Do you feel disconnected from yourself?

I can remember when I first started seeing a Life Coach, I would sit down in the chair and I didn’t want to open up about how disconnected I felt from myself.  There were times that I literally felt like I was a prisoner in my own body, trapped and unsure of my next direction or even what felt right.

I wanted to write about this today because the emails I get from you and all the beauties that read this blog { Thank You! } are on the topic of self-love, manifesting and creating your dream life.  These are topics that I help a lot of people with and I self help can be pushed aside a lot of the time when people are in the busyness of “doing”…..there is not enough “being”.

If you’re feeling like things aren’t going right for you or that you can’t catch a break, I suggest you keep reading.

I’m turing 34 next week and I remember this time just 5 years ago when I was almost 29.  It was the lowest point in my life where I feel like I was a failure, I was off course, well, I was unemployed, broke and felt like a loser…..I’m grateful I had a shift and listened.  I heard I had to focus on reconnecting to myself and everything will be better.

It was and still is!

This is your time to drop from your head to your heart and actually tune into what your FEELING.


You might be feeling you don’t want to bring your attention inwards to find out what they heck is going on with you and click right off this post { I hope you bare with me a bit longer } or you might be so eager like I was to dive into my inner world and feel what I need the most to change my life.

Your feelings are your strongest gage for happiness. 

People can tell you that your intuition will tell you, maybe through a whisper what is right or wrong, but I believe your intuition the FEELINGS you feel.  If you’re questioning what your next step is in life, maybe you want to start a career you love and break free from the 9-5 job { most of my clients do! } but you aren’t sure if it’s safe, or if it’s right, or when you should take the plunge!  These are all great questions, but instead of getting caught up in the ‘realistic thinking’, try tuning in and allowing the connection to self happen and FEEL your intuition.

>>  My life didn’t change until I did these 4 things…..

//  1.  Get the support I needed.  

I was so sick of my life and having external failures, chaos and disconnection that I had to get a Life Coach.  Actually, my Mom told me I needed to talk to someone because in my mid 20’s I was miserable and just living life without direction.  I had dreams, but never thought I could ever achieve them.

My negative self talk and belief crippled me.  Thankfully I had people close to me who loved me to help me get on my path with a coach.

It’s important to bring your attention inwards to see WHY you’re creating the things you are externally.

If you need support, email me.


//  2.  Start saying “YES!” to what you love.

Imagine waking up and having the choice to follow what you really wanted to do?  What if you started saying “HECK YES!” to what feels right, instead of staying in a life that is disconnected because you think you have to.

I have a client who came to me because she has tried everything to break through her self sabotaging ways in her new budding business.   No matter how much strategy she would receive, she still wasn’t getting ahead and it was frustrating her, making her question her ability to be an entrepreneur and actually make money doing what she loves.  The truth is, she was doing everything she didn’t love.  There was a major block for her within, creating more chaos and failure in her life because of what was going on internally, but she never let herself peek into it.

Start saying yes to whatever feels right and put down what feels wrong for you.  You will get further ahead and live in a state of JOY!


//  3.  Tune in.

Each morning spend time tuning in and set your day up for passion!   You can meditate, light some candles and sit in stillness, or journal!

The most life changing exercise I have ever done and suggest my clients do, is what we call “Morning Pages”.

Sit first thing in the morning with your journal and just write.  Whatever comes through you is what needs to come out.  Sometimes you’ll receive guidance, sometimes you’ll be angry you just want to vent, or some mornings you might get your next step that you must follow.

I’ve gotten a lot of guidance from my morning pages and continue to get more!


//  4.  Be rather than Do.

Have you ever thought that if you just win a million dollars you’d be happy?  “Oh people don’t understand what I feel, I never catch a break”, I used to say this all the time; “you don’t understand” as I was caught up in my victim mode every day.

As soon as you break free from having to DO DO DO to get some feeling or to allow yourself to be happy, try being happy now.  Just be.

If you follow the above 3 steps you will naturally want to BE and focus on being the happiest person, the most loving person, the person who is thriving and living free.  Be that person now and your life will start to connect.


Here’s to your happiness and joy!

Happy Friday!


//  Comment Below:

+ How do you reconnect to yourself?

+ What is your morning practice for tuning in?



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Raspberry Healthy Salad Dressing & Love Notes!

Happy Tuesday!

Between business and the gym, I haven’t had much time to check in with you on the blog!  Social Media is always buzzing, because that’s done on the go, but the blog needs more attention!

My commitment is to get back into filming videos for you, answering your questions you send me! Video actually works best for me, so I have a few ideas lined up!

People have been asking me what workout routine I’m doing and what worked the best for me for adding muscle to this tall and lanky body ;) and how I organize my day with business and coaching….food, etc!  So it’s all coming your way!!

Before I shoot videos for ya, I’m going to tell you about a salad dressing I’m loving!

Growing up I was a thousand island kid.

We would have the good old Kraft bottles and I loved it.  It’s actually the only way I would eat greens is if it was drenched in thousand island.  Well, it’s 2015 and we know that stuff isn’t good for you, and we know that plain oil and vinegar can get played out…..

On the hunt for a great dressing at my local grocery store, I found this Raspberry Balsamic Dressing by “Rising Sun Farms”!

Yum! Only 30 calories per 2 tbsps!!  I was SOLD!


We have been having this dressing coat our evening salads and it adds the perfect sweetness, without being too sweet!  There is a hint of balsamic and a really lovely tart and sweet flavour.  I can also tell you it goes great with red wine!

So, if you’re looking for a new drizzle for your greens, try this out!!

Speaking of sweet, I have to share something cute. My man, Ryan loves to leave me little love notes around the house…

I found this one in my note book that I use when I do strategy calls with clients or potential clients and when I turned my notebook page and saw this, I smiled!


We’ve been together for a long time and it’s pretty awesome that we know what makes each of us feel good…

I’m the gal that loves to be thought of, so little notes like this makes me happy!  I know that Ryan loves “praise” so it’s important that I raise him up and show him that he’s doing and amazing job, tell him he’s “rocking it” and be there for him as he builds him empire.  That is what he loves.

I’ve done a lot of research on this for business because it was always important to me to know how to speak to someone in a way that they love and give them the attention they need, so when you apply this in all your relationships, you can really see a transformation.  I have studied the different “gems”, “masks” and love languages of people.

Actually, if you don’t know your love language, Google it and find out what yours is! It’s very interesting!!

That’s all I have for you today!  I’ve just finished breakfast and now I’m off to the gym and then on more calls, well, after I get coffee of course!

Have a great day, love!


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Here’s to better habits!

Talk about living in crazy town, I’ve been on a spiritual and personal journey for years now and I still get tested with my habits.

As always I search on Pinterest for inspiring pretty quotes that I can share with you on Facebook and Instagram….the other day I was really hooked on HABITS.  I actually woke up after a crappy sleep and when I woke up, I thought, “This is crazy! I KNOW how to have a great sleep”, through a breathing exercise that I do before going to sleep.  Lately I’ve been waking up at 2am thinking about my clients.

Instead of breathing to get back to sleep, I fell into the trap of feeling uncomfortable.

I started to beat myself up in my mind for not changing my self defeating patterns at 2am or taking charge and setting my sleep up for success before I laid my head, as I was previously doing for a few days.

You see, my habits can be inconsistent, except when it comes to my ‘unhealthy’ ones.

You know those ones….the ones that keep you questioning “why is this happening to me?!” and in my line of work we call this Victim Mode.  I’d like to think that the reason I’m a great teacher is because I am open with you that I still go through crazy town moments too!  Heck, we can have an instant miracle, but if we’ve been programmed for 33 years a certain way, it’s important to go through the process of using tools to shift your perception.

A simple shift is a miracle in itself.

This is the quote that really got me thinking about MY habits and where I still flee in and out of “not serving me” thoughts.


My teaching is really based on Self-Love and how once you embrace your whole self, your life will fall into place and you’re in charge of your reality.  But your HABITS play a role in your shifting and life!

I hope my personal stories allow you to see what I mean and might show you how you can also step up with me to make these changes.

So as I witness my self defeating habits, I can see them, feel them and I am SICK of them.

Keep in mind, before my life was completely ruled by my negative thoughts and I was addicted to self hate, today I have a little taste of negative thinking that I calmly work with now, but I wouldn’t have been here if it wasn’t for my personal journey and the crazy love I have for going into my own sh*t.  It’s true, I love this stuff.

Photo on 2015-01-20 at 3.23 PM #2

This morning that I woke up in a battle in my mind over not getting sleep and knowing how I could have shifted it to get sleep, but my EGO was keeping me in this spiral of feeling crappy by not sleeping, I stood there at 1pm and said “I choose to see this differently!”

Instantly, I shifted.

BRING IT!  I asked; “What can I learn from my ADDICTION to old habits??”

If you’re stuck in your old ways and frustrated at not being able to quickly move out of them, it’s a fresh start right now.

As it’s reminded in A Course In Miracles, we can learn from all relationships, and I believe especially the relationship with self.   Take a step back and look at how you treat yourself.

I’m constantly reminded that what is happening internally is reflected externally!

It’s our mission to clean up our side of the street and get to the point that when we’re sick of our old habits, we look at ways to embrace them and move past them with ease.  This means consciously making the commitment to shift your thinking and as painful as it is, set yourself up for success, or a good nights sleeps.

We could talk about self sabotage for a long time and I’m thinking it would be great if we jump on a LIVE call and discuss it, would that help you?  I know my calling is to help you break free from a mindset that isn’t getting you ahead and into a state of flow!

Comment Below:

+ What is an old habit you’re committing to re-write?

+ Would live calls on subjects like this help you?



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Be Conscious of What You Eat & Flow in Life!

Happy Monday, Gorgeous!!

This weekend was an interesting one, with my intuition pushed to it’s max and a few strange experiences.

One being a weird meet up we had to see a possible new home.  I think tomorrows post will be all on how this meeting was screaming at me not to happen, but I forced it.   Would that be a fun read?

Let’s talk FOOD.

I’m not the healthiest person when it comes to food. I love my snacks, like popcorn and of course I love coffee, but I can tell you that I used to be wayyyyy worse.

This weekend I started to pull out the iPhone more to snap pictures of what I’ve been eating! Gawd, it’s been a long time since I’ve walked around taking pics of my food, but it brought me back to the early IHeartWellness Days!!! Talk about fun!!

I also took a lot of selfies….cause I actually love taking them!  Call me vain or call me a beacon of self-love….I’ll take either :)



Saturday over my morning coffee I was thinking how food is linked to our inner wealth and our connection to self and our higher power…I was thinking back on my life and where things really started to shift for me and where my manifesting abilities heightened.

It was since I switched from eating an abundance of potato chips and breads and transitioned to lighter and cleaner foods.

When you’re eating light and clean, you feel light and clean and you’re connected more, meaning you get the clear answers you need!

If you’re feeling confused or out of flow, check your diet.

Are you eating your greens?

How is your veggie intake?

What snacks are you reaching for?

Water?? Are you drinking 3L a day?

I’ve been on Green Juice kick right now when I go to Whole Foods!  I’m super excited to try a new concoction of green juice that I haven’t had before and its making me really excited.  Where did this come from?!  I have no idea, but….green juice is giving me a piece of flow that I love ;)




Folks, what is happening internally is reflecting externally!

For example there was a week after Christmas that I was way off course with my food, completely unconscious eating and drinking was happening and at the time I though, “meh! It’s the holidays!” Well….you can come as my man, I was off my rocker!

Legit, I was bat crazy, crying, saying I was confused on my next steps in life and I wasn’t getting my goals into action.

I was stuck in “sludge” is what it felt like.

Yes, internally I was.

I was not free moving, things were backed up, in all areas :/ and yes I was out of my beautiful flow!

This was the first time in years I felt this way and I know myself well enough now to know that I choose how I want to feel and I choose my happiness.  This was not happiness!

So, when you are ready to step into a more conscious way of eating so you can be more intentional in your world and create a light and free life, my suggestion is to….

Play It Out!

What does this mean?!

When you see those chips (my weakness) and you feel your mouth start to want that salty crisp, play it out.

“Can I have just one?” No. “If I eat half the bag I’m going to feel sluggish, which means I can’t give back to my tribe or myself, my clients will suffer, I’ll hate how I feel about my body, I’ll lose sleep, I’ll feel foggy….”

Play it out.

When you can see that you don’t need the packages chips (hello! Bake up some kale or yam chips!!) and when you see how your unconscious eating will lead you down a crazy path….you’ll choose wiser and reach for a crunchy green apple instead!

Literally green apples have been my saviour when I want chips!

So, am I telling you never to eat a “cheat”?

No way! You know yourself better than I do, if your strong willed like I am, you can eat a few and be ok! So this is where you want to trust your gut and listen to your intuition!

Example: cereal is my crack. I can’t stop cereal, so my mission is to break free from this today :)

My knowing is, once I became conscious of what I was putting in my body, my life started to grow! Clients are coming to me, my creativity is on fire and I’m open!

Does food play a roll in how you feel?

+ comment below and let me know!


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A stir in the old soul

Wowza, this past week has been a doozy!

I’ve spent more time learning about myself, my tribe and everyone that chit chats with me, more than anything else.

You guys are sweet and message asking where I am and why I haven’t posted on the blog in a few day, thank you for being concerned….but you can always find me on Instagram posting what I’m up to if ya miss me ;)

Anyways, I’ve taken the time off and as crazy at it sounds, I have a lot to say and not a lot to say, if that makes sense? I’ve been truthfully focusing on my coaching business and brand, coming out with a free 7 day transformation habit for inner wealth and outer success! I’m happy.

I had a stir in the old soul last week to check the blog stats and since I stopped posting about my food allergies and daily eats, peeps no likey as much, but hey….people change, including me.

So I sipped wine on Friday night to get my mojo back. Just kidding, Krista, my gorgeous friend and sister in law had a get together and we just chilled, chatted and met some new awesome people!


Talk about “soul stirring”, I love hanging out with friends!! It really lights you up, right?! I found myself spending the weekend figuring out what I really wanted, how I can tie that back into value for you, just as I did with food allergy and vegan talk.

Saturday after I master planned, I dragged myself out of bed an HOUR later than expected and was a good girl on a plan and worked my Friday night treats off on the bike and then with heavy weights!


Let’s talk spin bike for a sec….
Wow! Bikes are hard work. I was on there for 20 minutes (woot) and every minute was a hard one!

What cardio machine do you love the most??

Sunday was great, I had a 3 hour Online Workshop on the topic of Abundance with someone I admire in the spiritual community, so that was awesome! I literally threw on gym clothes at 9:30am, headed to get coffee and was back in my bed with the computer at 10am…with full abundance rolling through my veins ;)

Then, Ryan and I headed to downtown Vancouver for Chipotle. Yes, we only have ONE here in Vancouver and that’s like a 40 min drive from us….


We waited in a long line and we ate Burrito Bowls, baby!! With chips.


It was a great meal to finish off the weekend ;)

Ok fill me in! What did you do this weekend? Do you ever feel as if you need a break to collect your thoughts and feelings??


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Put Your Botox Down For This….

Since I’ve worked on my internal self, my wrinkles have been diminishing.

#Truth.  Am I crazy?!

Could this really happen?

Let me fill you in!  {No pun intended!}

To be honest, with my 34th year on this planet coming up very shortly, I’ve toyed with the idea of getting botox.  I personally love the look {when done tastefully} of a flawless forehead and the reason I haven’t done it was because I battle back and forth with my truth and ego…

My truth tells me; “Love your whole self, wrinkles and all!”

My ego tells me; “You only live once, live wrinkle free!”

But, as I said, since I’ve been deepening my self-love and working on the things / stressors / fears that used to keep me up at night, guilt, shame, fear, anxiety, etc… wrinkles have calmed down and actually I haven’t thought about botox in a long time!



Maybe it’s time to put the botox down and dive inwards?

Is it true that connecting with your true self could slow down the aging process?  As the yogi’s say, yes!

Here’s what I’ve noticed that has helped diminish my wrinkles; I no longer push my feelings aside.  I no longer let the self hatred go unnoticed and I take control of my own happiness.  I’ve gotten comfortable with embracing old emotions or emotions as they show up and living my authentic truth.  When you figure out why certain things trigger you and instead of letting them cause you anger or keep you in a state of fear, look at what these triggers and emotions are trying to tell you, you don’t need for them to trigger you anymore.  Truly your emotions are your guide.

Before I knew what self-love and living on purpose was, I was a skeptic that thought the world was out to get her.  I lived in this delusional world where I had to work at a place I hated to just get by, hide my emotions, play small to protect myself and self-doubt and lack of confidence was the ONLY way to live.

I was a completely different person.

I can remember trying to numb myself with TV for years, all the trashy shows were my “go to” evening cocktail of choice and I would sit there with my eyebrows furrowed in disgust with what I was watching, but I was so depressed that I needed an outlet.  After I would watch TV my forehead would be a roadmap of forced wrinkles.

Your emotions, when not properly brought forward and released will harbour within and cause anxiety, stress, feed your fear and cause internal upset.   AKA: not good for wrinkles!!

To smooth everything out in your life and to feel happiness and peace, it’s time to lovingly go inwards!

I’m not sure how often you tell yourself how amazing you are and how you can achieve everything you want, and how you’re so full of light and love, but start that ritual today.  Allow these feelings to flow into your heart and live with them, express your light and love and watch the world around you shift.

….including your wrinkles.

What can you do to “soften” your wrinkles through Self-Love?

* Meditate

* Speak to yourself with love and grace

* Praying for love and guidance

* Forgiving {myself and others}

* Reading

* Helping more people

* Journaling

…My life has radically changed and I am not in the state of feeling OUT OF CONTROL with my life where I need to numb myself with treats, mindless TV or crappy YouTube Videos {my crazy addictions I tell ya!}….

Even my businesses have been flowing from a space of love instead of fear, which in return allows a lot of calmness in my life and body.

I don’t know how much truth this has, but I can just speak what has been working for me. To be honest, I’m loving it ;)

So, join me! Jump on this stillness / tune inward train and get the calmness, the answers and CO CREATE your life!!

Sending you love and less wrinkles!


PS. I’m off to the gym!!! Day 3 of my New Years health goals and I’m digging the routine and discipline in my life….I do miss my holiday treats…

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A prayer newbie

Happy Monday, Gorgeous!

Two strange things are happening; 1. I’m steering clear of sweets starting today 2. I’ve started praying…..throughout my day.

I’m officially a prayer newbie!

I mean, of course at desperate times I would throw my hands up and ask for help, of course I would pray for a safe flight every plane I got on, but to be honest….I never understood how prayer is my medium for miracles!

Gawd, it’s been a wild ride over this holiday season, if you got my newsletter today, you’ll understand what I mean…but I basically took the 2 weeks over the holidays where I shut my home office down and sat in my internal self.

It’s legit when you willingly go into fears, anxiety and all those dang negative beliefs, but OMG, it’s freeing and what happens is, you reignite your soul and everything that has been bunged up starts to fall into place!

I didn’t do this all with prayer, however, I have been studying a lot of Marianne Williamson’s work and I’m in love…this chick knows her stuff and instantly has shown me the light, again ;)



Here’s the deal, I used to think prayer was only for religious folk and being raised without a “belief” I never did it and thought it was “odd”…,

I started to bring prayer into my daily life, really over the last week because something hit me while reading Marianne’s book; The Law of Divine Compensation – it hit me that YES, I was connected to myself and Spirit, but I wasn’t fully getting the guidance I needed to shift areas of my life. I crave guidance!

For some reason over the holidays I decided I wanted Spirit to guide me more in business…I craved to feel 100% on purpose everyday, so to do that {for me} was to get into a stronger state of faith, but also I had to LET GO of CONTROL!!!!

Yes, I’m controlling. Yes, it’s hard to let go of.

But I’ve been doing it and doing it with ease, most days.

What I know for myself is when you tune in to why you’re here and get your guidance from “the source”, great sh*t happens!

To become great at something, teach it!

I’ve taken this as a message for me to help more people tune back into their ease, flow, passion and purpose in their life, health and business!

So, if you’d love to:

– release fears
– let go of control
– be guided daily
– achieve great break through and success
– feel at ease
– rock your self love and power

Try ASKING for more guidance!
We are all deserving of it and we all have access to our “next right step”, you must ask.

My “Newbie Way of Praying”….

First thing in the morning I get into a 5 min meditation and at the end of my meditation I ask for direction; “please guide me today to who I need to speak with, who I can serve, what I should say and what my next steps should be”

I get the guidance when I listen.
Your internal compass always speaks to you ;)


I ask for blog post topics, what videos I should shoot, who I should approach about my business, I ask and am guided!

Here’s the deal, it feels great not having to control my life and know that I’m not alone, this is pure love….do you still need to WORK?! Heck yes! I’m an action taker, lately I’ve been taking action on what feels right and things have been falling right into place!

Would you like a video blog on a topic like this? Would it help you?

I’d love to hear how you call Spirit into your daily life {if you do!} and how you’ve been guided!


PS. Day 1 of Clean Eating and Heavy Weights starts today!! Follow me on Instagram for updates….are you on a new health kick this year?

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Day 2 of the New Year!

Happy New Year, Gorgeous!

It’s officially day 2 of the new year and it’s feeling really FRESH, isn’t it? Did you read your last post for how to really achieve your 2015 goals?

On NYE, Ryan and I decided to go out for dinner, not even thinking that DUH the restaurants would be packed!  We literally hunted high and low for a restaurant that could get our bums in seats and give us some wine.

Our first attempt was a 2 hour wait, so we decided to drive to downtown and checkout a great selection.  On our drive downtown, we were so hungry, we stopped to get snacks for our drive to find a place to eat and celebrate…..

OH YES!  We found a spot at one of the restaurants we love, The Sandbar!


They got us in right away and we feasted on great wine and snapper with veggies.

I’ll tell ya, I love NYE just for the people watching!  Everyone was so glam in sequins and bow ties, I loved it!!  There is magic in the air during the holidays, and I know a lot of people think I’m crazy, but I feel it….like really feel it.

Did we stay up to 12pm?!  No.

Being the old folks that we are, the 3 of us were in bed by 11:30pm…


I swear I am not great at staying up late and it’s all because I appreciate that GOOD feeling the following day!  I’ve learned over the many drunken NYE nights that if I invest in too much wine, I miss out on setting up my year right.  I love investing time on Day 1 of the new year on my intentions and personal growth!

I feel that when I invest this time on Jan 1st on myself, I’m setting the new year up strong…so yesterday I wrote a lot of my intentions out, researched how to manifest with spirit and got my manifesting ON!  Oh yes I did!


I decided to pack up my journals, my books and my iPhone and find a corner in JJBean where I could really just tune in and use this newness of the year to align…..honey, when I’m aligned, I can give back and help you more! As a coach I feel some days I just want to “go” and forget about the time I need for myself.

Do you ever feel this?

It was nice to be fully present the first day of 2015 and have such clarity on what I’m here to give back!

So for day 2 of this gorgeous new year (ps it’s snowing here right now!!) I’m following my manifestation up with the gym (gotta get back in the swing of things!) and giving value back to you! It’s time for more videos to come out, so I’m laying out my business schedule and also….

I’m putting together a group of people who want to release those extra “Holiday Pounds” and tone up with lean muscle! I’m taking FIVE people this round and if you are ready to lose weight and tone up, let’s do it together!!

Email me and I’ll get you more info!

Sooooo that’s what I’m doing today, werkin and loving!

How are you rocking Day 2 of 2015? Did you set your intentions???


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Your KEY to Really Achieve Your 2015 Goals! {Your Self-Love Ritual}

We’re about to ring in 2015 with passion, purpose and abundance.

Trust me, if I can help it, we will all be filling up with everything we want this coming new year because I know we all deserve it.  Will there still be some fear?  Yup, we’re human, so battling internal dragons will still be apart of our mental workout, but it will be easier this year, I promise.

I had a few friends ask me on Twitter {after I shared that I’m headed to the coffee shop in my new “lumberjackie” boots to goal set!} if I can share my formula for goal setting and I thought about what I wanted to write today and instead of me telling you how to set a goal, I want to give you the formula to REALLY achieve your 2015 goals.


Oh baby, there have been many years where I’m swinging from the chandelier excited and boom a week later I was back in my bathtub crying over my bubbles that “my life sucks…”.  As I mentioned before in a post, the reason I coach today is because I have a BIG MISSION to help you break through any apathy or self defeating habits because I’ve lived with them for too long and it was Gods way of showing me my path, I know it!

So, if you’re ready to get your key to really achieve your 2015 goals, keep reading!

The KEY is; Self Love.


Listen, gorgeous.  I don’t want you going another year on the internal hamster wheel, giving up because you don’t believe you can achieve what you want or that you don’t deserve it, or that you don’t know your next steps….not this year!  We’re gaining more self-love, which means more DIRECTION and being ON PATH!

Why does self-love matter in setting goals and achieving them?

It’s simple, when you love all areas of yourself, and are aware of WHY you stop yourself, meaning you can see your own personal blocks {which block you from; fast decision making, staying on track with your health goals, abundance and money, taking the steps to build a business you love, to live fully in your light and share your passion with the world, etc.} you are living in a space of love.

When you embrace all aspects of yourself and stop masking the pieces of you you’d rather hide, you will understand why you’re here and where you’re to go.  This is self-love.

So when you fully love yourself and know that you have a greater mission here to help people through your purpose, your goal setting and staying on track with the ACTION to achieve your goals will be easy.

Taking daily action to achieve your goals will FINALLY feel easy and you will gain more abundance because you have tuned in to WHY you are really here.  The only way I know how to do this easily and from a universal power, is to look at your “Mess” and find the GOLD.

As I always say; Your Mess is Your Message.

God, the Universe, Your Angels, or whatever you personally believe in who guides you, would never put you in situations or in this life to suffer, they placed you in situations for you to learn, grow and teach others how to do the same.

You, my beautiful friend have a big mission.

Instead of pushing it aside, thinking you’re doomed with a crappy job or a negative mindset, choose today to get the help and support you need to find what the “gold” is in your life / in your sh*tty situations and plan your goals around breaking through these limitations this year and showing others how you did it.

When you’re fully aligned with your self-love, you will wake up every day and be guided to your next step.  This happens because when you’re living in self-love, your intuition is on point, your compass is fully charged and you’ll know in your heart what to do each day, meaning you will NOT fall off your wagon!  Your wagon is ready to hop on the rolling hills of life and speed through them.

You might be questioning; “How can I find my self-love?” or “What is my next step to fully love myself?”

Your New Year Self-Love Ritual!  {Your Fastest Path to Your Dreams!}

1.  Identify what you really want.  

We were born to want.  No matter what anyone has told you growing up, wanting more, wanting to give, wanting to experience new things is safe and it’s good.  It pushes you to move forward in life and to have movement.  Without movement, you dwindle.

When you spend the time to identify what you really want in 2015 you will instantly see where you’re being pulled to and how your purpose starts to show more.  This is the most fun I have when setting my new years goals is being OPEN to the knowing that I create my life and the endless possibilities I have to create!

2.  What’s stopping you?

You’re about to get real here and remember, you are the only one seeing this.  If you feel you want to mask or hide your answers because you’re ashamed or embarrassed, this is the best time to be honest and face your fears.  This is when your life shifts and miracles happen, when you’re open and honest with yourself.

Ask yourself; what is stopping me from achieving this in my life right now?

3.  Make the commitment to re-write your story today!

The reason you’re getting the same results, year after year is because you’re running off the same story.  The same beliefs that you’ve identified in step 2, the things that stop you are on repeat in your mind.

We know the law of attraction is always working and what you put out your receive back.

You have two choices, to live the same life as you are now, or making the commitment to make a big shift and accept that you can tune into your radical self-love again {we were all born with it!} and follow where it leads us each day.  This means you’ll be living in happiness!

Yup, happiness is a choice!

4.  Write out your NEW Story…..

Now that we know what you want, we know what has been stopping you from achieving what you want, it’s time to get clear on what action you must take each day to achieve your dreams / goals!

Keep in mind that everything that is holding you back now has an opposite which is your LIGHT that you’re not fully embracing.

When you grab your journal and write the TOP 5 Qualities you admire in other people {celebrities, bloggers, friends, teachers, mentors, etc} you will instantly see the qualities about yourself that you need to embrace more each day.  What you see in others, you see in yourself….good and bad ;)

5.  Live by your new story!

Each day wake up knowing that you were placed with your goals and message to share it with the world.  It’s your duty to live a little past your fear each day to get your message out there and live in your light!  Your light is the clearest space of self-love….it’s your brilliance, the confidence, the twinkle that people are attracted to.


>>> From my heart to yours, YOU are here to live a life beyond your wildest dreams and to do that you must set your goals, embrace your emotions {they are here to tell you what you need to work on} and take the action by living fully in your power and self-love!

Simple Self-Love & Goal Achievement Tips:

*  Meditate to connect

*  Journal to get answers

*  Make a wicked vision board

*  Workout and get moving daily

*  Work with a coach who can give you your next steps and plan

I believe in you!  If you need help with breaking through fears, overcoming limiting beliefs and staying the course to do what you love, message me.  I will help you!

Here’s to an amazing 2015!!

Comment below with your BIG goal for 2015!!  I’d love to hear!






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My Drunken Wiener Dog….

Happy Monday, Gorgeous!

This weekend was a real doozy for us.  Hudson, our wiener dog decided to get a bit “tipsy” on some dark chocolate brandy beans on Saturday night and this set our evening up for us.  No movie and wine like planned, instead we cared for our drunken and sick pup!

I will fill you in on what the heck even happened to cause such a stir in our home on Saturday night.  You see, my nana bought me 5 boxes of my favorite dark chocolate brandy beans for Christmas and at 6:43pm on Saturday, Ryan yelled downstairs…”Babe, we have a huge problem!  Did you open and eat your brandy beans?”….

My bag of Christmas gifts had been moved to my dresser upstairs and not knowing that there were chocolates in the bag, they were moved to the floor.  Sooooooo…..

….nope.  I hadn’t even cracked the box open yet….but Hudson sure did.  Almost 200 grams of dark chocolate and “the good stuff” was gone.

My tipsy wiener dog had us in a frantic sweat!  He was walking with a limp like an old school…{well you remember how the rest goes} and his little heart was racing.  We called the vet and they were so kind to help us through an “at home” quick rescue.   We were told to give our pup 1 tbsp hydrogen peroxide and if that didn’t trigger him to be sick and get the chocolate and brandy out, wait 15 minutes and give him another dose.  We were told that if the two doses didn’t help him, to bring him in.

We got the hydrogen peroxide in, plopped him in the bathtub and waited…and waited….and waited….nothing.

In the mean time he was burping like a drunken sailor, wafting brandy all over the bathroom and his little tummy was rumbling.

Finally we were so freaked out, we decided to pack him up in the back of the BMW and head to the vet to get these crazy beans out of him!  Hudson thought it would be better if we just stayed home.

As soon as we left our street, the beans did appear….all over our backseat.  This was the beginning of a long evening, multiple calls to the vet, and some really wicked learning lessons.


We would rotate between Hudson drinking water in the bathtub and then taking him out for a walk to get things “moving”.  He would drink cups and cups of water and his belly would slosh around as he walked and I was freaked out!  By about 11pm he was pretty clear to go to bed.

I had literally called the emergency vet about 6 times and they knew our situation and me because the story traveled fast through the clinic.  Hudson, the tipsy wiener dog was a celeb.

I did not sleep a wink that Saturday night.  Ever little stir and yawn, I thought he was dying.  He woke up at 8am with a pep in his step and the craving for left over Christmas dinner.

If this is an ounce what it feels like to have sick kids, I could only imagine how crazy I’ll be!

I’ve learned a lot through this process and one being that when you want something so badly, in this case I just wanted a healthy dog and I would do whatever it took to make it happen, so I would call them with questions, demand answers, repeat the answer, etc.  I had this passion running through my veins.  You must have passion in life and in business if you want to make it amazing.


Ahhhhh so my pup is better and I love him so much.  No more brandy beans for him….or any alcoholic bevys or chocolate.

Besides that, I went back to the gym and started on my New Years Health Goals early!  Yes!!  I feel so much better and I love having a goal again to put 6lbs of lean muscle on, eat clean and get back into a consistent lifting pattern.


The BEST way I know how to stay on track is by creating a group of people who are accountable and keep each other on track.  If you’re ready to get on track with your health goals this coming new year, comment below and let me know what your health goal is!!

Have you ever had a pup who ate chocolate or booze?


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