higher power, it hated me.  There would be days where I’d be so out of flow and I would feel as if I was being walked over by people, while others near to me where getting raises, checks were appearing at their doors and they were catching the ‘break’ that I was wanting!

I’m going to be real with you, because I want you to have everything you desire!
The universe treats everyone equally and the only difference between your friend living a pretty kick-a$$ life and yourself, who still wants more, is your deserving level!

When I first started my home based business, I would compare myself to everyone!  It was so bad, that I would lose sleep at night because my friends in the business were making more money and hitting more ranks and it put me into a panic!  When I sat up one night looking at what I need to do better, was I talking to enough people?!  Was I serving people?!  Did I have the solution for people?!  Did I know who to talk to?!  Ahhhhh I would drive myself batty!

It donned on me the following morning as I sloppily poured myself a mug of coffee…..

“I am doing the work, but deep down within, I don’t believe I can ACTUALLY achieve what I want.”  There it was, shining on me with a heaviness.  “I don’t believe I can actually achieve what I want”.

This is what set me on my journey to understand my shadow self and all the limiting stories I was replaying in my mind and in my life!  I’m so grateful, because now I coach you on your shadow and how to understand your blocks!  

The universe is no dummy…oh no, it’s wise.  Our universe, the divine, our highest self will always match our energy, meaning if we’re feeling low and our vibrations are lower {due to limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, self-doubt, etc}, we get everything that matches that low energy!  We become a vacuum for the “poor me” kinda stuff that we are upset over and complain about, but in all realness, we’re just recreating the life we see externally, by our internal thoughts and energy.

If you want to receive more in your life, if it’s love, money, or joy, you must be open to it!

//  You must also be giving what you want to receive and bring more light to yourself and your thoughts!

Ok, you might think I’m crazy, but I’ll tell you a secret that has helped me get more of what I want in my life and it has helped me break free from really low and crappy days….

Ready to hear the tip?

//  Bring more light IN!  You actually envision yourself as light, and envision a stream of bright white or golden light flowing into your heart, filling you up and instantly you’ll feel an energy shift!

This is the kind of energy that will magnetize you and become the beacon for your desires!  Heck, when I’ve been beaming with my light, new people walk up to me and start a conversation, giving me the answer I need, the right book falls into my world, coaching clients land in my inbox {NO JOKE!} and I can see the amount of people that sign up in my programs.

Magic happens when you’re living with your light and shining it out into the world….

//  Being in high energy like this, gets you into the flow of receiving.  Why?  You’ll start to feel good when you’re beaming and you’ll see you’re worth and your gifts that you bring this world, which will lead you to ask for more and know it’s coming!

We co-create our lives.  So, instead of fighting the universe, let it bring to you what you deserve and work with it through a flow that feels good for you.

Morning “LIGHT” Exercise:

>>  In the morning as soon as you wake, lay or sit in your bed and envision a golden bright light streaming down from the universe right into your heart.

>>  Feel it run through your body, illuminating your arms, your legs, your toes, your cheeks, your heart and out the top of your head.

>>  While you’re filling up with your light, ask to be lead to the right people today, declare what you want and how you want to feel.

>>  Trust that your light will always lead you and if you feel a bit “off” stop, and call in more light today!


Be open to receiving more by trusting you are here to give more and share your passion!   When you have that trust, you can give up fear and control and be guided as you should to create your life that is beyond your wildest dreams!!

I believe in you!

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//  Comment Below!

+  Do you block receiving what you desire?

+  How do you ramp up your energy?




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The 34th Birthday Post

Happy Monday!

I’m coming at you with a coffee in hand and the fireplace roaring….however it’s been warmer here in Vancouver, I still like the fire on in the morning!

Yesterday was my birthday and I turned 34. If I was the same stress bag I was 4 years ago, I would have hated my age getting up there with more greys and no babies yet. But as I am open to my journey and lessons, I have seen my life so differently lately and I actually don’t care about my age or many things that I used to want to “control”

I don’t know if you can relate, but fear and the need to control everything can be exhausting and I used to live this way daily. I mean, of course I still get fear pop in, we all do, but I also understand I can learn from it!

This birthday I really did learn a lot! I was in flow with business, I’m better at creating my reality and I have new clients to work with and that came easy for me!

Sunday, Ryan and I went for a tasty bacon and egg breakfast….along with a gluten free muffin. OMG.


I wish I could eat muffins like this daily and didn’t care about my muscle gains and defined abs.


Coffee was and always will be apart of my daily routine ;) I feel there are many health benefits to coffee….like love and passion!

The rest of my 34th birthday was actually busy filling the group program that Ryan and I are starting today. We’re excited and have a lot of people who are joining us for 12 weeks of self transformation, money and growth!

We did pop into our favourite spiritual store…I don’t know what else to call it. It’s a book store, with tons of crystals and spiritual stuff!



We left with a funky orange rock / crystal and now it’s moon bathing on the windowsill to clear it. We could be turning into hippies over here.


Do hippies wears the newest Lululemon spandex that her loving parents get her on her birthday?! Then for sure I am one! I’m super stoked for these!!

I wore them eating gluten free muffins and it was a good choice ;)

Happy Birthday to me!

All joking aside, I can’t tell you how much more ease I feel around my birthday and getting older. This used to stress me out! I’m more connected to myself and my vision now and I know what I’m creating and I’m blessed to help others do the same!

This was the first birthday in 6 years I was NOT crazy!! Yahoo!

I did pull out 2 greys.

My mom told me to start dying my hair. Breathe.

I would love to hear how you deal with your birthday? Do you love it? Do you feel down?

There is a true magic around your special day, I’ve always felt it…..but we are also more than our age. We are a love and light!

Sending you LOVE today!


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[VIDEO] Raise Your Self-Worth with 3 Simple Steps!

Happy Friday!!

I decided to stop what I was doing and shoot an iPhone video for you late yesterday to help you with feeling more self worth in your life!

You see, for weeks now I’ve been opening up my time to talk to other about their struggles, what they want and a plan to achieve their dreams and there is always one common thing that everyone brings up on our call….

…They don’t feel worthy of change, success, a dream life, happiness, a career they love, etc.

This got me thinking!  Why do so many of us walk around feeling unworthy?

Like I said, I shot this simple video for you to help you and open up about MY OWN unworthy feelings and what my next step has been.

Watch it now!


Here are the tips to own your Self-Worth, Today:

// 1. Decide what you want.

// 2. Sit with the feelings that come up, you’ll find all your unworthy beliefs here. Know your feelings.

// 3. Get clear on how you WANT to feel and live from that space.

Use your journal a lot to get the guidance you need during this time of getting your life into flow!

// Comment Below:

+ How do you allow more worth into your life?
+ What resistance shows up for you when you think of achieving what you want?


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