My Nut Elimination Story

Hey Everyone!

Happy Weekend!!!  WOOO HOOO!

Thank you so much beautiful readers who answered my question yesterday honestly.  I also want to thank all of you who personally emailed me their reasons they follow certain blogs.  I love hearing what you all love when you go and read a blog daily.

For myself, I love knowing what others are up too in their lives! Hahaha, the recipes are cool as well, but I am always so intrigued with people and SURPRISINGLY most of you are as well!  Most of you said you read other blogs for inspiration and to get to know them.

Today I decided to shoot a quick video to keep you all updated with my Nut Elimination.  I think I briefly mentioned last week that I think I have an “issue” (bloating….sick!) with nuts and almonds especially.  Something in my diet was causing me grief and I had been eating a lot of nuts, so I decided to go on a 2 week NO NUT diet. Eeeeeeeekkkkk!!!!  No Almond Milk!!!  Save me Edward 😉

Pardon my poor video quality as I filmed this on my mac.  I will be using my video camera for most of videos coming up!

Love the “Nut Tips”?  Pass it along!

Today was an interesting day and I can’t wait to show you the video tomorrow!  How is yours going??

Tell me, if you have an issue with nuts – how do you get around it?  Do you Soak your nuts?  Roast the nuts?  Do you even like nuts?

To Your Glam Life,