Start every morning like THIS and you’ll drop fear! How to Face Yo Fears Today!

Well, I can tell you there are a couple things you should be doing every morning that will bring more abundance, brilliance and health to your life….like rocking out your gratitude list, drinking a litre of water as soon as you wake up {hello engines!} and saying “I love you” to the people nearest and dearest to you.

However, today I want to talk to you about dropping the fear story that is on repeat in your mind all day long.  The one telling you that you’re not good enough to step out and release those 10lbs, heck you’re not good enough to start your dream business, make an extra $500 bucks a month or ever have the courage to speak your true voice!

Have you heard this fear rolling around in your head?

As my mom always said growing up, “what’s going on in that pretty little head of yours?”….well, most of the year as I grew up, no one wanted to know because it was very full of worry, fear and negativity.

If you’re feeling like this story of fear that is taking the driver seat of your life, has to go, then let’s make a subtle shift today to help you stay on track, ok?

To drop any FEAR that you have, you need to get clear on the “fear story” that is really cruising fast within you.  Is it the story that you are “unworthy of happiness”?  Mine was.

I want you to grab your journal and a pen….sit quietly, breathing in your nose and out your mouth….allow yourself to get into a calm state.  We’re going to ask your subconscious some Q’s that will help you bring to the light, this story that is keeping you still in life….

Until we bring it to light, you can’t rewrite it.

Ask yourself:

“Why am I afraid of _____________?”

Write your answer down.

Ask yourself:

“What is the commitment I am currently making to myself by believing this story?”

{You might hear that you’re fearful of stepping into your dream career as a motivational speaker.  The commitment you currently have been making to yourself is that “I’m not good enough, smart enough or pretty enough, so why would I even try??” – You will have your own answer, listen to it and write it down}

When you’ve brought your fear story forward, *record on repeat and it aint’ a good JT song!*, love it.  Thank it!  Without knowing and feeling it, you would have no idea how to rewrite it going forward and into the life you deserve.

So today, I invite you to find what the fear story really is and then do THIS….

Create a brand new story that serves you better than the fear.  For example, you want to be that motivational speaker, traveling the globe, helping women all over…but you believe you’re unworthy of this.  Try this new mantra for the next 28 days – “I have a gift that needs to be heard.  I am a great motivational speaker!”  OWN IT BABY!

Choose a new story that you can repeat for the next 28 days.  Make it compelling, something that speaks to your heart, like JT does to mine…..

You got this!  I believe in you!

If you have Q’s leave them below and I’ll get back to you!


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2 Responses to “Start every morning like THIS and you’ll drop fear! How to Face Yo Fears Today!”

  1. Maria @ Little Miss Cornucopia January 20, 2014 at 11:32 pm #

    Great post, Kris. Fear is the number one thing that keeps us silent. You’re sooooo right. The world needs our stories. We have to be brave!


    kris Reply:

    Ahhh Maria! We are so much alike :) The world does need to hear our stories, we have so much LOVE and knowledge to give, don’t we??

    I hope you’re having a great day!


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