Freedom Friday: First rule of improving your life and business!

Happy Freedom Friday, Gorgeous!

I hope you’re good and excited for the weekend?

Yesterday afternoon, I shut off notifications on my phone, made some Starbucks Peach Tranquility Tea and wrote the first worksheet / course work for something special I am bringing to your really shortly!

Gawd, I’ve always wanted that messy, crazy “writers hair” while I’m zoned in and flowing.  I think I knocked it out of the park.

Photo on 2015-03-26 at 11.27 AM #2

I wrote about your DESIRES.

Since, I love taking you on my day to day journey and my own growth, let’s talk a bit about what I gave you in the workbook yesterday.

I’ve been open and learning as I go on with my own personal, spiritual and business growth and as simple as it sounds, in order for you to go from where you are to where you want to be, you must take time to be real and vulnerable with what you desire.

The first “rule” of improving your life and business is….

>> You must believe that something better exists. 

I know, it’s sounds simple and so easy, right?

The truth is, many women come to me and they have no idea what they want.  Their desires have been pushed so far aside that they’ve lost complete feeling of what it would be like to have what they want.  When I ask them, they stumble and fumble and tell me what they don’t want, but that act of expressing what they deeply desire can be a struggle for a lot of people.

I know what this feels like to be confused and question if it’s even OK to want more than you have.

I used to get my journal out and start writing the things I thought I wanted and all of a sudden, my pen would go down, the journal would close and my mind was repeating my story; “you won’t ever get that stuff anyways…’re not good enough….you don’t deserve it….how will you pay for all this?!” and my EGO would win.

I let it.

Interesting enough, it all comes down to fear.  The fear we’ll get hurt if we expose what we want and don’t get it, the fear of failure, the fear of not begin good enough for more, the fear of people calling us self-centred or shallow for wanting more, fear, fear, fear!

My mom and I sat at the kitchen table the other night talking about how is so controlling and “real” for people while they’re living it or facing it, but this is all an illusion.

When I started in business I decided I was so done with my story.  I was sick of waking up and feeling like I was trapped and small because I wasn’t stepping out more and taking risks that I wanted to take.  The decision for me to BELIEVE there was more for my life was easy and it was a simple decision.

I hope it is for you?

We are spiritual beings so deserve everything we can see and that we want.  The only reason you wouldn’t go after your desires or even write out your desires is because your false, ego story is on repeat and you believe it more than you trust your feelings and intuition.

So, today, let’s start fresh….look at your desires.

>>  Take a moment to write your desires down.

>>  Take another moment to think of at least 3 reasons why you CAN have what you want?

Your old story of fearful “how’s” and “I can’t” isn’t serving you any longer and to move forward in your life where you create your dreams and live as your highest self needs you to start focusing on the THREE REASONS why you can have what you want.

How does this feel?

Imagine what your life would look like if you started living each day from this space – why do I deserve my desires?

I hope this helps you today, love!


//  Comment Below!

+ What are your 3 reasons that you can have what you want?

+ What are you eager to create by the end of this year in your life




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Things I Love Thursday #3 {Teavana Peach Tranquility Tea & Random Stuff}

Happy Thursday, Gorgeous!

I can’t say I’ve been trying a lot of new things this week to show you.  My “loves” have been similar to the last 2 weeks, so I might need to switch Thursday around a bit and throw some Q&A in the mix.

I was on a call with a coach the other day and she asked me what I liked most about blogging and it was that I get to reply to your questions that you ask me!  I love it!!

So keep the questions coming ;)

Let’s jump into the things I love this week!


// 1. Starbucks Teavana Peach Tranquility Tea

I’m not a tea drinker.  I find that when I get a good tea, I’m bored of it quickly, it’s too thin, tea is just usually “meh” to me….but not this one!

This Peach Tranquility Tea is always on my mind!!  Ryan took me to Starbucks at 7:30pm last night so I could get my tea!  Every Starbucks I went to yesterday to buy my own pack of this tea is SOLD OUT!!

Soooo you know me, today I hunt for it again. I will get a box of this tea!


//  2. Walking through the bookstore to find this…

After our tea date last night, we went to the book store.  I wandered the home decor section and all the beautiful journals then wen to find Ryan and found him in the self-help section like this…..


My man!


// 3. Candles and Mugs!

Voluspa Candles smell AMAZING!  Especially this Santiago Huckleberry one……OMG!

Most of my friends know that we are in the process of moving and it’s going at a very “odd” pace.  There is not a lot of inventory here in our area, but I am manifesting a lot and I am making a list of all the decor and goodies I’m placing in my home office and this candle is one of the things that will be living on my desk!

Aren’t they gorgeous??

I’m a sucker for mugs and I found a wall of these mugs at our Chapters Bookstore!  I have a very similar one from Anthropology, but these ones are a tad bigger, which means more COFFEE….or more Peach Tranquility Tea!  You see how I work here, right?!  Mmmmm.

I thought it would be cute to get a mug with my families initials on them for when they come over for dinner or brunch!  Super cute!


Sorry this post wasn’t filled with a lot of things I’ve been trying this week, but I really have been working a lot, painting a lot and not shopping!  I will keep you posted on my tea hunt today…I’m getting this tea in my hands!

Off to the gym and to get a coffee!!  See you on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!!

{Which social media platform do you use the most?  I feel Twitter needs more love…I’m never on there!  OH!  SnapChat is big now…do you have it?}


Make today amazing!  You have so much to offer, keep inspiring!

//  Comment Below!

+ What are you loving this week?

+ Have you tried the peach tea from Starbucks?


P.S.  I’ve started the layout of the special thing I’m launching for you!!  It feels so good for me to put this together for you and I spent time on it yesterday, thinking of the name and what I want the whole over all “feel” of the group to be!  Today, I start writing the content!  Weeeee!!!!


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Being Honest and Sitting in Your Truth

Happy Wednesday, Gorgeous!

I hope you’re having a great day?  Hudson….my dog.  He’s been a real character lately and he clearly needed his breakfast this morning because I woke up to him jumping all over our legs and growling at us.  6am growls.

This is my life with this wiener dog though.  When I’m up and want to go places, he sleeps.  When I’m sleeping at 6am, he’s bouncing off my legs for food!

Last night I went to the beach during the rainstorm and sat in the car, watching the dog play, the water roll and this kid playing with his kite.

As I watched this big kite and little kid work together it was somewhat soothing for me…it was like a dance they had created.  At times the kite would want to fall crashing into the sand and the kid would twist, jump and run to keep it in the air and pull on it to get it back up to its perfect height.

It was such a great night for me to see this!

This boy knew what he wanted.  He made sure this kite would not fall and really had an idea for how the dance in the sky would go!

This is where I feel I’m at…..I don’t fly kites, but I am feeling that areas of my life and business are ready to change.  Which means, I’m on the sand more than ever now, running with what’s in my heart, keeping my dreams going and working on correcting what feels out of flow.

I had a great coaching call yesterday and the topic of “being honest” came up and it really got me thinking….

For any of us to move forward in our lives we have to be honest with ourselves and others and follow what is true to us!

You see, we all have a unique calling and path.  We are all guided by our intuition and our intuition is like a road map, always giving you the next step and stop, if you let it!

When you sit in your truth and your honest with what your heart is telling you, watch out world, you’re shifting fast!


The universe is eager to keep you soaring when your following the guidance that feels good and true!

Lately I’ve been facing a lot of decisions and a lot of great things are opening up, so as I watched the dancing kite and the boy, I was reminded of my passion again and I slept well last night with a knowing that today great things are being created!

It’s time to be honest with yourself.

What do you want?

What feels right?

Where do you want to go?

Sit in your own truth and watch the magic happen!

Ok!  I’m off to the gym for my back and bicep workout (oh yea!!!), I have my shake and protein bar ready to goooooo!

// Comment Below!

+ do you feel a stir in your soul to step up in certain areas?  Maybe make a change?



PS.  I have something very exciting coming your way soon!  Imagine a group of like minded women, together breaking through fears, strengthening your inner wealth and self love and creating a business and life you love!  Keep your eyes peeled here on the blog for more updates!

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Funny Bunny Protein Pancakes!

Happy Treat Tuesday, Gorgeous!

I hope you’re having a great morning so far?

It’s been a rainy few days here, which means I’ve been indoors drinking a lot of hot beverages, reading, sharpening my skills and eating a lot of snacks and making unique creations in the kitchen ;)  Yesterday I made both, funny bunny pancakes and hamburger salad between working and coaching calls and between being in the kitchen and reading your feedback on the Mantra Monday Post, my day was brightened up!

As I was making these pancakes for you, I was thinking back on when I was young and my mom would make me Mickey Mouse pancakes on a Sunday, or sometimes just pancakes that had cute bear faces!   Did you ever make fun shaped pancakes?  This might be a first for you!

Gawd, my mom is really great with that batter and spoon and the presentation was always spot on!  However, it was the feelings that her pancakes gave me that was so special…..I loved knowing that she took the time to make me a special one….

So, I thought it would be cute to make Funny Bunny Protein Pancakes that you can share with your loved ones, or just make them for yourself today or on Easter Morning!



I ate this whole plate of pancakes after I made my funny bunny……

All you need is to make a pancake batter of your choice {I kept it healthy and followed my protein pancake recipe – I doubled the recipe –  you can use vanilla protein powder or chocolate, it’s up to you!  If you want a brown bunny with vanilla protein powder, just add a bit of cocoa powder and some extra almond milk}  YUM!


Funny Bunny Pancakes:

1 large pancake for the “body”

1 medium pancake for the “shoulders”

1 smaller than medium size for the “head”

3 little pancakes for the “tail” and “feet”

2 long pancakes for the “ears”

Added goodies:

slices of banana for the paw pads

a dollop of vanilla yogurt on the tail – a sprinkle of shredded coconut on top of the yogurt for the “fuzzy tail”

You can add chocolate chips, nuts, granola, blueberries…whatever you feel your funny bunny needs!  Dress him up :)

I have no idea if this makes any sense to you and to be honest, I have no idea how to describe bunny parts in pancake lingo….so I hope you can see what I did in the pictures?!  If not, have fun with making a cute bunny or whatever animal you decide to make and make sure you show me what you make by #iheartwellness on Twitter and Instagram!!  Also tag me on Facebook with a picture of your bunny or cute pancake animal, I’d love to see!

I hope you have a beautiful day today!

I am off to the gym, to get coffee and to start my dayyyyyy!

Sending Love!

// Comment Below!

+ Do you ever make fun pancakes?

+ What is your go to pancake recipe?


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Mantra Monday: Follow Your Heart

Happy Monday, Gorgeous!

Did you have an amazing weekend?

We looked at the house I spoke about in Saturday’s blog post, but we haven’t if it’s ours yet or not and I hope today we do!

Besides looking at beautiful homes, we also celebrated my moms birthday Saturday night with the family….obviously someone drank wine and someone didn’t because the after party on the way home was a lot of fun!

On Sunday morning, Ryan and I met up with friends who are in town for some coffee then, I headed off to enjoy “ME TIME”, by sipping some tea and reading my book.

This Peach Tranquility Tea from Starbucks is legit!  It tastes like a basket of fresh summer peaches and I’m in lovvvvveee.  Will it ever replace my coffee?!  No.

The weekend was my time to just stop and relax.

It really was a relaxed weekend around the busy times.  I caught up on my book and just followed my heart!

When I was lead to paint my nails, I painted my nails!  When I was guided to journal, I journaled and it felt so good!

As you know, today is Mantra Monday, so your mantra for the week is this:



“I follow my heart!”

This mantra will allow YOU to do what feels right for you!  It’s there to support you and guide you to what you really want to do.  You see, many of my coaching clients are coaching with me because they are “people pleasers”, they do everything for everyone else and it’s time they feel whole and fulfilled doing what they love to do…this comes down to setting healthy boundaries!

Your life will RADICALLY shift when you follow the voice of your heart and that voice only!

Are you ready for this challenge?  

Let me know in the comments below if this mantra sounds exciting to you!  I really hope you see how important it is to follow your heart and allow your guidance within to take the lead…’s how magic happens and all the answers appear to you!  How fun!!  RIGHT?!

// Comment Below!

+ Are you ready to apply this weeks mantra?


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Self-Love Saturday: Relax and Connect (Attract what you want)

Happy Self-Love Saturday, Gorgeous!

I’m coming at you on the fly this rainy Saturday morning as I’m sitting at my favourite coffee shop, finishing my last few sips before we go view a home!

This story goes in with today’s self-love topic of relaxing and connecting!

These past 6 months have been a roller coaster ride as Ryan and I look for a home that fits our growth, our connection, our future and a suite for family.  

During this 6 months we’ve argued here and there, I felt quite stagnant and confused, but I know everything is a lesson, so I manifested some great homes to look at this last week by relaxing, letting go and reconnecting to my inner guide!  

I needed to let go of control to connect with my self love again.  To me self love is my knowing, the whisper within and peace.  I was frustrated no places were showing up, down right fuming mad….but I went to have a bubble bath last week and had a little love chat with myself…

DUH, Girl, you’re not going to get what you want if your energy is off and if you’re fighting up stream!  Of course I said this to myself.

I was ready to move forward with flow!  

Since that day of me relaxing and reconnecting the universe has opened up great opportunities!  Stop stalling the natural flow with negativity and control.  Surrender and let go and cast your vision out!  Let the universe know what you want and trust it’s coming!  

Today we check out this home.


Is it THE ONE?!

I dunno.

I won’t know until I step in and feel it.  Feel the video room (more videos for you to come), feel where I’ll be cooking and hear my inner guide.

I’ll keep you posted on social media ;) haha!

Thank you for being YOU and allowing your self love to be #1! 

// Comment Below!

+ How do you relax and connect?  




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Freedom Friday: How to be vulnerable {in life and business}

Happy Freedom Friday, Gorgeous!

YAHOOO!  It’s Friday!  Are you excited?

I’m raising my coffee mug to you right now and giving a big ol “Cheers!” as we both align our energy for such a great day today!

Today’s Freedom Friday Post both business focused and life focused.  I mean, I believe our passion for business and life should both feel tremendously good and juicy, so it merges nicely together.

We’re going to openly talk about a subject that is very important in my line of work and how I’ve built my business and that is VULNERABILITY!

I’ll let you in on a secret….when I fist started in business, I had no idea how to act “businessy” or how to be ME online, let alone how to be someone would follow or buy from, heck I had no idea what to even say.  I figured that no one would take me seriously if they knew I was living with painful stomach issues, that I was a complete prisoner in my body and I was a basket case with my finances.

So, I would dance around what was happening in my real life and just act as if I was “OK”.

Can you relate?  It’s almost like you’re embarrassed of where you are or even, who you are?

I’m nodding my head, but you can’t see me….but I think you can see me nodding.

As I time went on, I wanted to up level and I will never forget the day I announced where I actually “was” in my life.  I was laid off, broke, broken and confused on my next steps, I was flat-out laying on the living room floor begging for help because we had no idea how we were going to make it…..this is the first time I heard my inner guide, or God, step in and tell me to “get up, you got this Kris” and 2 days later we started a new business.

From that day on I knew that others were facing challenges like I had been, but they were too scared to say anything online.  I felt in my heart I could use my story and my vulnerability as a way to change lives and after we received our first check in the mail during our first week in business, I openly shared on a video that we faced some rough patches where “we had to count quarters for banana’s” and used this as a way to let my story shine and hopefully help others see that if we could do it, so could they and my FB inbox started blowing up!

It clicked.

People love to feel that they are not alone.

As our business grew bigger and we attended events, I would get stopped at the conference centre by people who started their own business because of our openness and ability to connect to them.  I also get quoted the “banana” line all the time.  That’s how much it resonated with people ;)  So funny how that works.


Let’s be real, I am no Brene Brown or anything and I know I can learn a thing or two on being vulnerable, but a key to building a tribe online and a team or getting clients through Facebook, comes down to these 4 things….

1.  Knowing your who your target market is.

2.  Know what keeps your target market up at night.

3.  Be the solution to your target markets biggest challenge.

4.  Be open with your story.

I coach my clients on how to get crystal clear on who they are “speaking” to when they post a status update, send a newsletter or write a blog post.  I mean, we go really deep and even give their “person” a name!  It’s very important to have an image in your mind of who you’re sharing your coaching or products with so you know what slang or words to use!

Also, this helps you to know what their biggest struggle is.

Here’s the bottom line my love….
Your mess is your message and as a coach on self-love and universal principles, I am here to help you get from where you are to where you want to be and the best way I know how to do this, is by TRUSTING that whatever situation you’re in, or have been in, was a learning lesson for you to share with others.

It’s safe for you to share your story.

It’s raw and real for you to be vulnerable {of course some things can stay in tucked away until you’re ready, if ever to share} and people will feel you and trust you more.

I believe that when you remove the negative association of embarrassment and replace your beliefs with knowing your path and life is full of beauty, even the areas you felt frustrated with, you’ll help a lot of people….

Anyways, you want to talk about VULNERABILITY?   My man, Ryan and I shot a video for his blog on our relationship and all the things we’ve have gone through over the last 13 years and where we are now…it’s RAW.  It’s OPEN.  It’s REAL.

Here’s the link to Ryan’s blog and the Showing Vulnerability video.

This video has allowed so many couples who build businesses reach out to us thanking us and saying that they feel relieved that they are not the only ones, heck we have people telling us their deepest secrets and asking for coaching and help.

Now, I’m not saying you have to go shoot a video like this, but look at where you can comfortably share more of the real you and I’m just suggesting you shift your beliefs that the “bad” things you went through, were “BAD”, in my work they aren’t bad, they are learning lessons.  Where can you see that you’ve learned your lessons and use your life and lessons to now help others?  Do you feel safe sharing your story a bit more to relate with people to help them and you grow your passion?

Let me know!

Sending you love today!
//  Comment Below

+ How do you feel on this topic of vulnerability?

+ Are you ok begin vulnerable?



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Things I Love Thursday # 2 {bevy’s, workout gear, chocolate and all that jazz!}

Happy Thursday, Gorgeous!

How is your day going?

Random thought, I’ve been watching so many British YouTuber’s lately {like Tanya Burr, Niomi Smart, Hello October, etc} and in my mind as I write to you….I have a british accent.  Yes.  Coffee can’t come soon enough today.  Or, maybe I should embrace my creativity and joy and only speak with a british accent today?  Who want’s a phone call?  Rule:  We only speak in faux accents.  HAHA!

Welcome to the 2nd week of Things I Love Thursday!  YAHOOO!

Last week I shared some real great things that I’ve been loving and so many of you wrote back saying that you love the perfume, popcorn and book I shared as well, so that made me so happy!  If you missed Things I Love Thursday # 1, check it out.

Let’s jump into this week’s goodies!

>> Flora Organic Tea – Cranberry with Rooibos:

This tea by Flora is so nice.  It has a beautiful tartness, but also a natural sweetness {I don’t add anything to this tea} and it’s very refreshing and hydrating.  Yes, you know me to a HUGE Coffee Love #CoffeeWithKris but come 2pm I when I break in my day for my coaching calls or emails, I want a great tea to sip on to reconnect.

I also feel this would make a great iced-tea in the summer time!!  Mmmm.


>> Lululemon Run: Inspire Crop II’s – in the army print!

Yes, I love these workout pants!  I got them for my birthday in February and they are the only piece of workout gear that I get complemented on and asked “where are those pants from?”…..Lulu, you make a great workout pant.  These are snug where they need to be and hold everything “upright” and nice, so you feel like a million bucks doing squats in these!

These are my other “Run: Inspire Crop II’s” in plain black, but you can see how long they are and what the fit is like.


>> Artists Loft Canvas’ – From Michael’s

By now you know I’m addicted to painting random and abstract pictures on my quest to daily JOY {I shared my paintings and how you can bring more joy into your life in yesterday’s blog post, Craving more joy!}

I’ve been in and out of Michael’s often these last few weeks to replenish my canvas collection and until tomorrow {I believe} they are on sale!  YAYYYYY!

I also LOVE these new brushes I got!!  They were on sale too, 3 for $9!


>> The EMERALD – Green Juice from Whole Foods!

I’ve never really been into the green juice trend, I figure I eat salads and snack on veggies, so why do I need a green juice?!  However, these fresh pressed green’s from Whole Foods are SO good!

Confession…..this past Sunday, Ryan and I went for a very greasy brunch, yup, greasy bacon, eggs cooked in bacon grease and then of course the hash browns and toast….ohmy….so what did we do to “alkalize this shiz”?  Hit up Whole Foods for the BIG jug of greens juice and completed our sunday meal with this gem.

I figure if you add greens in after, you’re good ;)


>> Theo Organic Dark Chocolate – in 85% Dark

Just looking at this picture makes me happy and it’s only 7:30am when I’m writing this…..I could eat this now.

If you want a smooth, not so sweet, satisfying piece of dark chocolate, you MUST try Theo.  It’s to die for.  Just saying.


>> This Dress.

Ok, this dress is not yet mine, but there is something about it that I look at and love.  I love the colours of this whole picture….so I’m about to do a photoshoot for new branding and marking pictures and I have a vision to add pops of colours like this, I love the handbag colour with this dress and the shoes!!

If anyone knows where I can find this, comment below and let me know!  Thank you :)

There you have it, gorgeous!  These are my favourite things this week that I have been reaching for daily or really fell in love with at first sight, or sip!

I’d love to hear – what are YOU loving this week?


//  Comment Below!

+ Let me know 1 thing you’ve been loving

+ What is your favourite tea right now?



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Craving more joy

Happy Wednesday, Gorgeous!

I hope you’re having a great morning?

I mentioned on Instagram yesterday how my morning coffee time is “my time” to really connect, to journal and to read.  Waking up excited to take the first sip of the piping hot, black coffee actually makes me super excited to get out of bed!  I’m not the only {crazy} one, right!?

By the time I’m halfway through my cup, I’ve read for 30 minutes, strengthened my skill-sets and also received my answers or next steps in my journal….I encourage you all to join me on this morning ritual with a hot beverage, learning and connecting!  Let’s call it #CoffeeWithKris :)  Just tag me a pic and we’ll compare notes for the morning and set our day up strong.  haha!


I shot a video for you to post today, it was all on how to make money doing what you love {as requested by a lot of the iHeartWellness Community} however, I deleted it off my iPhone by mistake….soooooo, my apologies,  I’ll shoot it again for you and post it ASAP.  Sorry guys, but it will come!

I don’t want to type out all the same tips and the whole conversation I’m going to share with you in the video I shoot, so today let’s talk about a trending theme on my Facebook Profile!  I’ve openly shared with my FB friends that I’m doing more things that bring me JOY because as you know I posted in my Self-Love Saturday Post: Let Your Feminine Energy Flow, that I’ve always pushed my joy aside.

Having joy in my life was not a focus and actually I never thought I was worthy of it.

Well, I also didn’t think that joy and business were supposed to go together.

Since I’ve been really working on my connection within and quieting my mind chatter, I’ve taken a love for random crazy painting!  On Sunday, I loaded up with new canvas’ and good paint brushes and have been spending an hour or so a day letting my creativity flow, which in my language is joy!

Girl….there is something so fulfilling as I put the paint to the canvas that first stroke and see what happens when the painting is done.

My most favourite thing to do is to listen to Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack and paint my little heart out, moving and dancing with my brushes!

I have finally, after 34 years, understand how joy can really light up your light, your happiness AND your business!  Since, I cracked open to flow and fun, my 1:1 client spots are almost full and I can’t be happier with the woman who have come to me to open up and break through their blocks so they can live their dream life…it’s freaking amazing.

Call me nerdy, but I’m so ready to get some lessons or something because I would love to know how to really paint.  I mean, I know how to put paint on a canvas, but I want to know the flow, how to paint an thing, like a cherry blossom ;).  However, the other part of me says, “EFF IT!  Do what you feel you should do!” and that has been SO freeing!!

It feels great to be free.

My mind is clear when I paint and I get some really great business advice come through me and that just proves that when I’m flowing, doing what I love, even when I coach I get clear answers, my higher self is truly guiding me.


Here is yesterday’s painting!  It’s “beachy”, right??



Now, where to put all these paintings?!

If you’re feeling BLAH, waking up without fun or purpose in your life, I highly suggest you add 1 think you LOVE to do, even if you don’t think it’s “important” into your day.

//  Ask yourself….

+ What does that look like to you?

+ What brings you JOY?

Is it yoga?  baking?  painting?  writing?  pick something today and do it.

I’d love to hear what brings you joy, comment below and let me know!!

Here’s to your happiness and flow today!  I’m here to support you along the way.


//  Comment Below!

+  What will you do today to bring joy into your day?

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Treat Tuesday: Paleo Chocolate Chip Cranberry Loaf!

Happy Treat Tuesday, Gorgeous!

How are you?

Ok, I have to start off by saying that today’s treat was not supposed to be a loaf, they were supposed to be chocolate chip cranberry cookies, however I’m happier this is a loaf and it makes it super unique!  Right?

You might be wondering why I haven’t been baking with almond flour as a paleo option and at this time I am experimenting with not eating nuts to see if it makes a difference in my skin, my energy, etc.  So, right now, we’re working with mostly coconut flour, baby!   I actually REALLY love it!

Back to the loaf…

Who doesn’t love a good grain-free loaf?!

I can tell you, after you try this recipe, you will be radically surprised that it’s grain-free, it’s like a sweet bread and makes for a perfect mid afternoon sweet snack or you can be sneaky like I am and break some loaf over a smoothie / protein shake I have before bed….yum.


Paleo Chocolate Chip Cranberry Loaf

1/2 cup coconut flour

3/4 cup arrowroot powder

1/4 cup dried cranberries {I use fruit juice sweetened ones}

1/2 tsp sea salt

1/2 cup palm sugar

1 tsp baking soda

1/4 cup honey

2 tsp vanilla

2 organic eggs

1/4 cup + 1-2 tbsp melted organic butter {or coconut oil, palm oil shortening}

1/2 cup dark chocolate chips

To make Paleo Chocolate Chip Cranberry Loaf:

Preheat oven to 350.

Whisk all dry ingredients and the cranberries together in a large mixing bowl, except the palm sugar.

In a medium mixing bowl, combine the sugar, eggs, vanilla and honey and whisk.

Add the wet mixture to the dry and also the melted butter and combine well with a hand mixer or whisk into a smooth consistency.

Fold in the chocolate chips!

Spray a loaf pan with coconut oil or olive oil and fill the loaf pan with the batter {it will fill about half way up the loaf pan}

Bake for 30-35 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.


Let me know how you enjoy it by tagging me in a  picture of your own loaf {or cookies!!} @iheartwellness or #iheartwellness on all social media spaces where we chat ;)

Happy Treat Tuesday AGAIN, my love!

Have a great day!

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+ Can you suggest some ideas for the next Treat Tuesday?




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