Seven Steps to Success {the glam way}

My mornings are always the same, creature of habit or what?  I drink water, make coffee, sit quietly and connect, do a card reading and then blog!

This morning however, I just slept in a bit later….traveling messes me up and I get so uber tired.  But Hudson is now home safe and sound from Doggie Daycare and we’re one happy fam again!  I knew he was back when he woke up early morning to chug some water back…which seemed like for forever.

Ok!  Let’s talk about Success.  The Seven Steps to Success.  But I want this to apply to you, my glam friend, the foxy lady behind the computer reading this and see how you can apply this to your dreams and life.

Seven Steps to Success:

1) Make a commitment to grow daily. {Have 5 things that you MUST do daily to grow – Read, Learn, Ask, Mediate, Listen, etc}

2) Value the process more than events. {Find what you Love to do and ride the journey!  It’s not about the island you retire on, every day should be awesome and a learning event}

3) Don’t wait for inspiration. {BE the inspiration!  Master your passion and share it with others!  Remember people are drawn to you because of what you can help them with in their life}

4) Be willing to sacrifice pleasure for opportunity.
{Get out of that comfy COMFORT ZONE!  Yes, decisions can be hard to make and following your dreams might seem scary, own it and learn from it!  Enjoy every step – #2}

5) Dream big.  {You know how to do this!}

6) Plan your priorities. {Every day, make your list of To Do’s, follow that list, if you do this daily you’re closer to your dreams and goals!}

7) Give up to go up. {Give up the T.V. the fatty foods, the negative friends, the nay sayers….give up the negativity and the disbelief and watch yourself rise up!}

These seven steps are based from an article by John C. Maxwel

Today, get yourself clear on your passion and where you want to succeed in your life and write it out, make your “To Do” list and own it, baby!

I hope this post was helpful?  If so, share it with a friend today!

To Your Glam Life,



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