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Hey there, my name is Kris Britton and I’m a Lover of Life, Health and Wellness Passion~ista, Entrepreneur, and Blogging queen.  This blog has been created for you as a way for you to become Healthier and more Glamorous in your body, mind, soul.  You will find reviews and the best information and tips for sprouting your life into a fit, fun and healthy way just like you deserve! 

Dolls, you will find an abundant amount of recipes on here as well as my passion in the health and wellness field will always shine through!

This blog you are on right now, was made for you. It is here for you as a way to connect with like-minded individuals that have the Glam Inside & Out in their lives like you do.  It is to assist you to strive further in the “Real Housewife” (come on, who hasn’t seen the show!?) path you have started.

A bit more personal…..

I grew up in Vancouver, BC and was raised in a small family.  I have one beautiful sister, Michelle, who is 7 years younger and our family is very close!  At a very young age I started living with daily tummy aches that caused me to have fear of venturing far out of my “comfort areas”.  Years passed, many bottles of Pepto Drank before I made my first decision at 24 to go to a naturopath and really figure out what my body was telling me….


I came to realize quickly that I had many food intolerance and needed to adjust my way of living quickly to get my body back to where it needed to be to run properly.  I was both overweight and massively under weight and it become my mission to get my life back on track.  I overhauled everything from my eating, my thinking, my career, and my self confidence issues to allow me to share my journey with you and pay for my expensive holistic appointments.

Being glam is not always cheap ;)

Change in the Diet = Change in the Mind……

I believe with my whole heart that eating proper food feeds the body and creates a balanced life.  I follow a high vegan diet and am usually 80% – 85% raw.

For me it took a while, but I have found the perfect diet/ lifestyle and I realize the importance of “feeding” my body real food and how incredibly enjoyable it is.   You can still eat wonderful tasting foods and sweets while eating a natural veg rich diet and I look forward to showing you this.

When I found out I had many food related allergies, I thought it was lousy and I freaked and asked ”What would I eat”?!  But honestly it has been the best thing ever!  I feel so much better, I have more energy and I don’t live with daily tummy aches anymore!

My daily diet consists mostly of veg, I love eating fruit and veggies!  Nothing beats a crisp mac or sunrise apple in the morning on its own or whipped up with my Vega

I do believe in moderation, and I do love sweets so I tend to “bake” and experiment with a lot of raw desserts when the weather changes for the worse here in Beautiful British Columbia.

Exercise is also a big part of my life and I love trying new routines and cardio.  Ok, I lied I hate cardio but I will do it because I have too.  I review workouts and products from other bloggers here on the blog and give you my honest feedback on who I loved each workout.

The Next Step Towards Glam………

Many changes occured for me over the last 2 years of blogging.  I left the coorporate world, started business of my own, changed my life and my old beliefs!  I knew after leaving my job, following my new “clean” lifestyle I really needed t step it up.  Listen to my inner voices and really trust ME.  This is where I have logged and documented my whole process, the people I have learned from, people that supply great information, the others that have helped me grow my life to my goal for this year.

As for my health and wellness, I realized I can cure myself and feel great everyday by listening to my own body.  I realized the mind is an amazing machine and will get me to wherever I want to be.

I have been surrounded by the best of the best mentors, teachers and friends and I am here to share it all with you!

You CAN and WILL grown in a BEAUTIFUL Life as well!

Yes you can!  No doubt in my mind.  The beautiful thing I realized is working together will get you further.  I teamed myself up with positive, like minded, healthy individuals that would excel me to grow in the direction I needed too.

I am grateful everyday for my wonderful life, friends, family and team!  I will show you how a great team really works through my posts and newsletters.

I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge of being an empowered woman, going after your dreams, and shopping for things we deserve – with you.

Where I am NOW…..

Here I am, 2 year later working for myself, blog everyday and have the FREEDOM and HEALTH I have always wanted.  I have set my future to be available for my family when they need me, my vacations when I need them and every mani and pedi I love to be set on the calendar sooner than later.


I look forward to meeting you all!

To Your Glam Life,


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Gotta love the internet