Movie Nuit and Thin Pizza

Happy Sunday Dolls!

How is your weekend going?  I am writing this blog post Saturday night while in the theater waiting for to start!  Friday night we were there too, but unfortunately when we got to pay….the tickets were sold out.  So we bumped our date night up one night.  No worries, I bet we got a better seat tonight anyways 😉

Who knew there were so many “boy movie” lovers here!  The theater is packed!  This is Ryan’s turn for picking the movie (even though I really enjoy the love stories in these comic book movies……ummm hello spider man!) but I would have preferred to see a feel good romantic comedy 😉  I just really heart Romantic Comedies as they whisk me away for the 2 hours and always end happily.  That is my kind of movie.  Anyways we normally alternate movies and tonight was boy movie night.  I think I can handle this one, I really think Gwyneth is cute in these Iron Man movies!

Before we headed on our movie night we had a super simple pizza dinner.  We made the pizza on “thin crust” aka – Brown Rice Wraps.


Very yummy, low cals, and gluten free *sigh* I was in heaven!

I had mine sans cheese as I couldn’t find this soy free vegan cheese my friend Danielle was talking about.  Where oh where are you Daiya?

My pizza was topped with organic red sauce, fresh basil, organic green peppers and organic shrooms.  Perfecto!  I partnered this beauty with a nice spinach salad mounded full of chopped, sweet cherry tomatoes.



I am always questioned on what I bring with me to eat at the movies, so here is what my purse was jammed full of tonight for Ryan and I:

2 baggies of strawberries

1 bag of cherry tomatoes

2 bags of fluffy chocolate chip cookies (Recipe Tomorrow)

and 1 granola bar for Ryan

Oh!  And of course bottles of water :)

Breakdown on Iron Man 2 – Awesome!  Love it, full of great story and some romance 😉  Ladies, this is a good “boy movie” to go to!

What do you bring with you to the movies?  Do you purchase snacks there?  What is your favourite kind of movie?


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  1. says

    Yay on the pizza. Our Whole Foods just started carrying Daiya. I am soooo happy. We typically buy popcorn at the movies. Last time I brought in Peanut M&Ms (a snack I never ever eat). Definite indulgence.

  2. says

    i havent tried daiya yet either..the only vegan who hasnt, besides you :)

    the coffee question you asked me…I just brew regular coffee girl. Simple. Let the alkaline situation fall by the wayside. I just don’t worry about it :)

    i love what you did w/ the pizza, i need to make something like that!

  3. says

    I always bring snacks to the movies. Usually a bag of almonds, or some type of bar. If I can fit a water bottle in my purse I’ll bring that too. Ok, to be fair, I can fit a wine bottle in my purse, so its not so much if I can fit it, its more if I WANT to.
    .-= Leah´s last blog ..Giveaway Winner, and Saving the Peacocks. =-.

  4. says

    Thank you for posting this! Hubs is taking me out tonight and I was slightly dreading seeing this movie but now I’m excited!
    .-= Ange´s last blog ..10 Months Old =-.

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    hey i know, the protein bars are crazy good, but unfortunatly i think the maker.. Francine’s Finest.. is only selling them on the island? i know she makes them in the okanagan but im not sure if she sends them to vancouver… im trying to get in contact with her to find out all the dif locations. when i find out i will let u know, cuz theyre so DELICIOUS <3

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    I love making pizzas out of the food 4 life tortillas! I thought Iron Man was okay, but I think I was more impressed with the first one. Glad you’re having a fun weekend. Take care, Kilee
    .-= Kilee´s last blog ..60 Day Challenge =-.

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    I love a good romantic comedy, though I think action movies are GREAT to see in the theaters. I want to see Iron Man! I rarely buy snacks at the theaters (though if someone else buys popcorn I just may have to have a handful or two 😉 ) but if I bring my own I’ll either bring some kind of candy/lollipops I have kicking around, popcorn or flavoured/sparkling water. One time my friend and I brought baked crisps and a package of mushrooms which was actually really fun to eat in the theaters haha.
    .-= Kristie´s last blog ..Breakfast Battles and Baking Biz =-.

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    Love movie night! It’s always new and exciting and I always have a treat on hand:)

    Great pizza! I have used those rice tortillas for wraps but they are a bit tough for that meal so pizza would be perfect! The minute you find Daiya in Van…let me know!
    Your movie eats sound perfect!! A lot healthy and little sweet…perfect!
    The hubs really wants to see that Iron Man 2 so I’m glad you liked it! Gweneth is too cute:)
    I would rarely purchase snacks at the theater just because they are so pricey. I usually buy a good bar of chocolate or buy some chocolate covered almonds. Yum!
    .-= Melissa´s last blog ..Oh happy Day! =-.

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