Day 1 Phase 3 LiveFit {Make Cardio Fun}

Happy Tuesday, Doll!

How are ya?

We have a bit this going on around here daily….

I figured you’d like to see the wrestling that takes place on our living room floor :\ Poor Hudson….

Between the arm bars and the rear naked chokes, we tend to have a pretty normal life around here.  I swear.

Yesterday was Day 1 of Phase 3!!  I’m officially in my last month of this challenge and in a sick and twisted way I was looking forward to this part of LiveFit because I get to add in some HIIT training!  WOOT WOOT!

Over the last month since cardio was added in, I have been adding some HIIT here and there to keep my cardio fun.  Well…to keep me actually doing cardio.  I will be the first to admit, I do not do the full 30 min on the elliptical because it sucks bum.

So, I figured it was ok to add a bit of Jamie Eason’s HIIT routine here and there {routine found in the Oxygen Mag}.  Doh!  I totally took a picture from the grocery isle….

I’ve found to keep cardio fun I have to listen to Pumped Up Music like the new David Guetta album and to be on my iphone while on the bike.  But what I really find fun is to do my visualization while I’m getting my steady sweat on {if I’m not rocking HIIT}.  A steady sweat session gives you enough time to see yourself accepting that award, starting that business or buying that dream home…I’ve done it ALL while on the dreadmill 😉

Yesterday’s workout I swear I sweated my boobs off!  It was hard for me to get back into the jumping, tucking and skipping again!  I’ve been off of it for a couple months and this girl is rusty!

At the end of my workout this is what I accomplished.


While I was hopping around and rocking my quads I realized that I’ve been slipping on using the universe the fullest lately, I’m doing a WHOLE post on this very soon, so came back and needed to zen out a bit.  I needed to regain my train of thought on where I’m taking my life and what direction to flow in…..

I needed a bit of this time…

Tea, Bubbles and Candles.

I realized I’m a very bad blogger friend.  I feel I haven’t had the time to come comment on other blogs, even though I read them on my phone while at the gym….I feel I’ve been disconnected.  I did ask my friend on Facebook yesterday this:

“Do you Like Instructional Blog Posts & Videos or just reading / watching peoples lives?? I find it interesting what I choose to spend my time reading or watching ;)”

I love a good person, mentor and blog to give me advice and HOW TO’s, but I also wont lie, I LOVE the reality of blogs too!  I guess I would love to hear what YOU love more!

Besides sweating my pits off yesterday and sipping my joe, I worked a lot and starting diving into a new “book” I’m reading that I can’t wait to tell you about!  So much to fill you in on!

Now, I must get myself mentally ready for the next day of Phase 3 where I rock out Arms, Abs and freaking 30 min of on and off sprints on the dang treadmill.  I am NOT looking forward to this one and if my dang thighs didn’t rub and I didn’t have my goal in my head, I would not do it.  Blah.  I have to take a shot of espresso or something!?

Comment Below! What do you LOVE seeing from blogs you follow?  Do you love cardio??  If so, what kind??

To Your Glam Life,



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  1. says

    I do love cardio, but my sessions don’t always start out that anyone, it takes me a bit of time to warm up, however, I feel my best after rocking some cardio at least most days of the week!

  2. says

    “What do you LOVE seeing from blogs you follow?” Great question!

    I’m in the same boat as you are. I often peruse blogs on my phone and don’t leave a comment even though I enjoy reading the posts.

    I love seeing new workouts, hair tutorials and various products from food to makeup. Reading blogs keeps me inspired to try new things and to challenge myself. An added bonus is that all the blogs I read are always positive and upbeat so I feel great when I’m done reading them!

    What do you love seeing from blogs you follow?
    By the way, great job on the LiveFit program! :)

  3. says

    Congrats on getting so far with this program and the great workout results! What heart monitor do you use (I can see it’s POLAR but what type)? Are you happy with it? I need to get a new one so am always looking for suggestions!

    I like to see posts from people where they share what’s going on in their lives, showing vulnerability from time to time, amazing recipes, and just their general thoughts. I dunno though because I say that’s what I like and then someone does something entirely different and I love that too! Surprises are always awesome :)

  4. Robyn says

    I’m all about the food,,,preferrably vegan/raw….but honestly I love it all! I like how the different personalities shine thru whether their jacked up about a new ingredient/ recipe or new workout ect..
    Love cardio…just finished a speed run(1 or 2 a week0 @ the gym,,,run 8 to 15 Ks over the weekends(only strarted running over a year ago–ADDicted!) and have done weights and yoga for yrs…Now that that you have sweated off your boobs AND pits(too funny-lol!!) go put ”em back on and have fun with your cardio<3

  5. says

    Go to starbucks, it will get you revved up :) I like seeing both posts and videos, I don’t like videos all of the time, but once in a while its nice, because you feel more connected to the blogger, if that makes sense. Yay for starting phase 3! Almost done! Can’t wait to hear about the new book.

  6. says

    Funny you should mention being a bad blogger friend, because I was thinking how much I am too! I read every single one of your posts and love them! It’s like I get to see the life of someone who I know would be friend if we lived in the same city but…I never comment. Anyways, just because you don’t see me, I’m still here. Keep up the fab work girl!

  7. says

    Haha!! I love you girl!! I read yours too and never comment, naughty 😉 I swear we have soooo much in common!!


  8. says

    Haha! This is Ryan’s old polar…I have no idea what it is?! But it’s good, just simple!

    I appreciate your lovin and feedback always! I love your content!!


  9. says

    Hi love!!!!

    Ahhhhh I love seeing things that I can apply today that will change my life, but I watch endless amounts of makeup videos and love seeing into people’s lives!! Hmmmmm


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