Almond Protein Frosting

Happy Wednesday!

It’s mid week, dolls, and we’re ready to get the latter half of the week rolling.   Now, what better way to add a little spark to your humpity hump day than enjoying a sweet treat for breakfast??

Yesterday morning Michelle and I rocked out a FAB Photoshoot for the new I Heart Wellness site we’re launching and I wanted to start my day off with a sweet BANG!   I love Katie over at more than dark chocolate and I have been stalking her protein frosting like I’m a crazy person, so instead of creepin’ over the pics, I decided to make my own protein frosting!

{A pic from our photo shoot 😉 }

Breakfast consisted of honey sweetened Carrot Cake Granola, topped with berries and bananas, almond milk and some BOMB Almond Protein Frosting.  Swoon.

Let me tell you, breakfast went down mighty smoothly yesterday….and maybe again this morning 😉

Almond Protein Frosting:

1 tbsp Almond Butter

1 scoop Vanilla Protein Powder {I used Vi-Shape in Sweet Cream}

2 tbsp Almond Butter

1/8 tsp Vanilla

To Make Almond Protein Frosting: Place all ingredients into a bowl and whisk well.  Place on top of Granola, Smear on Toast or just eat out of the bowl!


Since yesterday was a ball of laughs, cupcakes and coffee, today is a day of getting my nose to the grind and getting some work done around here.  We have a business to build a brand to change up and a lot of reading to do for my coaching course!

Do you like Sweet Things for Breakfast??  What’s your FAV breakfast right now?

To Your Glam Life,



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  1. says

    I love that photo of you two! It’s gorgeous!!! I love sweet breakies — in fact, I’ve been planning to try an apple pie oatmeal recipe, but I just can’t seem to get my booty out of bed early enough to have to make it before work. It may have to wait until Sunday when I have time for a leisurely and indulgent breakfast!

  2. says

    I love making frosting/topping with nut butter and protein powder and stevia, plus I use almond milk…it’s a fantastic combination!!

    You girls look GORGEOUS in your photo..excited to see more!

  3. says

    Thank you doll :) We had a blast yesterday shooting the pics!!

    Mmmmmmm there is nothing better than nut butters in the morning :) Adding stevia is a brilliant idea!!


  4. says

    Must make granola ASAP!!! And protein frosting :) Is the recipe meant to be 1Tbsp AB and 2Tbsp Almond milk??? Stoked to make it!! I might even add some cacao powder to make it chocolatey :)


  5. says

    I’ve been loving oat bran with pumpkin and cinnamon or Deb’s protein muffin with dark chocolate cocoa powder.

    I’m coming to Vancouver next week, so I am blog stalking for local restaurant recommendations.

    Gorgeous girls!

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