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You’re here because I know you’re craving to be HAPPY.  You’re ready to get clarity, joy and a know you’re on the right path in your life.  I get you.  I want to help you live with radiating joy and shine bright!

So, let me introduce myself!  I am Kris Britton.

I am a Life & Success Coach, founder of I Heart Wellness, and leader to a global team of women who love health and wealth; Team I Heart Wellness.

My mission is rich with trust that I can help women live a life of truth and abundance by releasing fear, limiting beliefs and doubt and reveal their true gifts, passion, income, health and businesses that they LOVE and deeply desire.

This is what I define as living “wildly free”.

Here’s the deal…

I used to ache to live free….I had no idea what “freedom” really meant to be honest. Forever, since I was a little girl I just thought I needed to make a lot of money and have time off! As years went on, I knew FREEDOM to mean something totally different.

After striving for financial and time freedom {and achieving it}, I still felt stuck, full, overwhelmed and unhappy with myself. My freedom journey began the day I started to explore my INNER WORLD, my emotions, my self-love and power.

My freedom {both INNER and OUTER} ignited when I reclaimed my power and remembered, deep in my heart that I am not doing this life alone….I have an inner guide, I am here for a reason, each fear, emotion, block and obstacle is for me to GROW past. Nothing is wrong in my life, I am exactly where I need to be to keep up-leveling.

I Believe that your soul is always calling you.  I believe that all the answers are inside you to live a life on purpose, to live a life of feeling good and a life of true freedom.



In playing bigger.  Consciousness.  Transformation.  Releasing the cycle of a victim story.

In self-love, responsibility, awareness and vision.

I believe that you have a spark within you that will ignite even more as soon as you remove the walls around it!

I believe in owning your power and viewing the world as one big mirror for growth and deeper love.

You are perfect.  You don’t need fixing or rebuilding.  You are just remembering who you truly are….and I am here to help you!

Freedom is possible for all.

Over the past few years of mentoring and coaching many women, I have really uncovered the secrets to living wildly free – no matter if you are struggling with your health, your income, your business or self acceptance….it ALL simmers down to the stories we tell ourselves and the thoughts we think.

at i Heart Wellness, together we will grow and expand.

You deserve a life rich with freedom and joy!

Here’s to YOU and your inner and outer glow!

Random Facts:

I am an aquarius.  I love coffee. If I am not writing here, coaching, selling or sharing, there is a good chance you’ll find me at the gym, out for coffee with my guy, walking my dog, or cuddled up on the couch watching a good movie and eating popcorn!  My days are spent connecting to a gorgeous tribe of like minded women in my “Get Your Wild Freedom On!” Facebook Group and in my business!

I’m so grateful that you’re here, babe and I can’t get to hear more about you!



Wanna live happy and doing what you love?  If you love Health, Wellness, and Living Financially Free, let’s chat!  You might be a good fit for our Team I Heart Wellness (a global community of wellness babes who love choosing mamma nature for humming health!)

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