5 Tips To Busting The Myths Around Making Money On Your Food Blog

Happy Saturday!

Yesterday was such a rewarding day.  I actually allowed myself to wake up a little later than normal, stay away from the internet and head for a walk with Ryan and Hudson along the beach.  We picked up a coffee, enjoyed the sun and allowed Hudson to make new friends all morning long.  It was really nice to step away from the craziness of the book sales, reflect back on myself and focus on my direction with the blog and business.

First off I would like to say if it wasn’t for my blog, my readers and my products I would still be pouring endless amounts of hours into my dream and not making any money.  I am finally living my dream, thanks to you and supporting myself online.

During my morning of “internet silence” I realized there are some HUGE Myths around “Proper” Food Blogging that I see and I would like to touch on.  You might disagree with me, you might want to hug me or you might just smile and agree.  But lets just jump into it when I am on a roll…..

If you have been following me for sometime now, you know that I do a lot of online marketing and build other businesses that ALL mesh together with my Passions of Health along with building this blog.

Since starting my journey online {away from this blog} I learned quickly that people re-syndicate each others content, programs, books, services, etc.  I don’t see this really in our “Food Community”.  I don’t see many stepping into their FULL POWER and creating products that can help other people with the gifts they have within.

When I write my E-Books {another one will be out in a few weeks} I come from a space of helping each and every person that feels the need picks my books up.  My books change lives and the people that read them really get a gut reaction to incorporate more healthy foods, live healthier and have a clearer mind.  This is my goal, my passion and what I do best.  I am NOT doing it just for sales.

A few days ago I asked for help from individuals within our community to spread the love about the Pure Sweetness E-Book and only a couple people helped out and shared the loved, which is very cool.  I understand that our community might have a “shyness” about sharing a product that costs money to their followers, but we do it all the time with a free contest or free products…….

This really got me thinking.  Why would certain people not be responsive to help friends get their products into more peoples hands?  If it was a good recipe or blog post for FREE of course they would have Tweeted about it, Facebook-ed it and added it to their blogs and newsletters.  I honestly think there is this big fat “No-Nosign around making Money off of your blog.  Are people viewing me as “Money Hungry” to want to get my book out to more people?  Hmmmm.

On my sandy walk this morning I started thinking about Myths our community might have around Making Money On A Food Blog:

5 Tips To Busting The Myths Around Making Money On Your Food Blog:

Myth #1You Can’t Ask Your Readers To Pay For Anything On Your Blog.  That is a “No-No”.

Truth – If you feel that Food Blogging and running your own Brand is your Passion and you have the ability to change lives, help people with allergies, help people get fit, and feel amazing in their skin, why not?  Believe in yourself that YOU are an EXPERT at what you share on your blog.  You live it everyday.  I know many people spend hours a day updating, picture taking, commenting, and chatting with people on Social Media all surrounded around their blog.  I know, because I do it too.

It is important to remove that link that you have around making money and the number of people visiting your blog.  “I really want to share my passions and teach people about health as my career, but what if my viewers stop reading?”  Have belief in yourself that you create amazing products people need.

Myth #2I Can’t Possibly Make Money Off My Hobby.

Truth – Hahaha, I shake my head at this one.  Yes you can!  Your hobbies are your passions.  They lead you to your god given right in this world and they show you what you what you love and what you have to give back to this world.  A job is something we believe we need to make money.  Why not step out and make your brand your career?  How fun would that be?

I know most food bloggers want to make money off their blogs because they have Foodbuzz plastered everywhere!

Myth #3 Foodbuzz or Blog Her Is A Proper Way I Can Make An Income Off My Blog.

Truth – BS!  I am the first to tell you that I have made more money off my own products and selling affiliates on my blog than with Foodbuzz.  Why not step out and let yourself be the leader while following your passion?

Myth #5I Don’t Have The Experience To Create My Own Product Or Service.

Truth – I can see where people think this.  I thought it for a long time until I stepped back and realized, holy cow, I live this way everyday and I treated myself through Food Allergies, a Pepto Bismol addiction and a Mind full of Self Limiting Beliefs.  Yes, I have the Experience and so do you!

Here’s the question to ask yourself – What have I over come in my life that others are struggling with?  It could be as simple as setting up your food blog.  Hello, not many  people know how to do that!

When you have the answer, start brainstorming ideas. I know many people who do Grocery Tours and show people what they eat in week and spread the healthy love. People need this kind of stuff in their lives, they want to be healthy and they come to you for advice every day on your blog.

I could go on for hours with this, but just really want to stress that it does take a lot of thought and belief in yourself to create your own products, or services, but when you have a light in your heart that you need to share with people it will come easily.

I would also like to stress that it is cool to be open minded and see your blog as a career that you can really allow to grow.  I can assure you that you do not look like a bad person to want to make money from something your pour your heart into everyday.  You look like a passionate leader following their dreams!

This of course is my two cents and the difference I can see between the online “Business World” and our Food Blog Community.

I invite you to start brainstorming what you direction is with your blog, what you live and share everyday with your readers or in your life.  Is there a slight glimmer of having your own products on your blog?

Why not start re-syndicating people’s products that are for sale and help them live their dreams?  Just be open.

I thank you for taking the time to read this lonnnnng post today 😉  I appreciate each and everyone who comes here and reads my blog and allows me to live the life I intended.  Love you!

To Your Glam Life,



PS.  This is my passion – helping women discover their dreams and making them happen.  If you would like to hear more, please comment and let me know!

PPS.  Spread the loveThe Pure Sweetness E-Book is Awesome and a must read for people who love to treat!

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  1. says

    Great post Kris, I agree with a lot of the things you’ve said. Believing in yourself is the key to happiness + success. As soon as you believe the gift you have is a GIFT, the sooner the universe can begin to provide you with the customers you need to share that gift with the world. Simple as that :)

  2. says

    I’m still searching for a direction for my blog! I feel like I just ramble right now! I just found yours and I love it :)

  3. says

    I love this post thank you so much for sharing… you made me realize my dreams can be a reality and I just need to keep pushing and stick to what I believe in. I want to turn my passions into a career and this is just what I needed xooxo thanks for the inspiration you are amazing! :)

  4. says

    This is a very inspirational post. I’m not trying to make a career out of blogging (or any money at all, as a matter of fact), but I think that you’ve really made a good point for people who are. Money isn’t bad. Everyone needs money to live. Why shouldn’t people make a living when they pour their hearts and souls – and a good chunk of their time – into their blogs and provide a good product that helps people live better lives?

    Might I suggest that you offer a few sample pages on the page where you’re selling your e-book? I’ve never bought an e-book. I prefer leafing through a book first and seeing if it meets my needs. If you offered access to a few sample pages, it might help people who – like me – have a more “tactile” approach to buying books.

  5. says

    Great post Kris! Since discovering your blogs, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my passions and what I could potentially do to get away from my office job and do something that I love. Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration ~ I love to see that you are making your dreams a reality!!

  6. says

    Hey Kris! Thank you for sharing your input on how to live your dream with the help of the internet. We live in such an exciting day and age where we can build our own brand almost overnight. I don’t want to make blogging my career, but envision myself helping others lead healthier lives with the tips that I post on it. You do such a great job of inspiring others to think positively and live out their own, unique passions.

    My advice is to believe in yourself and not limit yourself by what others are doing and what others may think of you. Keep up the awesome work!!!

  7. says

    as you know I purchased your book HOT off the presses 😀 and as I did with your fabulous cookies, I intend to share this as well… I hate to say I have not opened it again since I browsed the first day (super crazy busy here and some travel too!) but soon will pick a couple things to try and share (photos, not recipes!) 😉

    I completely agree with you on all accounts here – while I DO make a decent amount from foodbuzz (I think we talked about this one – my comments go down but my views double + triple each month!) I acknowledge there are better avenues out there, some I am pursuing as well. 😀

    you are an inspiration – you will and are achieving your dreams because of your passion, drive and truth! XXO

  8. says

    Kris this post is fabulous!! I started blogging as a pure hobby and now I’m so happy I did. I’ve met so many awesome new friends and it makes me realize that I can make this into so much more than just a hobby. Your book is going places girl!! Have a fabulous day 😀

  9. says

    Hi Jenny! Awesome! I am so happy that you can see a vision for your blog and “hobby” to be so much more and bring you joy and a career!! You can do it girl! We are meant to love what we do every single day…..beautiful!


  10. says

    You inspire me every single day! Your blog is amazing and going in a fabulous direction :) I love that everything you do is so genuine and “spa bettie”!

    Thank you for your support and your love, always. I think I will share more blogging tips….I wonder if this fits into the “wellness” avenue?! LOL!

  11. says

    Hey Kilee! When I chat with you I always get such a warm vibe. I think you are on the right track to helping others lead that healthy life and so much more! Keep inspiring us all and being so genuine and true….I love it!


  12. says

    Thank you my friend! You ARE on your way to filling that dream of working for yourself! Your blog is amazing, you share such wonderful recipes and tips and you live it everyday. Which means you “OWN” it. When you own something you can share it from your heart….this is gorgeous!


  13. says

    You my friend are amazing! Thank you for the awesome suggestion and how powerful this could be! I really appreciate your comments and love when you stop by :)

    It is so true that people view people trying to make money “bad” in certain situations, but really, we all need to live and afford our expensive groceries! Lol!


  14. says

    You are amazing! You know how much value and help you provide people on a daily basis? That is beautiful and so inspiring! Keep that dream alive!


  15. says

    Thanks for stopping by Presley! I love your name and your blog is so cute :) Hahaha, I don’t think you ramble, I think you are sharing your life and your joys, which is what people really enjoy!

    Keep up the great work!

  16. says

    Amen Sista! The universe has our back, always. It always provides our dreams and shows us the paths we need to take. Girl, you are ON your path right now. Look how much time and beauty you place into your recipes, photos and blog…..amazing…..just amazing!


  17. says

    thank you, Kris! 😀 I am having A LOT of fun right now with my blog, it’s been an exciting time.

    I would say I think people always like to read blogging tips – :) but there are times I Do Not Know what people want! I have commenters that went from an every day commenting to… not often anymore, and in my mind I’ll think, “THIS post surely they will comment on!” and… nope! Still, I have more feedback from exciting places and am excited by my numbers. I need to remember that and not one or two people I’m trying to second guess! 😀

    but yes… I WILL say it, I think people like “tips” and information posts! 😀

  18. Susan says

    This is a well written post with great suggestions and information…In a short time social media has evolved into something amazing and offers great potential for anyone, whether it be seeking out blogs (like yours) offering some direction and answers to one’s questions and for those who have something to offer with their “words of the day” for anyone who didn’t have a question to ask … and visits a chosen blog to see what will be posted which is new, refreshing and fun. A trusted community in every sense.

  19. says

    Hey girl!

    I’m glad you took away some of the stigma when really it just boils down to following your passion. I think we forget that not only we can actually enjoy what makes us money, but we deserve to find that thing that makes us happy. I also feel like women in particular are too afraid of the word “selfish.” We are brought up to believe we have to give, give, give and nurture others. But nothing says we can’t do that while still following our dreams. That’s not selfish, that’s self worth.

    PS: You know (I hope) that I got your back if you need some shout-out love! (I actually mentioned you in a post on Wednesday). I’m just a holla away if you need anything!

    Keep up the inspiring work! You’re going places, girly, and I’m glad you’re taking us along for the ride!


  20. says

    Kris, this is a great post. I think I cam across it at the absolute right time, too. A couple weeks ago, I lost my full time job, and I’ve been at a loss as to where I’m supposed to go next. I love my blog and I pour my heart and soul into it everyday. I’m hoping that it will help bring me somewhere where I can continue to share my passions with others and open new doors for me. I have so many ideas in mind…it’s just figuring out which direction to take and go with it. So thank you, again, for helping me realize that it’s not a silly dream to think that way!

  21. says

    I agree with your thoughts on this, and it goes nicely with my philosophy that you shouldn’t give away what you do for a living!

    Sharing is one thing, and I’m all for that…but there’s nothing wrong with following bliss and making money doing it. I’d love for everyday to be so much fun that I don’t realize I’m working! I’m 80% there :)

    The interesting thing about the blogging community…or should I say the commenting community…is that most comments seem to come from a place of wanting more comments on their own blogs. I read blogs that I love (including yours) but I don’t always comment. That doesn’t mean I don’t care—I’m just only going to comment when I have time and when I have something to say. If I commented on every blog I read, I’d have to read fewer blogs!

    So…I look at my own blog stats—I get comments from bloggers and a couple friends, but I know most of my readers are people in my community or former clients or people who stumbled upon it and like the topics I cover.
    It’s all very interesting—I guess I don’t promote many peoples’ products because I’d really have to “Experience” the product first…and I’m so busy that it takes me a while to catch up (I’m going to put up a giveaway today with a few of my recent faves).

    Ok, I think I’ve said enough :)
    Thanks for the great post!

  22. Alison says

    Ahhhhmazing! This is exactly what I needed this morning. Last night I was finally creating my blog name and writing a few posts after 2 years of debating to create a blog, but then stopped because I thought that blogging wasn’t me. But I’ve been wanting to do what all of you girls do with the pictures, the wonderful recipes, and just living your dream and being happy. I want to become apart of the food blogging family, but I was scared to think that people would think I’m just trying to start a blog to get free products or use it as income. But 100% right , its the passion. The passion with your hobby that will become your reality and your world. It will inspire others to make amazing recipes by themselves and not have to buy it at the store. It will help people feel better about their bodies, their health, and their life. Okay off to more brainstorming names!! Thank you so much!!

  23. says

    You are so welcome Alison! Thank you for stopping by and leaving your inspiration! Firstly, I am SO happy you decided to take this leap and set up the blog and start writing posts…I can relate to you 100% and let me tell you everything will start getting very comfortable and really just start to Flow to you! Have fun!

    Let me know your blog!

  24. says

    Thank you Lisa! I love your rays of realness you always leave! You are so amazing!

    I think you are right and think that when you have a gift and are an expert in your field that you can charge and make money from it! Everyone needs to pay for these expensive groceries and help lives, don’t we??

    I love what you said about the commenting….I think a lot of people just “skim” and don’t even read the content people put so much time in just to leave a comment to get the traffic back….if this is the case, its time to revamp the blog!

    Your blog is so awesome, keep up the great work!


  25. says

    Hi Courtney! Thanks for the motivating comment! I can relate girl…a year ago when I lost my full time job I had no choice but to hustle in my health and wellness passion. I am lucky to be aligned with everything health that allows me to bring in a FT income! You can do it girl, just be open to doing things that might scare you. Be open to taking the steps in your direction!


  26. says

    Hey Steph!!!

    I love you…..thank you from the bottom of my heart on how supportive you always are!!!

    I agree. If we have something to share with the world, like we do, lets make some dough off of it! LOL! We are allowed :)


  27. says

    Hahah, I am here to tell you to take that control girl! Reel it in and enjoy it all!!!!! You MUST create an E-Book on your experiences, people need your expertise!


  28. says

    Awww, thanks Heather! I am glad I could be of a help to you! You need to just start it and do it! You feel so good once it is done and your name is on it! Let me know if I can help you :)


  29. says

    Love this article! I have the passion and I agree that is what is the most important but with my recent lay off I wish I had the know how because if I could truely turn my blog into my career I would be the luckiest/happiest girl in town!!

  30. says

    Thanks for this Kris. I totally & whole~heartedly agree! Thanks! (and next time I’m on the mainland we should hook up for coffee, I finally made it to a whole~foods!!)

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