How Do You Know Your Dreams Are Reachable?

It’s Thursday!!  Thursday’s are such a great day, I’m not sure why, but they are!

I was asked the other day, “how do you know your dreams are actually reachable??”  I smiled when I read the note and sat back.  How do you know?  I know there is this this HUGE pull within that you feel, intuition, but I also know it comes down to believing you’re going to achieve your dreams.

This quote resonated with me:  if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough!

WOW!  Look at your life, are you playing it safe?  Are you stepping out of your comfort zone to allow the dreams to happen?

At an event recently I heard a saying “If no one is laughing at your ‘stupid dream’, you’re not dreaming big enough” and I thought that was funny!  I can remember sharing a dream of mine with someone once and they looked at me and said “HA!  Good luck!” it stunned me, threw me back and I got back up, I will do it, trust me.

So I’m here being your Dream Cheerleader and telling you OF COURSE your goals are reachable!  You just have to believe they are, set them, visualize them and WORK to achieve them.  Nothing good comes with some work, we want to be rewarded in life, but you have to take your action steps along the way.

Ryan and I are equally ‘in love’ with the stage and the camera and being in yo face, so when we believed that ONE DAY we’d be in a magazine, when we got the call that we’d be in the latest Challenge Magazine {on shelves very soon!!} we danced around the condo, bouncing off the bed and couches, but we had that vision, we totally knew it was getting done 😉

{PS. that is Ryan’s sister Krista also in the mag!!}

My point of this all is, DO YOU believe your dreams are reachable?  If you don’t, then they’re not.

I invite you to rewrite your future today, maybe do the Perfect Day Exercise that was up a few days ago, that’s a great start!!

Comment Below!  Do you believe your dreams are reachable in life?

To Your Glam Life,



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    What an awesome way to think! That quote has been popping up a lot for me lately and it’s definitely making me want to strive for bigger and bigger goals!

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