Cinnamon Oatmeal Burns Belly Fat

Happy Sunday!!

How are you??  Ok, so I never post on Sunday because, well, I just didn’t think anyone read the blog on Sunday….if I get friends stopping by then I guess I was wrong!  Of course I would love you to stop by more, so I’m posting today!  Phew, confusing or what??

I know I’m getting old when a party bus is coming to get a lot of your friends and team mates in your business and you decide to eat Taco Del Mar then go home to watch Friends With Benefits instead….no party bus for us, but we did eat Popchips 😉

Yesterday was a lot of fun, we had a seminar to go to and I spoke for the first time ever in front of 450+ people.  Before heading up onto stage, I said to myself “This is no big deal, own your success, own your story, and go for it!” so I went up there with NO Sweaty Pits, shaky voice or anything!!  I was a shining star 😉

Because we were out of the house all day, I packed myself some nice little snacks to go along….

* A Green Protein Smoothie

* Larabars {Cashew & Apple Pie}

* Goat Cheddar and Sugar Snap Peas

Of course I picked up a coffee on the way and drank a boat load of water!

Before leaving the house I ate actual Hot Oatmeal!  I know I said I was cutting out oats for a while, but my body was craving them!!!  I haven’t had hot Oats in a long time, but I needed something that was going to keep me full and sustained.

Cinnamon Oatmeal is a very good breakfast for burning belly fat!  Oatmeal is super high in fiber, so it keeps you fuller longer and it breaks down slowly giving you steady energy!  Did you know oats raises your Metabolism 10%???  HELLO!!!  Now when you add the Cinnamon in there, you have quite the Fat Burning Breakfast!!  Cinnamon also promotes weight loss and burns belly fat 😉

I had 1/2 cup Oats, 1 tsp Cinnamon {I like my cinnamon!}, defrosted Berries and Unsweetened Almond Milk…oh with a couple peices of banana for good luck. A breakfast of Good Girl Champions!

*Sometimes I have less oats if I’m pairing them with a Green Protein Smoothie!!  I’m torn between which I should be having for breakfast right now, so I have both some days 😉

Today I’m rocked the same breakfast…but got a bit freaky and topped a bit of Almond Frosting on top!  HELLO!!!

I think I’m going to go get my monster umbrella, walk to Starbies for some Christmas Blend and then I come home to email people, THEN it is the Britton Family Tree Trimming Night!!  We all gather for dinner, wine and tree trimming :)  Perfect evening!!

Before I leave, I wanted to say that over the last year I’ve really stopped these below Disempowering qualities….do I still worry?  Yes, do I let it control my life like I used to?  No!  Whenever in a situation of Worry, Fear, Timidity, I ask “How is this Serving Me?”  My inner voice always comes back saying “It’s Not!” when you hear your voice come up with worry, ask that question and if you hear Its Not, then stop and see the lesson, miracle or beauty in whatever it is you are worried about 😉

What are you up to this glorious Sunday??

To Your Glam Life,



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  1. says

    I love that! “How is this serving me?” I’m a terrible worrier, and I know it gets me nowhere. Next time, I will ask myself this question and let myself move on :)

    Congrats on your seminar! I bet you did great 😀

  2. says

    Hey girlie!!! I am so impressed that you spoke in front of that many people! What an amazing opportunity to share your story with hundreds of people. Sounds like a very empowering day :)
    Enjoy your tree trimming tonight. Nights at home with the family are the best. I’m sure that you’ll have a delicious treat to share with everyone. Have a great night!!!

  3. says

    Hey Gorgeous!!

    Thank you so much :) How are you?
    Ahhhh, agreed! nights in with family is awesome! I think treats will be there for us all to feast on 😉


  4. says

    Hey Doll!!! Ahhhh, I was the biggest worrier before too! I would be up all night and if I felt ease and had nothing to worry about I thought something was wrong! LOL!!

    Thank you babe! How’s your weekend???


  5. Melissa says

    Woo! Looks like a great day :), I am currently making your vegan/gf ginger molasses cookies, they smell so good and I am excited to try them! I have recently discovered your blog and Lalalaalove it! I try to eat a high vegan diet too (have been vegetarian for mannnny years and don’t eat eggs and rarely eat dairy) and I try as much as I can to not eat wheat based on sensitivities:). Love all your posts, and your recent vid about Lush products was great, your skin is beautiful and radiant! Enjoy the rest of your weekend
    Melissa, Vic Bc

  6. says

    You are a rockstar, a stunner + inspiration. And I’m recently obsessed with goat cheeeese!!! Love this advice and I need to drop my worrying garbage!

  7. says

    Hi melissa!!!

    Thank you so much for the wonderful comment!! I love meeting other BC gals that are thriving and loving the Healthy / Glam lifestyle!! Keep rocking that passion for health, doll!!!

    What is your fav protein staple being “high vegan”? I love hearing new options!!


  8. says

    Hehehe!!! You make me Smile Char!!!!!!! You’re showering me with LOVE that’s why your the top 😉 You deserve it!!


  9. says

    glad you posted on a sunday, even though it is monday here. hehe. And when the body wants oats, it wants it bad. I love how you listened!

  10. Melissa says

    Hmm I found that I don’t think about protein as much as I probably should but I have been more inclined lately to use brown rice protein/ or hemp protein/or Vega after a workout :), I blend lots of greens in smoothies and love nut butter especially on morning oatmeal! Since seeing your blog it made me much more motivated to cook quinoa, I always have some on hand but seem to forget, so tomorrow for lunch I’m having a quinoa salad with sweet potato, kale, carrots, and peppers :)

  11. Marie-Sophie says

    I love the way Ryan looks at you … with so much love!! Always amazing to see people so much in love :-)

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