Having the best relationship with yourself… How to even do it?!


I had the most amazing talk with a woman yesterday who told me that she is ready to put her relationship with herself first and even set a date to buy herself an engagement ring.

I thought “you go girl!” and why the heck not?!

Who doesn’t want that passion, deep love and acceptance when they look in the mirror?!  I mean I am waving my hands around, trying to catch some of her self-love sparkles because her ju-ju is good!

Oh self-love…I’m happy I found you and adore you today.  But to be real, it wasn’t always an easy road to find you.

Have you ever questioned, “how do I even love myself?!”

This is why I started seeing a life coach and a question that I asked, because I longed to know what love really was.  I mean, I knew what love for my partner and family was, but I wanted to love myself so much that it poured into all other areas of my life so I could BE love.  Does this make sense?!

What I’ve learned about having a great relationship with yourself is this….

  • It can be a challenge at times to declare self-love.
  • It can be an interesting journey when you do accept a really radical relationship with yourself and you feel you’re coming across conceited or self-centred.  At least I felt this way.  But then again, this is PERSONAL POWER and who the F cares?!  {I’m speaking again, from experience}
  • You’ll wake up one day and ask yourself….“why did I stop loving myself or putting myself first in the first place?!” because it feels SO DANG GOOD and then you go on your merry self-loving way!


As anything in life, we find ourselves going through seasons and I found in building my relationship with myself, my season’s were different and super windy at times.  The roughest patch for me was when I started to accept and receive complements.  Crazy, right?!  Seriously though, it was hard for me to accept a complement because I thought I would be seen as “shallow” if I did accept it and say “thank you”.

Just the other day over a Skype video sessions with my coach, she said “Kris you’re beautiful!” and I said “I know, thank you!” and it just came out of my mouth and my whole being felt GREAT!  She smiled and said “remember when you first came to my office and I would tell you this, you would shy away..” not today, because today I love myself and have a fierce relationship with myself and I know why I’m here!

Vision is so key to creating greatness in life and I know it’s key to a fabulous relationship with yourself and others!  When you know in your soul why you’re here and what you have to bring to the world, you start to sparkle more and its the feeling of love.  At least this is how I know love to feel – like a warm morning summer breeze, as you sip a good cup of coffee and you’re in gratitude for your life.  Love.

I believe we are all here to have an outstanding and deep relationship with ourselves FIRST before we can have a deep and outstanding relationship with anyone else!

So – how?

  • Let go of negative thoughts you have about yourself – they are just not true!
  • Look at all that you love about yourself!  Babe, it’s time to pour your attention to your greatness.  So list out on paper ALL you love about yourself.  I mean everything.
  • Focus on 5 things you’ve done great at today {drop the wanting to go back into thinking about all you didn’t do today and focus on your greatness}
  • Ask others to express what they love about you so you can see what others see {this is a fun one!}
  • BE with yourself and nourish yourself daily with self-care.  This opens up a deep love…
  • Keep doing more of what FEELS SO F’ING good for your soul!  = deep love within yourself


What happened in my life when I opened up my relationship with myself, my other relationships in my life were super charged!  I felt SO much more passion and love from others, I was more understanding of others and their greatness and I trusted all that was happening in my life and knew I could overcome any fear or do anything I wanted!  This knowing you start to align with within is like a special force that you will know as soon as you tap into it…..

…it’s vibrant and wild!

Here’s to YOU, loves!

I want to hear from you – have you been focusing on your self-love and your relationship with yourself?  What are some things you do?



Biz Talk: Do you have to be ‘certified’ to be a life coach? {my 2 cents on the topic}

do i need to be certified to be a life coach

Do you have a calling to be a coach?  I want to help answer the question “do I need to be certified to become a life coach?”…that most people ask.

This isn’t a question I get a couple times a year, it’s one I am asked a few times a week.  Now, I’m blessed every day to speak to other passionate women who ache to start a business that nourishes their soul and is straight from the heart as they help and serve others, but I also see where most people stop themselves from moving forward with this calling.

To be real –

Most people get hung up thinking they have to be “certified” to become a coach.

I’ll tell you what I feel on this topic {you might disagree with me or you might be scream “hell yeah!” with me!} – No.  I don’t believe you need to be certified to help people.  I mean, who sets the life coaching rules anyways?!

But hear me out…

My heart and soul tells me every day that to teach is to learn and the we usually start off preaching and teaching to others what we actually need to heal and learn about ourselves.  I mean, I’m calling myself out here too because when I started I would teach people the importance of self-love, positive self talk, big vision, etc, but I was still going through my own sh*t.  And babes, that’s OK!

As A Course in Miracles says; to teach is to learn.

Now, you might be questioning if I am “certified” and I’ll tell you that I took a program through my amazing coach, Ann years ago to learn her tools, skills and strategy to support my clients and you the amazing friends on the blog {I share coaching tips in my posts all the time!}, but I don’t hang a certificate on my wall and NO ONE asks me ever if I went to ‘school’ to become a coach.

The truth is my amazing life coaches who read this –

My personal journey, the where I surrendered to learning to into my shadows, muck, and emotions and fears are what TRULY has opened me up to the coach I am today.  If I just sat for a month, soaking up knowledge but not going through my own healing journey, I don’t think I could meet people where they need me the most.  I feel you.  I see you.  I know what you’re going through because I went through it and many days still feel like a hot mess, but because I have this knowing, I can fully stand in the fire with everyone I speak with.

This is why I preach that coaches need coaches!  I work with woman right now who are starting coaching businesses and have gone for their certification, but they aren’t stopping there – no way, they are in the trenches, opening up to their truth and getting support through it so they also can heal and help others heal.  Their own healing is what helps others.  Your story, heals!

So – heck if you feel you need a certification to say you’re a life coach, go rock it out – I believe so much in you and the world needs you!

But if you are waiting for your certification, in my opinion, just start sharing your dreams and skills NOW because your life is the real life skills that we all need.

Now I do believe you need support to grow your business and your reach!  Absolutely.  Building a business on your own is hard when you don’t know the next steps to take or where to find your tribe, etc.  This is where I believe your investment should be FIRST!  In a program or a coach that will help you take your message out to the people who need it the most and attract the right people back to you and then support you in learning how to package your services, price your coaching and create a program / product.  This is a must.

> If you need help with this, I can refer you to a great program that changed my life, income and business!  Email me!

Don’t keep yourself small because of limiting beliefs.  But if you feel you are not at all equipped to help someone else, don’t start coaching just yet.  Coaching others will flow when you go through your own healing and processing in your own life because as you will see, your clients are always just a few steps behind you!  You will know exactly where they’ve been and where they want to go, because you’ve been there and are working towards your vision like they are!  So, be there with them : )

I hope this helps you for any new coaches asking this question!

Comment below and let me know your biggest tool for starting a business / blog / or service that lights you up!  What did you do to break through limitation?


Get Your Self-Worth & Self-Esteem on Point!-3

My favourite spiritual / personal development books! {they changed my life}

really good spiritual development books

I get asked quite a bit about books that I love and which ones I recommend and today I’m going to share with you my top 4 favourite books that have seriously changed my life!

Come peek into my bookshelf!

Most of the books in my stack are spiritual with a side of kick booty personal growth and development, which I beyond love.

Who else love reading?  I love reading a physical book.  Ahhhhh that feeling of the paper in my hands and the colourful sticky notes flapping out of the pages as that I place them to magical sentences I want to return to….

Nothing beats curling up early in bed with a good book!

However, there are some books I need to be reading with a pen and paper in hand so I can take notes down or journal on the topic when I feel a pull to.

As I have been on my personal growth and spiritual quest, books have comforted me, they have guided me through self-hate and into self-love and they have absolutely helped me remember my truth and who I deeply am.  Not to mention when you reach a great book you bring juicy content to dinner with your partner ; )  Ryan and I are always talking about what we learn and apply through the books we love!

Let’s dive into my favourite books for serious GROWTH!

 top 4 spiritual books for growth

// A Course In Miracles – This is a mother of all spiritual books for me.  It’s challenging at first to read, but the message is incredible.

This book basically opened my eyes to the concept that Fear is NOT real and that we are always choosing between love or fear.   Fear creeps in from our ego, which is trying to keep us small or “safe”, so as I always say, go with your feelings, not the fear in your mind.  Your heart always knows the way.

ACIM is a channeled book and it’s the book to understand how to live with inner peace, trust and living with deep love.

There is also a daily meditation practice you apply {for 365 days} and I have done the meditations, however I am not done reading this book – it’s HUGE and so in-depth, I find I read paragraphs a few times before moving on.

// The Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford – Ahhh I can’t even begin to tell you how much this books means to me.  It was the very first book that my coach referred to me 8 years ago and it was the book that introduced me to “shadow work” a HUGE piece of my coaching business revolves around helping people know and love and forgive their shadow…..

This books helps you see that the things you might want to hide about yourself, from yourself are actually OK and a great way for you to learn more about you and your strengths.

It’s all about reclaiming your wholeness and I LOVE IT!

// Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell – Such a good book.  This book helps you reveal your souls calling and what truly lights you up!

It’s rich with exercises and questions to ask yourself to help you see what you are here to do on this planet at the soul level.  This book is super refreshing, fun and I read it quickly with that “feel good” vibe flowing through my body.

// Life Loves Me by Louise Hay & Robert Holden – I love Louise!  This book is all about self-love, affirmations and how you can create your dream, high vibe life!

When I had low self-esteem, horrible acne and was upset at my life, her books and messages helped me see a way past my old story and into love for myself.  Life Loves Me is a book that I couldn’t put down!  Robert was writing this book, while asking Louise questions and I really felt like I was a fly on the wall as they drank green smoothies in her La Jolla home.

I felt I got to dive into Louise’s life and learn all her great tools while out for dinner with her.  The book was written amazingly!

There you have them!  Some of my top spiritual / personal growth books….

As writing this I realized there are SO MANY MORE books that I love and that have changed my life – like “Spiritual Growth” by Sanaya Roman {SO GOOD!} and her book called “Personal Power Through Awareness” – which I talked about here.

I want to hear from you!!  What are some books that changed your life and why?

I love hearing about new books I can read : )


Get Your Self-Worth & Self-Esteem on Point!-3

Focus on Your Power and Attention for Success

focusing on the power of attention for success

Every Sunday I sit at my desk and set my intentions for the week to come.  It’s literally one of my favourite things to do all week, besides my self-care!

I believe that freedom is your focus and when you tune into your power and attention to create what your soul is calling you to do, you are successful and allowing greater depths of success to come into your life.

So – you might be questioning; “how do I know what I want or where to find my personal power so I can rock my success?”

Today is all about success and how to focus on your power and attention for creating abundance and success!

So good, right?!

I honestly look at what I want to create and accomplish and why I want to do it and then I look at all the fears that try to block me.  I do this all in my journal – feeling the feels and then I bust through any limitation and put my action steps down in my calendar so I stay accountable!

It all comes down to feelings.

When you give your gorgeous self permission to FEEL, you will know what you deeply want and what some really rad next steps are!

Do you take the time {for real – be honest} to feel your emotions each day and in each moment?  I know, it can a lot of work at first when you’re getting used to owning your personal power and creating a really wicked life on purpose, but it’s so worth it!  This is the KEY to running a business that fires you up, blogging full time or tripling your income each month and having a delicious savings account that is rich with love and with purpose for your cash money.

Are you questioning where you feel?

I sure as heck did when I started lighting up my life and choosing to create what I desire!  I questioned “how do I even feel?!”  But, keep in mind loves, I was blocked in all ways in my life and my vibes were no free flowing back then.  I was a ball of stress, worry, doubt and low self-esteem so feeling anything besides fear was foreign to me…..

Trust me, life gets better when you make the decision to be open and connected to your heart.

I feel in my heart / chest area.  Most people do, but you can feel anywhere in your body and when you feel things, it could be super slight….like a tingle or it could be a woosh of excitement or calmness, but you will always know what feels “right” and what feels “wrong”.  I practice this in all areas of my life now.  I mean, down to the hotels I book or the books I buy, I ask my heart “How does this feel?” and I just tune inward and my internal compass tells me {funky, but so wicked!} and then I trust that feeling.


If you want to be intentional with your week and check off all you accomplish in your daily planner {like I love to do!}, and start hitting your goals, you must look within!

“Your success is what you have attained within” – Paramahansa Yogananda

Growing up I didn’t understand “success” because I watched people close to me go through times of struggle and tough times, so I kinda wrote success off.  Thankfully I started to understand that success starts within and you can make of yourself whatever you want to BE.  You can change your life in an second, but you have to be open to it.

how to focus on what you want for success

It’s time to go within and realign your focus and personal power for all you want to achieve {and what you deserve to have!}!

  1. Set your big intention for the week.  {don’t judge yourself or the big goal / intention – let your soul freaking lead you}
  2. Map out 3 things a day {in your planner} that you can do to pour action, focus and attention into achieving your goal.
  3. Get silent in self-care each day to envision your intention and goal already achieved!  {I do this in a stress free super pampering bath and in my journal}
  4. Remove all habits and distractions that will keep you from focusing and taking action on your goals.  {This means limiting screen time, put your phone away 1 hour before bed, stop surfing FB!, etc}  You really have make the decision to take your goals and dreams seriously, ok babe?
  5. When blocks come up along the way {there are almost always your own mental blocks – feel them, write them out and let them go} I shared “what you resist, persists” and it’s so true!
  6. Keep connecting to the feeling of achieving your intentions!!  Plaster your walls with I Am Statements, visualize, BE the person who’s achieved all you desire already!
  7. Have fun while moving your feet!  This is your life, girl and you’re creating it as you please – that RAD!!!


Follow these 7 steps and hit your goals, and really focus on your freedom, happiness and success from within!

Of course, I add a few more tools to my intention setting routine, like a journal, my favourite pen, coconut wax candles and essential oils that keep my mindset and heart open to receiving guidance and abundance.  It all works.

Oh!  And crystals.  I mean, they are all over my home and office / desk.  It’s a bit ridic, but it all works.


This week I am setting the intention to blog 5x this week, help 2 new people get started in a wellness business {and on our team} and helping 4 people get started in a business coaching program that I am currently selling into, meditate and get the car clean because it’s being sold this Friday and a new one is rolling into our lives.  My goals are laid out and I am ready to rock!


I want to hear from you, loves!  What are your intentions this for this week and what do you know you’re going to achieve?

Let’s keep each other accountable!


All Natural Homemade Dry Shampoo {toxin free and icky-ness free}

homemade all natural dry shampoo recipe


Ok, I’m very open and real with you today….

I barely wash my hair.

Before you get all grossed out, hear me out.  My hair is better the days I don’t wash it, I feel it’s more shiny and healthy and I’ve found a non toxic way to make an all “natural homemade dry shampoo” and essential oils {that actually work!!} so my hair doesn’t even stink between washes!  I’m so over slathering toxins on my body and I am so digging daily detoxing and chemical free living.  It really grosses me out the amount of chemicals I used to put in my hair, on my body, my face and armpits because I didn’t know there was any other way.

I used to use horrible store bought dry shampoo and that sh*t is really bad for you!  Ick.

So…why do I rarely wash my hair??

I actually believe it’s better for your hair to wait a few days between washes, it lets your natural hair oils nourish your locks, it looks so healthy and shiny because you’re stripping your hair of it’s natural oils and you’re not crazily heat styling it every single day, which hello, leads to a lot of damage.

This all started because I’ve been on my hair growth train.  This has been my main focus for the last few years and really this past year since I saw my hair thinning when I was vegan and I am naturally getting my hair to grow back and it is!  So, I wanted to let my hair have a break from all the over washing and blowdrying and let it regrow and repair and it’s been growing like crazy!  As promised, I will share with you what I’m eating, taking and putting on my hair and scalp to get my hair to grow faster and thicker – would you like to hear what I’m doing?

Let’s talk about all natural toxin free homemade dry shampoo!

So, I get a good 5-6 days between washes and today, I’m letting you in on my SECRET dry shampoo sauce that keeps my hair grease free and smelling good ; )

I make a batch of this toxin free dry shampoo about once a month – it’s super cheap and I’m so cheap, I even use an old spice bottle to store mine in.  The truth is, these spice sprinkling bottles are perfect for this dry shampoo because it lets just enough to sprinkle out onto your scalp.


Homemade Toxin Free Dry Shampoo:

1/4 cup arrowroot powder

2 tbsp coco powder {for my fellow brunettes out there!}

1 tsp baking soda

4-6 drops peppermint essential oil

homemade natural dry shampoo ingredients

Add all ingredients into a little bowl, combine well and pour through a funnel into your spice bottle, or any bottle you choose for easy use and sprinkling!

homemade dry shampoo with essential oils

I will add this dry shampoo to my hair usually on day 3 all the way until I wash my hair again.

When you notice your hair getting greasy looking, flip your hair into sections as you sprinkle your scalp with the dry shampoo and rub it in with your finger tips well.  This dry shampoo will soak up any grease and bring your hair back to life!

Another hot hair tip – between washes, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to your hands, rub them together and then rub your hands through your hair!  This is great for keeping your hair fresh smelling!  I love using peppermint, rosemary, ylang ylang or a blend of my favourites : )

Here’s to your happy, healthy locks, babes!


I want to hear from you!!  Do you wash your hair daily?  How do you keep your hair fresh between washes?