My Manifesting Morning Routine (Mindset!)

manifesting morning routine

How you start your day determines the greatness you create and allow into your life!

This is manifesting at it’s finest.

Imagine having a day that is struggle free, manageable, in flow and rich with opportunity?

Perfection, right?

Today I’ll share with you simple things you can add into your daily routine to see wild results and a lot more energy, joy and fun in your life.

My guy, Ryan and I went to the beach yesterday, totally unprepared.  We decided last minute with a coffee in hand as we left Starbucks to drive to Kits Beach (a gorgeous beach here in Vancouver) because it was finally hot and sunny!  When our feet hit the warm sand, we knew we had to park our rears down and just enjoy the view and the breeze…no towels, no blankets, just us laying on the sand. It was pure heaven!

kits beach vancouver

To be honest, we’re usually not this spontaneous. I hate to admit it, but I am pretty routine and my soul (thank God) is pulling me out of my same ol same ol routine and I’m loving it!

I FULLY believe that the reason we drove 45 minutes to lay our bodies on the sand and enjoy every second of sun rays, was because of HOW I started my morning.

Sunday morning I woke up when my body told me to wake up, which was 6:50am and I naturally made my coffee and fed the dog.

This is what I did….

morning manifestation routine

I deeply, like mad deeply connected to my heart through journaling and cracked energy open to receive something great!
This means, I wrote to Spirit and I let all I wanted, yet was fearful of come through the pen and onto paper.

Then the juiciness starts – I then go and let my body pull me to an essential oil I need and I work with it…

I sat with the essential oil, which yesterday was Frankincense and I imagined my perfect day.  As I imagined Ryan and I eating healthy food, laughing and smiling, I imagined us on a beach.
Now, the beach in my mind was in Maui, but hey, I’ll take any beach ; )  We have TWO Maui trips coming up very soon. Kits Beach is free.

While I visualized my ideal day, I inhaled the aroma of Frankincense (which by the way is the oil for Spiritual Connection – HELLO manifesting greatness!) and I allowed it seep into my being and my cells. I literally imagine it flowing through my body. Yes, it sounds weird but it works!

I don’t know…

All I know is that my vibes were out of control at the end of this visualization and I could feel my body pulsating and I love it!

Let’s have a Law of Attraction 101 class.

When you’re clear on what you want and you align your vibration and let go of any inner clutter, you’ll call it in and you’ll feel inspired to take action towards any goal you have – especially one you REALLY want. You must think, speak and act on what you want and co-create with the universe. Trust me.

Try this simple visualization method tomorrow when you wake up.

Get into a zen place through breathing deeply and allow your mind to calm, let the stress melt away and start to bring your ideal day and all your intentions for the day into your mind. Really allow it to sink into your cells and feel the emotions of having what you’re intending already!

I do this in business all the time ; ) I can imagine my best day and Team I Heart Wellness growing and expanding globally and I will get messages on Facebook or people asking what I do. The Universe is really radical!

Want to really raise your vibes for the day??

My Manifesting Mental Morning Routine!

  • Wake up before everyone else in the house (Monday – Saturday I wake up at 5:15am)
  • Say your “THANKS!” – I am always thanking God for another day I get to open my eyes and breathe.
  • Drink 1L of water when you wake up.
  • Grab your journal and flow! My new students in “The Self-Love Ritual” (<– Just Opened!) know I call this “Morning Pages!” – it’s amazing. I wrote about how to start journaling here.
  • Visualize your perfect day, all you intend and use essential oils as a manifesting tool to support you and up your vibes that much more!
  • Choose 2 – 3 things to focus on wildly today.
  • Eat high vibe foods (clean, nutrient rich and good for your gut – I’m all about daily bone broth, post coming this week)


Think, Speak and take Action on what you want and what you’re manifesting! <– Golden Ticket, Folks!


OK! I want to hear, how do you start your morning?



Healthy Lavender Lemonade (Simple + Sugar-Free + Packed Full of Humming Health Benefits)

lavender lemonade recipe sugar free

Nothing screams summer vibes time like a cold glass of real good homemade (and sugar free!) Lemonade.

Am I right?  I know you can taste it right now.  Sweet, yet tart.

Growing up lemonade was my favourite summer time bevy and I can remember running indoors after dancing through the droplets as my friends held up the hose and my recharge was a fresh nectarine and a big glass of lemonade!

In my mid 20’s my lemonade love continued and before I knew the true meaning of health, I would buy the BIG cans of lemonade in the blazing Palm Desert heat and drink them all day long….little did I know there was over 80 grams of sugar when you drank the whole big can.  Disgusting.  This is why I’m literally obsessed with reading my ingredients today.  3x over.

As I’m older and wayyyy more conscious of my sugar intake and what actually goes into the store bought lemonade, I simply make my own when I need that thirst quenching, chic summer drink.

Being 100% committed and focuses on fuelling my temple with nutritious, whole, and healing food, I still don’t want to give up things that I adore and foods / bevy’s that bring me joy.  I just know in my soul that you can make everything healthier on your own!  Remember to be living your optimal life, living your wildest dreams, flowing in wealth and living wildly free, your food and bevy choices plan a BIG role in your vibes and your happiness.  Why?  What you put in your mouth either fuels you are takes away from your energy and your health.

As you know, I’m all about having fun and eating things that taste good, but why not choose the healthier options that still taste amazing, but increase your vibes and health?

This bomb Lavender Lemonade recipe is sugar free, simple and HEALING!

Yes.  It’s healing on your body.


Lemon is my favourite way to detox my body daily!  Not only does fresh lemon (and lemon essential oil) amp up your daily detox, it also cleanses the lymphatic and balances your PH.

Hot, right??  We all need this!

When I have a night out like last weekend when I went to a big Italian Wedding – read the post here–  and at more carbs than normal and drank wayyyy more red than normal, I woke up with a couple breakouts.  However, my cure is always adding a bit more lemon to my daily water and voila, clear skin again!   +  ENERGY!  Lemon and Lemon Oil is great for boosting your energy, which is such a boost for your self-love.

Ok, onto the gorgeous health benefits of Lavender!

Taking lavender internally helps so much with calming anxiousness and stress.  It’s also fab for helping with high blood pressure, so I love taking it to keep me even steven and emotionally balanced, especially on a stressful work day.

It’s very soothing.

Now, keep in mind – if you’re taking essential oil internally, choose a super high quality and therapeutic grade essential oil.

I adore lavender and lemon together.  Not only do they heal my skin and help with my mood, they heal my whole body when I feel I  need it.  This lemonade is so good for dissolves seasonal allergies…it sounds too good to be true, but it’s so good and so true.

homemade lavender essential oil lemonade

Homemade Healthy Sugar-Free Lavender Lemonade (Simple + Packed Full of Humming Health Benefits)

*makes 2 glasses of lavender lemonade

Juice of 2 big organic lemons

1 drop of pure therapeutic grade lavender essential oil (you can also use dried lavender as a substitute)

1 packet of natural stevia

5 cups of water


To make your Healthy Sugar-Free Lavender Lemonade:

Squeeze the delicious and nutritious juice out of the 2 lemons into a large measuring cup.

Stir in the stevia and lavender.

Divide the lemon mixture equally into 2 glasses and top up with water and ice!

Of course, add a fun straw and a fresh slice of lemon to make it extra special!   I mean it’s your health and wellbeing after all, jazz it up!

healthy homemade stevia lemonade

Sip on the deck and soak up your vitamin d to make this whole lemonade experiences perfect!

Of course you can do as I do and bring it into the home office and sip between creativity sessions and calls : )   I actually felt really calm today on my calls and I can give the credit to this soothing and refreshing anxiety be gone, drink!  HAHA!

OK!  I want to hear – what is your favourite summer time drink?  

Am I totally off my rocker with my love for lemonade?!  


Why loving yourself first is important in a relationship!

do you need a partner to complete you

Loving yourself first in your relationship will more create harmony, understanding and growth.

Have you ever felt you need your partner or soulmate to “complete” you?

Yup!  I was that girl.

Today we’re talking love, relationships and self-love!  This topic is fresh and on my mind for a couple reasons.  1.  Ryan and I have been talking a lot about where we have both grown from individually and as a couple over the years.  2.  Weddings, Weddings, WEDDINGS are in the air in my family, so I am apart of a lot of love!

Loving yourself first in a relationship is the most important thing you can focus on, at least I believe it is.

Let’s be honest, can you find yourself feeling unsupported by your guy?  (I wrote a whole post on how to feel supported in a relationship, so read that now if you need that light lit!)
I know, it can be challenging at times.

Over the years of running businesses and coaching women one of the number one things that stops them (besides their fear of not being good enough for their dream career) is that they “can’t” step out and start businesses they want because their partners or husbands don’t think it’s a good idea or it will cost to much money.  I’m really passionate about this now that I work with woman on a larger scale to build an income and business they love, in flow and not fear!

For me the reward is watching each woman have an incredible break through where they reclaim their life and their power!   They unlock their confidence and passion and start to really live wildly free, radiating with love and flowing with wealth!

So, back to who this topic popped into my heart to write it for you!

This past weekend my beautiful cousin Melissa got married to her new husband, Tino and Ryan and I had a blast celebrating with my family, eating amazing food and sipping endless drinks.

Also!!  My sister Michelle and her fiancé, Mark are getting married in Maui this coming February, so like I said love, weddings, partnership and growth is a hot topic around here!

do you need your parter to complete you

As always, loves – I’m going to only speak personally because I think everyone has their own style and understanding of their relationships and what they want.

Goodness me, I used to blame Ryan for not giving me all I wanted.  We were totally out of harmony.  Like I would get myself into a frenzy that it was his fault for me being tied to the job I hated or for me not standing confidently in all I wanted to create and tell him I wanted to create it.   Eeeep, I look back and honestly can’t believe some of the things I would blame other people for, when that whole time it was just up to me!

You see, I grew the most as a woman and reclaimed my power the moment I realized I was giving my power away to Ryan.  Not knowing any differently, we had this power struggle constantly going on.  I would complain to him, hand him all my power and he soaked it up like a sponge!  As we learned to break this cycle of needing each others power or taking each others power, our relationship became way more in FLOW.

Ryan and I started building a business together in 2012 and this was the best thing that could have happened to us because we learned how to say we need our alone time, we learned how to each bring our power and creativity into the business and I found my voice.  This is when the connection really started to ignite again and our relationship seemed to take a beautiful turn and I see him differently.

So, the reason we’re talking about this today on the blog was because after a couple glasses of red at the wedding, Ryan and I were talking about why our relationship works.  Especially more today than ever.  Let me just be open with you, I used to get pissed if something was not done “my way” or if he cleared his throat during an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (you can really tell how far we’ve come because we don’t even have a T.V. anymore!  Yes, I have done a lot of forgiveness work on myself) and today my heart gets happy when he walks past my office and smiles during the day…I can’t wait to see him when both our office doors open and we have mini breaks between phone calls and creating magic.

How did we turn it all around?   Simple:  I had to LOVE MYSELF FIRST.

You guys, I had to find love within myself.

I was so disconnected from love for myself that I would be so angry or upset if I wasn’t getting it from him.  I would be so hard on myself if he chose to go out for alone time and think he hated me for not including me.  All these fear based / ego thoughts showed up on my body as acne.  There were days I would just feel trapped in a dark circle, confused on why I told him I wanted him to love me more and didn’t feel I was getting it, even though he was doing all the right things.

When you are not in love with yourself, you can not fall deeply in love with others.

I believe the ego can trick you into thinking you love someone so much and you feel they “complete you”, but you are not missing any parts, you are whole as it is and no one can complete you!

Heck yes, you can have the most amazing and passionate relationship where you both hold space for each other and enhance one another’s essence and beauty….but I believe we must complete ourselves before looking for someone else to do that for us.

A life where you live in love instead of fear will set you free.

I had to love myself and get to know myself to the core so I could come full and nourished for the people I love the most.  When I was depleted, relying on others and blaming others, I was not in my power and I would always end up disappointed.

How can anyone show you the type of love you deserve if you are not in that frequency of love for yourself?

I had to shake myself and absorb that we are all energy.  Love is energy.  Money is energy.  The more we release blocks and baggage, our energy increases and we become magnet!

Want to have more attraction and passion?  Work on yourself and raise your vibes!


Love and having what you want is quite simple…

If you want more of it, love yourself more.

If you want a deeper connection to your partner and loved ones, allow a deep connection to yourself.

If you want more money, abundance, and business, love your money and all you’re creating deep in your heart, NOW.

If you want support, respect, honesty…you got it!  Support, respect and get down right honest with yourself.

When you love yourself, others are attracted to this and you open up space for others to come in and share this love with you!  They feel it!

How on earth do you love yourself?

Yea – great question!  I have a whole Love Yourself Up!  Series I shared last week on the blog, you can dive deeply into and apply!  You will love it : )

Day 1: a Self-Love Spray to use when you need a BOOST!

Day 2:  How to Fall in Love With Yourself and Ignite Your Confidence

Day 3:  Get Over the “I’m Not Good Enough” Thoughts and Create Your Dream Career!

Day 4:  How to Rock Your Self-Love Vibe So You Are in FLOW!

Day 5:  Self-Love and Manifesting Exactly What You Want!

If you’re in a relationship or want to be in one, but are committed to loving yourself up first – use this mantra:

“I am rich with love and energy and  I overflow this love and energy to the ones I love!”

Do you feel it’s important to love yourself first in any relationship?  I wanna hear!

Comment Below and join the conversation!


Coconut Yoghurt Chocolate “Cheesecake” (Nut Free, Sugar Free, and Grain Free)

A probiotic dessert that heals the gut, satisfies your sweet tooth and is uber healthy??  YES PLEASE!

I recently started exploring the benefits of eating primal.  My hair, skin and nails are thanking me for this switch in my diet.  I’m focused on eating for my gut health, which is grain free, high protein, super delicious veggies, fats, bone broths and probiotics!

I’ll share more in an upcoming post on WHY this is so important to me and all that jazz, but today I want to share a sugar free, nut free, grain free, DAIRY free “Cheesecake” recipe with you that has been saving my ass from the chocolate and sweets when I need a little something fantastic after dinner, or heck, for breakfast!

Honestly, this nut free, grain free, sugar free, dairy freeeeeeee “cheesecake” was a spur of the moment thing and it’s not fancy.

I would not make this to serve to your family after a gorgeous meal or anything.  This is kinda one of those “treats” that you want to keep in your fridge and nibble throughout the day when you feel called, stressed or hungry!   Hahah!

There was no photoshoot for this fun little treat.  The simplicity of this tasty gem just called for a good iPhone pic and I’m happy with that ; )


probiotic coconut yoghurt cheesecake

Probiotic Coconut Yoghurt Chocolate “Cheesecake”  (Nut Free, Sugar Free, Grain Free)


2 cups of shredded coconut

5 tbsp coconut oil

dash of sea salt

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 pack of stevia

1/2 tsp vanilla

In a blender or food processor, blend all crust ingredients together.

You could use a date in here if you are ok with a bit more sweetness.

Pat the crust into a small glass dish – I used a 7 x 5 glass dish.

Place in the fridge until the base is solid.



1 cup unsweetened coconut yoghurt (I love YOSO Unsweetened Coconut Yoghurt)

pinch of sea salt

1.5 tbsp cocoa powder

2 stevia packets

Whip the ingredients together until smooth and well combined.

Pour the filling “cheesecake” into the crust and place in the fridge or freezer (depending on how you love your cheesecake!)


The probiotics in coconut yoghurt are great for your gut, which in return help you keep your vibes high, your hair, skin and nails healthy and your self-love and focus on point!

When you’re reaching for food throughout the day, choose nutritious and gut healthy foods as they will help you shine and be your vibrant self!  Low quality foods, processed and package foods have lower vibes, so when you eat them, yup….you pick up on these lower vibes in your body!

Match your foods with your mindset for optimal health and a fabulous life!
When your body is clear, clean and an open channel you can manifest stronger, love more and download ideas for your thriving career you keep dreaming of!

If you need a BOOST of energy and love in your day, make my DIY Self-Love Spray (here’s the deal loves – essential oils are super high in vibration and if you need HELP, they will help you by opening up your cells and releasing the old so you can create your new) and spray yourself before you dig into a gorgeous piece of “cheesecake” and enjoy!
I’m thinking of doing a “Foods that Keep Your Vibes High” Series next!  Would you like that??

Comment Below!




Self-Love and Manifesting Exactly What You Want

self love and manifesting

Manifesting is a topic everyone’s ears perk up when you hear!  Who doesn’t want to manifest all that they want in life and have fun while doing it?!

Manifesting is a beautiful process and it’s one that uses your energy, your thoughts and the glorious powers of the Universe through Law of Attraction to bring what you desire to you.

However, to call in what you want to your life, you still need to move your feet and you still need to be very clear and intentional!

As we talk about Self-Love through the “Love Yourself UP!” Series this week, which in  my newsletter I sent out today to my wonderful tribe, this “series” hit me like a ton of bricks one day and since writing the Love Yourself Up Series I have had people appreciating it so much and loving the “Get Over Your “I’m Not Good Enough” Thoughts and Create Your Dream Career!”

Clearly you babes love career talk, along with dissolving barriers in your life and within you, so today we’ll play more in this magical topic and pull in a piece that is super high vibe and rich with LOVE.


Ooooo I love this topic!

You might be scratching your head wondering how self-love and manifesting go hand in hand….and yea, it sounds funky, but they are such “get your life in flow” duo and here’s why!

When you love yourself and you honour yourself each day (yesterday you learned how to rock your self love!  Read it again!!) you literally open up space within your body, your energy and your vibration, allowing this clean space to be filled what what you do want and what you are manifesting.

Think of it this way…

When you’re grumpy and cursing your job or unhappy with your boyfriend all day long, you feel heavy and full, don’t you?  This heavy and full feeling is bottled up emotion and will live in your body until you can dissolve it so it peaces out, leaves your body and you feel a release and an openness….like a current of clean energy that starts moving through your body.

Your Manifesting Process:

Step 1:  Love Yourself.

Go through and apply the simple and juicy “Self-Love” tools in Day 2 of this Love Yourself Up! Series: “How to Fall in Love With Yourself & Ignite Your Confidence”

and deeply enjoy and put into action the Self-Love List from Day 3: “How to Rock Your Self-Love Vibe so You Are in FLOW!”


Step 2:  Be Clear With Your Thoughts.

Now that you have been dissolving your obstacles or fear with “Self-Love” and you are really this open vessel for creating what you want –

Write down on a sheet of paper what you deeply want to manifest!

Now, align your super charged thoughts to match what you want to manifest.

Let’s say you want to manifest $5,000.  What thoughts would you need to be thinking all day long to be in the energy of $5,000?
You should start with some I Am Statements:  I am a money magnet, I am in flow with money, I am in love with money, I can receive money, etc.

Start to say “Thank You” more when you are working, driving, out for a walk, looking in the mirror.  “Thank You” has a VERY high vibe and it surges through your cells!

“Thank you for the $5,000” and feel this energy in your body.

*Gorgeous Side Note:  YES!  Your inner critic will come in and try to knock the $5,000 out of your hand.  Be mindful of her and her nasty words….so witness this fear or negative self-talk and let it go.  When this happens write out your vision again for why you do want to experience what you want to manifest and get the high vibes back up for you and your $5,000! (or whatever you want to manifest..maybe it’s your true love, 5 new business partners for your business, etc)


Step 3:  Feel All the FEELINGS.

Feeling is the biggest piece in manifesting.  Like we chatted about above, now that you can release a lot of the gunk in your energy by loving yourself up, you have clean open space to pour new energy in and this will bring great emotion and feeling.  When you fill this clean space with your desires, you will feel tingles, sparkles and excitement for why you want to manifest you $5,000, the new guy, the business partners…..

So FEEL these feelings.  Enjoy them!!

Emotion is how we draw what we want to us.  Emotion and feeling is OUR magnet waves, just like magnets attract other magnets,
when we become and energetic match for what we want, it comes full force!  


Step 4:  Take the Action!

Your vision and what you desire is on your heart and in your journal for a reason.

The universe is always guiding you to step into a reality and life that is thriving and in flow, so start to take the baby steps by following where your heart is leading you.

Let’s say you want to manifest the $5,000 in 60 days time – GREAT!  What action steps are you being lead to take?  Do you have a business where you need to speak to more people about what you do?  Can you reach out to 3 people today?  Do you feel called to create a program around your passion and sell it for $1,000?  All you need is 5 sales then to align and achieve your goal!

Action also means getting into a practice of Gratitude, Visualization, Journaling and Self-Care!

When you’re in the action of gratitude, you’re doing the “work” at a universal level, really aligning your energy to the energy of the things you want to manifest!


Here’s your SIMPLE Manifesting Method:

(Print this out!) 

Thoughts + Feelings + Actions + WHY = Your creation.


Your Simple Manifesting Method


Here’s to manifesting all you desire with love, high vibes and deep trust!

You are worthy of creating a life where you are wildly free radiating with love and flowing with wealth!

So – Get your manifesting on today!!!


P.S.  Share this post with your friends!!  Let’s up the manifesting and self-love vibes ever higha!