Do our dogs eat better than we do?

Yesterday started off as relaxing as the flying sweat, dumbbells and elliptical could be.

I would lie if I told you I didn’t love waking up early, drinking a strong cup of coffee and head to the gym with all my older friends…like a lot older.
I seem to get to the gym as the 80 year old men like to walk on the treadmills and it lights up morning!  They are so cute and fit!!  Some even wear spandex…YUP!



Naturally after a great workout you move your home office to your best Starbucks patio location and get into the business flow, sipping more coffee and eating protein bars, because that’s what a fabulous Monday is all about…..I can tell ya, Mondays are awesome over here. I can also tell you before I found what makes me tick, they were not. That is a whole other post…

What I have come to realize is my lil man, Hudson needs more attention when we’re home with him. I love to treat him and reward him for being good, and I LOVE how proud he looks, with his head up, walking into his favorite pet shop! Hudson needed some fun on his Monday too!


As Hudsy looked at every bone, toy and human in the store, I wandered around looking for bones for him and I came across these!

Classic Creme Cookies for Dogs??


I swear my dog eats better than me most days! I read the ingredients and they are all natural, peanut butter, oats, no sugar…I think I could eat them ;) orrrr not. Could I?!

Man as much as I wanted an Oreo to dunk or a fatty gravy Turkey Dinner that Hudson got out of his Halo Dog Food can….I didn’t. I’ve been good and on track, eating my own fun chocolate foods that have protein linked to them and greens….

However, it’s true…. I do think some dogs eat better than most people. You never see my wiener dog heading through a drive through window, or eating donuts or abundant amounts of sugars. Nope, my pup is a clean eater and he loves it all.

Even my protein pancakes ;)



I’d love to hear! Do you have a dog? How well does he eat??


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Chocolate Chip Pecan Spelt & Oatmeal Cookies {Coconut Sugar Sweetened}

Happy Saturday!

Gosh, it’s been a minute since I did a sweet treat post here!

The air is getting crisp and the trees are turning yellow, our little neighbour {he’s 2} is standing naked in his little pool on the patio probably for the last weekend of the season…..this is the time of year when all I want to do is BAKE!

When the fall hits and the weather starts to turn, it takes me back to my childhood when my mom would bake fresh oatmeal cookies, ready for us when we returned home from school.  The sweet smell of melted chocolate chips filled the whole house and down the driveway, so I knew before opening the front door, that fresh cookies were staked up and waiting for me!  Ahhhh to be a kid again ;)

Today I want to share a recipe with you that I often make and share with the family!

Chocolate Chip Pecan Spelt & Oatmeal Cookies:

1 cup grass-fed butter

1 tsp vanilla

3/4 cup coconut sugar

1 tsp sea salt

1.5 cups spelt flour

1 tsp baking soda

1/3 cup boiling water

2 cups rolled oats

3/4 cup chocolate chips

1/4 cup chopped pecans

To Make Cookies: Preheat oven to 350.

Boil water and add the water and baking soda together.  Let it sit to combine well.

Mix the butter until smooth and whipped.  Mix in the coconut sugar and vanilla.

Add in the flour and the salt and mix well.

Pour in the water and baking soda mixture.

Stir in the oats, chocolate chips and pecans.

Roll into ball and press with a wet fork.

Bake for 12 minutes or until golden brown!

I know you’ll enjoy these as much as I do!  They are tasty and sure satisfy that sweet tooth, with a lower glycemic option that regular chocolate chip cookies!

Comment Below and let me know what you think!


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Late Night “Safe” Snack to Satisfy the CRAVINGS!!

I am the first to admit that I reach for snacks after dinner and before bed.

There are some people, like my parents for example that can eat dinner at 6:30pm and not eat again before bedtime.  I scratch my head wondering how they do it?!  I don’t know about you, but I am starving again around 8:30pm.  Maybe it’s my fast metabolism or that I’ve trained my body to eat every 2-3 hours..

Bottom line, this gal loves to snack.

I also love to meet up for afternoon wine dates with my girls!

Chelsea and I patio’d all Sunday and I can tell you that after glasses of white in the blazing heat, I was STARVING when I got home.

So, the real questions that is burning within right now is – What do you eat as a late night snack?  What can you have that isn’t going to stall your gym success and ACTUALLY give you gains while you sleep?  I can tell you, it’s not white wine….

Tisk Tisk.

Here’s what I’ve been having before I lay my head at night and it fills my tummy and lasts all night…

2 Scoops Vanilla or Chocolate Protein

1/4 – 1/2 cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

1 tbsp Frozen Blueberries

Its my “fake ice cream” strange thing that I put in a mug and whisk it together with my spoon until it’s thick.  Strange, right?!

It looks like this….kinda….when I make it at night it’s gross looking. But GOOD!

The “SAFE” Late Night Snacks is anything that is is protein rich.   So you could do egg whites and some steamed veggies, but who has time for that?!  I actually LOVE my little mixture because it tastes like chocolate ice cream and it’s muscle building!

My tip for you is to find a great meal replacement shake or clean protein powder with a great taste and awesome health benefits.
I swear this keeps me full until morning and it keeps you on track with your health goals!

I’d love to hear, what is your safe late night snack??


PS.  I’ve started watching Million Dollar Listing LA until my NY comes back and it’s not the same.
I watch New York for the humour, the hustle and the drive they have!!  Do you watch any Million Dollar Listings??

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Don’t Wait! Shine Your True Self Today!

The great thing about having google analytics and a responsive group of friends on the Fanpage tell me that you love the “Life Coaching” topics and posts on how you can SHINE your true calling!

What I love the most about this is that I LOVE to talk about this.

My business coach and mentor has always told me that to be successful in life and business, you must have a strong POV aka: Point Of View and my POV is that I believe we are all here to shine, we all were born with a gift of being free and that fear doesn’t exist, it’s just a story we play in our head.

If you feel as if you have nothing to “shine” or no greatness running through your veins, I want to challenge you on that believe.

The truth is, for years I was locked in my body and I was addicted to my negative self talk.  This self talk kept me broke, kept me angry and kept me playing the victim role for a long time.  On paper I looked as if I didn’t have a hope in heck to succeed. I barely passed high school, I never went to college or university, I worked a shoe store after shoe store out of high school when all my friends were getting “real jobs and educations” and I felt like a looser.

My motivating goal in life was always “Is it going to be fun?” and that would determine my weekends.  I never actually wanted to have deep connected relationships, but I never actually had one with myself……so I never was shining.  I was actually dull for a lot of my life.

There came a time where I woke up one day and said, “There has to be more!  I can’t live like this feeling so empty all the time!” and I started to seek out what made my heart speed up.  I believe that all of us have a message that needs to be heard, a story that needs to be told and a mission we must take to achieve all the ideas and goals the universe places within our energy field.

Do you believe this?

Do you feel as if you’re ready to shine, but aren’t sure how?

Because I know I can be completely transparent with you, I realized I had a drive within me to do bigger things and help more people along the way the first time a friend handed me a Success From Home Magazine!   As soon as I saw families together every day with time and financial freedom, I felt the urge to create that and help others do the same.  This was not a “typical” way for me to shine from what I was taught by family, my schooling and my fiends, but something felt rewarding within me instantly, so I started to do more research.  During this research I started my personal development and self discovery journey and open areas of my inner world that I just wanted to keep tucked away and hidden, but the deal I made with myself was it was time to GET REAL!

You see, you are here to shine greater than you even know! You might not have it all “put together” on paper, people might question what you do or the steps you take, but this is your life!

I am here, on this blog, as your friend and mentor to prove to you that you can do what your heart is guiding you to do, but you can’t keep waiting.
You have to start doing it now!  Don’t Wait!

If you know what you would like to take a step towards doing in life, I’d love to hear about it!  Please personally email me!  Seriously, I am so passionate about helping YOU get to where you need to be, I want to hear from you!

Today use this mantra: “I am Powerful and Full of Strength!  I am taking all the necessary action to shine my message out to the world today!”
Stand in the mirror and tell yourself this 5x today.  I will help you :)

Comment Below!  I want to hear if you’re ready to SHINE!



PS.  I am MENTORING 5 Women!! If you want more Time and Financial Freedom while getting massive support and coaching from myself and a great team, email me or fill out this survey: {it’s fun and healthy!}

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The Best Way to Break Through Self Doubt

Try this if you really want to stop your self doubt from controlling you…

Let’s be real!

Do you ever feel TRAPPED by Self Doubt?
Almost as if you are bumping up against walls within yourself when you think of taking a step?

I know I have been in this place multiple times and it’s a wee bit upsetting when you are foggy with your direction! You mind can take right over and keep you stalling in life, if you let it!

But is this Self Doubt real?

You know one thing, it can be frustrating!! It can ALSO keep recurring if you don’t go into these feelings you have. You see, most of us want to sweep Self Doubt under the rug, “I don’t need you! Go away!” When the truth is, you need to OWN it because you can learn your NEXT steps from it!

I want you to sit quietly today and go into your self doubt, like for realzzzz, go into it…(or fear, anxiety, upset, you name it…just rock it) and listen to your inner voice. What is the doubt telling you? When you listen, it speaks! You might find it’s there to tell you what you didn’t think you could ever do, is an easy and perfect next step for you ;) you must feel and listen…

I want to hear, did this help you today?? Comment Below!

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7 Ways to Make Your Shake Green!

I love a good daily green shake!

Why?? Because sippin greens is easier than chewing greens and why not add more nutrients into your diet where you can squeak them, right?!

I have at least ONE green shake a day {even though I drink at least 2 shakes a day…not all are green! See my shakes here} and when I make it green, I make it hearty.

Not only do you get amazing health benefits from having more greens running through your veins, but you also stay fuller longer, your skin is clearer, you’re more regular, helps with weightloss, protein and you get a ton of vitamins and nutrients :)

So, you might be wondering…

What greens are the BEST for your morning shake?!

I’m so glad that you asked!

Here are some greens that I add to my shakes:


Dino Kale

Red Kale



Alfalfa Powder

Green Powders

I have never tried adding all of the above in one shake as that would be a bit over board for even me…..but I have doubled up here and there ;)

Dino Kale and Spinach are great paired with a tasty nutritious powder, almond milk, frozen berries and coconut oil…..yum!


Keep in mind, if you get a good meal replacement shake a lot of them have greens and the vitamins and minerals you get from adding leaves to your beverage… look for a great pow to your blender!

I can tell you that over the weekend as my hunky man raced his triathlon, I woke up at 4:00am, had a smoothie packed with greens and frozen blueberries and I lasted for ours before my next snack! For me…this is huge news. I’m always hungry. Legit…always.


Next time you think of eating bland and boring leaves, try blending them! They are fabulous!

Burning Question: what leaf / green do you use often in your shakes?


PS.  Check out my last post on how to NOT take NO for an answer and CHANGE your LIFE!!!  -> Read Now!

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Don’t Take “NO” for an Answer! Ready for a Change?

I’m looking for 5 women who want to DO more with their life!

I’m sitting at my computer, my tea by my side and I’m answering messages that have flooded into my Facebook inbox after a status update I wrote earlier.

“Do you ever feel that what you want in your business or life doesn’t show up?? {{{What The?!….Whyyyyy}}}

You could be doing the right motions, showing up to “get it done”, get on calls, say the right things…but something is MISSING!

The SOLUTION is: match your thoughts towards your business or desires with your GOALS for SUCCESS!

I get it, I know what the little seeds of doubt feel like…they creep in slowly and start to bud….it’s time to overhaul!

Make the DECISION to be successful! It’s time to make up your mind and get committed :) ) WoooHoooo!!!”


The interesting thing about status updates, I feel anyways, is that when you try to “teach” your friends something or post something super duper motivational it’s really because you need it in you own life.  Haha!  Do you feel that too?!

Clearly I worte this update to remind myself that my thoughts, habits and action is all aligned and is what will allow greater success.

The truth is, it’s not always easy, but it’s worth it.

Anyways, as I was reading the messages my friends were sending me, something was very CLEAR to me.

People are ready for MORE in life. Women are ready to join together and create something radical.

They want to wake up every day with a excitement, passion and to be surrounded by a group of likeminded people.  Heck, I get a high off of knowing I can create my own day and my own life…..

…..The KICKER is……

They are NOT doing it.

The “NO” in their head is so strong that it will shut down the fire in their heart.

Why?  Why does this happen?

Great question ;)

I’ve been on a mission for the last 7 years of my own life figuring this out and when I really got what stopped me and what is stopping most of the people I speak with, it’s all stemming from this record we have playing in our minds…

{{{{{*Drop the Needle*}}}}}

“I’m not good enough” “I can never have a successful business from home” “No one wants what I have to offer” “I don’t deserve more money” “I will fail”

This record is getting old.

I read and reread these messages of people asking me “What can I do to do more in life?  How can I actually make money doing what I love?” and I LOVED helping them.

Here’s my tip – do not take no for an answer!  It’s time that you acknowledge that you’re stalling your success and that you are worthy of more greatness in your life.

Start matching your thoughts, habits and actions.
To do this successfully, you must get clear on what you want and what is currently stopping you.  Once you have these 2 questions answered, the game is on, you can align a new way of thinking and feeling to match the vibration of what you WANT!

My mission is to help 5 more women create a life and business that they love so they can live anywhere, do anything and feel FREEDOM in their life!  My mission is to not only help women ACHIEVE all that they desire, I want to give people the resources to be HEALTHY.

I’m looking for 5 women who want to be personally mentored by me, who’s ready to join a team of likeminded women and work from home in the health niche.

Our GOAL here as a team is to help you…

* Live a greater life

* Have more time freedom

* Make an extra $820+ a month in 30 days

* SHINE your true self & create a dream career

You must be….

* Eager to learn

* Coachable

* Be on healthy nutritional products

* Full of love to help and support others

What to expect…

* More Freedom, Money, Health and FUN!

If you’re ready to create crazy, cool, radical shifts, fill out the below application and we’ll see if this is a good fit for you!
{No pressure at all!}

—->> Click here to Check Out the Application!

I look forward to hearing from you!


PS. Hudson has been quite lovey dovey lately, jumping up in bed every morning at 3am….it’s crazy! I wonder how dogs just learn something NEW and start a new habit?! Any dog owners out there? Help me out!

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How to Pack Up and Travel for 3 Months!

The talk of the town lately is how I was able to pack up and move out of country for 3 months.

I am always asked about my workouts and nutrition {protein, etc} and then how on earth I could just sell all my stuff and move to Del Mar, CA….

…..I like this topic and it’s a shame to not let you in on how you can do this as well!

Why not start living a life you love right at this moment?  Create something so special for you, your family or start setting big goals so you can do this in the very near future.

Ahhhh….to be honest….

It was a fabulous being a California Girl for months and the best part was being on the ocean to watch the sunsets every night.

The ocean did not just give me gorgeous sunsets, the ocean fuelled me with incredible energy and flow.  While I would sit on the sand and journal the most amazing ideas and dreams would come to me and immediately I knew I was onto something great.  To be real with you, the reason I go so excited to start blogging here and building a business was because of my “sand advice” that would come through me as I connected and journaled.

Yes, this is a TIP for you live your dreams and pack up for months at a time…

Get Connected!

Here’s the deal, there is a direction where you want to go, but if you are unsure what it is, start to get connected. You easily can get into flow when you find what makes you feel at peace.  Is it meditating? Is it sitting at the beach?  Is it enjoying a latte at your favourite coffee shop with a notebook and pen?  Find what works for you!

Ok, so when you know where you want to go, let’s set on our 3 month relocation!

1.  Find a place to stay!

I used to find some really great places.

We looked for a place close to the ocean, that accepted dogs, that allowed a 3 month stay and that was quiet.

Make sure your place has:

Furniture / Equipped Kitchen

If you don’t have these, make a quick trip to IKEA to stock up!

These were very important things for us since we work from home, we wanted it to be as comfortable as possible.

*Make sure you find an area that you love!  We needed our place in Del Mar to be close to Whole Foods, that was a MUST!

2.  Rental Price Bargain!

Yup, it’s true!  You can try to lower the asking price of the place you’re looking at renting if you book for the full 3 months.

There are always ways to make your living situation easy for you, so go in strong and just ASK!

“I understand you are asking $_____ as your month to month rent, but what if we book for a long period of time, what is your monthly price then?”

3.   Have Money in Da Bank and Money Flowing In!

I know money can be an iffy topic for a lot of people and yes, we are talking dollar bills y’all on a health and wellness blog, but hey……creating business owners and reoccurring income in the homes of my friends is SO important to me.  I talk about it daily over here off the blog.

So, you don’t want to leave the country and have to be stressed over finances, you want to make sure you are comfortable and can enjoy yourself when you’re laying on the beach and sipping pinas!

What can you do to create a flow of income?

Here are some money making options for you:

- Save, save, save for months before you head out to your new temporary home!

- Make money from your blog

- Start a business that is a low investment, but high reward which pays you residually each month.  I chose a health and wellness company that aligns with my vision and passion and help women work from home.

- Make more money in your coaching business

- Create a blog that has advertising

- Have a contracting job that you can work from home!

4.  What to Pack?

We knew we were going to Southern California for 3 months, May – August, so I packed all my summer clothes, sandals, bathing suits and dresses.

Pack accordingly to the place your traveling to.  Google the heck out of their seasons and know if you need heavier or lighter clothes.

You will want to make sure you have all your Skincare, Toiletries, Blow-dryer, PJ’s, Clothes for any SPECIAL occasions you are going to {events, etc}, Workout Gear, Sneakers, Pillows, Laptop, Books, Water bottles.

If you’re bringing your pet:  Food, Bedding, Leash, Toys, etc.

*Ryan had to pack all his Triathlon gear, so our car was loaded with bike parts, wetsuits, and workout stuff.

Everything else I bought when I was in Del Mar.

Misc For Out of Country Travellers:

If you’re car is leased and you’re leaving country, make sure you get a note from your dealership stating you can take your car across the boarder for 90 days.

If you have a dog, make sure they are up to date on their shots!

Travel Insurance

Roadside Assistance for you drivers!

Misc Info for Long Car Rides:

Before you leave, google every Whole Foods along your drive and keep the addresses handy in your phone to enter into your Navigation.

Use for cheaper hotels when you stop for the night.

Pack plenty of snacks, meal replacement shakes, bars, fruit, veggies, and water.

Starbucks has some great bento box type snacks if you’re in a pinch.


I can tell you that when you make the decision to try a new “home” for a few months you will learn so much about yourself.  You will experience new things and feel stronger when you return, at least I did!  If it wasn’t for me taking the risk and leap of faith to be in a new environment I wouldn’t know what it was like to truly break through fear.

Heck, if packing up and moving isn’t for you right now, try something NEW this week that will get you learning, growing and trying something you’ve never done before.  When you step up to do, your life will radically change!

Who’s ready for something NEW??



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Does Drinking Shakes Help You Add Lean Muscle?

I love this topic!   For reals, does adding a great shake into your diet REALLY help you build lean muscle?

So I’ve personally tested this for you…

Because you mean so much to me {hehe…it’s true!}, I’ve stepped up my game in the gym and on up’ed my shake consumption to SEE if this is true.  If adding shakes does not only help you add lean muscle, but also helps you KEEP lean muscle.

To be honest, I took my foot of the “workout gas peddle” when I was living in Del Mar.  Talk about crazy, you would think the endless sunshine, short shorts, tank tops and fit women everywhere would keep me motivated, but all I wanted to do was chill at the beach…..or sightsee!

Since being back, I’ve changed up a lot of my life and it’s feeling good right now!

You hear a lot of people saying that a great protein shake / meal replacement shake will help you with muscle gains!

Is this true??

In my opinion it is TRUE!

So I’ve started added at least 2 shakes a day into my diet, 1 meal replacement shake for breakfast and 1 protein shake after a workout and usually another meal replacement shake in the afternoon as meal #4.

Since I’ve been dedicated on my transformation, I’ve seen great results in a very short time!

You probably are questioning where and in how long, right?!  Great question!

I’ve been doing this for 1 week so far and in this short time I’ve noticed that my thighs {where I carry the extra fat} has started to tighten up.  Keep in mind, I am doing weight training again which helps tremendously, but the shakes are adding in the repair, refuel and rebuild after your workout.

Just so you know, I am not the only crazy one telling you this!  My man, Ryan swears that when he takes more than 1 shake a day he holds more defined lean muscle and I see it on him.  Ryan is an endurance athlete and when you’re focused on long cardio sessions, you have a tendency to lose your muscle definition, but not him!  HUBBA HUBBA!

To be honest, I am almost 5’10 and have always battled with being “Skinny Fat” and it’s hard for my long body to add muscle and definition, but I’m feeling pretty good with my results lately and it’s coming down to what goes through my LIPS and my Heavy Weights and lower Cardio…..some HIIT here and there!

Anyways, in my opinion if you’re looking for a quick way to burn fat and add lean muscle, get into the gym and throw some weights around and add in REALLY great lean protein sources and a couple healthy, good for you, protein fabulous shakes!!

Here is a fun Cherry Chocolate Shake Recipe:

1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

.5 cup water

2 scoops protein powder {if using vanilla powder, add 1 tbsp cocoa powder or use chocolate protein powder}

1/4 cup frozen cherries

Blend together and sip :)

I’d love to hear your take on shakes for muscle building!

What is your favourite shake?


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Daily Meals – A Gals Guide to Healthy & Fun Eating

I get excited to eat and talk about food!

After every meal, I am already thinking when the next one is coming and what it’s going to be!  Does this sound crazy??

In my swirling mind, this sounds perfectly normal.  I have been in the gym more again to put on some lean muscle and lets be real, you need to feed your muscles!

However….you don’t just want to eat “whatever” food, you want to eat healthy, quality, good for you nutrition that will help you get the gains you’re looking for.  It might be weight loss, muscle building, or just more energy….or clear skin!

Whatever your health goal is, you need some good for you food!

So, this could be one of the most requested questions I get asked – “What do you eat on a daily basis??”

For me, I’ve always loved eating healthy and I have always loved how I felt when I’m in shape, but I do love my “sweets” and “treats”, so I’ve had to come up with meals that are FUN for me to eat!  The more fun the better.

Yes, I still treat!!


Here is the breakdown of what my food looks like daily {for the most part}!


Protein Pancakes {3 ingredient chocolate protein pancake}…with blueberries of course!

{These are like CAKE for breakfast!!!}



Other Snack Options:

Protein Bars



Protein Muffins


Salad & Eggs

Salad & Chicken


Seriously I drink another SHAKE!

I have at least 2 shakes a day….


Taco Salad made with Bison and all my toppings {Peppers, Guacamole, Salsa, Green Onions, Cilantro}

Or lately, I’ve been digging Whole Foods Meals!

Chicken or Beef with Veggies.

I am a Salmon Lover!!

I love to load up on Veggies at dinner because they keep me pretty full and I have this idea in my head that if I eat veggies at the end of the day, the vitamins and minerals from them will fuel me when I sleep…helping repair my body.  True?!  I dunno.  But it makes me feel good ;)


….always dark chocolate


Shake {I love my shakes!}

Apple Chips

There you have it!  This is pretty much what I eat on a daily.  Everything I stick to is natural, high protein and organic.

Also remember that I sip at least 3L of water a day to keep my body hydrated!

OK!  Spill the beans!  What is your favourite meal of the day??


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