Nitric Oxide is a must for healthy living….says Dr. Christiane Northrup

Happy Thursday!

Last night was beautiful here in Vancouver.  It was clear, the leaves are falling and the temperature was on the warmer side for November.  It was a perfect night to head Downtown and enjoy an evening with friends at the Queen Elizabeth Theater watching an amazing woman by the name of Dr. Christiane Northrup speak.

We were invited to this wonderful event by our good friends Kate and Julia from the wonderfully informative and super cute site,

The seminar was on women’s health and I learned so much from this wonderful woman who took her vision for health to a holistic approach even before people were speaking of it.  She knew early on in her career as an o.b.g.y.n that she can change lives not only as a doctor prescribing medicine, but as a doctor that also taught mindset, energy flow and adding pleasure to your life as the prescription to live long and stay healthy.

I picked up a lot of golden gems from last night, but the most important thing I walked out with was that we need PLEASURE to be happy. Now, a lot of us women could be thinking of pleasure as only sexual, but really you can be adding pleasure to your life in so many ways that I know a lot of us aren’t doing…..

What happens when we are living in a world of pleasure is our bodies release Nitric Oxide which is a gas that naturally occurs in the body when you are engaged in pleasure or are happy.  This nitric oxide is what keeps our blood pressure low, our heart happy, reduces the risk of disease and our energy vibe~ing to keep the wonderful things pouring into our lives!

What happens when you are NOT following a day or life of pleasure or being happy is we instantly turn to alcohol or sugar as a way for us to lift ourselves up to that feeling of happiness or pleasure we are craving.

Hmmmm…brings another thought into people who say they have a constant sweet tooth, huh?

I can admit I am one who craves sweets and sugar often and I know that there are areas in my life where I actually need to let go and experience pleasure.

Following a healthy diet of course is very important to living long, feeling good and being disease free, but it isn’t all of it.  Bottom line is, if we are still unhappy but eating healthy, the stress that our bodies are producing because of our unhappiness is Trumping our Healthy Food.  I hope we all see this :)

Here are some ways you can Increase the blood flow in your gorgeous body and regulate the levels of your Nitric Oxide:

– Meditate

– Eat Veggies & Fruit

– Get a Massage

– Exercise

– Sexual Pleasure

– Laughing {watch a funny movie….or the Leather Pants episode of Friends.  It gets me every time 😉 }

Dr. Northrup went on to explain that the light at the end of the tunnel that people claim to see when they have a near death experience is a large punch of nitric oxide that is being shot through the body.

I realized at by the end of this seminar that I need more pleasure in my life.  I need to start following through with the things I really want to do and experience the joy of living my days to the fullest.

Scheduling in time for me to head to a dance studio that teaches ballroom dancing or salsa…..even Polynesian dancing will take me to a pleasure level I will be happy with 😉  I always can’t wait to get myself back into yoga at a studio and really connect myself to feeling the energy flow that lives within me.

It is really important to break this chain of pain that many people seem to live in everyday.  Why not try something new or actually do things that you love?  What do you have to lose?

I am letting all you beautiful I Heart Wellness readers know, and I would love for you to hold me a accountable to staying true to living my days full of pleasure.  I will take time out of each day to bring my Nitric Oxide levels up and continue living my days in the mindset of “why wouldn’t I do it?  What do I have to lose?”.

This might be what I look like doing my “happy dance” 😉

Tell me what your favourite thing was that happened to you today?  Do you follow a live of pleasure?  What do you enjoy doing in your life?

To Your Glam Life,



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  1. says

    Great post Kris!!! Nitric oxide..who knew?
    I found that really interesting that it’s a punch of NO when people see the light at the end of the tunnel on a near death experience!!
    I have a total sweet tooth and I know that there is something deeper to it than simply a love of sugary sweets!
    I think for me I need to love myself and my body more..
    I would love to join a photography class/group or do some more fitness stuff!
    My favorite thing that happened to me today…Hmm maybe learning how to do some that I really wanted to know how to do. The techniques literally showed up in my inbox and I’m excited to use those new skills!
    .-= melissa´s last blog ..Happy Halloween eve!! =-.

  2. says

    Hi Melissa! I think I must tell you this every time you comment…You are gorgeous inside and out!

    I love that you had the universe deliver this thing into your mailbox just at the right time :) These things happen when you are connected and you my friend, are connected!

    Good luck on your self love journey. I am on mine as well…..keep me updated 😉


  3. Susan says

    Kris, you captured the evening perfectly! I hope you enjoyed our afternoon today and amped the Nitric Acid level! You deserve this after all the busyness in your days recently! Luv Mom

  4. says

    That was a GREAT read Kris! I unfortunately turn to alcohol and sugar when I need that boost. It’s getting a lot better though! You rock!

  5. says

    Thank Amanda… I feel the same about you! You rock 😉

    I know, I turn to them too…..they just feel so darn good 😉


  6. says

    Love this post Kris! Sounds like it was a really informative talk! Would have loved to have heard Dr. N speak in Van! I need me some more nitric oxide, so fascinating!!!
    .-= Taya @VanYogaReview´s last blog ..Apologies =-.

  7. says

    You did a fantastic job of capturing the evening! Dr. Northrup is one of the most entertaining speakers I have heard in awhile. She did a great job of providing valuable content within some super funny stories.

    Happy to keep you accountable for adding pleasure to your life!


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