How to Pack Up and Travel for 3 Months!

The talk of the town lately is how I was able to pack up and move out of country for 3 months.

I am always asked about my workouts and nutrition {protein, etc} and then how on earth I could just sell all my stuff and move to Del Mar, CA….

…..I like this topic and it’s a shame to not let you in on how you can do this as well!

Why not start living a life you love right at this moment?  Create something so special for you, your family or start setting big goals so you can do this in the very near future.

Ahhhh….to be honest….

It was a fabulous being a California Girl for months and the best part was being on the ocean to watch the sunsets every night.

The ocean did not just give me gorgeous sunsets, the ocean fuelled me with incredible energy and flow.  While I would sit on the sand and journal the most amazing ideas and dreams would come to me and immediately I knew I was onto something great.  To be real with you, the reason I go so excited to start blogging here and building a business was because of my “sand advice” that would come through me as I connected and journaled.

Yes, this is a TIP for you live your dreams and pack up for months at a time…

Get Connected!

Here’s the deal, there is a direction where you want to go, but if you are unsure what it is, start to get connected. You easily can get into flow when you find what makes you feel at peace.  Is it meditating? Is it sitting at the beach?  Is it enjoying a latte at your favourite coffee shop with a notebook and pen?  Find what works for you!

Ok, so when you know where you want to go, let’s set on our 3 month relocation!

1.  Find a place to stay!

I used to find some really great places.

We looked for a place close to the ocean, that accepted dogs, that allowed a 3 month stay and that was quiet.

Make sure your place has:

Furniture / Equipped Kitchen

If you don’t have these, make a quick trip to IKEA to stock up!

These were very important things for us since we work from home, we wanted it to be as comfortable as possible.

*Make sure you find an area that you love!  We needed our place in Del Mar to be close to Whole Foods, that was a MUST!

2.  Rental Price Bargain!

Yup, it’s true!  You can try to lower the asking price of the place you’re looking at renting if you book for the full 3 months.

There are always ways to make your living situation easy for you, so go in strong and just ASK!

“I understand you are asking $_____ as your month to month rent, but what if we book for a long period of time, what is your monthly price then?”

3.   Have Money in Da Bank and Money Flowing In!

I know money can be an iffy topic for a lot of people and yes, we are talking dollar bills y’all on a health and wellness blog, but hey……creating business owners and reoccurring income in the homes of my friends is SO important to me.  I talk about it daily over here off the blog.

So, you don’t want to leave the country and have to be stressed over finances, you want to make sure you are comfortable and can enjoy yourself when you’re laying on the beach and sipping pinas!

What can you do to create a flow of income?

Here are some money making options for you:

- Save, save, save for months before you head out to your new temporary home!

- Make money from your blog

- Start a business that is a low investment, but high reward which pays you residually each month.  I chose a health and wellness company that aligns with my vision and passion and help women work from home.

- Make more money in your coaching business

- Create a blog that has advertising

- Have a contracting job that you can work from home!

4.  What to Pack?

We knew we were going to Southern California for 3 months, May – August, so I packed all my summer clothes, sandals, bathing suits and dresses.

Pack accordingly to the place your traveling to.  Google the heck out of their seasons and know if you need heavier or lighter clothes.

You will want to make sure you have all your Skincare, Toiletries, Blow-dryer, PJ’s, Clothes for any SPECIAL occasions you are going to {events, etc}, Workout Gear, Sneakers, Pillows, Laptop, Books, Water bottles.

If you’re bringing your pet:  Food, Bedding, Leash, Toys, etc.

*Ryan had to pack all his Triathlon gear, so our car was loaded with bike parts, wetsuits, and workout stuff.

Everything else I bought when I was in Del Mar.

Misc For Out of Country Travellers:

If you’re car is leased and you’re leaving country, make sure you get a note from your dealership stating you can take your car across the boarder for 90 days.

If you have a dog, make sure they are up to date on their shots!

Travel Insurance

Roadside Assistance for you drivers!

Misc Info for Long Car Rides:

Before you leave, google every Whole Foods along your drive and keep the addresses handy in your phone to enter into your Navigation.

Use for cheaper hotels when you stop for the night.

Pack plenty of snacks, meal replacement shakes, bars, fruit, veggies, and water.

Starbucks has some great bento box type snacks if you’re in a pinch.


I can tell you that when you make the decision to try a new “home” for a few months you will learn so much about yourself.  You will experience new things and feel stronger when you return, at least I did!  If it wasn’t for me taking the risk and leap of faith to be in a new environment I wouldn’t know what it was like to truly break through fear.

Heck, if packing up and moving isn’t for you right now, try something NEW this week that will get you learning, growing and trying something you’ve never done before.  When you step up to do, your life will radically change!

Who’s ready for something NEW??



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Does Drinking Shakes Help You Add Lean Muscle?

I love this topic!   For reals, does adding a great shake into your diet REALLY help you build lean muscle?

So I’ve personally tested this for you…

Because you mean so much to me {hehe…it’s true!}, I’ve stepped up my game in the gym and on up’ed my shake consumption to SEE if this is true.  If adding shakes does not only help you add lean muscle, but also helps you KEEP lean muscle.

To be honest, I took my foot of the “workout gas peddle” when I was living in Del Mar.  Talk about crazy, you would think the endless sunshine, short shorts, tank tops and fit women everywhere would keep me motivated, but all I wanted to do was chill at the beach…..or sightsee!

Since being back, I’ve changed up a lot of my life and it’s feeling good right now!

You hear a lot of people saying that a great protein shake / meal replacement shake will help you with muscle gains!

Is this true??

In my opinion it is TRUE!

So I’ve started added at least 2 shakes a day into my diet, 1 meal replacement shake for breakfast and 1 protein shake after a workout and usually another meal replacement shake in the afternoon as meal #4.

Since I’ve been dedicated on my transformation, I’ve seen great results in a very short time!

You probably are questioning where and in how long, right?!  Great question!

I’ve been doing this for 1 week so far and in this short time I’ve noticed that my thighs {where I carry the extra fat} has started to tighten up.  Keep in mind, I am doing weight training again which helps tremendously, but the shakes are adding in the repair, refuel and rebuild after your workout.

Just so you know, I am not the only crazy one telling you this!  My man, Ryan swears that when he takes more than 1 shake a day he holds more defined lean muscle and I see it on him.  Ryan is an endurance athlete and when you’re focused on long cardio sessions, you have a tendency to lose your muscle definition, but not him!  HUBBA HUBBA!

To be honest, I am almost 5’10 and have always battled with being “Skinny Fat” and it’s hard for my long body to add muscle and definition, but I’m feeling pretty good with my results lately and it’s coming down to what goes through my LIPS and my Heavy Weights and lower Cardio…..some HIIT here and there!

Anyways, in my opinion if you’re looking for a quick way to burn fat and add lean muscle, get into the gym and throw some weights around and add in REALLY great lean protein sources and a couple healthy, good for you, protein fabulous shakes!!

Here is a fun Cherry Chocolate Shake Recipe:

1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

.5 cup water

2 scoops protein powder {if using vanilla powder, add 1 tbsp cocoa powder or use chocolate protein powder}

1/4 cup frozen cherries

Blend together and sip :)

I’d love to hear your take on shakes for muscle building!

What is your favourite shake?


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Daily Meals – A Gals Guide to Healthy & Fun Eating

I get excited to eat and talk about food!

After every meal, I am already thinking when the next one is coming and what it’s going to be!  Does this sound crazy??

In my swirling mind, this sounds perfectly normal.  I have been in the gym more again to put on some lean muscle and lets be real, you need to feed your muscles!

However….you don’t just want to eat “whatever” food, you want to eat healthy, quality, good for you nutrition that will help you get the gains you’re looking for.  It might be weight loss, muscle building, or just more energy….or clear skin!

Whatever your health goal is, you need some good for you food!

So, this could be one of the most requested questions I get asked – “What do you eat on a daily basis??”

For me, I’ve always loved eating healthy and I have always loved how I felt when I’m in shape, but I do love my “sweets” and “treats”, so I’ve had to come up with meals that are FUN for me to eat!  The more fun the better.

Yes, I still treat!!


Here is the breakdown of what my food looks like daily {for the most part}!


Protein Pancakes {3 ingredient chocolate protein pancake}…with blueberries of course!

{These are like CAKE for breakfast!!!}



Other Snack Options:

Protein Bars



Protein Muffins


Salad & Eggs

Salad & Chicken


Seriously I drink another SHAKE!

I have at least 2 shakes a day….


Taco Salad made with Bison and all my toppings {Peppers, Guacamole, Salsa, Green Onions, Cilantro}

Or lately, I’ve been digging Whole Foods Meals!

Chicken or Beef with Veggies.

I am a Salmon Lover!!

I love to load up on Veggies at dinner because they keep me pretty full and I have this idea in my head that if I eat veggies at the end of the day, the vitamins and minerals from them will fuel me when I sleep…helping repair my body.  True?!  I dunno.  But it makes me feel good ;)


….always dark chocolate


Shake {I love my shakes!}

Apple Chips

There you have it!  This is pretty much what I eat on a daily.  Everything I stick to is natural, high protein and organic.

Also remember that I sip at least 3L of water a day to keep my body hydrated!

OK!  Spill the beans!  What is your favourite meal of the day??


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Are you stalling your success?

Do you ever feel like your fears or lack of fast decision making could be stalling your growth or success?

Ahhh yes, there are times in our life when we must sit over a good cup of coffee and get real with ourselves.

Sometimes you know when you need to take that leap and go after something great in life and other times, you might be foggy and overanalyze what your options are and your might be intuition cloudy and your mindset murky.  Yup, we’ve all been there….

….I won’t lie, I was just there.

I went through a deep bout of confusion.

I started to get sweats.

The Fear was in my chest and I wasn’t sure which direction was right and which was wrong.

You must remember that I just started to break through my “phobia of fast decision making” over the last few years as I was the little girl that sat for HOURS after dinner, staring at the two mini Halloween chocolate bars that I wanted and my mom and dad telling me, “you can only pick one Kris!”….ONE?!

My life at the time was over. I always wanted both the Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup and the Wonderbar.

Anyways, since pissing every one around me off, including my boyfriend, I made the conscious decision to better my intuition muscle and learn how to fall in love with making fast decisions…..

What I’ve learned from making decisions based on FEELING over “logic” is that you will SHINE GREATER than you ever knew possible.

I’ve also learned that if you stall on your decision making you will stall your success.

We tend to get into a habit of “I’ll decide tomorrow”….and then “tomorrow”…..”next week”….”next month”….and a whole freaking year will go by and the same job, house, hairstyle, body, mindset, lack of business, is staring us in the face!

Why do we stall?  It’s all FEAR, baby.

When I ask people “what is your biggest fear about changing your life?”, it’s always ONE of these THREE:

1.  Fear of Success

2.  Fear of Failure

3.  Fear of Rejection / What others will think.

You can’t let these fears take over any longer.

Let me be real with you.
Since I have allowed my “gut to do the talking” {not like after a dose of Mexican Food} and follow my intuition, my life has flourished!!

The moral of today’s story is get comfortable with listening to your intuition and stop stalling your success!

How do you know if your Gut/ Heart / Intuition is right?

You stop, relax and see yourself playing out the entire next steps in your mind, all the way until your end goal is hit.  If you feel GOOD, then it’s bang on.
If something feels “OFF”, nope, don’t do it.

The universe will always place opportunities in your life, but it will also tempt you with not so good things, like amazing chocolate and cupcakes when you’re on a health plan, so if you get the nudge to do something, picture yourself eating the cupcake and feeling disappointed and look at how you will feel the next day.  If you know it isn’t right, don’t do it.

However, if you want to start a business and work from home and something shows up and matches your values, this could be THE GIFT you’ve been asking for!


If you want to create a business, start it.  If you want to blog, but you’re scared, blog about how you’re feeling.

If you want your man to interview you for thousands to see, but you have no idea what will come out of your mouth……do it.

Life is a bunch of lessons.

You will always grow and learn, even if you fall flat on your face!

But hey, it makes your days interesting.

I believe in your power to create anything you want, so stop stalling your success and go ROCK IT!

Do you feel like you stall with your action / decision making??


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Baked Tomato Florentina’s {Tomatoes with Basil and Goat Cheese}

It’s a good morning over here!

I woke up early, sipped coffee as I read and caught up on comments here on the blog!

Ahhh, I have a side dish recipe for you that I think you’re going to love!  It’s healthy and simple and goes perfectly with baked salmon.

Tomatoes.  We all love a good, juicy, sweet tomato!  The great news is, there are many health benefits to these red gems!

How about abundant amounts of Vitamins A, C, K, folate and potassium! They are low calorie and low sodium and have 7% fiber!  Yeahhh BABY!!

Add some sweetness to your meal with this dish I have for you today ;)

Baked Tomato Florentina’s!

{makes 5 servings}

3 large tomatoes

fresh basil leaves

sea salt

goat cheddar {or your cheese of choice}

To make Tomato Florentina’s:

Preheat oven to 450.

Slice the tomatoes into 2 or 3 thick slices.

Lay the tomato slices in a lightly oiled lasagna dish, sprinkle with sea salt and place 1 fresh basil leaf on each tomato.

Top with shredded goat cheddar.

Bake at 450 for for 15-20 minutes or until tomatoes are cooked and the cheese has melted.

I served these tasty and healthy tomatoes with baked salmon and kale!

Try them at your next dinner and when you do, post it to Instagram and tag me!  instagram: iheartwellness

What healthy side dish have you been LOVING lately?

Comment Below!



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Eat a Paleo Diet to Clear Skin? 4 Tips to Clear Adult Acne

Does eating a Paleo Diet really clear up your skin?

There is no secret that I have tried everything to clear up my skin….naturally.

Today, I want to give you my “4 tips to clear adult acne”!

I was just sitting over coffee with my mom this morning, talking about how years ago I would put this nasty smelling, tar “like” stuff on my face, called Neem and it would make me gag.

The things I did to have done for clear acne fee skin…a lot of natural things did not smell good. {ie. apple cider vinegar on your face!}

Anyways, if you want to know the back story on my adult acne read here.

It has literally took me almost 7 years to get my skin breakout free and I want to share with you HOW I did it.

If you are struggling with breakouts I know the cycle can be hard.  You look in the mirror and so much emotion comes up and this creates a cycle or my breakouts.  It goes back to the universal saying of, “What we think about, we bring about!”.

I would stand in the mirror and hate what I saw.  Every night I would cry when I took my heaps of makeup off…if you feel like this, the good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way for you any longer!

{Please remember that I am no doctor or specialist, but I can tell you openly and from the heart, what worked for clearing my adult acne and red scarring.}

First, let me show you what I was dealing with after my breakouts stopped….RED SCARRING!

So there it is, let’s dive into what cleared up my skin!

1.  Following a Paleo Diet.

I started eating grain free because I heard a “voice” in my head tell me I had to.

Strange, right?!  But it started to work.

You see all you need to do is to have something that works for you, so you see fast clearing and you then you stop your patterned thinking about your skin.  I’ll talk more about this in a later step.

Starting more of a “Paleo Diet” was easy for me, because I would literally have given my last cent for clear skin.

What I OMITTED out of my diet to clear my skin:



High Sugar Fruits

Processed Foods


What I ADDED to my diet for Clear Skin:

More veggies {Kale, Spinach, Cucumber, Celery, greens!}

Healthy Fats {Coconut oil, Avocado, Salmon}

Lean Protein {Bison, Salmon, Chicken, Eggs}

Low Glycemic Fruit {Green Apples and Berries}

Protein Shakes / Meal Replacement Shakes {Clean, Nutritious Shakes – email me if you want more info on the shakes I take}

Adult Acne Clearing Tip: Add VERY good Vitamins into your life. Look for ones that has Antioxidants, Telomere Support {for fast cell turn over and repair},  a Multivitamin that has high quality vitamins and minerals.  I also like ones that Anti-Aging ingredients because I noticed this helped with my cell turnover and helped get rid of the red scarring.  {If you are interested in the Vitamin Pack I use, email me today}

2.  Drink More Water!

You’ve heard this multiple times, I’m sure, but it’s true!

I actually started drinking 3L of water a day and I noticed a big difference.  Your body will start removing toxins quickly when you add more water into your daily routine, but it helps with weight loss and regularity ;)

3.  Thoughts!

Yup, it’s true!  It’s time to really watch what you’re thinking about.

If you’re feeling as if you are in a never ending cycle of not loving what you see in the mirror each day, comparing yourself to others and dreaming of clear skin…it’s time to change up your thoughts!

Here’s the deal,
thoughts become things, so the more breakouts you worry about, the more you will see.

In my Manifesting Post I talked about “FEELING” – when you attach a feeling to your thoughts you have a deep connection to this thought, for me this was my worry that my skin was ugly, that no one would like me, that my face wasn’t pretty.  So this cycle kept repeating.

Does this make sense?

I had to record positive affirmations to my ipod and listen, while emotionalizing my clear face!

Louise Hay says that acne is due to not accepting or disliking yourself. When I read this, I could see in my life where I wasn’t expressing Self Love.

Start repeating an affirmation:

“I am pure health, I have beautifully clear skin”

“I am full of Love”

“I am radiant!”

4.  Reduce Stress!

Ohhh stress, how you show up just at the right time!

If you’re in a job you hate, or confused about your next steps in life, you could be seeing this in your skin!

Our stress levels really play a role in breakouts.

Make sure you find a way to relieve your stress on a daily basis.



Working out



I want you to know that you are beautiful!
You have power and health within you GREATER than you might think and this power and your health will get you clear skin, once you make the right choices and follow the above 4 steps.

If you’re a vegan, I am sorry that this Paleo Diet wasn’t that helpful for you.  From experience, when I was vegan it made me breakout worse.

I’d love to hear if you have any questions!

Comment below!



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I’m Manifesting, but it’s not working! GASP!

I’ve been a on a mission to understand the power of Manifesting and the real reason it works…

….and doesn’t work for some people.

This all started when I sat back on the long drive down to San Diego and connected the dots backwards to HOW I actually attracted this huge move into my life and a business that blesses me with good money {sticky subject for some people…but it’s important.}

You see, I used to dream of living in California ever since I had fallen in love with my original 90210 cast.

Wayne Dyer has been my mentor this last 2 months and he kinda rocks!

His latest book, Wishes Fulfilled is da bomb and literally outlines what you need to do to manifest to your fullest.

The biggest piece to the manifesting piece is your FEELING.

Your imagination is your biggest asset here when it comes to attracting what you really want in your life. Think of your imagination as this inner world, that actually exists.

It’s true!  I could get even more “woo-woo” if you’re eager to hear more, but truthfully, what you think in your imagination and feel inwards is really taking place in a whole other world that lives within you and when you BELIEVE it so strongly, it shows in your outer world.

Talk about sounding CRAZY….but I would never share anything with you that I haven’t experienced or tested in my own life.

So here’s the real deal.

If you’re thinking about the things you want or what you want to achieve in your life, but it’s NOT showing up or WORKING it’s because you’re missing one small piece.

Now, this piece could be different for everyone…..

Make sure you’re following this format when you sit in your visualization or meditation every day:

1. Think I AM Thoughts!

Your thoughts are your ammunition to create BLISS, JOY and GREATNESS in your life.

If you’re thinking thoughts of “I can’t” or “I will one day..” you’re wasting your life away.  You are strong and powerful and every IDEA or nudge that comes into your life was placed there for you to take action on…if of course, it feels right.

So think the thoughts that raise your vibration!

If you’re questioning if you can do something, there is always flip side.  It’s the law of duality…if you don’t think you can, there is a part of you that KNOWS you can.  Focus on the knowing that you can.

2.  Feeling!

Have passionate, loving feelings behind your thoughts, especially when your playing in your imagination!

This is the PIECE that most people miss and it’s a doozy!  Incorporating a bit of music that lights your heart up might just do the trick for you!

Check out a great playlist here.

3.  What You Desire Solidifies!

Soooo, you’ve done the fun work.

You’ve pictured yourself as the person you want to be.

Every day, you walk around AS IF you are already your dreams….and you FEEL IT to your core!

VOILA!  You stay on this path for as long as it takes for your dreams to solidify in your life.

TIP: a great friend of mine suggested you see what you want to the very end.  Feel the results of you writing your best selling book, building your successful business, being at your goal weight or ideal body.  See it all the way to the end and what you will act and feel like when you have achieved it.

So when you feel a day of “blah’s” where you don’t want to visualize or eat right, you already know how rewarding your outcome is going to be when you’re there.  You’ve lived it!

I am super passionate about this manifesting awesomeness and I’d love to hear if you are too!

Do posts like this help you?

Do you have any questions?

Comment Below!



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3 Ingredient Chocolate Protein Pancakes – Muscle Building Breakfast

I am a breakfast addict.

Literally, I wake up excited for my morning cup of coffee and the first meal that will set my day right.  Lately, it’s been protein pancakes.

I used to be a breakfast shake drinker, then I loved scrambled eggs and now I’m on a Chocolate Protein Pancake kick!
Really, I’ve discovered these again after my body double….I mean friend, with my dream body, Lori Harder said she eats protein pancakes for her first meal.

If Lori eats protein pancakes, I eat protein pancakes!
In 60 days from today, I will have abs!  I promise you that.

Here’s the benefits of Chocolate Protein Pancakes:

1.  Your mind and mouth think you are eating chocolate cakes, so you are sooo satisfied.

2.  When using the right protein powder, you are getting a kick ass dose of protein, which keeps you nice and full.

3.  It’s chocolate at breakfast.

4.  Protein Pancakes are simple and a FUN way for you to still eat clean, while you’re eating a pancake.

This ONE mondo pancake is my Best Muscle Building Breakfast!


Chocolate Protein Pancake:

1.5 scoops of your favourite chocolate protein meal replacement powder {if you’re using vanilla protein powder, add 1 tsp cocoa powder}

1 whole egg

3 – 4 tbsp unsweetened almond butter

coconut oil for your pan

To Make Chocolate Protein Pancakes:

Heat your frying pan over medium heat.  Add your coconut oil.

Whisk your ingredients together until the batter is fluffy and smooth {I just use a fork}.

Pour your pancake batter in the pan and cook for 2 minutes a side, or until the pancake is forming little bubbles through it.

My favourite way to eat these muscle building flapjacks is topped with fresh berries.

I want to touch on WHY “Meal Replacement” Powders are better….I don’t know why, but the pancakes are fluffier, not nearly as dry and they flip easier when it’s a meal replacement, instead of just protein powder.  Have you ever noticed this?

I tend to drink meal replacements anyways, because I like the vitamins and minerals and I swear they cleared my skin!

Anyways, I hope you love these flapjacks as much as I do tomorrow morning!  I want to hear what protein you used for yours!

Also, would you be interested if I started sharing more of my personal health transformations / goals here?  Let me know!



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Good Nutrition for More Success??

Sounds crazy, right?!  Does putting good nutrition in your body, really help you become more successful?

I believe it does.

Health and Wealth ;)

So I posted this on the I Heart Wellness Facebook FanPage there other day:

“I’d LOVE your opinion!
Do you believe that the nutrition we take into our bodies plays a role in our connection and drive to rocking our dreams, a thriving business, etc?
Comment below!”

The response was powerful and there are a lot of people who believe that nutrition does play a huge role not only in how much money you make, but also how connected and tuned in you are to your vision, mission and purpose.

{FroYo….I believe it allows me to be on purpose ;) }

So WHY does food / nutrition play a role?

I believe {and so does majority the iheartwellness community} that the foods we put in our body carry the energy from within, out into our outer world.  Just like our thoughts, food is energy so it makes sense that it has a certain vibration.  When you fuel up on wholesome, natural, fruits and veggies your cells will dance!!

In return I would like to think you are more motivated, alive and rocking your daily activities to step fully into your passion and dreams!

Of course, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies, but eating consciously will keep you in a more conscious state.

Please remember I am no doctor, this is just what I have seen in my life to be true ;)  When I eat well and feel well, my creativity spikes and my confidence to run my business is even greater!  Now, imagine if you add a few more fantastic shakes into your life that are packed with vitamins and minerals, they literally take you a minute to blend up….you sip it, you feel awesome, and naturally you are going to want to start taking action on something that fires you up!

Pour this fabulous energy into building your life!

When you make the conscious shift in your diet, you are making a conscious shift in your thoughts and we know that your thoughts are EVERYTHING when it comes to your success!

…..I think this might be the next post.  We should talk more about thoughts!

What are your thoughts on this topic?

If you want to peek into my personal nutrition, let me know…or send me an email!

Share below!



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How Break Through FEARS and Change Your Life!


I have fears that show up and for the life of me, I can’t understand where they come from?!

Have you ever had this? You’re totally ready to step in the direction of your dreams and there is this feeling that comes up from your toes and makes it way to your chest, where it sits and festers. That is fear.

I actually call them my “munchkins”.

The dang “munchkins” will jump on my chest and they love to do it.

Here’s the really cool part of fear and what I’ve learned about my fears after years of being OPEN to getting to know them a bit better. Yes, it’s true, I would talk to my fear.

You’ll hear me like a broken record, repeating that “Fear is just a story…It doesn’t even exists!” and it’s true! But I know where you’re at if you’re feeling deep fear to change your life, or heck, to even make the decision to start eating better. You can have fear show up and stop you in all areas of your life, but it doesn’t always need to be this way.

The great news is, I have personally tested my method to break through fear and I want to show you how easy it can be, so you can start to live your dreams and stop being stagnant in your life.

The one thing about fear that you must know is, it’s all ego.

Your ego is like this troll within that wants you to stay small. It feeds off your doubts and anxieties and tries to prove to you that you’re unworthy of a great life. As I’ve studied a lot around the A Course in Miracles and other spiritually connected work to get myself back on track in life, I’ve seen ego show up in all my friends, my team and my clients lives. It’s pesky, but it’s a blessing.

If you’re feeling very fearful of certain things that you have a PULL to do, let’s work this through together right now….

I never want you to feel alone on this journey and make sure that you email me to ask Q’s for our Friday Crazy Q&A segment where I will answer your questions in a video! Get all your questions in, if you don’t you’re going to remain stuck and thats never fun!

Ok, ok, back to busting through this fear and living your dreams!

The first thing I did when I threw my hands up and said “F’U fear, I want my life back!”, was I wrote out every single thing I was fearful of.

I’ll let you into some of my fears…..

I always new I wanted a big business that I loved, but I was fearful of talking to people.  So how on earth was this shy gal going to build a business with PEOPLE?!  When I broke my fears down, I was actually afraid of what people would think of me…..Was I good enough to lead?  Did I have things to teach?  What if they made fun of my lack of knowledge?  What if I fall flat on my face and go into debt?  What if my friends disown me because of my choice in business?  Will people think I’m just in it for the money?

Every day, these thoughts would roll through my head like a summer breeze….in and out…in and out….I would literally drive myself into sweats!

So, I broke this habit of fear by writing out everything I was fearful of. I got REAL with my fear.

I would write and write and write. I would have so many of my fears and limiting beliefs in my journal that I started to feel lighter.

From there, I looked at this sheet and thanked it. WOW, what a freaking trip looking at everything that stops me!

Once I was was cool with the feelings of facing these fears, I asked myself, what would the flip side of these fears be?! Its the law of duality! Everything has an opposite side!

The next piece in your “Break Through From Fear” is to write out the OPPOSITE of your current fears.

What if my friends loved and supported my decision to start a business? What if I actually changed more lives through my business? What if I ate clean every day and saw amazing results?

Write the opposite of your fears down.

Let me play the record again…

The truth is, your fear is MADE UP.  By you.  It’s false.  The universe doesn’t know the difference of good or bad, it knows emotion and if you’re placing so much emotion on your fears, you will just keep feeling these fears and your years will go by with no movement in life.

If you want to hear it’s possible for you to change your story right now, it is!

This shy gal did go out and build a business, changing lives along the way! All I did was focused on the GOOD things I wrote down and when a fear crept into my chest, I got out my journal and wrote it down, flipped it and moved forward.

I should have titled this “Flip Your Fears!”

I’d love to know how this post helped you? Do you feel fear stops you from changing your life?


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