Grocery Haul!

It’s been awhile since I took you into my grocery bags and reveal what I’ve been purchasing lately, so let’s dive in!

Yesterday was Costco day and hello! I love Costco dayyyyy!


I freaking love Costco! I love the hunt, the dodging and finding amazing deals on everything I love in a larger form :)

In the cart was Gluten Free Bread, Salmon Burgers, Frozen Blueberries, Almond Milk, Avocados, Spinach, Eggs and Hummus!

I could buy everything from there…like the chips. But I steer clear of that section. You’re welcome thighs….you’re welcome.

After we crushed business for the rest of the day, we left the office and wandered Whole Foods, filling up on our nutrition!


Ahhhhhh veggies and popcorn. Nothing beats a whole foods shop! This is where we load up on kale and all the other fresh goodies.

Am I the only gal that lives for grocery day?! I totally love it!

Oh I also got Stevia packets so I can start making some fun treats for you!

Have you ever tried the Wholesome Sweeteners Stevia? I’m excited to try it! You know me, I’ll fill you in and let you know if it rocks my world or not.

What’s your favorite stevia that I can try next? What are staples in your grocery carts?


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  1. says

    Those are ALL the things that I want from Costco! That place is the best for GF bread (love the silver hills brand toasted).

    Stevia: I am currently working through the New Roots liquid one, and absolutely love the NOW brand of french vanilla, but thinking it’s time to try the chocolate flavoured one. Who am I kidding? I put chocolate in EVERYTHING anyways.


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