Natural Cold Blaster Bevy!

Hello Everyone!  Happy Saturday!

I woke up this morning with a little soreness in my throat!?  Not me!!  I never get sick….ugh.  I must have laid in bed in shock, because I have not had a single little cold in years.

When I woke up I made myself a cold fighter bevy, one that was full of nutrients and antioxidants to get health back into my body!

Isn’t she pretty!?


Kris’ Cold Blaster Bevy:

3 black kale leaves
handful of fresh parsley
1 small beet
handful of spinach
2 small carrots
3 cups pure, clean water

Place all in a blender  and buzz it up!

It tasted very fresh and “garden like”.  Parsley always adds that homegrown garden taste to my vegetable smoothies 😉

Here is a breakdown of the veggies used in this Cold Busting Bevy and why they are good to consume when daily or when you feel a tickle in that throat.



Parsley has so many wonderful healing properties!

It is a relative to celery, did you know that?  Cute!

Just 2 Tbsp of parsley daily is a great way to get your full amounts of Vitamin K, Vitamin  C and Vitamin A.

This leafy green is a rich source of Anti-oxidant nutrients.  Parsley is full of flavonoids that haven been shown to function as antioxidant that help prevent oxygen-based damage to cells.  In addition, extract from parsley have been used in different studies with animals to help increase the antioxidant capacity of their blood.

This beautiful green was added to my cold fighting bevy to add antioxidants back into my blood!

Parsley has a volatile oil and flavonoids, which allows it to be an excellent source of two vital nutrients that are super powerful for our daily living – Vitamin C and Vitamin A. These are cold buster vits!


Kale is a very healthy dose of Vitamin C and it boosts the antioxidant protection and supports the immune system!

Just one cup of this cooked vegetable supplies 88.8% of the daily value for vitamin C.  Vitamin C is very important for preventions of colds (ie. why I have not had one is years!) but is also great to take when fighting the sniffles.


Carrots are an beautiful source of antioxidant compounds, and the richest vegetable source of the pro-vitamin A carotenes.

They say that high Vitamin A will aid in lung issues.  I figured better start beefing these lungs up before any part of the cold tries to makes it way there!

Plus carrots add a nice sweetness to this boosting juice!


I just did a wonderful post on my love for beets!  Beets are so wonderful for the blood and for adding antioxidants.  These rich colored veggies and to help with inflammation in the body and we all know that when the body is more acid, or slightly inflammed this is when sickness can set in.

So I threw some good ol beets in 😉


Again this leafy green is high in Vitamin C and A, and has very good anti-inflammatory properties.  Not to mention the greatness of iron it adds to my diet today 😉

Boosting iron in the body with spinach is a good idea, especially because, in comparison to red meat, a well-known source of iron, spinach provides iron for a lot less calories and is totally fat-free.

Pure, Clean Water

Water is so important for our bodies.  Our bodies consist of 75 % water and getting at least 2 liters of water a day is major important for a healthy body.

Did you know our body could live a week without food, but only 2 days without water?  If you are drinking improper water you could actually be doing your body more harm than good.  The toxins, chlorine, drugs, and whatever else is in our city water actually stays in our bodies if we can not properly flush it out and it will cause many issues within us.  Weight gain, sandy feeling in our joints, migraines, you name it! Make sure your water is clean and good!

I drink at least 2 liters of water per day and notice a lot more energy now :)

Well there you have it my friends, this will be aiding me back to health very quickly!  What better way to cure a cold than the healthy way 😉  The earth is filled with all the remedies we need.

Oh, I did buy these when I was out today!  They are sugar free and all natural!! Haha, I am not going to lie, purchasing throat lozenges is the best part of being sick 😉



What do you make yourself when you feel a tickle in the throat?  Or the sniffles coming on?

Have a wonderful evening everyone!


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  1. says

    Whenever I’m feeling a cold or sore throat coming on, I load up on the fruits & veggies and up my tea intake :) Tea helps my throat and I would like to think all the vitamins I’m getting from the fruits & veggies are helping my immune system do some butt kicking!

  2. says

    Great post & tips! I’m starting to feel like I’m coming down with something too :/ which is totally inconvienient since I’m away from home until Wednesday night, oh well. Love the color of the Cold Blaster!

  3. says

    I JUST got over a cold – it sucked. I havent been sick in ages. Even when I was little I was never sick and my brother always was. Of course, to this day he will not eat a salad, so that right there tells you something.
    Anyhow, when I feel like Im coming down with something right away I load up on orange juice, fresh fruit and veggies and I make sure to go to bed EARLY.
    I LOVE buying the lozenges too!! Its like a little treat for being sick!
    .-= Leah´s last blog ..Fun stuff from the milkman, and quesadilla pasta! =-.

  4. says

    GREAT info, all in one place, Kris. And I too am a huge believer in natural whenever possible. Also garlic, colloidal silver, probiotics, zinc, extra Vit C are others I turn to. Not the garlic for me b/c I hate it but the others, yep! FEEL better!

  5. says

    Your smoothie looks good! What a pretty color!

    It seems like everyone is sick right now… No fun! Knock on wood I’ve been feeling ok. I drink Amazing Grass everyday so when I feel a little sick I double up on it!

  6. says

    Awww! I hope you’re feeling better.

    I can’t imagine putting Parsley in a drink… but then it wasn’t that long ago that I couldn’t imagine putting spinach in a smoothie 😉

  7. says

    parsely is one of my favorite herbs :) I load it in my soups and salads.. no matter what!
    I LOVE all your facts on everything!! THANKS <3
    Try making ED&BV yellow sniffle soup. its very tastey!

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