A Family Ain’t a Family Without A Holiday Tree

Happy Monday!

How are you?  Did you have a FAB weekend??

I sure did!!!  You can catch up on Saturday and Sunday Morning posts and now let me fill you in on last night….

It was mid afternoon and my stomach was rumbling…but I had to hit the gym….”What to have? What to Have??” I ended up having the BOMBEST Salad Tornado Ever!!  {Salad Tornado – DEFINITION:  Your hands are whirling, throwing everything and anything into a bed of greens}

Spinach {high in iron, protein, vits and more!} Sugar Snap Peas {Figgin Good!}, Goat Cheddar {Nothing short of Amazing!} topped with Olive Oil, Balsamic, Dijon Mustard Mix….then along came a little thang I call Salsa.  Come to momma!!!!

Easy to digest and good fuel for a kick ass workout!

After working my booty off with one of OneFitFoodie.com’s workouts {Metabolic Workout} I had a quick Smoothie full of Frozen Berries and Unsweetened Almond milk, got myself cleaned up and the dog and I hopped in the car to scurry over to the parents house!!  It was officially time to Trim the Britton Christmas Tree!!

We quickly ate our Amazing Take Out Indian Dinner, Sipped our White Wine and then decked the halls 😉

I asked Facebook as I was decorating you have a box of “Misfit” ornaments….you know the ugly ones that you always want to put at the far back of the tree, against the wall, where no one sees???  You have to put them up becuase they are like 30 years old and Mom thinks their cute….you know those ones?

This is a Whole BOX of mine……not my fav….

Actually, let me clear something up…the Frosted Malt Spoon thing is Michelle’s.  Not Mine.

But she is!!

Love Mini :)

Hudson even found an ornament that he loved! Ugly Stocking Ornament! Pardon the Super Dark Pic….but it’s all I got of my happy face.

Then we feasted on homemade Shortbread cookies and tea and enjoyed the lights of the big family tree!!

Now….when is it actually time for Ryan and I to put our tree up????? Time to crawl into that jam packed stinky storage and bring out the skinny martha stewart and get her decorated!  Enough said.

Off to eat my Fuitmeal {Cinnamon Oatmeal topped with Glorious Berries!}

**Fester on this: Drink a natural caffeine source like coffee, green tea or a natural energy booster before hitting the gym!  OMG, you get the best workout in ever!!  I took a pack of Neuro, a green tea/yerba mate crystal that you add to water from the products I promote and had the best workout today!!!  SWEET and SWEAT!

Do you have a box of “Ugly” or Misfit Ornaments you feel you still need to put up?  Do you place them on the back of the tree?

To Your Glam Life,



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  1. says

    Bahahaha, there are definitely ugly ornaments in the box of decorations at my mom’s house 😛 Sounds like you all had fun! I can’t wait to set up the tree with Dallas 😀 Oh, and I looove Mickey & Minnie Mouse!! I finally “met” Mickey in Disneyland two years ago and almost cried, lol. There will be all kinds of cartoon characters on our tree!

  2. says

    I love the idea of the tornado salad! After last weekend, I’m in need of a lot of salads! Most of the ornaments on my parents tree are from my sister’s and I when we were little. Its a lot of fun to get them out and reminisce (oh and they def go on the front!).

  3. says

    Hahahah!!! I love how Monday rolls around and we all need GREENS!! hahaha!!

    We def have some good ones from childhood that go front and center, but these bad boys are in the back 😉


  4. says

    Awwwwww, Mickey!!! You’re so cute!! I love getting my pic taken with the characters 😉 I have a thing for Mini…what can I say 😉

    Whens the tree going up?


  5. says

    Sounds like we have the same situation….my mom loves our “ugly” ornaments…where at my house, we have organized gorgeousness! HA!


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