Healthy Halloween Peanut Butter “Rice Crispy” Treats!

Happy Treat Friday!

Can you believe that next Friday the ghosts and ghouls will be out walking the streets, collecting candies, singing “trick or treat”?!  It’s insane how fast this year is flying by!  If it was the little version of me out trick or treating I would wish to get some homemade Healthy Halloween Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Treats {decorated like Monsters}…..Hmmmm, actually no….give me the Kit Kat’s!

The reason I love the holiday’s so much is because of the family, connection and FOOD!

As a kid, my mom would make me Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Treats as my birthday cake for when my friends came over.  The greatest part about  having a rice crispy treat cake was that every kid loved them and she would decorate them with smarties and candies.

Today I want to give you a healthier version to making a traditional Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Treat!

No Corn Syrup here!!


Healthy Halloween Peanut Butter “Rice Crispy” Treats!

3 Cup Sprouted Brown Rice Cereal {the One Degree brand is low calorie, sprouted and low sugar!}

1/2 cup Pure Maple Syrup

1/4 cup Coconut Palm Sugar

1 cup Organic Peanut Butter {Sugar Free}


Organic Sundrops {another option for smarties}

1/2 cup melted Dark Chocolate

Shredded Coconut

Chocolate Chips

….and whatever else you’d love to add as decoration for these monsters!

To make Healthy Peanut Butter Rice Treats:

In a sauce pan, heat the peanut butter, maple syrup, and coconut sugar until it’s warm and smooth.  Stir often.

Remove the sauce pan from the heat and stir in the cereal.

Firmly pack the mixture into a greased {I used coconut oil} 8×8 pan and place in the fridge for 1 hour.

Cut into squares when you’re ready to decorate!

Melt your dark chocolate and use this as your “Glue” for the eyes, the hair, or just slather each rice crispy treat with chocolate and cover with coconut to make a white Ghost!

You can really have fun with these!!

photo 2-4 photo 3-4

Back to the topic of trick or treating, are you headed out for a Halloween party??  If so, what are you going as??


2 years ago I was a fun little lady bug and it was so easy.  So if you’re looking for a fun and inexpensive costume, head to Claire’s and pick up the Lady Bug Package, add some black leggings and a red tank top!  You’re set to go!!

Comment Below and let me know what you’re going as and when you make these monsters!



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Girls Who Yoga Together! Vlog #4

Welcome to Day 4 of the Daily Vlogs!

If you haven’t caught up on them all, check out my YouTube Channel.
I’ve decided to set a goal and daily vlog for 90 days straight….we’re on Day 4 today!!

In today’s vlog, my friend Chelsea and I head to yoga and other fun things!

Watch Now:

I’d love to do yoga more often, fill me in!
What is your favourite “type” or “style” of yoga?


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Mini Grocery & Beauty Haul!

Happy Thursday!

I wanted to share with you some new things I’ve purchased from Whole Foods and the drug store this past week. Each product in this mini grocery and beauty haul, I love! So when I love something, I feel it’s my duty to share it with you.

Truthfully, I wish we were sitting face to face over coffee and talking about our favourite products and share the things we’re loving…but for now, the blog and daily vlog is the closest thing we have to that!

Today’s VLOG will again feature some of my friend Chelsea, we do yoga!! hehe!

photo 3-3

photo 4-2

Come back here later, at 4pm pacific time to watch today’s video {You can watch yesterday’s here} :)

Anyways, let’s just get right into some of the grocery / food items and beauty items I loving this week!

Mini Grocery & Beauty Haul!

Let’s start with food!!

Have you seen, heard about or tried this Organic Girl Salad Love Dressing??

photo 2-2

WOWZA! It is tasty!
This one is Fresh Tomato Italian….with fresh tomatoes, basil, parmesan, garlic and olive oil. TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?! This dressing is AMAZING!

Go get it.

Licorice! Legit, I love it. However, I’ve stopped eating junk food, so the typical twizzlers are not in my daily life, but these organic, “GoBio” Vegetarian Licorice sure is!!

photo 1-2

These little black treats are in my diet….mid-afternoon.

Cola! It’s been years since I’ve had a coke or pepsi, but just the other day I had a guilt free Zevia!
Caffeine Free of course.

photo 5-3

This is why I love Zevia….you have the option to have a caffeine free cola, but these beverages give you the taste of your favourite “pop”, but they are sweetened with stevia, so no high-fructose crap in here and you slurp up the last bit feeling good!

Have you tried the Zevia Brand??

Another beverage I’m loving is the GT’s Kombucha in Ginger flavour!

photo 5-4

Ooooo ginger. I’ll it sugar coated, chocolate covered, boiled in water, and now in my Kombucha.

I feel that if I know I’m going to eat a heavier meal, or maybe one with cheese in it, if I finish off my meal with this Ginger Kombucha, my digestion is WAY better!

This stuff is so good! Thank you GT’s ;)

Beauty Haul!

I don’t know about you, but as soon as the fall season hits, I am SO into Dark Polish!

This is the Revlon Polish in “Urban” and I LOVE IT!

photo 1-3


This colour has lasted me {WITHOUT CHIPPING} 5 days so far!  CRAZY AWESOME!

I know a polish is great when I can wear it longer than 3 days without a single snag or chip.  There is not even a bit of white showing on the tips, it’s that magical.

So if you’re looking for a great navy or deep blue polish this autumn, I highly suggest URBAN by Revlon.  It’s like a beautiful dark denim colour and it goes with a lot!

Let’s talk Skincare!!

I’m a big fan of Bioderma and I’m very lucky that it’s easily acceable here in Canada….I know my friends south in the States have a very hard time finding this brand.  Bioderma is made in France and the perk to living in Canada where french is our second language is we’re pretty great at being exposed to french products.

photo 2-3

I got this little kit at my local drug store and it was $6.95.

I have tried full sizes of all 3 of these products before, but I couldn’t pass up these little travel sized goodies when I walked passed them.

The Sensibio H20 is a cleansing water that removes every trace of makeup.
It will remove your face makeup, eye makeup and lip products….leaving your face so soft and clear!

I use this before I wash my face with my face wash to get things very clean!

The Hydrabio Serum is to die for!  

If you’re looking for a light weight serum that will just add some moisture, without being greasy back to your skin or you want some “LIFE” back to your skin, add this to your routine morning and night!  Ahhhhh I love it!!


I’m a sucker for great lashes….

When I first found this L’OREAL VOLUMINOUS Miss Manga and I fell instantly in love…

This is my 2nd tube of this glorious mascara!

photo 3-2


If you like the look of full, thick, and separated lashes, you must try this L’OREAL goodie!
The wand is very flexible and easy to use, so I find it leaves me with less boo-boo’s to clean up.

What mascara are you loving right now??

Well, there you have my Mini Grocery and Drug Store Haul!

Thank you for reading and watching the vlogs this week, from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate YOU!

What are some products you love this week?  Comment Below!




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Crying Over Cardio! Vlog #3

Happy Wednesday!

Today’s VLOG is LIVE – you will get a glimpse into my breakdown on the treadmill and our wine and dinning ;)

Do you ever question, “What the heck am I doing?!”
I sure went through this yesterday and these emotions of feeling “exposed” through the vlogs have really been popping up!

I cried on the ‘mill, friends!

Watch it now!

I’d love to hear how you deal with doubt, fears and anxiety!

Comment Below!


PS. Make sure you SUBSCRIBE on YouTube so you are notified when a new video is uploaded! We have 87 more days of them to go ;)

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How to Pick Perfect Avocados! Vlog #2

Happy Tuesday!!

Vlog #2 is LIVE….it’s an interesting one ;)
Sometimes I think I embarrass myself too much…oiye!

Watch it now!

If you want to know how to pick the best avocado, you’ll want to watch!

Make sure to subscribe and LIKE. If you do like it of course….hehe.


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Apple Cinnamon Protein Pancake!

As I’ve mentioned before and as you’ve seen in my First Daily Vlog {posted yesterday} I really like my breakfast food!


I don’t eat bacon on a regular, but when I do…ohhh lordy, I’m in love.

What I do eat on a daily for breakfast is a fabulous shake or a protein pancake!  Who doesn’t love pancakes and when you make them with your favourite protein or meal replacement powder and not with wheat or grains, you will be full, satisfied and keeping on track with your health goals.

I am a creature of habit and usually stick to the same ol, same ol pancake in the morning {or I do eat these after a great weight session in the gym!  I’m following the LiveFit Trainer by Jamie Eason again!} and that means my pancake is made with love, then topped with blueberries and a wee bit of maple syrup or sprinkled with stevia.

However, the apples are in ripe season here in beautiful British Columbia, so it’s only natural I want to use apples in everything I make!  I mean, baked apples with cinnamon could be one of the most amazing things eva…..of course not as great as coffee, as I take a sip right now.  But you get the picture ;)

 I can tell you that warm apples on top of a healthy flapjack is simply amazing for a great hearty and healthy bfast!

photo 3

To Make Apple Cinnamon Protein Pancakes:

1.  Follow the Protein Pancake Recipe Here.

2.  Cut up 1 apple into bite size pieces, heat your oven to 350.

Sprinkle the apple pieces with cinnamon and a wee bit of coconut oil.

Bake the apple pieces for 7 – 10 minutes, or until they are soft.

Top your pancake with this health and simple apple “compote”

Add a little bit of pure maple syrup and you’ll be in autumn heaven…..

photo 2

Let me ASK you:

Do you LOVE warm apples and cinnamon??

When you make these please tag me and let me know!!  @iheartwellness


ps.  Today’s Vlog will be up at 4pm pacific time!  Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

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YAHOOO!!!  It’s LIVE!  Our very first VLOG is live!

I’ve made a decision and a commitment, not only myself, but to you that a new daily video will be up each day at 4pm pacific time.

So today was an official FAIL because my computer was not cooperating and I didn’t get the video up here and on YouTube until 6:30pm…..great way to start this epic journey ;)

As you’ll see in the Vlog #1, I have decided to try this out for 90 Days straight!

Do you think I can do it??

Watch Now:

Thanks for watch!  We really appreciate you!

Remember to Subscribe!!  EEEEEE!!!  We are so grateful we are already at 313 subscribers, I can’t even tell you how happy we are!



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Weekend Update & Important News!

Happy Monday!

Call me crazy, but I love Mondays!  They are fresh, full of inspiration and it’s time to “get sh*t done” {sorry nana, I know you’re reading….”it’s time to get shaving cream done!”}.  How do you feel about Monday’s?

I’m sitting here sipping my coffee and I wanted to fill you in on the weekend and share some exciting news with you!

Saturday afternoon Ryan decided it would be fun spur of the moment to hit up a pumpkin patch!  It’s been years since we ever went to pick our own pumpkins and I feel we used to do stuff like this when we first started dating, but then all that seasonal fun started to slow down over the years….so I was surprised we ended up here, but it was FUN!


We walked through all the fields of squash, shot some videos and took a lot of pictures!  The day was perfect and warm and the Starbucks before our feet hit the damp soil really helped us along!

The patch was not only full mud, it was also full of petting zoo’s, cute little kids perched up on wagons getting their pictures taken.  Dad’s trying to get their lil ones to look at the camera and smile by them putting a pumpkin on mom’s head….it was hoot and I picked the best pumpkin eva!


I think he looks like a Percy the Pumpkin. He just looks like he’d have a great name like that.

Now, our fabulous little pumpkin lives on the porch so he can continue getting his fresh air.   Even though I so badly want him on the kitchen table as decor…

photo 1-12

Sunday it was really warm here in Vancouver, so we packed up Hudson, went for lunch at Whole Foods and then hit the beach!!

photo 2-9

I can’t believe that on October 19th I was at the beach, where its normally freezing cold this time of year without a winter coat, rolled up denim and flats without socks.  Can you believe it?!  I seriously could NOT!  Hudson loves going to doggy park and playing with all the other pooches….again, we sit there sipping Starbucks.  I could be Starbucks biggest supporter, I swear I need it so much in my life.

The REAL FUN NEWS is, I vlogged / video’d all of the weekend!!

For years I’ve been wanting to start a little reality show and daily vlog, but I was SCARED.  I was afraid it would be a big waste of time, that no one would watch, that people would make fun of us, that someone will hate us and send a nasty message….I mean, I thought of it all.  I had this huge FEAR story rolling in my head, but in the end I have regretted not at least TRYING to do this vloggin thing for 90 days and see how it even goes!

So today at 4pm Pacific Time our First Vlog will be up on the YouTube Channel and here on the BLOG! 

Subscribe Today if you haven’t already to get notified when the videos are up each day!!

Phew!  I’m excited and nervous, so please come check out how much we screw this up in the beginning ;)  It will be fun…hehe!

I appreciate you!  Have a great day!



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Coffee Spiced Pumpkin Seed Clusters

Get ready to fall in love with some healthy little seed clusters.  You know that Treat Friday is always good to you and today it’s really good!

I love pumpkin seeds, especially when they are baked and baked with coffee, spice and maple syrup. Mmmm.


The best part of fall and autumn is pumpkin!

…and getting cozy as the rain falls, while eating healthy treats!

I was talking with a friend yesterday in my business that was telling me how food is a weakness and they will always reach for something bad over something good.  I can totally relate and I used to be this way.  Whenever hunger would hit the first thing I’d reach for was a peanut butter sandwich on white bread and of course a little smear of jam would be on that peanut butter.

Ever since I realized what Food Allergies were and that they were taking over my health, {read story here}, I started to eat cleaner and know the importance of NOT eliminating fun foods / treats from my diet, just making them healthier so enjoying them wouldn’t be filled with guilt.

Let me introduce you to some healthy Coffee Spiced Pumpkin Seed Clusters!!  I found these on Pinterest by and I just tweaked them a bit to fit my liking…..I really like them!

photo 3-6

Coffee Spiced Pumpkin Seed Clusters:

1 cup Raw Pumpkin Seeds

1/4 cup Chopped Almonds

2 tbsp Flax Meal

2 tbsp Ground Coffee {I used dark roast…mmm}

1/4 cup Maple Syrup

1 tbsp Coconut Oil

1/8 tsp Sea Salt

1/4 tsp Cinnamon

1/8 tsp Nutmeg

1/8 tsp All Spice

1/2 tsp Vanilla

Dark Chocolate for Drizzle

To Make Coffee Spice Pumpkin Seeds Clusters:

Preheat oven to 350.

Mix all ingredients together in a mixing bowl, except dark chocolate.  Make sure all seeds are coated with syrup and coconut oil.

Lay the mixture evenly on a parchment lined cookie sheet and bake for 25 minutes.

Stirring every 10 minutes.

Remove from the oven, pack them firmly together in an inch thick square on the parchment paper and let the treat cool.

The treats should be able to be broken apart into clusters with your hands when cool.

Drizzle each cluster with melted dark chocolate.

photo 1-11

Try them and let me know what you think by tagging me on Instagram or Facebook!!

Now…..I never said it’s a great idea to eat a whole tray of these….so I’m off to the gym to get a great leg workout in and some cardio!

Happy Friday!


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Lush Review: Shampoo Bar & Wizard Bath Bomb

Prepare yourself for some serious Lush Cosmetics lovin’ right now.

I bought the new Cinnamon Shampoo Bar and seasonal Wizard Bath Bomb over the weekend and I have been waiting to tell you how amazing they smell….I know, it sucks you can’t smell through the screen, but trust me.  They are the bomb {no pun intended…well….kinda}

The truth is, I had no idea I was even a Lush lover.  Awhile ago, I had tried their Skin Care to help with Acne and Scarring and they were great, but  I rarely would shop there or think of this shop as a place to look for my shampoo, but since I was in Del Mar and a friend had Turkish Delight in her shower, it smells amazing, so I decided to give it a go!  I’m so happy I let Lush Cosmetics into my life :)

When I walk into Lush I swear that as soon as that scent hits my nose, I feel like I’ve transported to a magical heaven.

Creepy Secret - I love walking out of the shop with the scent of the store in my hair.  WHO AM I?!

Anyways, back to the review!

I can’t tell you anything about how the Wizard Bath Bomb leaves me feeling, because I think he’s to “FUGLY” to even use right now. For $8 I want to make sure I am going to get a good LONG bath time in.  That means no dog barking at the UPS man, no boyfriend in his office on back to back phone calls….no text messages coming in, I want 1hour of sparkly, shimmery water when no one else is home.  Not too much to ask, right?!

This guy is so ugly, he’s cute.

I’ll review him for you and get back to you with the details.  This sounds so strange and I feel bad plopping him in my bathwater now…..

Ok, but the SHAMPOO BAR!!!  Ohhhhhh my gawd!  It’s glorious!

I was a little skeptical thinking that a bar of soap being rubbed on my head would actually work or work up a lather, but it is flat out amazing!

This is a picture after one use on my long hair.

The Pro’s:

* You barely use any of the shampoo bar to get enough for your whole head of hair.  The smallest amount goes a long way = you get your $11 dollars worth of this bar.  I only wash my hair a couple times a week, so this sucker is going to last me a long time.

* The smell of Cinnamon and Cloves in your hair is to die for.  The scent swirls around your whole head and it’s pretty awesome.

* My hair is SO shiny, silky and straight!!  Usually when I use any new shampoo, my wave starts coming back in the humid Vancouver weather, but on purpose I did not use any other products on my hair, except the Shampoo Bar and an AG Light Conditioner.  I blew dry and straightened my hair as usual and everyone is telling me how shiny it is!

The Cons:


Ok, maybe one.  I put the wet bar down on my bathtub and it left a temporary red hue.  But hello, it’s cinnamon!!  Just wipe it away with a towel and you’re good to go.

I can’t wait to go back and get more of the Lush Shampoo Bars!
Thank you Lush for making me feel like a million bucks ;)

I’d love to hear, what are YOUR favourite Lush Products??


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