Are Nightshade Vegetables Linked To Acne and Inflammation?

Happy Thursday Everyone!

How is everyone doing today?

I thought today would be a perfect time to bring up the topic on the mysteries of the Nightshades! They sounds so mysterious and very “super hero-ish” don’t they?!

I have received a few questions regarding my take on food being linked to skin issues and this topic also came up when meeting with my nutritionist the other day.

We are what we eat, so if we are not getting proper fibre from eating high amounts of vegetables, some fruits and whole grains our toxins will eventually have to show up somewhere and this normally will happen through the skin.

During my visit to the nutritionist she told me that I have a lot of inflammation in my body which could be causing some areas to be out of whack.  She put me on a “no nightshade” diet for a few weeks and I am to log how I feel and if I notice a difference.

Of course I was torn on this “no nightshade” business as these foods come from the earth! How can something that comes from the earth like a tomato cause inflammation?

Apparently on my quest to finding a perfect un-inflamed body and perfectly clear skin I found a lot of interesting tid bits on the nightshade family.

Yes, they can be a cause of acne. Why  you ask?  Let me explain.

Although nightshades are high in vitamins, minerals and other useful things, some people find that they feel healthier by not nibbling on these vegetables.  Actually, beg my pardon, nightshades are actually FRUITS and NOT Veggies.  Except of course for our good potato friend who is in a whole other league of its own – a Tuber 😉

What Are Nightshades?

Tomatoes, white potatoes, bell peppers, the “hot” peppers such as chili and paprika, as well as eggplant belong to the Nightshade Family.

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Here is a little nightshade trivia for you at one time nightshades were used in witchcraft and in poisonous murder!

Nightshades contain alkaloids which can be harmful in heavy loads.  It is important avoid eating tomato’s and potato’s with green spots on them as this shows that the levels of alkaloids are high.  The green on these vegetables were caused by when they saw the light of day and and switched on their self defence mechanism to make them unappealing to animals…..and humans?

I found that it was traced back to when the tomato was first introduced in Europe that this fruit was deadly poison.  The stem and leaves of the tomato plant are known to be poisonous to animals and humans today 😉

Bottom line is alkaloids cause inflammation and cause the bones to excrete calcium, other minerals and vital trace minerals from the body.  This in the end will cause more issues with your skin and possibly even arthritis.

I have been advised to eliminate theses spooky veggies (or fruits) from my diet for 2-3 weeks.  I am to log if I notice any difference in my joints, stress levels, skin, etc.

If you are experiencing inflammation in your skin or body I would totally suggest removing these nightshades from your diet for a while just to see how you feel.

Create a little food journal and write down everything you eat and the time you ate them.  Then note all the symptoms or way you feel during the day.  It can all be linked back and you can figure out what maybe causing some issues you are experiencing.

Can you believe that a Tomato was once said to be a poison to people!? WOW!


I am IN LOVE with seaweed right now!


I am eating these sheets like 3 at a time!

It is said: “All of the minerals required by human beings, including calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, iodine, iron, and zinc are present in sufficient amounts. In addition, there are many trace elements in seaweeds.”

Ahhh see, I can feel my body getting full of vitamins and minerals from my constant munching on the seaweed sheets.  I may actually fill them with a little somethin’ somethin’ later today for a nice snack 😉

I am off to my Life Coach Appointment today and I am so excited to post after that!

**TIP – To help clear your acne NATURALLY, use a combo of cedar wood essential oil and tea tree essential oil.  I put these oils on spots and they heal quickly, without leaving scarring!  

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My current Skin Care Routine to Heal Adult Acne:

Wash my face with a gentle cleanser.

Tone my skin with Rose Water

Use 2 drops of Frankincense Essential Oil (super healing and great for scarring, aging and acne) to Rose Hip Oil.

Apply Cedar Wood and Tea Tree Essential Oil to my Spots / Problem areas.



Do you enjoy Seaweed?  What are your views on the “nightshades”?  Do you believe we should stay away from them?

To Your Glam Life,


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  1. says

    I can’t imagine a salad without grape tomatoes or bell peppers! Good thing I don’t use too many, though. I don’t think I could eliminate them!

  2. says

    im always curious as to what would happen if i avoided nightshades. when i went to see a naturopath they told me to cut them out.. but i couldnt last more than a day! i mean.. maybe right there it proves im a little intolerant because im addicted.. but its truly the hardest thing for me to part with.. i can get rid of gluten and wheat.. but potatoes and tomatoes.. ohhh boy that u have to pry from my hands!! lol

    xoxo <3

  3. says

    Great post! I will try and go sans nightshade veggies for awhile and see if I notice a difference as well. This will be very difficult .. I love my tomatoes and tomato sauces :( but if it’s for great skin then I will give it a whirl 😉

  4. says

    I am lovinggg your blog! This post is pretty rocking, though I could never ever give up tomatoes or potatoes. Sorry bout it face. I’m curious to find out if you do notice a difference though. Perhaps I could be persuaded to reduce my intake of nightshades. Perhaps…

    I love sushi, but I’ve never eaten just seaweed plain. Maybe I should try it?

    Trust me – I’ll be back at your blog (:

  5. says

    i have never heard of nightshades kris! how interesting…..i am all about reducing inflammation in the body though. unfortunately i cannot stomach seaweed. i bought dulce once and had to throw it out. it is supposed to be so good for you.

  6. says

    I know…this is the strangest things I have pulled up from google regarding nightshades! I can’t wait to see if I feel a difference!

  7. says

    thank god one thing i dont have issue w/ is nightshades. i love tomatoes and would die if i had to give them up! however, my allergy testing comes up positive for them but thru food trials, i know they are safe. it’s all detective work!

    i have a friend w/ arthritis and he cannot eat nightshades at ALL or his joints inflame like mad!

    keep us posted on the trial!

  8. Alisa says

    THANK YOU for this post. For the last month I have had headaches, and terrible joint and muscle pain. I suffer from Crohn’s disease so I am already very strict with my diet, but I have been eating large amounts of tomatoes and bell peppers within the last month (fresh produce in season!). I now know to eliminate the “nightshade” veggies from my diet and see if this alleviates the pain! I surely hope it does. Thank you again, without reading this I would have never guessed this may be the issue.

  9. says

    I read this post a couple weeks ago and decided to try it out. I usually eat tomatoes and bell peppers in every salad, so was excited to see if there would be a difference. My skin doesn’t seem to have changed at all :( I’m giving it another week and then trying to cut out all dairy to see if that helps!

  10. Rachel says

    I just found your web page. I had to give up nightshade as well as a lot of other foods when I had a case of the hives (broght on by blue cheese) a few weeks back. I noticed that my low histamine diet caused my skin to become much clearer.

  11. Nancy says

    Hi There
    I have been fighting with CYSTIC ACNE for 7 years. Someone told me to cut out NIGHT SHADES and I thought…. I love tomatos, I eat them everyday! And then it just Clicked….Wow been off of Tomatos and Peppers for over 2 months and my skin is getting better everyday. No more hard, sore nodules. I do get the odd pimple but they are not cysts that last over a month. I suggest if you have CYSTIC ACNE to try this. Any other information on CYSTIC ACNE…pass it my way :)

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