Let In The Amazing

Happy Thursday!

I figured I would take this Thursday to do some reflecting and sharing an open story with you.¬† Its almost the end of the week, and well, having this reflecting post on a Friday just seems so predictable ūüėČ

Hopefully my personal experiences, stories or findings will help you in some way ūüėČ

As I was sitting at Starbucks today {chatting with you on Twitter or Facebook! hehe} in walked our good friends Kate and Sukhi.¬† Instantly I felt warm and happy.¬† Isn’t it amazing when you are out and you run into someone or people that you are so comfortable with and you can instantly jump into a wicked convo?

Today I realized that I really need to stop and smell the AMAZING more. I have been amping up my video vision board watching {the headphones are strapped on and iTouch is in hand first thing every a.m. and right before eyes shut in the p.m.}¬†and since doing so my confidence and belief in myself and in my goals¬†has sky rocketed. I have this brand new light within me that shows me I can follow through with all I desire in my life.¬† However, I still found certain things a challenge to get through especially in a sticky situation {crazy cookie situations around the Test Kitchen} and to actually allow myself to¬†stop, reflect, and to feel grateful for what I had learned. ¬†Instead I was being foul and had major lack mentality ūüėź ¬†ooppppssss…..

This is where I should insert that when I am in a “funky” situation I tend to drop the F-Bomb…a lot.¬†¬†Sorry Nana.

Multiple times this week I had been tested by the big grand universe and I *pat on the back* removed myself from the situations to take the time to sit back, bring myself back to the fun and enjoy the wide ride.

Who cares if I used 1 whole container of expensive coconut oil in a batch of frosting that ended up in the garbage?!  Who cares.

I was having fun making the nasty frosting and¬†I needed to do it to know what what going to happen.¬† “Its a journey, Kris” I kept repeating, It’s a journey¬†ūüėČ

After my little coconut oil melt down, I sat and realized that everything I had been doing in life up until now HAD to be seen as a stress for me. ¬†Let me explain what I mean, I also confused myself as I was thinking about it. ¬†I didn’t stress over everything¬†because I really thought my frosting or the bakery, or my previous job¬†was a stress, but because I didn’t know any other way to handle a career, business, job or even life.

I grew up thinking working for a living¬†stinks and business is always hard.¬† When I sat back and allowed myself to¬†feel that LOVE I have for baking it all shifted. ¬†¬†It doesn’t need to be a stress, its actually really fun and fun things can be made into a career or job.¬† I laughed out loud at my beliefs and said “Eff it” I am having fun, and I Let In The Amazing today!

I triple dog dare you to let in the amazing today and see how it changes your day.

How Do You “Let In The Amazing”?

-Take minutes throughout your day and notice all the beauty around you.

-Give yourself credit for something amazing you did today. ¬†{I bet you don’t give yourself enough credit for what you do.}

-In a “funky” situation, try not to react, but to rather sit and understand why you are heated, stressed or angry. ¬†Let it go. Simple.

-Remember that your life is a journey and each step is meant to be enjoyed, or at least a very wicked learning experience.

I am trying to remember as I write this post that saying that basically says that Life is a journey, its not about the destination the actual experience is the fun part.  Know which one I am talking about??  If you, comment below and share the actual saying with us :)

The two amazing things I realized yesterday were:¬†1} The Gluten-Free Flour we mixed together for¬†the cookies in the Bakery is freaking amazing! ¬†2} Seeing people unexpectedly is pretty darn cool. ok…there is 3} My sister pointed out that I have similar cheekbones and schnoz¬†as Bar Rafaeli and I googled and can kinda see it ūüėČ

Go Let In The Amazing today, Dolls!!

Do you give yourself enough credit for the AMAZING things you do?

To Your Glam Life,



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  1. says

    You are amazing! So excited to see the tests and triumphs of this bakery going up- I know it will be the best, and now that I’m working on cutting out gluten I’ll be a sure customer!!!

    Your cheekbones= gorgeous, amazing, and you.

  2. says

    oh we all need to hear this. Sometimes just sitting and watching the world can put things in perspective. I was just thinking about this yesterday when I started to get upset of small things. Life’s too short to fuss, stop and smell the amazing, right?!

  3. says

    Blog your feelings girl, we all want to read them and relate to them :)

    Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate your friendship!

  4. says

    Kris, YOU are amazing! this is why I come visit each day… for these perspectives that I DO know, and need reminding of every now and then… life has been throwing me challenges the past couple weeks, and there have been many chances for me to pause. I have not always had the best response (sometimes a reactionary F Bomb…) but I’m getting better.


  5. says

    One of my new years resolutions (in September) was to be nicer to myself and my kids (and hubby!). It really bothers me that people are harder on the ones they love then perfect strangers! Boggles the mind! Thanks for the reminder, you rock!!

    (i’ll be forwarding this to my hubby Chris who is starting his very own business soon on the Island, I’m sure he’ll need to hear this a few times!!!)

    thx again!!

  6. says

    This is such a great post. Ps I have my vision board set up..just need to pick the music (can’t download at work lol)..thanks again!

    I was totally a negative person thinking every bump along the way was so terrible and just messing up my life. I look back and I see those bumps in the road and I am grateful for every single one of them. Each challenge lead to an even greater reward! And that is my outlook now. If I’m struggling with something or times seem hard I know there is a lesson for me in the mix somewhere. It somehow gets me excited (even in bad times!) because I know I’m growing!!

    I will definitely be letting in the amazing! Today I went to work early to study for my class..it’s amazing that I was able to wake up so early lol..and start my day by learning!!

    I love running into people who bring so much light into my life!! It totally makes the day!

    Yes, yes!! you do have the similarities…gorgeous!!!

  7. says

    Hahaha! F Bombs can make things better some days ūüėČ How amazing is it to realize we can pause and reflect?! Not many people even know the art of pausing in a “challenge”.

    You inspire me girl!


  8. says

    I am so happy to hear that Chris is starting his own Business!!! How amazing is this?! Is he so happy?

    It is awesome girl that you have set this intention and you are strong at working on it. We all need this reminder I think to be kinder to the ones we love, I will remember you saying this ūüėČ Thank you!


  9. says

    Wow, Melissa I am so excited to hear more about your vision board and your journey! you have amazing new things popping up all over your life and you are so lucky to be aware of them all right now.

    Some people just float through school with no love for it like you have been seeing!

    You are so kind.


  10. says

    What a wonderful post. Whether it is good or bad, it will pass. You are so right, life is short and no one knows if tomorrow ever comes. I learnt that when I suddenly got a brain hemorrhage three years ago. I now let in the amazing everyday especially after I started my cooking blog. I derive so much joy from it. It delights me every single day to read a good post like yours, and to read comments left for me from my foodie friends. I am so happy that I have met so many wonderful and kind people in the food community. You are very beautiful and yes I see the similarity. Have a nice weekend!

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